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CRV14- Thought Adjusters & Fusion

1993-01-22-Thought Adjusters & Fusion
Corvalis #14


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Fusion
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LinEl
o 2.2 TR: Mark, Thea Hardy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Fusion
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: LinEl
TR: Mark, Thea Hardy


LinEL: Greetings, this is LinEL. I am glad that you all could be here tonight. I am also happy that you have begun to form and make group discussions/decisions. This will be very valuable. It is difficult at first in initiation. Cindy, I would like to say to you that I am happy that you had the courage to bring it up. It is something that you all must decide amongst yourselves and with yourself in how you choose to deal with the invitation of new members. I have set very loose guidelines. The ideal in this meeting is that it would be small. I would stress the word ideal. This is sometimes not always possible. Excitement often outruns/overruns judgment.

This is understandable. I will however leave it to you all to decide. Please feel free to ask me any questions that may concern you as a group or personally concerning this issue. I would be of much assistance at a later date. We/I am going to attempt to try transmitting through multiple receivers this evening. I would hope that you find this experience interesting and educational. Please try not to be alarmed. I think you will find there is much continuity in who I am. There will be a time when there will be more than just two. All of you are capable of receiving/transmitting me if willing. We have hopes that there will be more. I would at this time be interested in hearing your questions and concerns.


Terry: Good evening, LinEL. Let’s start out real deep. My concern is the fusing with the Thought Adjuster. Not that I have anything to worry about just yet but, ah, most of us will pass through mortal death and wake up on the resurrection mansion worlds and in time will fuse with our Thought Adjusters. But those individuals who fuse with their Thought Adjuster while still in the flesh are still mortals. Why is it necessary that the body be consumed? Why isn’t it just laid down as in death and fusion with the Thought Adjuster take place and continue on. Why is it necessary the mortal body be consumed with fire, so to speak.

LinEL: The consumption is due to the fact that the physical body cannot contain the energies that are produced by this fusion. It is not that the consumption is in spectacular celebration. It is just the inadequacies of this physical body. Does this answer your question?

Terry: Well yes, somewhat.

LinEL: Do you wish more?

Terry: Well ah, I understand the physical body hinders the spiritual life requires, that is not quite what I had in mind. I was wondering why it had to be consumed, why it couldn’t be just laid down in death and then the fusion takes place. I guess it is kind of a hypothetical question. It is not very important, especially for those of us that aren’t going to experience it. (Group laughter)

LinEL: I would never put this limit on any of you. Often times the fusion of the Thought Adjuster and the mortal is unplanned. Neither entity knows, although it is speculated that the Thought Adjuster does have preknowledge, of sorts, of this event. There is no planned moment, therefore the physical system is caught off guard and no preparation for seemly passing can be made. Is this more of what you look for.

Terry: Yes, that’s fine thank you.

Katie: LinEL, sometimes when I am meditating or even at other times I have a sense of stepping behind, above, it’s hard to explain, this self that I otherwise know of as Katie and this larger self is kind of observing Katie and her life. Can you tell me, in Urantia terms, what is going on and what that larger self is that also seems like me but not Katie?

LinEL: I would suspect that much of this experience is a disassociation with parts of your identity that you do not feel are yours, do not feel completely comfortable with, however, this feeing that you do describe is also associated with contact with your Thought Adjuster. You feel as though you are elsewhere but still present. This is the recognition of the self that is becoming within you. I would suggest that you do not fear this experience, but draw knowledge and comfort from it. Your Thought Adjuster is not much unlike the self that you experience now, although it is different in many ways because it is more than you are now. This is difficult to explain. Am I answering your question?

Katie: I think as well as can be expected, it is difficult to describe. Thank you for your attempt. My other question might be more difficult. How are we to respond to people who view the Urantia Book as racists. In reference to specific things that are stated in the book that a particular race is inferior to another?

LinEL: I do understand your question. This is a limit of broad understanding. It is difficult to look at a system that you are part of and still be objective with it/to it. I would suggest that you seek to make analogies in other parts of your experience in their experience, something that you can find a common ground on that attempt to explain this objectively that does not contain judgment over any one person or sets of people. Simple mechanical and genetic differences cannot stand in the way of achieving the Father. This is what you should focus on in these conversations. I leave it to you to find the means.

Katie: Thank you.

