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CRC166- Currency of Love

2005-02-27-Currency of Love
Costa Rica #166


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Currency of Love
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ahbaron
o 2.2 TR: Oliver Deux
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Currency of Love
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Ahbaron
TR: Oliver Deux

[Brief opening prayer]

AHBARON: My friends, this is your spiritual brother Ahbaron. Your friend and teacher, if you so will. I have been with you this afternoon observing the interesting lessons from different celestial teachers that you have shared with one another. From our perspective, we are always most glad to observe humans coming together and together searching for those glimpses of Truth that our Heavenly Father holds in his almighty hands.


AHBARON:  So what is Truth if not the Father’s currencies of Love, transformed into the words that you can understand. And understanding you do. Each of you, however, understands differently. The Truth, my friends is always the same. The Love is always put forth. The constancy of our Parents’ Love is sent towards all into all parts of your universe — however far-flung you may be from its Source. God’s Truth is ever available — not just here in such a truth-seeking group, but everywhere. There has never been a time when this was not so.

However, on your plane of existence lots of evolutionary development was necessary for you to find yourself able to search for spiritual truth as you do. Furthermore, each of you has made numerous decisions to be here at this particular moment in time. From a time perspective it could be said that the total amount of all your decisions have brought you here together. And, indeed, the past has been long. Generation, after generation, your ancestors have been able to open themselves to increasingly higher levels of truth discernment. Naturally, this will not end with your generation. As a matter of fact, you are the torchbearer of truth right now for your own generation.

This truth-fact should not be seen as a stifling responsibility, because you have already been told that your only responsibility is to open yourself — open your heart, open your mind — to the Love of God. In the ensuing relationship when you willingly allow such opening, the Love of God can pour into you, and, in turn, you will pass on the received love to others. Do not visualize that you are the creators of love. You receive love and you pass it on. You ask and you shall be given.

Actually, you live already within a university. This you are beginning to understand. The university consists of untold celestial beings teaching, you receiving, and, in turn, passing on what you have come to understand. Furthermore, you are already indwelt with a God-Fragment, which unerringly will guide you. And this continues into all eternity. Your universe is really one huge university. You learn in order that you can teach others. And this is so.

Now, since this exchange is rather new to some of you, in that you have never spoken with me directly, I would like to keep this little communication session on a light note. Please interact with me if you so will.


Richard: Thank you, Ahbaron. We are all welcoming. It has been some time that I have spoken with you.


Richard:  Your light and your warmth is soothing us in this small gathering. And so your lesson about Truth being Love is most welcome. I am sure that during our ascend of our many lives to come, we truly shall know more about the true nature of Love.

May be I will just ask if we can trust solely in the teaching of the New and Old Testament, or should we be listening to new revelation that is coming on the horizon . And how can we trust such new revelations. We have experienced the unfortunate errors in the Book of Revelation, even with the apology of John’s apocalyptic predictions. Would you comment, please, Ahbaron?

AHBARON: : I think I need to break down your questions into some parts. You mentioned the Book of Revelation in your Bible. The Bible, as you may know, is not a precise historical document of spiritual evolution on your world. It actually teems with human changes and additions. It has been edited, rephrased, restated and modified. Some wanted to enhance it, others have censored parts in accordance to the needs and wants they felt they had to fulfill.

Revelation continues. As more and more are getting ready to be open to receive personal and group revelation, more will occur. In this context, please, always remember that we can not push any enlightenment upon you that you have not desired yourself. You have been given a free will, and that is a gift of God to you. We can not give you any teachings that you are not ready to receive. Nor are we allowed to give you knowledge that you can find out for yourselves — such through your scientific studies, for instance. Yes, revelation continues and flourishes in accordance to your expressed desires and needs, and in measure to your level of receptivity.

Your mind is the arena wherein you ponder and weigh, first intellectually, if teachings will lead toward a superconscious resolution. Of course, Christ’s Spirit of Truth will lead the way beyond intellectual considerations towards the discernment of truth that will serve you on your eternal journey towards God. You have a right to forge your own standing before your Creator. You have a free-willed choice to do his Will. If you make this your main goal, you must also know that only you can attain it.

You have a right to be attentive to your choices. We celestials can only hope to encourage you, presume to inspire you, and hope to accompany you in your own exertions to become your potential, in the flesh, and especially in the spirit. The choices and decisions are always yours. Let me ask you if I have come close to answering your question.

Richard: Yes, Ahbaron, you have qualified that we must make individually our own assessment of teachings in our hearts and depend on those in whom we trust in these revelations that are being given to us. Yes, thank you.

