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CRV17- Fusion-Memory, Mansion Worlds

1993-02-26-Fusion-Memory, Mansion Worlds
Corvalis #17


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Expectations
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LinEl
o 2.2 TR: Mark, Thea Hardy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Stillness, Expectations
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Healing
 3.3.2 Groups
 3.3.3 Attention
 3.3.4 Growth, Inner Life
 3.3.5 Asceticism
 3.3.6 Fusion, Memory
 3.3.7 Energy
 3.3.8 Mansion Worlds
 3.3.9 Vision
 3.3.10 Healing, Stillness
 3.3.11 Violence
 3.3.12 Circuits, Communication
 3.3.13 Teacher Contact
 3.3.14 Self Realization, Agondonters
 3.3.15 Sharing
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Expectations
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: LinEl
TR: Mark, Thea Hardy


LinEL: Greetings. This is LinEL. I am your teacher. I am glad to be here amongst you tonight. I am glad to see new visiting faces. Please feel welcome and feel that you can participate as fully as you wish. I thought tonight it would be pleasant and interesting for all to discuss some on the quiet time. I know that all of you have been doing this for some time. There were initial questions as to the value of this quiet time and its purpose. I hope that many of you have begun to understand, and I would also like tonight to answer any questions or fears/concerns you may have about your reactions to this time. I would say that within each of you is an infinite possibility in this reaction, this interaction that you enter into when you commit to the Father in the quiet time.

Stillness, Expectations

LinEL:  I know that many of you go to this time with expectations at one level or another. This is natural. This is the way your minds operate when dealing with an unknown situation. This is not something that you were trained to do. I know that in your quiet times you have experienced many things. I would like to say that anything that you have experienced in this time is valuable, is worth considering. Do not shove it away as a mere mental noise. Do try to attain this quiet space. However, notice the type of static that comes up when you approach this time. Some of you have difficulty with the amount of time. Your mind begins to wander after a minute or so, perhaps even less.

I know this is difficult for you and often causes more disappointment than the situation merits. It is acceptable for you to reach for the Father throughout the day, for small grasps, small touches, small thoughts in his direction. This will serve in the same manner. It will also serve to begin to create a habit, a habit of reaching to the Father throughout your day in the midst of your lives, your busyness and your anxiety. I would suggest to some of you if you have trouble with disturbing images of perhaps violence, anxiety or unknown disturbing emotions, I would suggest to you to remember these feelings.

Attempt to stay within the quiet time frame and tell the Father how you feel about these things. I would also suggest to those of you who are having difficulty with this time, it is acceptable to create a safe place within your mind. Many mortals are of several minds. There is the mind that does not desire the contact with the Father, that desires the animal, more base pleasures, needs. There is the mind within you that does seek the Father. It may be necessary to create an environment within your mind, within your imagination, that is safe for you to go, safe from disruption.

I encourage you to create whatever space you feel that you could sit and talk with the Father. This could be a place by a lake, a room full of light, smells, whatever causes you to relax, whatever makes you feel that you are safe and at home. Any exercise that you can do to bring to this time is acceptable. For as I said, there is an infinite possibility in each of you to many ways of approaching this communion with the Father. There are no rules. The only rule, and I would say suggestion, is that you attempt to do this, whether you are successful or not. I have heard many of you say “Am I doing this right or wrong?” I would encourage you to look at that statement.

Ignore the right or wrong, and instead focus on the doing. The doing is the important part. It is not important whether you succeed or fail, just attempt to forgive yourself for these apparent failings and I assure you they are not failings if you attempt to do them. Those of you who hear music, who see images, colors, who perhaps feel a childlike presence within them, striving for this talk with the Father – allow yourself these images. Allow your mind to wander down these paths. It is not necessary for you to clear this out, to shove all away, and simply stare at blackness.

I encourage your to use whatever positive tools within you. Some of these may arise in this time and surprise you, but use them. They are yours. They are your creation. They are your unique expression of this space, of this time with the Father, allowing you to more comfortably communicate with him. You are laying the foundations, establishing a flavor for your special relationship with him.

I encourage any questions and comments at this time. Please feel free to share, and/ or ask anything about this process, anything that troubles you. We truly wish for this time to be special for you. We know that it is a struggle, and it is difficult, and we would like to help in any way possible to clear up any confusion, alleviate any fears.


Alan: I was just thinking from what you are saying, when I do quiet time, I often do it as something I “should” do, sort of like I am doing it for the Father, and some of what I hear you saying is that I need to work at getting to a place where I am doing it for myself – because that contact with the Father is such a positive thing that I want to do it.

