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CRV11- Reincarnation, Morontia, Reserve Corps

1992-12-25-Reincarnation, Morontia, Reserve Corps
Corvalis #11


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Materializations, More
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LinEl, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Thea Hardy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Reincarnation
 3.2.2 Channeling
 3.2.3 Morontia
 3.2.4 Priorities
 3.2.5 Reserve Corps
 3.2.6 Materialization
 3.2.7 Communication, Circuits
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Materializations, More
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: LinEl, Michael
TR: Thea Hardy


LinEL: Greetings. This is LinEL your teacher. I am happy to see all of you tonight. This is a day when so many on Urantia celebrate Michael’s birth. We have noticed your tradition of celebrating with lights. This is entirely appropriate for honoring Him who is the Light. This custom brings response from your souls. Your receiver is anxious tonight because she knows I have a message for you from our Creator Michael. Please be patient. This transmission may be difficult. We are all thrilled that this is able to take place. We are gathered together with you in this enterprise, which Michael has asked us to engage in. Together we are forging eternal bonds of friendship and growth. I will pause now and Thea will prepare. One moment.

MICHAEL: My beloved children, I am your Sovereign Michael. How I love you. I have called you and you have come. You have answered. I am with you. I know each one of you and my spirit is in each heart. I have sent you my teachers. They love you. They do my bidding. I ask you to trust them and listen to them. I treasure each of you for your willingness to follow me as we together seek to do the will of the Father in heaven. This adventure has just begun. I will come to you often. I assure each of you, you will one day surely see me. I will be with you again. My love is with you always. Farewell.

LinEL:  Greetings again, it is I, LinEL. This was a special occasion for us all. The first time our group received a message from our Sovereign. We are all thrilled and know there is much yet to come. I am always delighted to be with you and share your experiences and hopefully assist in your growth. I am always willing to speak with you. Remember to speak to me during the week, even though it may appear that I am not present. I am prepared to take a few questions.


Jeanette: I talked with the group earlier about old souls and what I call `recycled’ souls, and reincarnation. I would like to ask you if you could give some insight into this discussion. Thank you.

LinEL: Greetings, Jeanette. Welcome. I wish to respect all the concepts that you treasure. However, I would say you may wish to think of alternative explanations for the concept of reincarnation, as you understand it, because this is not exactly how it operates. If you explore in the Urantia book, you can determine a number of interesting possibilities which explain this phenomena of feeling you have lived before. Indeed, it is possible to receive impressions from your Thought Adjusters. Remember, all of you present have experienced Thought Adjusters and as they continually seek to guide you they utilize experience from the other lives in which they have participated. It is natural and normal for the human mind to interpret these things in forms which it can understand. Understand, however, that your concepts are not necessarily wrong in the heartfelt meaning they hold for you and I would not attempt to take this from you. I hope this answer has not been upsetting. I am pleased that you are with us.


Jeanette: I’d like to comment, further. The concept that I referred to was one that I had read which was channeled from another source that was considered high level cosmic teachings in understanding from, basically, the Source. So, it leaves me to be confused because in reading that, I felt like it was higher truths, too. So, it goes back to channeled information and how much of it is being interpreted by the channeler. It leaves me to question what do I believe. I know I have to go within and determine that way, but it does leave a confusion.

LinEL: This is perhaps one of the more difficult parts of the entire Teaching Mission because there is much material available on your planet referred to as channeled. And, as…one moment…you must decide for yourself the truth of this. I would encourage you to seek the guidance of your Thought Adjuster. Naturally, any received inspiration is likely to have some element of the receiver. There is no way to avoid this difficulty. However, if you regard the Urantia Book, as containing valuable information concerning the structure of the universe and the nature of the Father and His creation, you can learn to perceive where the truth lies and that which is partially contaminated. Understand this path is not necessary.