Cindy: Hi LinEL. I have a question about after you have fused with your Thought Adjuster and I remember you saying before that you have done that and my question is then, are you more in touch with your Thought Adjuster and so you are able to discern the Father’s will clearly or how is that after you have fused?

LinEL: This is a good question. I do experience a clear perception of the Father’s will. The Father’s will is revealed to me as I am able to understand it. My Thought Adjuster is able to make this determination and expand my understanding. This continues to happen in my life as I live it. Does this answer your question?

Cindy: A little. Do you hear words from the Thought Adjuster, your Thought Adjuster?

LinEL: It is difficult to put this in term of words because it is so much a part of my being, of my own mind. It is as if and as you read, a new being has been created, yet I retain all of who I was and all in that union of who I can be. This is a very unique, amazing experience, one that I know you all enjoy is not even close to what it can be. We will share this understanding one day with each other. I will share it with all of you.

Cindy: You mean in the future you will tell us more? What do you mean?

LinEL: As you all fuse with your Thought Adjusters we will meet and then you will know. (Group laughter.

Cindy: OK, thank you. That will be very soon by my understanding of time but I guess in terms…

LinEL: In universal time it seems very quick.

Cindy: Thanks.

Thea: Hi, LinEL. Back to the subject that we discussed earlier about the size of the group. I am curious if you can tell us why you want this group to be small? Is it like have anything to do with teacher/student ratio or different functions or just what? I thought maybe you could share some of that with us so that we could at least think about what it is you said.

LinEL: The group size is not for my benefit. I can handle a rather large audience. It is more for your benefit. For you to feel close and intimate is often the only time that some people in their week can have this unjudgmental, accepting environment to experience. This is something I wish all of you to experience at these meetings. In the work that is to come, each of you will need to rely on each other far more than you do now. In knowing each other now, the work ahead will be easier and I assure you that each of you will turn to the other in need. Each of you is endowed with your own talents, your own unique abilities that you bring to this mission. It is wise that you come to know each other and each other’s strengths. This is done enjoyably through social contact. It can be done in other ways although I would not like to have you experience that situation.

Thea: So is your desire for this size limitation is a temporary thing?

LinEL: It is temporary. Although it is always nice to meet in a small group, the dynamics of a small group are more rewarding.

Thea: I don’t suppose you would tell us how long is a limited time? (Laughter) Well, we all know what soon means. Thanks LinEL.

Delores: Hi, LinEL. I am curious about if you can tell me something. I am thinking about Doug’s visions about the group. Twice he has shared visions of light columns in the room and almost like light headsets being put on us and we are connected to something greater than we are. I wonder if you could tell us what that is and what function that serves.

LinEL: Delores, I would be curious to hear what you think it means.

Delores: Oh , that’s right. This was supposed to be a LinEL asks the group questions lesson tonight. (Laughter) Now I am on the spot.

LinEL: If you are willing.

Delores: I don’t think I know enough about how minds work and you talk about tuning our brains up or tuning our minds up so we can receive our teachers. This is a mystery to me. I am not sure how you would change a person’s brain, so maybe it has to do with harmonizing our brain patterns or something so that we are all in synch. I think of that Star Trek movie when Data went out of phase by four seconds, you know. So, it does something like tune us all up maybe?

LinEL: Each of your minds is a different machine. You perceive your position and role in this mission in different ways. Your creative abilities and creative visions are a reflection of how you view this dynamic. I would say that these visions are a part of this creativity. It is a form of communication when these visions are shared. There is more to communication than just language. This is why I encourage all of you to share all of your thoughts, all of your impressions, no matter how insignificant you may feel they are. It is part of sharing yourself, sharing your perspective and in this it is very important. Does this help clarify?

Delores: Umm, I guess I should tell you what I feel during the time then, because it is always the same during the group meditation. At first it is real choppy, like choppy water and it does feel like someone puts their hands over my head. And then there is a time where things get really calm and clear and almost like the vibration gets high and intense and solidifies. Everything seems to solidify and become extremely calm and balanced. And then the ten minutes are over. But when I do that alone it is never that intense. It is the same thing only alone or here it is like amplified by everybody in the room. Jeannette has mentioned that at sometimes how she can feel the energy that passes around. Does it do that to you to where it seems to calm out towards the end?