LinEL: It is often difficult to immediately contact this desire within you, to do it for yourself. You have not received much encouragement for these selfish actions. If you do it for the Father, this is good enough. If the time that you put aside is perhaps, as you would think of it, a “gift” to him, then so be it. Many of you volunteer your time for other worthy causes. Volunteer ten minutes of your time to the cause of the Father. This would not at all be inappropriate if it allows you the freedom to do it.

Jewels: I would like to make sure I am understanding what you said about having the violent thoughts or pictures. A couple of times in my quiet time I had violent words. These words weren’t violent, but the way they were said was extremely violent, and I found it upsetting because I don’t even use those words in my everyday vocabulary, and the part that upset me I didn’t think that you guys would say those things, and yet I never said it, but I figured it had to be me. Now my understanding from what your lesson was is that this is my animal mind that is doing this, kicking up a little fight.

LinEL: Yes. This is a part of you – a part of you who did not receive the love and care that you so deserved. And please look at it as a part of you that you must turn to nurture and love because every part of you is important to the Father. This part is as you say kicking up a fight. Why wouldn’t that small Julie want to trust in this – want to trust in a father who turned against her, who was not there for her, and did not reach out to her when she cried. This is the part of you that you must love, that you, the adult, must show the way to the Father. Teach this small part of you the wonders and the love of the Father as you understand. In these times of violent word times try to maintain contact with the Father. Ride out this fury.

Let it subside, let it play itself out. It will not harm you if you keep in contact with the Father. Hold his hand and allow this rage to express itself. Draw strength, then after the silence, draw strength from the Father and feed it to this small child. Have I made myself clear in this? If you require any further explanation, please ask. This is a sensitive and private matter, I know. And I do not wish any misunderstanding. Jewels: Okay. Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you.

Thea: So one of the ways to heal those old wounds is to bring them to the Father’s love?

LinEL: The only way to heal these old wounds that you all carry, these deep wounds, is to fill them with the Father’s love, yes. I cannot stress this enough!


Doug: Could you talk about the collective consciousness and the difference between the personal quiet time and the group combined quiet time? Is there a different [[circuitry?

LinEL: It is not different circuitry, but it is reinforcement. It is a group sharing, as sharing a conversation, or connecting similar thoughts between two people. There is an excitement, an enhancement in this sharing. This is why this group quiet time is sometimes more effective for you all. I know through my contacts with you all that this quiet time together here is special to each of you in different ways. Does this serve to answer your questions? I do encourage this activity.

Doug: Yes. Thank you.

Pam: I appreciate this chance to talk about this because it’s something I’ve had trouble focusing on and making myself do, and I got this image of the Father standing at the door and knocking and am I going to just know that he’s there knocking, and not open the door? So that will help me to open the door more frequently.

LinEL: I am glad this happened.

David: You made a statement about “don’t worry about doing it right”, but just the fact that you’re doing it, I wondered, to be more successful in my quiet time if I needed to a part of my consciousness or unconsciousness that I don’t normally contact? Is that correct? Should I just deal with my consciousness and be satisfied with that?

LinEL: If you feel that this unconscious part of yourself is yearning to be expressed, or is there nudging you, then allow it to express itself. Allow yourself to explore this new part of yourself. If you do not feel this urging, then do not explore this. I assure you that it will come up in time, but now may not be it. It is much of the unexpressed part of you – your potential – and when it starts to require birth, please explore this. It will be enlightening and useful to you.

David: Besides the quiet time, is there anything else I can do to speed this little thing up?


LinEL: I would say this to you all. When going about your daily activities, when spending time at home in the evenings, try to be aware of those little interruptions that give you pleasure, that seem to have no purpose, no result, that simply give you pleasure. This may be a pleasing scene, a moment of pondering some mechanical device, (Laughter) . .. I have noticed one instance where a mortal caught himself stretching a rubber band back and forth and getting much pleasure from this . (Laughter) Notice these things. Make note of them. These are small parts of yourself, small parts of this consciousness. Things that give you small pleasures, things that you do not have to have results from. All of you have trouble with playing with, enjoying yourself it there is not result achieved. Look for the things that simply give you pleasure. Indulge yourself in these. This will be one of the keys to approaching this unconscious part of yourself, this inner potential. This is just one way, but a simple way, and it is enjoyable.

Growth, Inner Life

Cindy: What do you mean by “it’s a way to approach this inner potential”? I’m not sure I understand the connection between these enjoyable moments and our spiritual growth.

