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CRV15- Homosexuality, Suicide, Truth

1993-02-05-Homosexuality, Suicide, Truth
Corvalis #15


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Social Issues
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LinEl
o 2.2 TR: Mark, Thea Hardy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Focus
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Fact, Truth
 3.3.2 Homosexuality
 3.3.3 Fact, Truth
 3.3.4 Names
 3.3.5 Suicide
 3.3.6 Thought Adjusters, Communication
 3.3.7 Simplicity, Light and Life
 3.3.8 Decision
 3.3.9 Receptivity
 3.3.10 Attention
 3.3.11 Teacher Contact
 3.3.12 Receptivity, Prayer
 3.3.13 Inquiry
 3.3.14 Play
 3.3.15 Privacy
 3.3.16 Inner Life
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Social Issues
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: LinEl
TR: Mark, Thea Hardy


LinEL: Greetings, this is LinEL. I am pleased to be with you tonight, I am pleased to see you gathered together, sharing together, speaking with one another about the events of your week, about the things that have happened.


LinEL: I want to encourage you also to contact each other during the week, to share together in this process of spiritual growth. I want to speak briefly this evening again about the nature of this Teaching Mission. This mission’s primary purpose is focused on the living of daily life, is focused upon learning to strengthen that sharing of the inner life with the Father of which you have just read, to the end you may become channels of his living love to your brothers and sisters. There are indeed many other things involved with this mission but if you lose sight of this primary purpose, it will be more difficult for you all. I encourage you to seek habits of positive living in your every day life remembering that the spiritual is interwoven with the very fabric of your day and you will find many opportunities to practice this. It is not so important that all man-kind learn now the Teaching Mission as that they learn of the Father’s love for them and to learn to love each other.

Know also that the difficulties which you face both here and in other parts of your life are opportunities for growth, as the Urantia Book has said. These are part of what will make you stronger and more useful in future universe adventures. While it is understandable to not enjoy the conflict nevertheless you will come to a point where you will no longer perceive it even as conflict, but merely problems to share in the solving of together as a family. I love you all, the entire staff loves you all, you are doing far better than you think. I am ready to take questions.


Jeanette: Was that introductory statement said in such a way because Nancy is not here tonight, maybe the reason she is not here tonight is because of what was said last week?

LinEL: I believe I understand your question. However, this was no relation whatsoever. To my comments I am simply trying to return briefly to basics because all of us including those on our level sometimes enjoy and benefit from reiterating basic principles. Jeanette: Okay, I was just concerned why Nancy was not here tonight. May be something was said.

LinEL: Know also that we always miss any of our family group when they are not present.

Fact, Truth

David: I was fortunate to have some time to read this week and in the Urantia Book there was a statement that there is a difference between fact and truth and that they did not mean the same and that fact could at times change, I believe. I was wondering if you could help clarify that either by an example of what the differences are or something along those lines?

LinEL: Yes, David, thank you for your questions. This is a large concept sometimes difficult of explanation in words because it is most commonly understood through experience, However, I will attempt to explain. Fact is, (Thea is having trouble with the concept) fact is like data, truth is like the interpretation of the data except that in this case it is the data which changes and the interpretation which has an ultimate permanency; I have a feeling this is a little confusing] I mean that the truth always goes beyond mere fact. The truth is very large, ultimately as large as the Father and the entire universe.

Facts on the other hand are small and changeable. It is interesting how humans, all of us when we are in our initial planetary lives, do have some confusion in separating fact from truth and tend to defend something by repeating “but these are the facts”, and yet the truth still escapes. As the book says, you can be everlastingly right as to the fact and wrong in the truth [UB 48:6.33] because facts without spirit, without the sense of the loving heart are lifeless and valueless. Truth cannot be contained in fact which is often mere words. I don’t know that this explains much further than the Urantia Book. Has this served at all?

David: Yes, it actually made this topic somewhat larger than I originally thought it was. (Laughter)

LinEL: This is actually a very tremendously large topic.

David: I gather from this that value or meaning, which was the topic we just read, has a lot to play with what truth is.

LinEL: Yes, David. You have surmised correctly. I would like to go into this in greater depth and perhaps I will choose this for one of my formal teachings.

Doug K: The book says knowledge is demonstrable and truth is experience.

LinEL: This is correct. This is exactly what I am getting at. This is why talking with you about this cannot ever effectively explain in the same way as your living experience with the truth in relation to fact will do. I would encourage any of you who have an experience that you believe is related to this to share it with each other as a process of together learning about this distinction. Thank you for your comment, Doug.


