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CRC167- Betrayal as Opportunity

2016-05-04-Betrayal as Opportunity
Costa Rica #167


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Betrayal as Growth Opportunity
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana, Legion
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Betrayal as Growth Opportunity
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana, Legion
TR: S. Butterfield



Rick:  We greet you Alana.

ALANA:: Yes, thank you. Welcome. Sir David. David: Thank you, beloved. Thank you for bringing these two friends for us to meet. It has been a joy to be with them. Alana: Yes. It has set your mind a whirl, yes?

Rick:  Yes.

ALANA:  We are very pleased.


ALANA: So, I welcome you into the Heart Room. Beloved Rick,

Rick: Ahh yes, beloved Alana, it is a joy to be here.

ALANA:: Some time has passed. And she (tr) tells me you have opened your heart again, yes?

Rick: Yes. Yes.

ALANA:  And go swimming in the pool of love and forgiveness.

Rick: Yes, Alana.

ALANA: You swim with her?

Rick: (laughter), Yes, Alana, it is delightful. We are trying to learn how to use the pool to heal.

ALANA:: Trying to learn.

(Rick laughs.)

ALANA:: My beloved, boy, yes?

Rick: Yes, Alana.

ALANA:  Always wanting to learn. Simply swim, my beloved, yes?

Rick:  Yes.

ALANA:  Do not worry so about how to teach her. That is one of your favorite toys, yes? Worrying? Worrying about teaching?

Rick:  (Rick laughs). Yes, Alana, I confess.

ALANA:  Open your heart. Open your mind. Now. Open your heart. Open your mind. This is no criticism. Simply a reminder, my friend, that is one of your idiosyncrasies, yes?

Rick:  Ahh, yes.

ALANA:  It is part of being who you are. But when you fall into that trap, may I say? then, my beloved, you miss out on swimming with her, yes?

Rick:  Yes.

ALANA:  We learn, my friend. All human beings learn when the teaching is the lesson. Do you understand what I am attempting to show you?

Rick: Yes, the teaching is in the swimming with her.

ALANA:: Yes, So, we have another friend, yes? She (tr) is already in love with you, my friend, which is to say no fear, yes? no doubt, yes? I welcome you into the Heart Room. Open your hearts. Open your minds. Allow the love. Allow it to fill you, to pass thru you and surround you. Breathe it in. Breathe it out.

Betrayal is always a function of self-discovery. The opportunity to shed another skin, we might say, as the snake sheds its skin. The thought being that the snake’s skin is the illusion of time and space, ideas, attachments, misconceptions, errors of love yet to be discovered, and in being discovered are shed. Open your heart to allow self-discovery to become joy.

Naturally, as with worrying about teaching, self-discovery, shedding the skins of illusions, reducing fear, perhaps even eliminating fear, with permission to save a little bit if you so choose, yes? For it is understood that life on your planet seems to justify fear, yes? So it is understood that pain, fearful thoughts, agony will occur in the process of self-discovery.

There is no shame – yes, Sir David, no shame – should self-discovery appear to you as looking foolish, or stupid, or wrong. Open your hearts. Open your minds. Allow the love. Accept this love. Know that this love is real, belongs to you, embraces you, and in that moment of stillness that is the heart of love, the joy of love, it is you.

Thank you for listening to me chat on. I would have two courses to follow:

  • 1) to allow Legion to speak, or;
  • 2) to allow anyone of you to speak. Legion of course would…

LEGION: …speak for himself. This is Legion.

David: Welcome Legion.

LEGION: Thank you. Just to affirm that I will speak whether you speak first, or not, yes? Alana and I …she (tr) says OK, she would prefer that the Heart Room would now be open for anyone of you to speak for she needs a moment or two to allow Legion to come thru more clearly. She is completely comfortable with Alana. Do you have anything to say, or ask, or tell me at this moment?

Rick: I would really enjoy hearing Legion speak.

ALANA: : And what is it, my beloved, that you would hear?

Rick: Oh anything you wish to speak about, anything.

LEGION: And in addition to that, my friend, is there something you would say to Legion. He is here, but not speaking yet, yes?

Rick: Several years ago Legion spoke about the Brotherhood of Comfort. I would enjoy hearing more about the Brotherhood of Comfort.

ALANA: : Thank you. And Sir David, is there anything you would say with Legion?

David: Yes, the question is the Brotherhood of Comfort and what came to my mind immediately was the comfort of brotherhood of you two men coming here, and sharing with us. It is comforting to know you are out there and you have the kind of minds that you have and the commonality of experience. I feel comfortable with you.

ALANA: : And is there ought else you would say? Perhaps our friend. Perhaps not a new member of the Brotherhood of Comfort, but new to Alana and Legion. Is there ought on your mind, my friend, that you would say to Alana or Legion.

Rob: Yes, I’m grateful to be here and I’m so happy to be with you in this moment. To greet you, as it were, in spirit. To witness your presence in our midst. When I heard the reference to the Brotherhood of Comfort, because my mind works with many words and I’m always playing with them like toys, it occurred to me for the first time that the fortress, or the fort, that we seek to protect the body with, is really never adequate, it always fails eventually, just like the body does.

But the fort of Brotherhood, of friendship…com-fort…with a fort…the Brotherhood is the fortress, our being together in love is the only real fortress, our union in spirit, that is the only thing that is real. We need not fight to defend it, but rather, just affirm it. It defends all things. It stands for truth.

And so I am happy just to be here to listen to Alana speak. And to hear her speak of betrayal as an opportunity, because my whole life has been a study in betrayal and I have often wondered why. How wonderful to think of something that so often carries negative connotations is filled with promise. It’s like a gift wrapped in a paper that is not so attractive, like sunlight behind a dark cloud, and so I thank you for that reference, for these words mean a great deal to me, and I’m just happy to share in this discovery with you.

ALANA: Thank you. It is truly a blessing when hearts and minds work together to open into love. Thank you.

LEGION: This is Legion. I grant you my gratitude for your quick understanding, the depth of your comprehension, the diving deep into your soul, might I say, as you have just now stepped into the Heart Room, but I speak more directly to that step you have made into the Brotherhood of Comfort. It is a connection that allows for us to bring together those who know the comfort of which you speak and that we bring. Thus this Brotherhood begins, continues (which I might say could always be a beginning again, yes?) continues to expand among those who might not have encountered each other without that connection that we can use.

And your understanding of Alana’s words on betrayal. Let me speak to that, for you will transform the child’s innocent question of Why? to the mature child’s learning thru the discipline, or the practice, of bringing love into every experience that is living on your planet. It is like the boy crying in the wilderness, who thru the willingness to step by step make his way to the pool of love and forgiveness and to sit by the living waters of love and forgiveness, to allow the tears of his cry to spill into the pool of love and forgiveness, and when the tears have been shed the willingness to dip the feet, the legs, the torso, the arms, the neck, the head and go for a swim, yes? no fear, no doubt, the saturation of our love, shared, always with you, surrounding you, embracing you, bringing you comfort, certainty and joy. Yes?


ALANA:: This is Alana. Some times we swim together, yes? Legion and I. Thank you. Allow the love. Breathe it in. Accept the love. Breathe it out. Give love away, freely. Breathing it in, breathing it out. This love is real.
One more thought, correction I should say. She (tr) was done and so she rushed to her ending, you might say, and imagined she could not hear me. Just barely heard and barely said…this love is real. But I would finish in the stillness and say that, yes, of course, as you give this love away you will receive, thus I ask you to breathe in and breathe out, receiving, giving. And why does this work? Because this love is real, yes? Thank you.

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