LinEL: You suppress so much of yourselves, so much of the children that you once were, the expressive, delightful young beings. As you grow, you put away these supposed unimportant things, these childish behaviors. In the process of putting these things away – and some of this is appropriate as you grow into adulthood – although other important things are put away, these are the things that as you begin to rediscover and reclaim these into your conscious personality, you will become the person you were meant to be. Does this make sense to you?

Cindy: Yes. I was personally reflecting that that childlikeness is something that I have always valued, and the playfulness. So it’s nice to hear that validated and that is important.

LinEL: Some of you may find this process of rediscovering your inner self far more painful than teething. (Moans and laughter) That is why I suggest you approach this inner discovery through playfulness. It is perhaps one of the least painful ways to find this. And also, ask the Father to show you, ask the Father for guidance.

David: Are there examples in the Urantia Book such as in Christ’s life where we may find what you are talking about?

LinEL: I cannot recommend a single passage. This is something that in your current state of social evolution is an easier concept to discuss now. It was not so discussed then. I would encourage you to read all of the Master’s life’s papers. There is much enlightenment, much enjoyment, much discovery in all of these.

Delores: I liked what you said about creating a space because just this week from Deep Space Nine, when Quark was trying to bribe Odo, and he said “Wouldn’t you like to” – he melts into a bucket at night – “sleep in a solid gold bucket?” And he thought about it. And I thought about gold and I looked at this wedding ring and it has a special light to it. You know, real gold is something really special, and I sort of created the place in my head where I tried to line my heart with gold where the Father could live, so he would have a bucket to go to that would be there. And what happened was then it became a symbol where different images and messages were coming to me about gold because I had done that and this sense of it, the sense of the lost childhood.

Today I was just crying my eyes out in my quiet time because I was thinking of the gold on the planet and the treasure. People hoard the treasure and the treasure of your lives, the things that are meaningful. I felt really sad because of all the things I had lost, and the meaningful things I had lost – friends and relationships and things – but it was like my Thought Adjuster said, “It’s okay because I have all your gold.” It was just really incredible the way the imagery kept reflecting up. It really helps to create and imagery. It’s almost a language that can reflect back on itself through time, right?

LinEL: Yes. You will find that these images that you create for yourselves, these images that are important to you, that hold special meaning, can be used by your inner Father fragment to communicate with you easier, more readily, through using images you create. It is a way for you to create a common language that you can both communicate in. I would add that when I fused with my Thought Adjuster, I reclaimed much of that lost treasure myself, and believe me, Delores, I assure you that none of it is lost! There was more there than I ever expected. You are all truly wealthy.

Thea: One struggle I had during the quiet time is the embarrassing difficulties that often come into my mind that now would be a good time to do the quiet time, and practically before the thought is fully formed, I think, well, I need to do this (other thing) first, or I can do it later, or a whole lot of other things, to put it off. And I have trouble with this. It’s really a struggle. I appreciate the image of the Father knocking on the door, because that will help, too. I suppose . .. I guess I’d like to hear what you have to say about that problem, but also to ask you if using these images can help with that, too.


LinEL: Part of the reason that you turn away from this space with the Father is that something you have an association with in this time that is unpleasant, that you have difficulty with. Try to think what this association is and examine it. Perhaps change your frame of mind, change your setting. Create a neutral space so that you do not feel that you are walking to him. Try to meet the Father halfway if you need to. I can tell you he will walk all the way to you if necessary. You need only be open. Part of this resistance that you feel is a fear of receiving the rewards of accepting the good things of this relationship. I find it interesting that in your culture the highest form of spiritual attainment is to go into a cold, uncomfortable place and punish yourself to attain this height of spiritualness.

You each carry this in your minds. It is a holdover from early puritanical] days – that spiritual matters contain no joy. “If you are receiving rewards, you are being lazy, that you do not deserve them. How can you hold this relationship with the Father in the same light as reward for yourself; you must approach him selflessly. ” All of these teachings are extremely destructive to this time that you try to forge with him – this true time, this true relationship. This is a struggle for all of you. This is a struggle for your world. You have not been taught that the Father is accepting and loving. Instead you have been taught that you must earn his love, that you must suffer for his love. You were all taught that Jesus died for you, he suffered for you. Even though you intellectually understand this to not be true, it still sets in your minds, it still is an overriding part of your culture.