Jeannette: You have absorbed, saturated, (conversation garbled)

LinEL: You have experienced being among fellows who share a common purpose, a common energy as you would put it. This sharing brings you closer to those feelings that surfaced for you in your quiet time. If this is significant for you, please follow it. If you enjoy those feelings that you experienced in conjunction with the visions that you experienced, please enjoy them. This quiet time is for you to grow closer to the Father and to grow closer to your Thought Adjuster. Any feelings, thoughts, visions, sounds that you experience that bring you closer to your goals, I would say please pursue and experience them. Is this helpful?

Delores: Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Jeannette: I just wanted to share my impression of what came to mind when Doug’s vision was related. I see us being connected to cosmic consciousness and perhaps that is the connection your vision sees. I think that is pretty neat.

LinEL: Thank you for sharing. Jewels: This is back to what Cindy was asking about the Thought Adjuster and what it was like and you told her that you would be able to share that with her later when we meet. After we fuse are we going to get together with you and share that? Does that mean we don’t get to meet you before that?

LinEL: I apologize. You will meet me sooner than you think. There are many plans laid ahead. I would hope this interaction will expand so that we may have a more satisfying conversation.

Jewels: OK. I wont pout for a week then. (Laughter) Also, do you happen to teach another group that you haven’t told us about?

LinEL: This is my only group.

Jewels: One and only, OK, thank you.

Nancy: I was wondering if you would be willing to share a biographical sketch of who you are and what your talents and experience has been?

LinEL: You do tempt me. (Laughter)

Nancy: Yeah…I got a carrot. (Laughter)

LinEL: I, due to our short time this evening, would not go into this, although, please ask me if not next time, then the next. I would very much enjoy sharing parts of my life, parts of my bio. (Laughter) I do not turn your request down, I merely postpone it.

Nancy: OK, it’s a deal.

LinEL: thank you.

Delores: So LinEL, how exactly do you tune brains? LinEL: The tuning process that you speak of occurs early in your reception of your personal teacher and other beings. This is not always done, it is reviewed on a person to person basis. I would not go into the details of this because very much of this would be meaningless to you. Just know that once your willingness and openness is given to us we are able to effect changes in you that will enhance your experiences. Will this do?

Delores: Well, its interesting because it is not something to go around and tell people, you know. “I let him into my brain and they changed me and now…”, you know what I mean. It sounds like Thought Adjuster sounds to someone who has never heard it.

LinEL: The terminology can be offputting. I would encourage you to share it among this group. At this time I would like to pause for a short break and transfer to Thea.

 (Short break)

LinEL: Good evening again, this is LinEL. Most of you have heard me through this receiver. I would simply like to continue this discussion and ask you to please continue your questions. I am enjoying this opportunity to experiment. While we wait, I would like to commend several of you who have shared personal thoughts this evening and would encourage anyone of you who have reactions during my transmissions to speak up and share. This helps the experience become truly conversational. We are, after all, all friends here together.

Tom: In the Welmek papers in early December, there was a, Welmek was in Argentina, and a celestial artisan and a celestial musician did a training session on meditating and getting the individual cells in the body to vibrate in harmony with the Father’s love. Are there any plans for celestial artisans or musicians to come to our group for impromptu sessions?

LinEL: Absolutely, actually some of your personal teachers fall into these categories and you are already receiving some benefits here. There are personal teachings available to you shared by others which begin to discuss some variety of things. We have here an opportunity that is a plus of the groups size, this is that the large number of personal teachers will give us a chance to experiment with many things similar to what you have read of in Welmek’s group. We have many plans. Hopefully, it will not be long before we can begin to utilize them more fully. I would encourage each of you to keep seeking, in spite of all frustrations, your personal teachers because as this develops, it will allow us more leeway. We are excited about what we project into the future for things of this sort with this group. I think you will all be quite satisfied. Thank you Tom.

Someone: (inaudible)

LinEL: Yes, we are excited too. Remember, this is as thrilling for us as it is for you. Due to the experimental nature of this process we have as many opportunities as you for delightful surprises.

Delores: So the personal teachers function also as group teachers in a way?

LinEL: That is true. Every personal teacher has things to share with the entire group. Initially this will be done primarily through their partnership with their pupils. However, in time, as I have said, we hope to not only have them teach specific lessons, but to sit down together, all of you and all of us, which means your personal teachers and literally converse together as we progress on projects which have projected into the future. It may sound like a bit of a free for all but I think you will find it exciting. Needless to say we may sometimes occupy some extensive time periods.

Jeannette: Are you able to elaborate on what some of these projects may be?

