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CRC169- Rhythm of Love

2016-05-29-Rhythm of Love
Costa Rica #169


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Rhythm of Love
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Rhythm of Love
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana
TR: S. Butterfield


ALANA:  Yes. Welcome, this is Alana.

David: Welcome to you, Alana.

ALANA: : Thank you. So my beloveds, we meet again. Come, be with me in the Heart Room. Open your hearts. Open your minds. Allow the love, yes?


ALANA:  Accept this love, my friends. It belongs to you. It is both a gift and a birthright, yes? You come from this love. You live in this love. You return to this love, yes? With a few confusions in between, between coming and returning.

But confusion is only a consequence of the material brain. It takes you some time, some longer than others, to comprehend the function of the brain, like your body, as a transmitter, a material container, some might call it a vehicle, for allowing the Great Mind of Love to be translated, with the cooperation of your smaller minds and your hearts working together in harmony, alignment and rhythmic cooperation, to bring the reality of this Great Love into your lives, into your world.

But you know this, yes? You are my Heart Room confederates, yes? and as companions in this communion what I am trying to describe for you should not be very difficult. It has been asked (by David), “How does one open the heart and open the mind? Does Alana have a means to describe this process?”

Not really. Not one that would perhaps satisfy the scientific mind, although they are approaching a certain, shall I say, minimal understanding, and one can anticipate even greater understanding. But I will use my descriptive powers to aid in this understanding.

You can imagine your brain. You have seen photographs, drawings, even a brain looking so small in jars with fluid to preserve it, yes? So you can imagine the brain inside your cranium, your skull. And like the fancy stadiums they now produce on your planet, you can imagine the top of your skull opening, yes? As well, the brain. Creating a funnel opening.

You can imagine allowing this light, this love, this frequency of goodness, shall we say, of the Greater Mind pouring into your brain, opening your small mind, connecting with the Greater Mind.
Then, if you will, you can imagine this light, this rhythm of love, sliding down thru, shall we say, your own special aorta. Allowing the frequency, the vibrations, to move down into your heart, which in conjunction with your brain, the small mind with the Greater Mind, with your heart, creates a rhythm, a rhythm of opening, opening to love.

Why do I say rhythm? because everything, everything you know, even if you do not know this, everything has a rhythm. And the most joyous experience, as you each may have…correction…as you each have experienced, the most joyous occasion is when this rhythm is experienced as flowing, singing, flying, even bathing thru everything at once.

I use the idea of bathing because now I would ask you to come with me. Let us sit down by the pool of love and forgiveness. Opening our hearts. Opening our minds. Allowing the love. And as an exercise today – I frame it this way so that you do not imagine that I have combed your minds and found little pieces of darkness that need the light – but rather, it is a good practice, yes? This discipline of love. This practice of loving forgiveness. And this capturing of the resultant joy of innocence.

So! Allow yourself to step into the waters of the pool of love and forgiveness. Allow these living waters of love and forgiveness to float you. As you float, sometimes you touch each other, yes? And sometimes you float away. But always you are connected by the all-embracing living waters of love and forgiveness.

Now, imagine someone you love and bring them into this pool of love and forgiveness. The living waters have all the room to embrace everyone you choose to bring into this experience. So, allow them now to float with you. Sharing the living waters of love and forgiveness. Floating with you. Sometimes touching. Sometimes floating away. Allow the waters to bring you together, float you apart, bring you together, float you apart. Be with your loved ones in the pool of love and forgiveness.

And now I would stretch your minds and hearts just a tiny bit, yes? Imagine someone, it does not have to be many, just someone with whom you have, shall I say, differences, arguments, anger, a sense of injustice, or betrayal. This may be someone you know. This may be someone you love. This may be someone you do not know. I do not think anyone here really has someone they “hate”, so I will not use that term, although I do ask you to examine your angers, your hostilities, your injustices. So you have picked someone. Bring that person now, please into the pool of love and forgiveness. I welcome them. I ask you to welcome them into this pool of love and forgiveness, into the living waters of love and forgiveness. They are floating with you. Floating with you and your loved ones. Sometimes touching. Sometimes floating away. Sometimes touching. Sometimes floating away.

