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CRC168- Every Pain Is a Teaching

2016-05-22-Every Pain Is a Teaching
Costa Rica #168


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Every Pain is a Teaching
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana, Legion, Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield, Rick Voss
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing
o 3.4 Note

Topic: Every Pain is a Teaching
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana, Legion, Nebadonia
TR: S. Butterfield, Rick Voss


ALANA:  This is Alana.

Rick: We greet you Alana. (Thank you.) We welcome your presence.

ALANA:  : Open your hearts. Open your minds. I welcome you, as well, my friend, into the Heart Room, yes? Step into the Heart Room with me. Rest here. (Speaking to Rick) Do not hesitate, my friend. Allow your beloved to come through, for she is here, always.


ALANA:   It is good to be with you again, my beloved Theo.

Theo: Thank you.,  I have a question.

ALANA:  Yes.

Theo: This morning I was listening to my teacher and he was talking about opening the heart, saying that is where you connect with the divine. Then he said, “It will embrace you. Feel its arms embracing you.” It was like an aha for me! I’ve always had this sense, what I think is erroneous now, this sense that…ok, so I open my heart and god is in there…but what I realized when this teacher said, “You are in God’s arms,”…God’s arms are embracing me,..when I realized that God is embracing me, I am not the container, I felt this warm loving energy.

So when you used this picture of the Heart Room, when you invited us into the Heart Room, I feel that same energy, I am feeling that same energy now. I’m curious if you have anything to say about that whole space of the divine energy, or whatever we want to call it, and the relationship to the individuals of us, and our connection with it.

ALANA:: Yes. It is normal for you to think “inside” and “outside”, yes? And this is useful. It is useful to think of “inner self”, “inward perspective,” “God dwells within you.” At the same time, it is a human characteristic to see things outwardly, to imagine God outside yourself, outside your body. This is the duality, yes?
When you open your heart, and open your mind, and allow those to combine in the effort to understand, you surrender this duality and allow the love that is God’s Love, that is Universal Love, to dwell within you, outside of you, surrounding you, penetrating you, saturating you, embracing you. Has this been helpful?

Theo: Yes. I’m reminded of a teacher, Adshanti, who was quoting Meister Eckhart, “Here is the whole thing in one sentence. The I with which God sees me, and the I with which I see God, are One I. One Seeing, One Love.” I appreciate the experience of your sharing, Alana. That gave it more of an experienced reality for me.

ALANA:: Thank you. And you will have noticed, yes? this love that is one is unchanging, yes?

Theo: Now that you mention it, yes. (chuckles) It takes me to another level. My teacher was an EMT ambulance driver and he saw things that normally would be considered horrific. And there would be times when he would get into this connected place of seeing where he would see the love, and the rightness of whatever would be challenging to see, and it is inspiring to work to see from that love perspective, to allow the love perspective as much as possible. Both to manifest more of the oneness, and to enjoy the fruits of being able to see the goodness of what it is hard to see sometimes. If that makes any sense. I’m curious, does it?

ALANA:: It is when you surrender the idea of “horrific”, and allow love to shape your seeing. It is then you know and have no question, no doubt, that you are always embraced by Love. Coming and going. Living and dying.

Theo: Coming together and separating, comes up.

ALANA: And you then know joy,yes?

Theo:  Yes.

ALANA:  There is one here who would speak through you, beloved Rick. Yes? Open your heart. Open your heart. Open your mind. Allow the love, yes? Do not doubt. Do not hesitate. She would use you, yes?

Rick: What?

ALANA:  She would use you, yes?

RIck: Yes.

ALANA: It does not need to be fancy, my friend. It does not need to be unusual. It is just that Alana welcomes her and there is one who would hear her today.

NEBADONIA: Greetings, my children. This is your Mother, Nebadonia, who speaks to you now. I am the Mother Spirit of your local universe. I take great joy when my children reach out to me. For as you know the love of a mother toward her child, I, too, have this love, deep in my heart, for all of you, you are my children. And what a beautiful thing, when the children reach out to their mother. So here we are today, mother and child, relaxing in each other’s love. Feasting in the joy of companionship.

What I wish to convey to you in this intimate gathering is the joy that I feel in my heart, in this moment, to be able to speak to you this way. I have longed to connect with my children again on this world. We have been cut off, somewhat, but this is no longer so. The circuits have opened again. So now we can get to know each other again as it was meant to be.

I am your mother. You live in me. You breathe in me. You find life in me. I am here to nurture you in every moment, in every breath you take. So take this moment now and breathe me. Know that I am here for you. I am always available in every moment, just think of me, invite me into your heart, and I will respond with my love. For you are my children and I love you so. Good day to you.

