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CRV12- Anxiety Around TR’ing

1993-01-01-Anxiety Around TR’ing
Corvalis #12


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Anxiety Around TR’ing
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LinEl
o 2.2 TR: Mark
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Teacher Contact, Anxiety
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Emotion
 3.3.2 Transmitting
 3.3.3 Relationship
 3.3.4 Teaching Mission
 3.3.5 Anger
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Anxiety Around TR’ing
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: LinEl
TR: Mark


LinEL: Greetings, this is LinEL. I am your teacher. I am glad to be speaking with you tonight through Mark. You will find having two receivers is much to your benefit. Many aspects of my personality are better reflected through different individuals. You will also find that I have a consistency of personality. You should also find this interesting. I would also ask you to offer your love and support to Thea. She is not in a life critical situation although this illness of hers causes her much fear.

Teacher Contact, Anxiety

LinEL:   I would like to speak on the amount of anxiety surrounding the reception of your personal teachers. I know this is a difficult process for many of you. I also know that you each try in your own ways to reach your teachers – those of you who have requested them. I would offer a suggestion to you. After your silent time, form a question in your mind. Allow it to sit in the foreground and practice the similar technique that you practice with the silent time. I would ask that you simply indulge yourself in any train of thought that may occur. When we first contact you, it sounds very much like your own thought process. Please do not stifle these thoughts. You may think you invent them, that they come from your subconscious. Whether or not this is true, I would ask you to allow yourself the luxury of pursuing the train of thought that does occur.

I think that many of you will find this very interesting and rewarding. Attempt to contact your teachers at times you are relaxed and have no other pressing duties. Many of those who have found success with this also find that performing menial tasks that occupy the forefront of their minds and sometimes their hands have an easier time of relaxing into this process. For those of you who enjoy walking in the woods, walking through the streets, I would encourage you to do this. This is a difficult process. I repeat, do not judge yourselves too harshly.

I am glad that those of you who have arrived this evening are here to listen. I would also say that you would have patience with this process. New receivers often experience anxiety because this is new to them. This process will become easier for Mark and it will become more comfortable for you to experience two receivers transmitting me.
I would at this time take any questions you would like to ask.


Delores: Hello, LinEL. Thank you for coming through Mark. It is amazing how recognizable you are. I have a question left over from the last meeting from the Hocval(?) paper about conflicting emotions that humans feel. What I wonder is, is it unusual in a rebellion planet, is it from living in confusion, is it normal that humans have conflicting emotions that are contrary to each other simultaneously, or is it just seemingly conflicting? Could you talk about humans and emotions for me?

LinEL: Thank you for your question. Any and all beings find that emotions often live in conflict. Part of your growth process as ascending beings is to understand yourselves more fully, to identify your own reactions and processes. This is part of the natural growth process. There unfortunately is very limited resources for you on this planet, for understanding your own emotions, for finding those who have mastered parts of this process.

If you were to have grown up on a non-rebellion world, there would be resources available to you for understanding these conflicts. Please understand that these are natural and normal and that the process of sorting through these things is useful, and you should take great pride in any steps that you are able to take. You will find that through the practice of the silent time conversations with the Father and contact with your personal teacher will assist you in many of your problem questions. Does this answer your question?

Delores: Yes, thank you. Do people pretty much know the same types of reactions and emotions or are we all real different?

LinEL: You will find that in your experiences, people often exhibit similar emotions, although there are different circumstances for these reactions. It is useful in understanding your own emotions to seek the motivations behind it, and other similar emotions. This will assist you greatly. Is this what you asked?

Delores: Yes, that is good. The word motivation helps a lot. Thank you.


Jeanette: How does the receiver know what is being channeled is coming directly from you or what is more from their own personal belief system?

LinEL: In this process there is never one hundred percent assurance that what is said is exactly as I have conceived it, although those who we ask to receive – transmit and those who accept are conscientious and concerned with the pursuit of rendering what I have said as true. You would find it surprising the amount of anxiety that many receivers experience in trying to reflect what I have said and mean honestly. The process of transmitting is a matter of focusing through a human mind. When this occurs, there is never one hundred percent certainty in the single words and meanings – single words coming clear – however, the meanings and concepts that I try to impart do come through surprisingly clear. It is up to your judgment and truth sense to listen and make your own assessments. Is this sufficient?

Jeanette: Yes, thank you. I think I read somewhere that you would be beginning your formal teaching soon. When will that begin?

LinEL: I do not understand your question. Could you please clarify?

Jeanette: No, because I am coming from a limited knowledge base. Also I thought I read somewhere in transcripts, after we become comfortable as a group, you would begin formal instruction, teaching.

LinEL: There we have embarked into a new territory with this group. Part of this is the introduction of new receivers, part of this will be the introduction of your personal teachers and their interactions with you. The group meeting sessions will sometimes include some formal statements from myself or other teachers. This however is something that will not occur immediately.

Jeanette: Thank you.

Terry: Good evening, LinEL I am delighted that you are with us once more.

LinEL: Greetings, Terry. Terry: I have questions, but I have not formulated them sufficiently to ask them intelligently, so…

LinEL: Terry, I would encourage you to ask your questions although half formulated. This sometimes can be more useful than a well-spoken question. If you would so desire, I would enjoy hearing your question.


Terry: All right. The Urantia Book teaches us that no personal relationship is lost when we are resurrected. There are other things that are only scaffolding, but personal relationships are a permanent thing. That leads me into so many other relationships that are possible and as I see now, quite possible to materialize, and for instance, our relationships here and now with you and each of us as individuals, if these personal relationships are not lost, and certainly the relationships we are nurturing now is going to be a permanent situation?