You will indeed, reach the Father, regardless of what choice you make in this matter. However, what we are teaching at this time, and what we ourselves truly believe, is that much so-called channeled work on this planet has been inspired but is not necessarily revelatory of truth. This is a very difficult situation for us because there are those who refuse to believe anything received via methods that appear to be channeling and those who refuse to believe that only some apparently channeled material is valid. Therefore, you must allow the Spirit of Truth to guide you carefully. This is a personal matter and no one is…it is not demanded of anyone that they believe in a particular manner. However, you will find that we in this mission do teach that which we believe to be true and this is not likely to change. I recognize that this answer will not be entirely satisfactory, however, at this point, it must suffice. Is this sufficient?

Jeanette: Yes. Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you, Jeanette.

Julie: Good evening, LinEL. I have missed you. I’m glad to be back this week. I would like to introduce Olive, and as you know, she attends the Salem group.

LinEL: Yes, I know this. I have, on occasion, been present. Greetings, Olive. I welcome you to this group.


Julie: My question is from the Urantia Book, in the Foreword section, about the definition of the soul and that once the mortal decides to do the Father’s will, that there is a new reality that goes over into the morontia, is no longer material, not spiritual but morontia. Could you comment?

LinEL: Yes. Julie, this is indeed the case when you have made the decision to do the Father’s will, although there may be yet further necessary to attain fusion, you have begun morontia life. Most of you present have made this decision and this is part of why we are now able to begin your morontia training.

Julie: Thank you. Abigail shared with me that there is a teacher being prepared for the Fresno group in California. Has a receiver been selected yet?

LinEL: One moment. There are reasons, Julie, why I cannot answer this question. You will understand in time.

Julie: Well, I was hoping, but thank you.

LinEL: Thank you. You have my love.


Tom: Speaking with a friend down in Roseburg who wanted to ask you a question and will be here in the future, I said I would ask it for her. I suspect your answer would be the same as the one I gave, but she wanted to hear your answer. What is more important, a relationship with one’s inner spirit, or thought adjuster, or developing a relationship with one’s teacher, if a person has one?

LinEL: Tom, I heard this question earlier, of course, and you are quite correct, there is really no question here. To develop the relationship with the Father, the Thought Adjuster, is the single most important thing you can do. Nothing replaces this responsibility. Far better that you do this and entirely ignore the Teaching Mission than that you seek a teacher but forget to communicate with the spirit within. There is no question about this. Seek the Father first, and then all things will come. This is the highest Truth.

Reserve Corps

Tom: What is the purpose for believers in the Teaching Mission to become part of the Reserve Corps of Destiny?

LinEL: As you know, destiny reservists are rehearsed in a number of ways. This is precisely what we are attempting to do, to rehearse you in such a manner as to facilitate your spiritual growth so that you can become the leaven in your society and in your world to enhance the spiritual growth of all, to bring us to the point where Light and Life can occur on this planet. It is highly useful to have a large corps of persons dedicated to fulfilling the will of the Father in this manner. It will indeed make a tremendous difference. We are already astonished at how quickly the results are happening.


Tom: My last question concerns the Indianapolis group whose teacher is Welmek. They were told that on April 25, three Melchizedeks will personalize in Chicago. There was talk of having representatives from groups around the world be there. Is that desirable?

LinEL: I expect you know me by now well enough to understand that I will not tell you if you should go or not. Whether or not this is desirable, you also know Welmek and you know myself. We do not necessarily accomplish our tasks in the same way. I would say to you, go if you so desire. There is no problem with this, or stay if you so desire. I will not make prediction on this.

Tom: Thank you.

LinEL: Welmek, however does enjoy this. We enjoy Welmek.

Tom: So, he is a radical.

LinEL: Perhaps this is an over statement. However, I think you understand by now, we are all diverse personalities, each working to accomplish our missions in diverse ways. This is of course, entirely as the Father intends.

Delores: LinEL, I have two questions. The first one: Nancy remembered and some of us thought that we heard music before Michael spoke. Could you elaborate on that?

LinEL: Delores, you know what you heard. Know in your hearts. Trust your hearts.