You do not have to suffer for the Father’s love, but you need to come to an understanding of this, an understanding that you can accept all the good things that the Father has in store for you. This is difficult. This is not something that you will achieve an understanding of overnight. Part of the problem is that you do not know where you are going. You do not know what it feels like to be on the other side of this problem, so you must trust, be led blindly to your destination. You must trust the Father to lead you to this place, this place of joy and happiness. Thea: Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you for your question. Is there anything I can say to further clarify this point?

Fusion, Memory

Terry: I would like to go back to the wealth that you receive from your Adjuster when you fuse. I never thought of it as you expressed it. Do I get the impression that the things, or your experiences through your lifetime – the things that you have long forgotten – the Thought Adjuster retains those worthwhile acts or situations that have arisen and retains them, and reconfirms them upon you upon fusion. Is this what I am understanding?

LinEL: This is part of what I meant. The other part was the things you pass off, the things that you are not aware of, that you ignore because you are busy judging the action, you are busy looking forward to how you could possibly have done it better. These are the gems in your life that when you receive them in fusion you suddenly realize that you were doing it right.

Terry: Then we have a better life than we give ourselves credit for.

LinEL: In some ways, yes. You do have much to struggle against. It is not a judgment on my part that I say you miss these things. Considering your condition, it is amazing what you do notice. But no, even if you do not notice, there is one within you who notices, who praises, and remembers.


Jules: I have another question. It’s on a different note. Going to work last week I ran across a bad accident on the highway and it was very disturbing. I found I wanted to give the victim of this accident my energy, and so I asked to do so. But then I felt it wasn’t adequate just for the moment and I wanted to continue for this person and I gave permission for whomever to continue to take it. Is that a possibility or wishful thinking on my part.

LinEL: Know that it is quite acceptable to think this. I would like, however, to shift your thinking to the fact that you , as a channel for the Father’s love, can give off this energy yourself at all times, to all around you. The more you open yourself to the Father’s love, the more energy you are able to dispense. It is not something that can be taken from you. It is something that you radiate at all times. So rest at ease that you will not be sucked dry. There are others around you that radiate it to you also. This reservoir within you can never become too full, and it can never become empty.

Jewels: So you don’t have to consciously think about doing it?

LinEL: You have to consciously open yourself and accept this love that flows to you. It is possible for you to shut yourself off from this. So yes, there is a conscious decision that you make to open yourself to the Father’s love, to open yourself to the love that is projected to you from others.

Jewels: Okay, but this person was hurt. And the energies I wanted to give him was for healing. To help him heal. I don’t know why I say him, but…

LinEL: I think it is not possible for you to understand all the power this loving energy has, but yes, it does have this healing property you speak of. (Pause) If there is a need, this love can fill it.

Jewels: Okay, I guess I’m having a hard time comprehending how to channel it to that person. Just let it go? Just relax?

LinEL: Just let it go and relax.

Jewels: Chill. Okay. (Laughter)

LinEL: Simply be a channel. Pray for this person, that they can have the courage to overcome their suffering. Pray, perhaps, for those who love this person if indeed this person does pass on. That they have the strength, the courage, and the understanding. This is what you can do to help a specific victim. Prayer is an effective channel for this love, this energy. It is your conscious will shaping the effect that this love can have. Does this serve to illustrate better?

Jewels: I think I need to absorb. Yeah, a lot. Thank you.

LinEL: Please ask any more questions along this line. Anything you many wonder about I would be glad to answer.

Mansion Worlds

Dan1: In response to the question, I find myself talking about stuff I don’t know. It’s not unusual particularly . .. someone had the ideas that there’s not going to be a reward/ punishment sort of situation in the hereafter as we’ve been taught. I said, yeah, right. It’s not like you’re punished for your misdeeds. And she asked, well, then, what is the difference between what a good and bad person will be like in the next world? How are the experiences of these two people different?

LinEL: This is why there are seven mansion worlds. Those who perhaps did not have opportunities or take these opportunities for this goodness that you speak of, do have opportunities after their death on the mansion worlds. Their experience differs in the activities that they participate in. Perhaps a lesser experienced person would be learning all of the things that you perhaps now know. You would be learning different things, more advanced things, things that you personally have shortcomings in. Does this answer your question?

Dan1: Yes.

LinEL: I would like to pause for a moment and transfer to Thea.

 Break

LinEL: Greetings. I have again returned. I would like to open this discussion for questions of any sort from anyone. I would enjoy attempting to answer.