Jeanette: LinEL, I have been thinking about social issues over the week and I have a number of questions I would like to ask you, and this week my question is regarding homosexuality. It has come up a lot in the news lately. Social acceptance of gays is a much debated issue. I know Jesus did not address social issues because we were to work out our own problems, our own social problems. I am not asking for answers, just insights. Are homosexuals born homosexuals? Some say it is a learned behavior, some a physiological problem. I know what is important is acceptance. Getting through to people’s fears and prejudice is difficult. Your input please.

LinEL: Dear Jeanette, like Michael, I of course will not go further than he himself chose not to do. Our mandate does not permit us to answer questions which you are actively all concerned in working with. However, I will say whenever you have questions of these sorts, always look to the most important truths. The loving attitude of the Father is always the way to approach these issues. I am sorry I cannot answer your question in more depth.

Jeanette I was just hoping for a biologically (tape unclear)

LinEL: Even this is an area where we must permit your own knowledge to grow. The comment in the book – in this context bisexuality means the existence of two sexes. That does not mean that interpretations on homosexuality one way or the other are to be taken from my statement. That simply the meaning in that context. (tape unclear)

LinEL: Exactly. As angels have polarity and various other beings. However, we are not permitted to anticipate your scientific discoveries even as the Urantia Book itself was not. Trust me, this is sometimes deeply frustrating to us, for we would love to give you knowledge that we have. Nevertheless we know that knowledge given unearned tends to weaken rather than to strengthen. I do truly regret being unable to answer.

Jeanette: Thanks. I somewhat understand your answer.

Fact, Truth

Delores: What would be an example of truth without any facts to back it up.

LinEL: Are you referring to my answer, Delores?

Delores: If you could tell us that it was, say chemical or hormonal polarity or something, then we wouldn’t have the facts in the world to back that up. We couldn’t share it.

LinEL: Facts do have their role. They are very serviceable on a material world and they are a necessary accumulation by yourselves for the most part.

Dan: Why are you smiling, LinEL?

LinEL: Because Thea has just discovered that it is acceptable for her to express my feelings and it is somewhat strange for her. Both transmitters are learning areas which each of them have…Thea is having difficulty… both transmitters are exploring areas in which the other has expertise. This may result in a few odd lumps, but in the end will be beneficial. (Laughter) Thea is trying to allow my emotional expression to come through her better, something which Mark is very effective at, and it is new, therefore makes transmission more difficult.

Barbara: I would like to get back to the facts and the truth if I could, please. This is something that I think about regularly in terms of my own life and in the terms of the broader world around me. It seemed to me when I was listening to your answer to David’s question that enlarging the picture has something to do with this, that one can see, for instance through a window a couple with a child, slapping that baby, throwing it up in the air and doing all sorts of nasty, cruel things to it and those would be facts. The interpretation of which would be different if one knew that the child had just ingested some drug of some sort and that they were trying to keep the baby awake until the medics came along. That kind of situation, is that something that you were looking for?

LinEL: Yes, Barbara. This is an excellent example. This is why the Master so often used parables, because in this manner he could take the fact beyond into the realm of truth. This is quite right.

Terry: We wish to welcome you, LinEL. It is my turn at the microphone.

LinEL: Thank you, Terry.


Terry: I have been having difficulty, as you know, with my teachers name. Can you help me with it, or must I still continue to struggle? (Laughter)

LinEL: Terry, I am going to do something you may think unprecedented. Your teacher’s name is Fantessyah.

Terry: Thank you. I would have never got it. (laughter)

LinEL: I doubt that very much, Terry. I have great faith in your persistence and appreciate it.

Terry: Thank you.

LinEL: I am pleased to do this.

Barbara: Terry, don’t you want to know how to spell it? (Laughter)

Delores: Hi, LinEL. I just have one question. I wonder how you are doing? How are you?

LinEL: I find that an interesting question. This is not often asked of me. Actually, I am doing quite well. I think that it is easier for us from our side to understand what may often be confusing to you than it may be for you, since we do have a few extra years experience. I am feeling encouraged despite difficulties, because I am watching many of you seek to solve problems and take them to the Father and seek more unity. This indeed makes me feel quite well. Thank you for asking Delores. That was interesting.

Delores: You’re welcome, and I am glad to hear your answer. It’s heartening for us, too.

LinEL: I think that you can trust that we are unlikely to panic. (Chuckles)

Doug K: I have been rewriting this all week, so I’d better read it. (Laughter)

LinEL: Doug, do not worry. It will be fine.