Communication, Circuits

Delores. OK. The second question has to do with the process here. I like it when you are talking along and suddenly you say…just a minute. Does that mean that somewhere you are in T/R mode? Are you a receiver also, and sometimes have to stop and get answers from higher up to answer our questions?

LinEL: Delores, this is an interesting question. It is not exactly the same process. It requires much less concentration for me. Nevertheless, you are relatively correct. I must occasionally consult with others before I answer. Occasionally, during my answering, they consult with me and I must cease. You have heard this with other teachers. We do this as a group project. I, too, have my superiors and my mandates. Believe me, this is more efficient than reception/transmission on your planet or phone lines.

Delores: Do you use the circuits…the broadcast circuits?

LinEL: It depends upon whom we consult. We use the circuits often, yes.

Delores: Then I have one more question. My drawing I have of the circuits, is that a valid perception?

LinEL: Delores for me to answer this would require that I assume only one perception is valid. Understand that human perception of the circuits are limited and your perceptions contain truth. If you could somehow collaborate with a large number of humans you could perhaps come closer, even then there would be no way to fully conceptualize because you lack the physical senses necessary so to do. Nevertheless, I would encourage you to continue to use this form of expression and understanding and consider sharing this with others.

Delores: Thank you LinEL. Merry Christmas.

LinEL: Thank you. I accept your greeting.

Nancy: Do you consult with the same group each week?

LinEL: I’m sorry, I do not fully understand your question.

Nancy: You said that…my understanding is that you consult…there is a group you consult with?

LinEL: We have here, our group, which is myself, other beings, your personal teachers and also, generally at least one Melchizedek. Many of my consultations are with him. However, I sometimes consult others over circuitry. We have communication abilities which are beyond your ability to comprehend. This can all be accomplished rapidly. Does this answer?

Nancy. Yes, thanks.

LinEL: Thank you, Nancy.

Terry: Good evening LinEL. May I introduce to you tonight our son, Loren, from California.

LinEL: Loren, welcome. I am glad to meet you. I am glad you have been willing to come.

Terry: And now, LinEL, I wish to convey my thanks for Michael’s message tonight.

LinEL: Terry, this is much appreciated. We understand that all of you are grateful in your hearts. We also are grateful. Among others things, it means a new stage has been reached with our group. Please share the tape with those who were not present and reassure them this is but the first of many messages.

Terry: Thank you. LinEL: Thank you, Terry.

Alan: Hi, LinEL. In listening to Thea, both with the message from Michael and at times with you, she says that there is so much more behind some of what you have to say than she can actually put out in words and is part of our spiritual growth going to be that we can more and more feel or understand this extra part of your message?

LinEL: Alan, certainly your spiritual growth, for each of you, enhances your ability to receive enlargement of concept, however the limitations of your language mean that it will not be possible to greatly increase the scope, immensity, conceptual complexity of the messages. I would tell Thea that she would be best to understand that the limitations are inherent in the nature of language and not inadequacies of her own. I appreciate that you all reassured her in this and I would urge her to relax. As long as we must speak to you in human tongue, it will be impossible to fully express. However, one of the intentions for having personal teachers for each is that the conceptual enlargement can then take place, for each mind. This cannot be accomplished by a group teacher alone. Is this clear?

Alan: Yes. Yes, thank you.


LinEL: If there are no more questions, or perhaps just one, I would like to close for now. Thea has had a great deal of strain this evening. If not, then I would say to you I look forward to next week. We all particularly look forward to your large gathering. Expect interesting events. I do not say this as prophecy, merely to speak the truth. All of you will, from time to time wrestle with perplexing thoughts concerning this mission, your beliefs and the struggle to put together the various concepts which come to you. However, trust yourselves, trust your inner selves and trust your Father fragment to guide you. The Spirit of Truth is with you and you will prevail, as long as you seek the Father. I have enjoyed being with you this evening and will be with you during your week. Farewell.

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