Julie: When we moved to Corvallis from Grants Pass, I was given an image through my quiet time. It was a person, standing still in darkness. There was a bright beam of light coming down through her head. I assume it’s a woman. And out of her in several different directions were different shades of beams of light coming out of her. And I felt like a great abundance of love through this, so I had felt it was different types of love. But now I understand that it was different types of energy out towards the people surrounding, so I want to thank you for further explaining what those beams were because they were different shades of color.

LinEL: Julie, you have given an example of what this personal imagery means. It is important for all of you to find these ways to experience these images in your minds as a part of your personal expression and understanding. We are each unique and individual parts of the Supreme. And when all of our images, one eon, come together, we are able thus to actualize. This is a pursuit of your own personal contribution in eternity. I encourage all of you to use these positive images which bring you closer to the Father and closer to your brothers and sisters in any way that seems appropriate. Do not hesitate to experiment and find what feels good. Remember the Spirit of Truth will always tell you if you listen in your heart, whether this path is indeed true. I appreciate your sharing with us.

Julie: I’m sorry to get so emotional with this.

LinEL: Julie, there is never a reason to apologize for this. Your giving of your emotion is part of the gift which you have shared with us. We would encourage all of you to learn, although it is difficult, due to how you were taught, to fully express your feelings to each other. This is part of the true family coming together that we seek to encourage you in. Therefore, rather than apologizing, the group can thank you for your gift.

Healing, Stillness

Janet. I was going to talk about tears at quiet time. And this has happened to me a fair amount and I was going to assume that it happens to other people.

LinEL: Yes, you will find that there are many in this room who have experienced this. This is (phone rings) . .. I will wait.These tears are something you experience on this world somewhat differently than on other worlds that have not been so torn by rebellion. As you may have noticed, they are often a mixture of both joy and pain. This is sometimes puzzling, confusing, even embarrassing., because it seems that connection with the Father should be joyous and not so tinged with sorrow. However, remember that when you make this contact with the Father’s love, you are healing for many past griefs. And this grieving process is a part. In time, the tears that you shed at this time will not be so tinged with grief. Understand that this is a gift of healing happening to you. Do any of you have specific questions that you are interested in asking about this?

Delores: This morning around five I just actually went “waaa!” I just had to even speak it because it was so intense, and it felt like a chemical change, and it felt like an emotional resolution. And I could drive away and tears were still coming down my face, but I felt much better than before, but I didn’t have any idea why. It didn’t make sense.

LinEL: This is, as I said, part of the deep healing process this quiet time can bring you, and also something that we hope to foster through this Teaching Mission. When these reservoirs are opened and cleaned out, this leaves more room for the Father’s love to fill. There is truly no way to empty these reservoirs in preparation for the Father’s love except through your willingness to grieve and to wash clean those pains and places. As you accomplish this process, you will find in yourself that “feeling better” that you speak of, Delores. That opening which allows the Father’s love to fill you more fully.

There will be many disturbing feelings in the process of this cleansing because you are indeed going through living the morontia life on your planet and this means refining, which means this cleansing process must continue. One of the reasons that we seek to have you together in family groups is so that you can learn to share these griefs with each other and give each other that loving and family support of a kind that would have been common were you raised on a world not torn by rebellion. You are progressing, all of you, and although it may sometimes be painful, I promise you there will be tremendous joy. I am proud of all of you for your struggles.


Janet: I have a question about Bosnia and all the mess that’s going on over there, and it’s kind of occurred to me so much of the trouble started around there that it may be appropriate that if there’s a trouble spot on the world, this would be it. In the resolution of the conflicts there, I’m sure it will help the world, but to me, there is more of a connection to the rebellion and what is happening there. A cohesive question?

LinEL: I understand what you are saying. I understand your perception of this in your heart. Truly, everywhere on this planet where there is longtime brother against brother, where there is this kind of conflict, where people are living in hatred and attempting destruction, all of this is truly partly fueled by the aftermath of the rebellion. It is simply that there are certain spots on this planet which you hold in your heart which become more strongly a symbol. There is nothing wrong with perceiving in this manner. But it is true that everywhere in the world where there is fighting, and there are many other places, right at this time, where this goes on, all of this is in much part an aftermath of the rebellion. These are things which we hope you will see undergo profound changes in your lifetime. If you have more specifics, please ask.

Circuits, Communication

Delores: In our lifetime is good! We like that. We can look forward to things like the wall falling down, and peace-making, global thinking.

LinEL: I think truly, Delores, you will be astonished over the next few years. Even now, if you look, you will see in many places, major changes in attitudes happening. The opening of the circuits allows every human being on your planet to receive more benefit, and this is truly beginning to transform mankind. You will begin to see more and more. We are ourselves excited, watching the unfoldment process.