Doug K: I am honored to speak directly to you, LinEL. I have studied the Urantia Book for 16 years and achieved real faith levels about 4 years ago. The quantum leap of faith that I experienced then is now repeated. With the advent of the Teaching Mission, my life and the book have acquired even deeper meaning than before, thank you. Even though I have spiritual deficiencies and mortal handicaps, the time has come to offer myself to this mission. I am striving to understand the quiet time, striving to find more communion with my Adjuster, I am trying to allow and accept the growing magnitude of the Father’s love.

I have made a personal petition for a personal teacher and I now make that request public and formal. Through subordinate free will, liberated logic do I surrender to the truth, beauty, and goodness of the divine reality. Please accept me as the son of faith that my truth sense tells me that I am. Help me to circumvent impatience and be loyal to the here and now. I offer my talents and resources in whatever capacity may be of service. I open my mind and my heart as pathways to my soul, to you to guide me to the guidance that is my own. I extend to you my hope and confidence in your endeavors and my gratitude for all your efforts.

LinEL: Dear Doug, know you are part of this mission truly! Your heart is known. I am touched by your statement. You already have a teacher waiting, attempting contact with you. This will certainly happen. Know that you are to play your part in this and I think you will be very satisfied. We are very happy to have your loyalty. Thank you, and remember we are your brothers and sisters. There is no need to feel humble before us. Please speak with us anytime as your friends and your family. Thank you Doug.

Doug K: Thank you for your assurance.

Pamela: This is your little sister Pamela. (Laughter)

LinEL: Greetings, little sister.

Pamela: I brought you a chocolate heart. (Laughter)

LinEL: I do happen to know that this receiver appreciates chocolate. I am not quite certain – perhaps you should divide it amongst all of you and think of me. I appreciate your gesture.

Pamela: I would like you to ask me a question because I learn from questions a lot. I guess you guys know what has been going on in my head. I leave it to you to teach me with questions as much as you can . I enjoy that challenge.

LinEL: This is an interesting situation. I would be interested to know your thoughts and feelings about the Teaching Mission.

Pamela: Now or later (laughter)

LinEL: Within reasonable sharing time constraints, now if you wish, if not, later would be acceptable as well. You can do as you wish with this, there is no problem.

Pamela: Well, I would like to encourage, I would like to support, any of you who are contemplating lessening your material burdens. Because I have experienced the joy, inner peace and lightness that come from saying no.

LinEL: I think there are many present who understand this.

Pamela: And to work cooperatively. I think there are lots of ideas that we have not explored as a group as far as expanding the time we meet together as much as we can. I am all for going slowly and allowing people to jump in when they feel comfortable and jump out when they don’t. At least in Waterloo come by anytime Fri., Sat., or Sun. 24 hours a day. It is an open invitation to work on this and to talk with you and to get that feedback as a group and to expand if any of you are wanting to branch out and really jump in deep. This is a sincere invitation and I think it could – for the Teaching Mission’s sake, it is a real serious thing for me.

LinEL: Pamela, do you wish to ask me whether or not a teacher will be present in your own group? Do you wish to ask for this?

Pamela: I will leave that for Doug because that’s (laughter)…I submit a formal request!

LinEL: Your request is taken and it will certainly be fulfilled in time.

Pamela: Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you for your comments.

Janet: Hi, LinEL. This is Jan. I am kind of choked up about Doug’s dedication. I am glad that we have two new members . I want to ask you a question about some other members that I miss and do we need to do more to insure that we are keeping some old members as well as gaining some new ones?

LinEL: I think this is difficult and a question of personal conscience. I would encourage any of you who wish to reach out in love to your friends, to please do so to any degree that you feel best. I would always encourage this. And as for myself any who have been members of our family group we naturally do not want to lose. However, there may also be yet some who participate in this mission at this time without undue difficulty of assimilation. Do I understand you to be referring to recent times or more distant times?

Janet: Recent times.

LinEL: Anything that you can do to remain in loving contact and encourage gathering together of your friends is always good.

Janet: Very good, thank you.

LinEL: Thank you, Janet.


Doug K: About a month ago we lost a friend to suicide. I am curious how suicide affects ones ascension plan.

LinEL: One’s career begins on the mansion worlds where they left off. You need not fear for your friend. I this sufficient?

Doug K: Yes, I was not too worried about him.

LinEL: Is there any other details you would like to ask?

Doug K: It seems like a negation to do that, checking out like Lucifer’s annihilation, choosing not to be part of the plan, but I hope that there will be some understanding that he was just an egg and did not know any better.

LinEL: Lucifer of course had much more experience and knowledge and made his decision fully aware. Your friend, being human on this planet, could not possibly have all the knowledge he needed, therefore the likelihood of a final decision is almost nil. Suicide is generally a mistake, and as such, although it indicates spiritual immaturity, does not in and of itself lead to cessation of the universe career.