Allow the love to saturate you and this other. Allow forgiveness. Allow love and forgiveness to embrace you and this other as you float in the pool of love and forgiveness. And let go, if even for a moment, of your thoughts of unforgiveness. Let them float down and away.

Allow the one you thought you could not love, to float in love and forgiveness. Perhaps they float far away. Maybe even not to return. But you will know that in this pool of love and forgiveness, which is immense beyond your imagining, the connection of love and forgiveness is never lost, it is always there to float you, saturate you, refresh your mind and heart, embrace your sorrows. It is always there to float others, there to float all who come to the pool of love and forgiveness. So I thank you. Has this been useful today?


Theo: It has been intriguing.

ALANA: Alana: Yes.

Theo: So…I’m wondering who put you up to this, Alana? (chuckling) Did the idea just spontaneously arise, or did my wife call you ahead of time. (more chuckles) I’m just kidding.

ALANA: : My beloved, it is not difficult for me to recognize that even between the most loving of human beings there is that potential for a little scratch to create a reason for love and forgiveness, yes?

Theo: It wasn’t in reference to my wife, but in reference to a relationship that I’ve had that my wife knows about.

ALANA: : Even so, my beloved. Even so. Yes?

Jude: I just want to say that I haven’t talked to Suzy.

Theo: Oh, I’m sure. I was just kidding, making a joke. I had been telling Robert earlier that I’ve been making a transformation with a relationship I had twenty years ago that went sour in an instant, and has yet to be resolved. I was sharing with Johanna the whole bloody story, and the next day this person, who I’ve been waiting twenty years to connect with me wrote me an email saying “What’s going on with you?” So that opened up a whole painful drama that fit to a T the description that you gave, Alana. Once again I am amazed at the synchronicities of Spirit.

ALANA: : Thank you. That is always a positive reminder, yes? the synchronicty of Spirit…

Theo: Oh my God, yes.

ALANA: … the all-pervasive reality of Spirit.
And I would point to you, my friend, that which could go sour in an instant, as you say..

Theo: …could go north in an instant..

ALANA:  Yes, could go north in an instant.

Theo: Is that what you were going to say? I love it.

ALANA:  I agreed to north because of what you said, but I was originally thinking sour as in turning the bitter into sweet, yes?

Theo: Yes. Last evening I had a beautiful end of the day ritual with Jude, and I was playing a song titled One More Time, and it goes, “This heart is going to open one more time.” So I’ve been considering what I want to say to this fellow. It just started pouring out of my pen, about 8 pages, and there was a lot of my anger. Then I pulled three iChing cards and it said, Disengage. Blend in. And something else…but it was like, just let go of that story.

I had an experience with this person where he was the most safe, trusted person in the world to me and I felt like I could do anything. And there was a very tense situation with a third party, and he got triggered and screamed at me, “I’m so angry at you.” And I’ve been triggered from my early childhood with my father, who was a very wounded man, an angry man who would scream at me, beat me psychologically, beat me physically, unexpectedly, for not being perfect as a young child. All that got triggered.

So that has been going on for years. And in this synchronicity of Spirit, I was headed 3 or 4 years later to see if I could talk with him and see if I could reconcile with him. I went to a woman therapist/healer and told her I was going to talk with him, and she said “You shouldn’t talk to him about that right now. He’s in a dark place.” And then maybe another 15 years later living here in Costa Rica, I looked up his email and I wrote him a whole letter and I got an email back that said, “…well there actually are two body workers with this exact name and you have reached the other one.” And so I took that as another sign from Spirit it wasn’t time yet.

Then I hired a guy who had written a book that was helpful to me when I was sitting outside the oncologists office, waiting to hear the results of Jude’s first biopsy to see if she had breast cancer. I was very scared. In this guy’s book he wrote there is only one moment you ever have to deal with anything, and that is the present moment. And so for 2 1/2 years or so, that was my mantra, I was just dealing with Jude’s survival in each present moment. So then I hired this guy, at a pretty high cost as a coach, and I told him the story, and at the end he said it seemed to him I needed to reconcile with this guy because we were once so close. So I wrote him off, because I had so much fear around this idea of reconciliation at the time.