Katie: I have a slightly more mundane question. As I am sure you’re aware, I’ve been contacting/ communicating with my personal teacher.

LinEL: Yes, I’m aware.

Katie: One question that I have is that it seems like a lot of the time that I’m getting answers from you. Is this an accurate perception?

LinEL: Yes, this is accurate. This is actually very common when we initially contact you. You will often hear the words “we”. This is because we generally try to initiate contact as a team. And many have found my voice louder. You have indeed been receiving me. I have indeed been talking with you and I have enjoyed it very much. I appreciate your efforts.

Katie: And can you confirm the name of my personal teacher?

LinEL: I can. Your personal teacher’s name is, as you have struggled with, David.

Katie: Thank you.

LinEL: That question, however, is not mundane.

Katie: Okay. It’s not quite so global; let’s put it that way. (Laughter)

Jewels: I have a question. When just thinking, not necessarily a quiet time, when your eyes are open, say in the car, I’m thinking about different people. When I think of you, I seem to feel you in one spot of my head, versus Abigail in another spot. Each person is in a different spot. Is that true?

LinEL: This is an individual reaction, and it does vary, but this is something you will hear other persons describe. Sometimes this has to do with the precise way in which we utilize your mind circuits. People’s perceptions of this vary. Some are able to identify this, and some are not. It’s perhaps not fundamentally important to your spiritual development, but it is, however, interesting.

Jewels: I am not hearing any voices, though, other than my own.

LinEL: Perhaps you are not yet aware that some of the voices you perceive as your own are other voices.

Jewels: I was hoping.

LinEL: This is one of the most difficult parts of the process. All of you have at some time or another expected something more dramatic, more pronounced, more apparently “other” in the initial stages. This takes a tremendous amount of faith and commitment to accept the fact that what appears to be your thought, albeit oddly phrased perhaps, or stated, is indeed communication with you. I understand the difficulty that you go through in this process for I have been with many of you in your struggles. Please be patient with yourselves. The amount of time that it takes you to receive this understanding has absolutely nothing to do with your spiritual development or your worth.

This is largely a matter of a variety of factors including the physical changes that we must make, and many other things enter into this. You must understand, this has nothing to do whatsoever with your worth. I know it is terribly difficult for human beings not to feel that they must compare themselves in this kind of process, but I would ask you please to attempt not to do this, and to encourage each other and talk with each other about your experiences with this which will help you to understand sooner what is actually going on. I’m not sure this answers your question about the car, Julie.

Jewels: Well, I remember I heard one “we” and I did get semi-excited.

LinEL: You must remember it is somewhat unusual for you to address yourself as “we”.

Jewels: Yah, I understand that. And that’s why I was getting a little excited, and trying to be calm, too. I find it hard accepting the Teaching Mission and everything, and the personal teachers – that I have to start from the ground up, that this voice just doesn’t come in and start singing to me or whatever, that I have to go through the thoughts.

LinEL: I know that this is difficult and frustrating for all of you, however, you will come to a point where you will recognize the tremendous benefit of this struggle because you will have made many, many faith choices in the process. And nothing can take that away from you. It is understandable that you would want this to be clear to you so that you can move ahead, as it seems, but believe me, this is best. We have discussed many times how this would be accomplished. And although I know it’s frustrating, you will come to treasure these times when you struggled so hard, and felt that it would never happen.

Jewels: Our baby steps.

LinEL: They are baby steps, yes. And all must do this. There is indeed no way to get to the top of the ladder without climbing each rung.

Jewels: So does this mean that you are there at the front left?

LinEL: I do not know whether I could tell you I am exactly there at the front part. What I will tell you, Julie, is that I am there. And you are perceiving me.

Jewels: Okay. Thank you.

Terry: LinEL, can you tell me why Ham accepted the address from his students as Father Ham?

LinEL: Yes, Terry, I can tell you this. In the initial stages of the mission things were understandably very delicate. There was no desire to alarm or to be less than gracious, or to do anything which would distress those who perceived us with reverence. Although this may not be appropriate as you understand it now, at the time it did not appear to be a major problem. And so far, this has not been a major issue in this mission. If there comes a time it is, you can be certain we will address this.

Terry: Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you for your question.

Teacher Contact

Alan: Does doing the quiet time help in preparing ourselves to make contact with you, or are there special things that we should do to contact you separate from that?