Marlene: LinEL I have kind of curiosity question tonight. You are so full of wisdom and have such a tremendous amount of love that I have often wondered how far along you are in your ascension and how many years ago according to our time were you a mortal on your world? Could you answer that?

LinEL: I would rather save some of these answers for another time when I can speak in more depth, but I would say to you generally that I have indeed had sufficient years to gain wisdom which I have not indeed always possessed. I thank you for your compliments. It has not always been easy to attain the wisdom which you credit me with. Were it not of course for the Father of us all, I would have none.

Marlene: Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you for your compliments.

Barbara: LinEL, I have a curiosity question, too. You and your colleagues are our teachers. Who are your teachers?

LinEL: We have many teachers. The Melchizedeks, of course, are our teachers. We have as many teachers for us as you have for yourselves, for us many more. It would be mind boggling were I to go into the details. There are so many here from whom we can learn, it is truly astounding and a delight to those who love learning.

Dan: How is fusion, LinEL?

LinEL: Dan I appreciate you humor. (Laughter) Fusion was unspeakable and there is no way, as I have said before, in words, to explain this. Imagine the closest times you have had with the Father and then imagine expanding that feeling to infinity. Truly this is incomprehensibly wonderful, and no time passes after this when overwhelming gratitude is not a part. Does this begin to serve?

Dan: Tantalizing.

LinEL: That is all I can do at the present. You all will one day know.

Thought Adjusters, Communication

Mark: LinEL I have a question about contact with my Thought Adjuster. I’m beginning to get more feeling for that presence inside of me and I keep returning to that same place mentally and emotionally that I find that connection and it is not always there. It seems to be a little bit elusive and I wonder if there is anything I can do to pin that down, or at least create an environment within myself that allows that to happen better. I know that the silent time is a good time for that, but it actually boosts me along in the day to feel something just on the edge of my mind and I want to have more of that. I want to know how to do that better.

LinEL: Yes, Mark. This is one of the challenges because, aside from the natural ebb and flow of the human condition, you must continue to seek the Father in slightly different places, I am using the word places very metaphorically here because this is part of the enlargement process, therefore I cannot specifically tell you where to seek, only that if you widen your search, deepen your search, you will indeed continue to find (garble). Does this serve?

Mark: Yes, that does help. I feel like sometimes I don’t want to waste my time exploring dead ends. (Laughter)

LinEL: Remember, many dead ends that appear as such to humans are not in point of fact dead ends. If you would relax and recognize that these dead ends are there to fulfill a purpose even as the silence between notes maintains the music, you would realize that all is here to fulfill the ends you seek.

Mark: Yes, I am beginning to understand that better.

LinEL: And at this point I would like to have us take a brief break and change transmitters. (Mark begins transmitting at this point)

LinEL: Greetings. I realize that there are a few questions left. I wished to make this transfer so that you may become more accustomed to hearing me through different transmitter/receivers. There will be a time soon that more of you will be able to transmit me and the more accustomed you are to the exchange the easier this transition will go. I would like to entertain more of you questions, if you have them.

Simplicity, Light and Life

Dan: I have one, LinEL. LinEL: Dan, I never am surprised that you have more questions. (Laughter) Dan: I am perfectly willing to sound silly. It seems that from what I have gathered from what you said about your planet that was in the stage of life and light, and what Ambrasia has said, too, that they were technologically quite simple. Is that a characteristic of life during those ages?

LinEL: Yes, this is an interesting question, interesting thought. You will notice in your own technological society that technology itself is becoming more simple, more basic, more contained. This is what we mean by simple – where our machines are very efficient in performing a large quantity of duties, therefore we spend less time with various machines and have more time for ourselves.

This is one of the benefits of refining technology. It allows the populace to spend more time in learning and leisure pursuits. This is what we mean by simple.

Dan: It seems to me that our society is so technologically over-complex that we end up, seems to me, serving the technology more so than vice versa.

LinEL: This is a natural evolutionary process that a technological society goes through. You will find that the balance will begin to tip just as your manufacturing industrial period has begun to wane. Do you have more?

Dan: Of course I do. (Laughter)


Jeanette: I have one, at looking at the last week’s transcript on the section on choices, you make a statement, “as you approach a junction you can make four choices” and I was curious as to what those four choices could be.