AHBARON: : You are each unique individuals. You have made and are continue to make many experiences and your interpretations are varied. You each have a unique personality. Each of you have had to learn unique lessons in different schools on your planet. You have been formed by parents or in the absence of parents. You have had different teachers and you will listen into eternity to many more and different teachers. You found this circle today in different ways — each of you. We know that you all have different needs for knowing and learning. In God’s infinite wisdom, you are always being given what you need.

Student: I would ask you a question, can I?

AHBARON:   Yes, please.

Student:  There are four main gospels in the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Among these four, to which do you attribute the most importance and why? The second question I would ask: I am thinking of a particular word, and I would like you to comment on how important that word is. Thank you.

AHBARON: : The first question concerning historic religious documents — particularly the four gospels — these have been studied by many humans, as you have a huge Christian community on your planet. The four gospels have been written in a certain order: Mark being the earliest, but all were written many decades after the Master had returned to the Father. Your researchers have come close to understanding the order of appearance, Matthew, followed by Luke, and finally John.

The importance of each of the gospels, from a celestial point of view, would be foremost in the arena of how accurately the life and teachings of our Master was reflected, with a consideration of who the human authors addressed themselves, as the mindsets of two thousand years ago had certainly a different level of receptivity. From my perspective I am unable to access the importance for all of humanity, nor can I entertain the task of qualifying which gospel would be most important to individuals. All gospels were written from personal recollections and that of eye witnesses long after the Master ascended, and each was written with the bias of humans and their particular cultural and political dependencies.

Jesus lived a perfect life in the flesh. He is the sovereign example for living a godly life on such a difficult planet, as is yours. No gospel addresses or depicts this most important fact sufficiently, and all of them together give us but a faint glimpse of how a human life can be lived in unbroken communication with the Father. Yes, our Master lived indeed an exemplary life, both human and divine.

Our order of beings is unqualified to read your minds. This is to say, I am part of the School of Melchizedeks. We are a teaching order and go out to planets like yours to administer and to teach. We observe evolutionary cultures and their customs, and eventually when we get a chance to make communication contact, such as this, we can communicate with the help of other celestial agencies through mindal reception of a human.
Transmitting in this way is actually quite a detour. The transmitter/receiver has had a host of certain personal experiences, he has acquired a certain vocabulary, and might know to communicate in one or more languages. Thus I can only utilize what is humanly available.

Our God has given you free will so you can make free-willed decisions. Decisions you may use to grow spiritually. Every decision you make can either enhance your personal relationship with your God, or must wait for another decision that does. Free will also means that there is no compelling force, a demand for you to make all your decisions towards your understanding of God’s will. Our Spirit Parent is certainly no coercer of your mind. And so he has not given me the ability to read your mind. I hope that I am not disappointing you.

Student: No, that is fine.

Student II: I would like to ask a question. I have had a burning desire to know more about the Order of Melchizedek. It’s spoken of so little in our scriptures. I would like to know more about the order. Would you please tell me.

AHBARON: : Yes. The Order of Melchizedek is a created order of your universe. The Creator Son with the complemental Universe Mother Spirit create administrative personalities, and we are one such order. The first of my order was Father Melchizedek and from the universe perspective of time we were created soon thereafter. We are a sexless order, and we are complementary. We have the potential of self-governing our numbers.

The scripture you are familiar with refers to an emergency mission, which we must undertake at times. This also indicates that we have been active on your planet for a substantial time period. There was a time when the idea of God almost entirely subsided. The universe management — if you so will — was concerned that humanity would regress into a state of total barbarism. And at that point, almost 4.000 years ago, one, Machiventa Melchizedek, arrived on your planet. He became the teacher of a noted figure, whom you all have heard about, and his name was Abraham. Was this little account satisfactory to you?

Student II: Yes, thank you.


AHBARON: : As this connection is weakening, I would like to bring this meeting to a close by offering a prayer to the Most High.

We are now, and we will always be, in your hands great Father of all. Our faith brings us increased assurance of this truth. We will set aside our doubts, and we will continue to grow in our faith. Faith is not static, and as we grow in our faith and discern your perfect Love for us, we become increasingly enabled to accept your Love. In service we can give your Love to our others, which brings us great joy. Guide us in our unity to each other to honor the devotion to your ways, as we desire to honor you by willfully demonstrating our devotion to each other. Thank you all and all. I know we shall meet again. Shalom.

[Many thanks were expressed.]

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