LinEL: One moment please. I can tell you very general nature that some of these projects will be creatively oriented. You are an extraordinarily creative group. As I have said before, even though some of you who do not believe you have talent along creative lines are quite mistaken. We hope to attempt on your planet, to the degree possible, some of the gigantic picturizations that we do here on the morontia levels. This means utilizing skills of everyone of you. This of course is not going to occur even soon in my terms but we are aiming in this direction. There will of course be other projects but for the moment this is all I have permission to impart.

Jeannette: What do you mean by picturization?

LinEL: If you read in the Urantia Book the sections on the celestial artisans and the related material, you will discover a great number of artistic presentations that we utilize to help portray spiritual life. I would also ask you to please read my personal teachings, which are here tonight, to Thea because I discuss some of this in that teaching.

Janet: Hi LinEL, this is Janet. I am wondering how we are coming along with the foundation and gathering the movement back together and healing the rift that has been there the last ten years or so.

LinEL: Are you asking how you as humans are coming along with this?

Janet: No, how we humans and how are you ascendants coming along in progress with key humans.

LinEL: This is not actually our concern or purpose here. This is something which you must address yourselves. You will see progress and lack of progress together. I believe as time goes, focus on this mission will entirely change the dynamics of Urantia Book readership. But remember, our primary purpose here is to teach you to seek the Father, to love yourselves and to become a channel of the Father’s love for everyone you meet and to eventually to help go out to teach others likewise. Therefore, we do not concern ourselves directly with the difficulties and divisions of the Urantia Book readership.

Janet: Thanks. LinEL: Thank you, Janet for your question.

Nancy: Last week you gave us some information about the music we heard and you said something about it being an expanded sense of perception and I wonder if you could explain that more because I don’t quite get it.

LinEL: Yes, certainly. What I was trying to express is that we are experimenting on many levels with all of our groups to try to enhance your abilities to perceive the entire as it is being presented to you. At that time, there were many possible perceptions beyond the mere transmissions of Michael’s words and some of you were indeed able to identify and perceive this. Please feel excited because this indicates your ability to perceive some of the extra perceptions we are trying to present. There will be more of this as time passes and you will discover different ones of you are initially more skilled in different areas. This is part of why I encouraged you earlier to share each least experience you had even if it seems insignificant to you because this is how we will help you communicate together about perceptions we are attempting to enhance. Does this explain?

Nancy: Yes, thanks. Delores: So, do you get to hear the angels sing all the time where you are?

LinEL: (laughs) Well Delores, it is not quite as simple as that. However, we have wonderful opportunities daily to enjoy not only the angels singing but vast…it is virtually impossible for me to explain…vast conglomerations of angelic voice and celebratory light combined with every spiritual sensation conceivable as an attempt to picturize the Father’s love. Truly these are among the most sustaining of our experiences on the morontia levels. This is part of why we hope to the degree possible to help you to learn to express some of this on your needy planet.

Delores: Spiritual sensations?

LinEL: There are many senses which we have in addition to your own, many of which are specifically tied to spiritual perception.

Delores: Is that like emotion?

LinEL: Emotion is only a rough analogy but if you think of your highest emotions, this is close enough to serve.

Delores: That was beautiful. Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you for the opportunity. I truly wish I could simply, fully share this experience with all of you especially now as I have come to truly love you.

Jeannette: I just would like to comment that I have read from another source that we are truly greater than our physical vessel and from what you said tonight it reinforces that and is quite exciting tome to know that we can perceive more than we realize. I am just looking forward to that opportunity.

LinEL: Thank you for your comment Jeannette. Yes, we are truly more than this physical vessel we all start out in. I can tell you even at my limited physical stage, which is of course still not fully spiritual, the ability to experience and express my truer self is exciting. You will feel tremendous release. It is sometimes unpleasant but the animal bodies in which we have all begun our careers are of course very difficult because we are spiritual selves within animal constructions. As long as you live on your planet this will always be a certain degree of struggle, although seeking the Father is the way to lessen this and struggles will be minimized.

I would be curious to know if any of you has a reaction to the experience of hearing me tonight through two different receivers, keeping in mind that among you many will in the future be transmitting for me as well.

Jewels: I think it is terrific.

Unidentified: I think it is entirely natural.

LinEL: We never are certain precisely how humans will respond to these experiences. Remember, many groups have started considerable time with a single transmitter/receiver and your group has been as we see it fortunate to have more than one initially and we anticipate more as soon as possible. Doug Parker, do you have a question? (Group laughter) Do you have a question you wish to ask me?