LinEL: I use this only as an example that you have many choices available to you. I am sorry if this specific number caused you confusion. Know that in this you cannot in essence make wrong choices if they are carefully considered and you believe that you pursue the truth and are honest with yourself, as honest as you can be. It is often that you feel that once you have made a choice, you look back on it with regret and think, I should have pursued another path. Know that every path you take, whether it is a detour, or a direct route, you will arrive, you will stand before the Father, you will not be limited by any choice that you feel is a right one. Even if it is not, this is an excellent opportunity for you to practice self forgiveness. When you feel you have made a wrong choice, look ahead at what is to come, look at the opportunities that have opened up in front of you, rather than dwelling on what could have been and what has gone before. Thank you for allowing me to explain this further.


Alan: LinEL, I think from something I was reading in Welmek I got the impression that if we verbalize or visualize – anyway, get out into a sense of knowing different concepts, maybe stretching for us – that somehow it helps us to understand us. Actually, if I think about it, Welmek was talking about reading in the Urantia Book about the Thought Adjusters and that reading with an open mind, we would understand more than we did before. Can you explain this?

LinEL: You are saying an open mind allows you more opportunity for growth?

Alan: Yes. I am also wondering – it seemed as if there was something more going on, as if there was some input from outside of us, as if we had our minds open, then we could – it is sort of like the quiet time – going there and being open – we get input from outside or at least it seems like it.

LinEL: When you are open in your quiet time, and what you would consider spiritual pursuits, or you are open in intellectual pursuits, or perhaps open to a new relationship, to new understandings of people – this openness that you speak of does accentuate your growth, just as it does in the quiet time. If you are open and willing, your Thought Adjuster can work more freely within you. Even in the pursuit of intellectual ideas, this is true. It is your willingness to grasp new concepts, unfamiliar territory and things you do not necessarily feel comfortable with. This is a positive trait. I would encourage this openness in all your activities. It will serve to make your life as you live it, happier. Does this answer your question?

Alan: Yes, thank you.


Barbara: LinEL, can you talk to more than one person at the same time, and do you ever got confused?

LinEL: To what are your referring?

Barbara: Well, I am referring to you speaking with us.

LinEL: And at the same time perhaps speaking with Mark?

Barbara: Right, can you speak with Mark and Thea at the same time or Marlene and Tom at the same time, or with Alan and Jeanette at the same time, or with all of us at the same time, or do you have a limit?

LinEL: I do have the capacity to split my attention. This is something that your animal brain cannot do to a certain extent. The female mind is more capable of splitting attention than the male.

Barbara: I was just going to suggest you forgot about mothers. (Laughter)

LinEL This is true. If you think about it, this is a good example as to why this trait has developed. I do have the capacity to speak to more than one person. However, I do have limits – my attention is still divided and therefore cannot be in its full intensity.

Teacher Contact

Dan: You suggested several times to just speak our thoughts as to the angels, or to you, speak to you during the week. Do you hear us even when you are not physically sort of, to speak, present, or should we just take the chances, hoping some of the time we will be heard some of the times, maybe get some psychological benefit in the process anyway?

LinEL: You are all somewhat linked to me. When you think of me or any of the teachers in your area we do hear you at all times. It is, as an example, an alarm goes off and we recognize that you require our attention. (Laughter)

Dan: Are you speaking or do you speak with us as if from some clearing house, at a distance, or when these meetings occur are you actually here, or if I am down where I live and speaking to you, are you there, or is it just an (?) sort of thing. (Laughter)

LinEL: Dan, this question has come up before and I sense now that I explained it inadequately. We do not see space in the same way that you do. When you are there, or you are here, you are still “here”. We are more near when all of you are gathered, and again I say that “here”, “near”, “far”, – “there” or “here” still does not do the concept justice of how our space relations work. It is nor unsimilar to your own, it is just different. It is on , as an example, different time schedules. I know this probably serves to confuse you more. My teaching staff is based centrally that we may access all of you more easily. We do share this, as you would put it, with other teaching staffs that are based in this valley. Again I stress that the idea of where we are is still not “here” nor “there”. If we are here with you, we are here with you. We are not somewhere else speaking to you remotely, although where we reside, our leisure time, is not here.

Dan: Speaking of this, I think you have spoken of not really being aware of the material world but through our experience. Is it fun for you for us to purposefully . .. to show you things, share with you our experiences? Are you able to do that?

LinEL: When you do this with us, it is sharing yourself, sharing yourself on the most basic level. To see the world through your eyes is to see how you view the world. We do experience your world on our own terms. However, it does not hold the meaning it does for us when we view through your own eyes. We see a tree. We may have something to compare it to through our own experiences. We look at it as perhaps a curiosity. We see its energies beyond the visible spectrum, so in that respect we see more of the tree than you do. However, to see the tree through your eyes is to put it into context in your own life and this gives it meaning for us because it is meaningful to you, and understanding that meaning, we come to understand you better. Does this serve to explain? Dan:

Thank you, LinEL

LinEL: It is useful for me to struggle with difficult concepts when language is a barrier. This serves to teach us also how to communicate better with you. When I ask “is there more, do you understand?”, I do truly ask for clarification – perhaps that you have understood, or if you require more information, or if I have simply misunderstood you. It is possible that I do this.