Then Jude and I have been having this conversation about holding space. And actually, my friend had invited me to go with him to meet with an acquaintance of mine and his friend who was suicidal. It really has to do with this whole idea of holding space, because when I was trained in counseling, the chairman of my committee had this theory which is that the thing that you do is to “interrupt, intervene and influence.” Which is exactly the opposite of holding space: you have an agenda, you judge, you tell the person what’s ….

And so at that time I was kinda on automatic pilot. It was kinda old school, before the whole idea of holding space, that idea hadn’t entered my knowledge. So that is what the guy jumped on me for because I said something that wasn’t holding space for his suicidal friend. He had been trained to hold space. I didn’t know at the time that I didn’t know. And we’ve never connected since then, except for this recent email. So it feels like this is what is up for me, and I have been incredibly informed and in a great resonance with the idea of holding space and realizing that this fellow who trained me to “interrupt, intervene, and influence”…whose wife was an alcoholic and eventually they divorced, I guess she just crashed and burned…so that’s kind of

ALANA: : Thank you.

Theo: …that’s kinda what’s been going on with me right now..

ALANA: : Yes

Theo: …and it’s been hard because I’ve been so hurt and triggered myself…

ALANA: : Yes.

Theo: …but I never informed him because I felt so fearful and I…so you know, I’ve kinda been instructed to do this…

ALANA: : So my friend.

Theo: Yes.

ALANA:  You have a very busy mind, yes?

Theo: Sometimes.

ALANA:  Yes. Can you understand when I now say…delightfully…so now you have had a 20-year present moment, yes?

Theo: That is a very good way to put it, yes.

ALANA: : A 20-year present moment awaiting for this other person, perhaps, to change, yes? Waiting for this other person to reach out, yes? to assuage your fears, yes?

Theo: Umm, yes, it’s been that way in the past. I’m not sure where it is right now.

ALANA: : Thank you.

Theo: I think its part of my transformation

ALANA: : Yes.   I received an astrological reading about thirty years ago and it said I would be coming into my own about now, and it feels like that is what is happening, an awakening that is on schedule.  The awakening to the opportunity coming to fruition after twenty years…

Theo: I think I was guided by those synchronicities, that he wasn’t ready for what I was ready to give him. I was ready to show him how wrong he was. (laughs)

ALANA: : Yes. So at least now I am learning about holding space…and maybe that’s what I need to do with him.  I would remind you of a previous encounter that we have held here…

Theo: Oh, have I talked abut this before?

ALANA: :…a previous encounter where the idea of betrayal was given a new understanding, shall I say, that it is always a function and an opportunity for self-discovery. When we are not quite ready to discover who we are, who you are, then your present moment opportunity may last for twenty years, yes?

Theo:[ bursts out in laughter]…Yes.

ALANA: : So I would encourage you, my friend, to, if you will, scratch out in your story the part that says, “Oh I was a good boy! I waited until he was ready to get what I would give to him!” Which was, of course, the gift of telling him where he was wrong.

Theo: laughs. Yes.

ALANA: : You do understand this, yes?

Theo: Oh yes.

ALANA: : You do understand this is not a criticism, yes?

Theo: Yes.

ALANA:  Very good. And I congratulate you, my friend. It is always wonderful to be given the gift of sharing someone’s coming home, yes?

Theo: Yes.

ALANA: Thank you. Is there anyone else who would speak now?


ALANA: Thank you. Open your hearts. Open your minds. Allow the love. Accept this love, now, and now, and now, and now, and now. Yes?

There is no one time to love. Love is always. Always with you, always in you, always surrounding you, embracing you, always ready to bring you comfort, certainty, joy. Always ready to take your fears and blow them away, yes?

Thank you. All you need do is open your heart, open your mind, turn to love, allow love to be your guide, your mind and heart working together, yes?

Breathe the love. Breathe it in. Breathe it out. Accept the love. Give it away.

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