LinEL: Alan, I would like to ask you if you would be willing to attempt to answer your own question. You know I am going to do this to more than one in the future. However, do not feel obliged.

I’m simply asking if you are willing.

Alan: I know for myself that I’ve had to, say, ask questions, to get in touch with the teacher. And I’ve had to do some specific things to make that contact. I don’t really know whether the quiet time helps me do that or not. It may very well make me more open to that. Just to a great degree, it was a willingness on my part to take the time and ask questions and sort of let whatever came, come.

LinEL: Thank you for being willing to share this, Alan. I did not want to put you on the spot, but I am anxious that all of you begin to share what your experiences are with this. You know that very early you began doing the quiet time. And yes, this does indeed help with your reception of a teacher. It helps in your reception of any spiritual influence including that of your angels, and all of the influences that come to bear. You also have chosen to attempt a variety of other things. I would say to all of you, a useful way to initiate this contact is to simply talk as though we are here. In time, perhaps you will find that we are. I say this because at first it’s rather like talking to a wall which does not appear to answer. However, if you ask questions, many times you are more apt to receive initial short answers than some other modes of communication.

I would encourage any of you to try to write, and ask questions in your writing, and see if any responses seem to come to mind. If you do this, try to simply write what comes to your mind, even if you feel that it is your own thoughts. In time, you will be able to look at it and see where your content is, and where there is influence from beyond. This is an individual process as some of you have found.

For some it is easier to speak into a tape recorder, for others to write with a pen, for others to utilize a computer. It really does not matter as long as you persist in trying, if this is something that you truly desire. Know however, that the most important thing is to seek the Father. This is more important than anything to do with us teachers. And if you were to do nothing else in this process, we would be content. And in the end, likely our mission would be fulfilled. Therefore, your quiet time, when you come to the Father and share your inner self with him, thereby opening yourself to love your brothers and sisters – this is the most fundamental thing. And as you do this it will open you to all and any influences that can help you in your spiritual life.

Alan: Something that that brings up for me is at times I’ve had trouble – it’s like, I’ve got a Thought Adjuster, and there’s the Father, and there’s Michael and angels, teachers, Melchizedeks, Midwayers, and there’s a lot of different people to talk to out there – and I’ve had trouble sometimes felling like I needed to address… sort of, I spent too much time with this person, or this one, or what you just said, it sounds like I basically need to talk to the Father. But I know that talking to my teacher is something I need to do. I mean, I can’t just talk to the Father and get a message from my teacher. Usually I address the teacher and I get an answer.

LinEL: When I said to you earlier that you need not worry if you are doing it right or wrong, simply if you are doing it, this is another place to apply this. Truly, as long as you are seeking [[the Father,]] the rest will not matter. I would encourage you to seek those persons in addition to the Father with whom you feel you have the most contact in a spiritual sense, and foster those relationships, adding to that as time progresses. You will find that we are prompting you in ways that will help you to choose if you can let go of the feelings of concern and worry about who you should talk to next. Part of the problem truly is this feeling of somehow not doing all that you need to, or doing it wrong. If you relax, you will find yourself more easily guided by your Thought Adjuster into the paths that you are to take.

Alan: Thanks. So it comes down to, in a sense, instead of trying to do it all myself, letting God help.

LinEL: The Father’s will is a gentle stream. The Father’s will is something beautiful, not something that you need fight for in quite the way that you do. It is like arms into which you can relax. It is like sunlight when it is cold, shining upon you. Truly when you learn this feeling of the Father’s will, so much freedom will come to you in your choice. I urge you all to relax in the Father’s arms as you choose his will. His will is not a whip. His will is a comfort and a joy. I wish I had words in your language with which to explain this further.

Delores; Thank you , LinEL. It’s like an allegiance sort of thing, though, and…

LinEL: You could call it the ultimate patriotism.

Delores: So I couldn’t talk to my teacher until I had done my quiet time. That always was precedent. Then I read in the Daniel papers the teachers are there to assist us with seeking the Father. And that was a real freeing idea, because maybe the teachers, all of us have teachers, so our teachers are there helping us whether we can talk to them or not, right?

LinEL: This is true, yes.

Delores: So in what ways could they help us do that, especially if we’re not communicating with them.