Jude: That was very lovely. And if there is one thing I learned from her more than anything it is the refuge of the Mother’s Love, which I’ve never experienced. There was great anger, and now just the recognition of the great pain of my mother, and her mother and the chain of love broken. And there was no refuge, no sensing, no experience of that refuge for me, and I long for it very deeply.

Theo: I appreciate the feminine face of God that your sharing has opened to me. The cultural bias to assume the masculine face of God was predominent prior to your sharing. I see the great need for the awakening of that in our current world.

ALANA: Jude, my beloved, take refuge in the depth of living that you have experienced and give that love to your Mother, yes?

Jude: Good idea. Thank you.

ALANA: : Every pain is a teaching. You have learned well, my beloved. Honor that, yes? Give yourself the joy of gratitude and allow anger to float away, yes? Go swimming in the pool of love and forgiveness. Whenever you feel that longing, or old angers rise up to drown you, the living waters of the pool of love and forgiveness will float you, support you, sustain you in love.

LEGION:  This is Legion. Do you enjoy the female voice of the male? (Theo chuckles.) There is much turmoil in your world around gender, yes? The idea being that there is really only one way to be, right or wrong, male or female, and certainly this is how it would appear, for the generations to continue.

This turmoil is a challenge to your traditional thought patterns. Some will, according to historical tradition, see this as a turmoil leading to the end, yes? The apocalypse, the destruction, the collapse of all that you value, all that is familiar, and all you know to be as it should be, permanently. But there is, with open hearts and open minds, with the decision, the choice, the discipline of love, another pathway available to humankind. Male and female joining together as heart and mind.

Theo: Can you say anything about energizing, facilitating, that perspective? Like I’ve been with Suzy when I got triggered in a political conversation and I noticed that she stayed in the loving space. It’s a model I’m wanting to polish. It would have been much better, I think, had I had more of that discipline you are speaking about, of staying in the love space. If there is any teaching/support about how to do that, it would be of value to me. There is a strong part of me that wants to be a healer, a healing presence, and I’m guided to inquire about that discipline of love, to sustain that part of me that I want to sustain.

LEGION:  : Your desire to heal is genuine, and perhaps you heal more often than you are aware. Yet, as life has taught you, desire has become almost a ritual, a demand that it be effected by you. With those things about which you feel great passion. you desire certainty, and wish to make that certainty truth. There is truth in certainty, my friend, but it is the certainty offered by Love, which, my friend, is different from desire, passion. Love embraces those things, too.

So when you wish to practice the discipline of love, you will notice that quickly following, surrounding, vibrating, expanding, enveloping, penetrating all, is Joy. The discipline of love is the discipline of joy. Thus you have a yardstick, a measure that you can use, a flag, you might say, an alarm bell, a way of knowing when your mind and heart have slightly separated, shall we say, and somewhere within you, or surrounding you, all about you, in others, there is a diminishing of joy.

That is the signal to you that Now! enter into the Stillness and wait. You need do nothing else. The goodness that you would share, that you would spread, simply flows, my friend, from your heart to another heart to another heart. It emanates from Joy. It is only your mind that throws in the doubt, even the fear, that you have not succeeded, that you MUST communicate, yes?

Theo: Yes.


LEGION:   Good. Allow the love, my friend, you have more than enough, always, within you and surrounding you. Has this been useful?

Theo: Yes, thank you.

LEGION:  : Thank you.

Theo: I had an experience just this morning where I did it just as you coached me, and it was beautiful. There is a letting go of the picture of what I think is right in the moment, into what is right for everyone involved. Let the joy stay, letting go of the blame. It’s good to have that button you just gave me, that when the joy diminishes, that is the signal to let go. That’s what I was asking for, that’s what I received. Thank you.

Devina: This is Devina. Enjoying the dancing that is my way of being, yes? Thank you.

Jude: You are welcome.


TR thoughts: in the response to Theo’s request, it was Legion, but half-way thru there was a strong presence of Alana in his voice, they were working together. I do remember experiencing that, brought back to memory by listening to the tape.

I want to know more on “heart and mind combine”. That word combine stands out for me. I hear on the tape time was taken to get the right word, which increases my desire to know more.
Then, “male and female joining together as heart and mind”, the wording of that speaks to me of something more to be said. male>heart? female>mind?

It struck me that Nebadonia came thru a male voice, Nebadonia thru Rick. Legion teased Theo with a male having a female voice, Legion thru Suzy. The topic is gender. The message is one-ness. I would like to hear more.

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