Delores: LinEL, if you could try to describe something for me. You said you can sense how we perceive our world, if we see the trees, do you see the trees the way we see the trees? What I have been wondering lately is how to receive things. It seems easier for people on this planet to give than to receive, and when it seems I cannot receive as well as I can give and it comes from a place like there is a dead end or feelings are blunted or it stops. So what is it like to receive something fully?

LinEL: An interesting question. You only know your world as you know it. You have no other experiences. We do have several other experiences with many other worlds. It is easier for us to view the tree through your eyes and understand the differences. It is difficult for you to receive this information the way we do, in the manner that you speak, but it is possible for you to attempt. I assume you speak of perhaps meeting another, a friend and attempting to understand their own world as they view it. Am I correct in this assumption?

Receptivity, Prayer

Delores: I am not sure. That is not what I was thinking specifically. I was thinking of being able to open my heart and receiving a gift or an appreciation for someone.

LinEL: I understand you question now.

Thea: This is difficult for more than one us, LinEL

LinEL: I do understand. It is difficult for the receiver also. To receive a gift, receive a compliment is to bring up for you each your feelings of inadequacy, feelings of insecurity. The gift is given in pure kindness to you. This often unfortunately triggers these feeling of inadequacy. You think, why did you give this to me, I am undeserving of it, you do not understand, how unworthy I am. What you can attempt to do is to for a moment try to see yourself through the others eyes. They give you this gift, they admire you. Try to understand who they see you as. This is a vicarious way to understand yourself better. You spend much time looking inward, trying to better understand yourselves. Sometimes you have no frame of reference, no parameter, you are who you are.

You do not have anything to compare to. Just for a moment, indulging yourself in the other’s perception will begin to give you the insights you need to be able to receive the gift better, to be able to receive a compliment better. Also I would suggest that when these feelings of inadequacy come up, when a gift is given to you that you do not feel deserving of, pass the credit on to the Father. Say to him, “Thank you for giving me talents and skills that this person sees in me”. In passing on this responsibility, it will allow you to make a better connection with the Father, but to also begin to understand the nature of thanks.

Delores: That was very well done for such a difficult question. So the denial that comes up is from the basic lack of self esteem, feelings of inadequacy and so the denial then can be turned into thanks, because it is from the Father, so that removes the self, sort of, from it and makes it flow there. What I was looking for some way to make some flow and get out of that dead-end.

LinEL: Yes. You will find that passing on the thanks is a temporary solution, one that will flow you into a more permanent solution, of feeling more adequate. The cycle is useful. Try to practice this. You will find your self esteem and your inadequate feelings will begin to slowly slip away. You will begin to feel that you are a part of a larger system, and that, as you say, “the dead end”, will open up.

Delores: Thank you, LinEL.

Thea: So LinEL, am I right in assuming as I listen to this discussion that this same feeling of inadequacy is one of the things that gets in the way for some of us to get in contact with the Father?

Since I see that contact with the Father is about the biggest gift I could receive and I do sometimes feel this?

LinEL: This is true. As you spoke of earlier, to reduce your prayers, your meditations to their most basic level, do not attempt to fool the Father [by trying to be more] adequate than you actually feel. This is not useful to you. You will find that as you come to him more honestly, you dispense with your troubles immediately. Pass them on. They are not yours; you cannot adequately fix them by mere will alone. It does require that you have union with the Father. Just as in passing along the thanks, pass along your inadequacies, pass along what you feel you cannot control.

Thea: So telling the Father, we are passing it along…

LinEL: Yes. It does not require much – simply an honest expression of how you feel. It does not even have to be phrased in an eloquent way.

Barbara: LinEL, what I am hearing you say is that we need to be self aware in ways that allow us to recognize our shortcomings, recognize negative emotions, recognize motivations that are less than pure and those kinds of things and accept them? So that we can give them to the Father?

LinEL: Yes. As we spoke of earlier, this being open allows you a greater opportunity to become aware. You cannot become so aware by mere will alone. It requires, once again a union, an exchange with the Father. As you are more capable of experiencing difficult situations, as you become more willing, opening to this it will come to your life, and if you ask for it you will expect it and you can receive it more readily. You can be more able to take advantage of the situation when it occurs. I know that all of you have experienced a random, challenging situation and have felt taken off guard by it. When you ask for these challenging situations, you ask for a specific test, you can be assured that you will get it.