Doug: No, I didn’t have a question. The question I was thinking of earlier was that I have been working, I shouldn’t say work because it is more enjoyment now than it was when I began, but with the morning time of seeking to spend time with the Father and then in the evening. It is during the daytime when the pressures of working with people I find I am really forgetful. I was just wondering of there was anything you could recommend that would help me to come back mentally to that centered place throughout the day.

LinEL: I can tell you Doug, this is a problem shared by almost all. It was certainly a problem even on a planet of my development. These were the kinds of problems that we still had to overcome. It is difficult to explain exact techniques except to encourage you to cultivate the habit of taking as many tiny moments, try not to see it as necessary to spend any extended time per se if this is unavailable but simply to reach a quick hand for the Father in any moment when you can come to think of this. You will be surprised how even a few seconds of contact can make a difference.

If you can train yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed, emotions that are troublesome, tired, many of the things that plague you throughout your day, if you can cultivate taking that feeling and quickly reaching for the Father’s hand to share it and say, “Father, here I am feeling this thing” you will find it helps your Thought Adjuster to adjust your attitude in that very moment. This is a habit to cultivate initially, but as time passes you will find it truly does work.

Doug: Thank you. It does.

LinEL: I know for many of you this is something that you have an idea of . Please be patient with yourselves because you simply cannot immediately do this. Your desire to do so is what will eventually get you there. Do not despair.

Delores: I have an idea. You can tie a string around your finger. (Group laughter)

LinEL: Actually Delores, this is a better idea than one might think at first glance. You will find a spot in the Urantia Book which says invent reminders. Anything you can do to remind yourself to take action will become useful to you. Anything you can find which will help foster this for you.

Cindy: Today LinEL, I was discussing, there is a boy in my class that is about seven and I’m concerned or confused about him because it feels to me like there is a mean spirit underneath and with every other child I can see the goodness underneath their actions. With him I have a harder time finding the goodness underneath and it seems like he wants to do ill toward the other children or other people. I am confused about it and wondering if you can help illuminate that, I guess for this specific thing for me but also it applies to many people, for all of us.

LinEL: Yes, this is true. Whenever you find a person, particularly a child, who has this appearance of choosing evil, you can be fairly certain this has child has experienced a variety of extremely unpleasant circumstances in his life. Children do not naturally react in this manner without having been so taught. Unfortunately, sometimes the child comes to feel the only power over his circumstances he has in his life is to perform negative acts or carry negative motivations. Understand that difficult though it is, the only cure for such a thing is love. This does not mean that you have to tolerate his behavior and of course you must protect others from his behavior, nevertheless, he is suffering from lack of loving understanding.

Even though your loving acts toward him do not seem to result in changes, you are planting important seeds. You cannot know but what you may be the one person who is the saving grace for this child as he grows. This is also true of any persons any of you meet who has this attitude of negativity. Again I say, you do not have to subject yourself to being abused by such persons or allow them to abuse others, nevertheless, they suffer from the lack of love. Does this help?

Cindy: Yes, it does. I think part of the problem with this particular boy is that I can usually see from knowing their family a little bit when there are difficulties and I don’t see that, I just don’t know it for in this particular case. I don’t see that he has had difficulties.

LinEL: You must remember that there are a number of forms of abusive behaviors and sometimes families who seem very pleasant nevertheless can be abusive in ways which do not require words. They can be neglectful of the child’s right to be himself in ways which are subtle but powerful. Sometimes this creates the most difficult circumstances of all because persons like yourself and even the child himself cannot recognize what is being done and the child identifies himself as responsible and being bad. This is very difficult. These are things you find much more prevalent on planets that have been torn by the rebellion.

Cindy: Thank you.


LinEL: Thank you for your question. This is important. I think we are coming to a point where we should consider closing so that hopefully there will be time to read some from the Urantia Book. You know that I could cheerfully speak with you for many more hours than you could possibly listen. I will try to restrain myself. I have enjoyed you so much this evening. It is very pleasant to have our interaction become more conversational. You know that I desire this and you are responding. You are all indeed doing very well. We are extremely pleased. I must tell you we will expect to have messages before long from both Machiventa and from Michael himself who knows of your progress. Please know the Father’s love is always with you, as is ours. I look forward to spending time with you again. Farewell.

Group: Farewell.

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