LinEL: Nothing we do in contact with each other is ever lost, Terry. Your Thought Adjusters are the most steadfast caretakers of your developing souls. As you know, none of these beings have ever defaulted or gone astray. They truly understand who you are and who you will be after your mortal death. Do not fear that any experience that you think is trifling. As long as it is important to you, it will be preserved. Please take solace in this and know that all that you are now will go on. Does this help formulate your more formal question?

Terry: (Chuckle) Yes, it does, because it goes much further, but yes, it helps tremendously.

Tom: In many transcripts in sessions with you it has been pointed out that this transmitting/ receiving is an electrical-chemical brain reaction. Are there things such as vitamin supplements or spinach or something like that, food-wise, or things that we can eat or whatever that can enhance the electrical-chemical brain function?

LinEL: Tom, I would encourage you to eat as much spinach as you care (Laughter). I would also say to you that each and every one of you in this room is capable of receiving. In respect to your question, however, good exercise, relaxation, a reasonably balanced diet will assist you in a better life, therefore easier, more convenient time in receiving the primary aid. However, what you should see is the silence. I know this sounds redundant, and seems to be a catch-all, although you would be astounded at the power that contact with the Father has upon all of your system, not just your mind. The body also. I would encourage you to take very good care of your body for it does house your mind, soul and should be respected. Dose this begin to answer your question?

Tom: Thank you.

Nancy: Mark spoke earlier about earning the ability to receive if I understood it correctly and I wonder if you could talk some more about that.

LinEL: Thank you for your question. This is a very interesting topic. One that many of you have much concern over. What I meant by earning is that anytime you put or have put in time pursuing the Father, seeking a spiritual path and walking down a truthful road is time that you spend well with yourself. All these moments are yours. You have earned them. The channels and pathways that you open up with your prayer are your channels to the Father. They cannot be revoked or taken away. This is not a privilege, it is something you pursue to build. This is a complex idea in many ways, although building is something I would encourage you to think on. You do not undo anything you have done by turning away for a moment, and should not feel ashamed when returning once again to the Father. He never left, he is always there, open to you. Do you wish further clarification?

Nancy: No, thank you, and I have another question about Thea. Is there something that we can do, something that we can visualize, what is the best thing for us to do to help her heal?

LinEL: I would encourage you to include her in your prayers. I would also encourage you to offer, call her, offer her your love and support. I would encourage all of you, although not in sickness, to offer each other you love and support. Each of you goes through as many trials internally as she does externally today. Please keep this in mind when interacting with each other. You each have much to give on another. Do not be disappointed when it is not obviously received. It does much for the receiver. This does take some trust on your part. Thank you, Nancy, for your concerns.

Nancy: Thank you.

Teaching Mission

Tom: Do any of the ascending mortals make up the current teaching corps? Were any of them part of the ascending mortals that were part of the Planetary Prince’s staff, Caligastia, five hundred-thousand years ago?

LinEL: As you would suspect, this would be very unwise, damaging to this current and sensitive mission. No, Tom, none of the ascending mortals that were attached to that administration have been allowed to participate in this mission. There were many who did accept, ask the Father’s forgiveness and were reassigned to other areas. Does this answer your question?

Tom: Yes, thanks.

Terry: Now, LinEL, to get more personal. When you were a mortal on your world, were you privileged to have a personal teacher such as we are privileged to have, or is this only because the rebellion has been adjudicated and we have a new Planetary Prince taking over the position of Planetary Prince?

LinEL: Terry, this is an unusual set of circumstances, the relationship of personal teachers. On my planet, we had many other resources to turn to. There was much more openness concerning spiritual pursuits, and the ascendant career. This is a unique and interesting, challenging endeavor we all participate in. Does this satisfy some of your curiosity? Terry: Very much so, thank you.

Delores: Another curiosity question: LinEL, last I heard there were 48 groups with teachers. How many are there now?

LinEL: One moment, Delores. Being formed, in formation, and already existing, there are close 57 groups with and receiving teachers. This is of great joy to us all. Does this also satisfy your curiosity?

[website admin note regarding group counts, as of this editing there are well over 70 known to me. There may be more that are operating and not publicly. Also many of the groups in this archive are no longer operating.]


Mary: Hi, Linnel. This is Mary. I am really nervous asking a question to you. Here it goes. This has to deal with an emotion I am having trouble dealing with and that is anger. I would like to know if you could talk a little bit about anger, and is it important to know the source or the reason for anger, or to just carry on and try to be more loving.

LinEL: Mary, thank you for your question. I would encourage you, I would encourage all of you, to try and seek the source of anger. This emotion can be very destructive and block much of your positive development. This search, however, takes time. It is a healing process; it should not be rushed. You would be wise to take much care and patience with yourself. Understanding the source of your anger may not always yield the answers that you would expect. In dealing with anger, it is also not always possible to return to the source, cause of that emotion. I would encourage you to hand, give your anger into the understanding of the Father. You will find over time the negative emotion and effects this has on your life slowly disappearing. This is part of the healing process that the Father’s touch brings. Does this answer your question?

Mary: It sure does. Thanks.


LinEl: If there are no other questions, I would like to close. It has been a pleasure being with you tonight. I am pleased with all of your questions. They are turning, moving towards more understanding of yourselves and your relationships with the Father. This pursuit I encourage you in greatly. I will be with all of you this week. Please attempt to contact your teachers, or if you feel more comfortable, try to hear my voice. Please be patient with yourselves in this. It is not an easy task, although the small steps you take you will find rewarding. The Father’s love surrounds you and is there for you. I bid you goodnight.

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