Barbara: That reassures me a lot! (Laughter)

LinEL: But know that when you do ask for this specific situation and you are bracing yourself and preparing yourself to deal with it, you will have the help you need to overcome it. None of what you do you have to do alone. It is easier to learn from others. It is easier to accept the celestial hand that is extended to you.

Barbara: I have one other question that’s just a little off to the side of this topic and that is, there was a period of time when I felt a lot of anxiety about someone who is close to me and it would keep me from sleeping. I would often pray to the Father to take the negative energy that was interfering with my sleep, which I needed, and use that energy for some positive purpose. Is that a reasonable thing to ask?

LinEL: This is an excellent thing to ask. Whether or not it is a reality is not important. It is your realization that nothing in the universe happens by accident. That every cause can be turned into, can affect, the negative energy you spoke of, can be turned into positive energy. You are acknowledging this reality of change, you are praying for this change to occur, you are praying to understand how this change occurs and to do it better, by hoping this, by asking this. It may be posed in a simple way but your mind understands it on many levels, whether you verbalize it or not.

This is what I mean by stating your prayers in simple ways, ways that you feel comfortable with.

Dan: An A+ on you comments tonight!

LinEL: Thank you for your criticism! (Laughter)


Dan: Are there times you wish we had asked questions that we didn’t? If so, like what? (Laughter)

LinEL: I anticipate that all questions that are relevant to you will be asked in time. I do look forward to certain questions and am always glad when they are asked. These questions are often relevant to each of you personally. When you grasp a large concept, then begin to understand how it affects you personally, your own insight into it – these are the questions that I most look forward to answering. All of your questions are important to me, but these are personal revelations and I look forward to encouraging you in these. I will not, however, make a list of questions for you to ask. (Laughter) I have ultimate faith that you will continue to find questions to ask me.

Barbara: LinEL, if this evening had been a story with you as a character in it, and I were the editor critiquing that story, I would have written in the margin the author, this scene, the character LinEL seemed to step out of character. Somewhere in the story, you need to give us some motivation for that character to do such a thing. Would you like to comment on you motivations for stepping slightly out of character tonight? please don’t misunderstand; we do not mind.

LinEL: I know that this…I am not, as you say, stepping out of character. I am actually becoming more comfortable with this situation, as you become more comfortable with it. I give more of myself as you are willing to take it. I do have a capacity for much play. It is unfortunate at this time we are not allowed to play together. There will be a time, I promise, and it will be on here on this planet, that we can relax in more leisure time together.

Barbara: Was it playfulness that lead you to reveal to Terry the name of his teacher and to ask Pamela if she would like to ask a specific question? Is that playfulness? I am getting at motivation. I want to know why you did these things.

LinEL: In regard to my revealing Terry’s teacher’s name, I find this a case of mercy. (Laughter) I make no judgment or comment on your capabilities, Terry. I simply think that you have worked hard enough and a reward must follow.

Terry: Thank you!

LinEL:   To ask Pamela her question was to invite her participation as she felt that she could express herself fully, and I want to allow all of you to be able to express yourselves in whatever manner you feel comfortable. This format is a conglomeration of all your needs. I would see that this format will shift as your needs shift, as you become more comfortable with yourselves and you become more comfortable with me.

Barbara: Do you anticipate asking us more questions?

LinEL: I anticipate asking you many questions.

Dan: Like what? (Laughter)

LinEL: Dan, I would like to ask you a question (laughter) Do you feel that you have found a home yet? A place in this group?

Dan: I have always felt at home in this group. I have only fluctuated back and forth out of curiosity and because I have friends up north that I like to hear and I, at the beginning stages of this, was very interested to hear Ambrasia as well as you, and basically that is why I was doing it. But everyone here has made me feel very much at home.

LinEL: I’m glad you feel this way. I encourage you to seek out as many points of view as possible, but know that you are a welcome addition to this group. You add a dynamic to it by your presence.

Dan: When you asked me that last week, could you tell that was what I wanted to know?

LinEL: I know that you were seeking and perhaps a kind or directing word would help in you decision.

Dan: Thanks for that.

LinEL: You are welcome.


Alan: LinEL, a little bit ago, you said something about play, and I think from reading in the Urantia Book, in the morontia worlds we will divide our time fairly evenly between work and play, but on this world we tend to work an awful lot and not play very much. Partly, what can we do about this, but also, what does play do for us? What are some of the things we should try to do that maybe we do not do in terms of play?

LinEL: Playing re-energizes your soul. It re-energizes your creativity, your inspiration, your focus and purpose on the spiritual nature of your life. Without play, you become tired, you become unmotivated, and less willing to stretch. To suggest ways of playing better I would say that find first the things in your life that you do enjoy doing, allow you to laugh freely, to dance, whether in body or mind. When you find that you have time, you have a choice of doing perhaps menial tasks that could be done at a later time, or planning, take the opportunity to play. There is not enough of this on your world. Perhaps you can start a movement (laughter) It is true you work much on this planet. We look forward to helping your society with this. Part of the seeds of this starts here. Starts amongst you individually and as a group. Take satisfaction and joy that you spend much of your time here laughing. Even if you cannot laugh all week, come here and allow yourselves this pleasure. I hear someone expressing their joy (child laughing from other room)

Alan: Is there a benefit in play as a group activity as opposed to just an individual activity? It seems sometimes in terms of worship or spiritual connection that being in this group is helpful and maybe takes me to places that just being by myself I do not get to. Is this true with play?

LinEL: Focus on your own individual needs at first with this. It is a difficult area because of responsibilities you each have in your lives. As you develop it more helpfully in your own life, it will naturally become part of the group. Little effort needs to be put into making this a communal activity. It tends to happen on its own, spontaneously.


Dan: Not to reveal my own self-consciousness, but are we always observed?

LinEL: Observed is an invasive word, I realize. We do allow you as much privacy as we can, as you set limits to. It would surprise you that you each broadcast your own need in this privacy matter. When you request our presence we will be there. We do try to allow you as much private time as possible. We do, however, look in on you from time to time and share your thoughts when we are allowed. You can make this a habit of invitation if you wish, time that you wish us not to be around and times that you wish us to share in your thoughts. This is strictly up to you and how you wish to deal with it. We do respect you all, we respect your choices, your free will and most of all your privacy.

Terry: This includes your personal teacher, LinEL?

LinEL: You, by inviting a personal teacher into your life, have opened up more of yourself to them. You, as I said before, set limits with them perhaps in unspoken ways. We do not feel neglected if you do not speak to us daily. As with your earthly associates many days can go by without speaking to them, and no feelings are hurt. We have activities that we perform on our side as you on yours. We always enjoy the sharing time together but realize that his cannot always be.

Inner Life

Barbara: LinEL, Mark asked a question about communication with the Thought Adjuster earlier and I would like to follow up on that if I might. I recently have had a good deal of trouble getting back in the habit of seeking the silence and reading and speaking to you and to my own personal teacher, and I am not trying to feel as though that’s a bad things in particular because I have a lot of adjustments I am going through right now, but I do feel a very clear sense of presence about me in my daily life which I have not had prior to the Teaching Mission, and it is primarily in the form of small pieces of input of sometimes it’s a piece of knowledge that is just there even though there is not words to go with it.

Probably Mark and Thea know what I am talking about, and I always assumed it was Hocval (a celestial teacher), my personal teacher whispering in my ear. Sometimes it is encouragement, sometimes it is a little chiding, sometimes it’s, you know, different – appropriate to different situations, and it is always dead on target. Is that my teacher, or could that be partly communication with the Thought Adjuster, or is it sometimes you, or does it matter?!

LinEL: At this point in time, it does not matter. What matters is that you take encouragement from it and you feel companionship. As you progress in your time spent with each of the entities in your life, you will begin to make distinctions, and understand what each gives you in its own way, in their own way.

Barbara: I really appreciate the non-judgmental tone that comes through no matter who it is that is talking to me – very accepting and encouraging. The chiding is so mild that it is almost not a proper word for it. It always has to do with being to hard on myself. “Why do you do that to yourself” is a real common question. “Why are you doing this?” And it feels very much like a classroom I wish I had been in when I was a kid. You guys, teachers, are doing a good job!

LinEL: Thank you. I hope that you take a lesson from this kind treatment and try to pass it on to others. You yourself are being instructed to be a teacher like us. You will be more effective than we will in communicating with others. This is something that is part of the collaboration of this mission. We teach you so that you may teach others. If we treat you the way you deserve to be treated, perhaps you can understand and treat others in the same way.


I need to draw this meeting to a close. The time is getting late, I realize. I would like to leave you all with a thought that we can follow up on next week. I would like you to think of your greatest weakness and how this can be seen also as your greatest strength. All of you spend much time speaking of your weaknesses, however, within these weaknesses lies your greatest strength. I would be curious to hear you speak on this next week, and I can give you help with this if you get stuck. Know that the love of the Father is around you at all times. You just open yourself up to it and it will fill you. Know also we are with you and encourage you in every element of your life.
Farewell. I look forward to seeing you next week.

Group: Good-bye, LinEL

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