LinEL: One of the things which we are able to do is, in assistance with your angels, help to put into your minds those nudges. This is in no way against your free will choice, for you must still choose whether to follow those urges or not. We can help your angels and other spiritual influences in urging you to seek the Father. Perhaps it is easiest to explain by saying to seek to do that which works, and trust the Spirit of Truth within you. If you do this, you will [find] the way. And I would urge you all to talk about these things together, not waiting for our sessions together, but discuss these things together with each other – the struggles that you have, the joys the successes, the fears, the doubts, all of this – because as you do this, you will all grow stronger from each others’ knowledge, and you will all grow closer, and you will all grow! This is truly an exciting adventure. We are enjoying watching you in the process and being part of it, and looking forward to our increased communication.

Delores: Are you growing?

LinEL: I should hope that we are. I know for myself, this experience has been unparalleled thus far in my universe career. I feel deeply honored and blessed to be here to be servant to you. This is an honor beyond anything I can explain.

Self Realization, Agondonters

Don: LinEL, you have, or your realm has, revealed yourself as our teachers. Are we in any particular way also your teachers? In other words, does your relationship with us enhance perhaps your own efforts towards more and higher self realization?

LinEL: Yes, you have indeed said this truly. It is truly incredible what we have learned from you. One of the things which is so astonishing is the amount of faith you can have as agondonters on a world where things have seemed so dark. Every single time we watch you, we are awed by the courage that you show in your lives. You have taught us things about what it means to be mortals struggling up, that those of us who were raised in light and life could never have understood without this experience. Truly, you are our teachers as we are yours. And as you will also be to others on your planet. Part of the entire purpose of the ascension scheme is to teach and learn, always, from each other. Yes, you have understood this. Yes! Thank you for your question.

Dan#2: Do the teachers ever gather to compare notes, to kind of judge how best to proceed, or just to gather to talk with each other about things that are going on?

LinEL: To be quite honest, most of the time, we are gathered. We do indeed do this. We do this both as a larger group, but almost continually in your WIllamette Valley area we are actually sharing the same – what you would call – headquarters. And we do continually do this, yes. We are in this respect teaching each other as we learn. And it is extremely rewarding. However, understand, when we discuss you, we do not do this in the form of gossip as you understand it. We do this to understand you, to love you better, to serve you better, to help you better. And we do not judge you. This is for the Father. Besides, we are also ascending mortals, except for some of our superiors, and we understand, even if we have not lived on a planet such as yours, what it is like to come up through the ranks. We enjoy this contact. In fact, it would be truly impossible for us to do our job, were it not for this contact. Do you have any more specifics about that that you would care to ask?


Dan#2: What can we do that would teach you more of what you’d like to know?

LinEL: Open your hearts as fully as possible to sharing – to sharing with each other and to sharing with us – because this allows us to see your true selves in action together, and this is from what we can learn the most.

Dan#2: Oh.

Delores: [You have to be brave enough] to do that, LinEL:

LinEL: It does take courage. I realize this. And please understand, we do not expect some sort of miraculous instant results from this. Nevertheless, if you can try in the tiniest of ways for one moment at one time, this is still an opening. This is still a beginning. All of these things come together.

Alan: When I was growing up, when I did something wrong, I’d try to hide it, you know, instead of saying, “Oh, yeah, I screwed up, I did it.” ’cause then I’d get punished. So it’s like I learned to hide things. And certainly in groups, I don’t come out and say, “Oh, yeah, I did this and that bad things”, because I have a feeling that people would dislike me, and yet, it really seems from what I’m learning that I certainly have to share that stuff with God, and it also actually does help to say it in groups. It’s like, if I keep it all hidden inside, then it messes me up, and when I can get it out, I have cleaned something out. How does that work?

LinEL: It works as you have just said. When you are willing to reveal to others parts of yourself that are unlovable, you are enlarging the picture on yourself, just as the example in the Urantia Book about the snarling savage with the saber-toothed tiger in front and the wife and children behind.(100:4.5) When you are willing to reveal yourself in this manner, you are allowing your fellows an opportunity for them to enlarge the picture on you, and to learn to love you. This is difficult because some of them will not… some of them will take what you have given and use it instead to reject you. This is unfortunate. However, you must try as much as possible to realize that this act is yours, truly, and it is an act in the truth, and the consequences are the Father’s.

And if there are those who reject you for this, then place that in the Father’s hands and seek only to move forward doing the truth. Every one of you who is willing to do this adds to your group strength, and your personal strength. Every one of you who is willing to look at another who has shared this, and to try to enlarge the picture and love, is thereby adding. I know this is difficult because so many of your were indeed punished for revealing yourselves. Nevertheless, this is part of what the mansion world programs are about, and what you are now participating in.

Delores: Can you talk a little more about enlarging the picture for somebody else? Because sometimes people can say things about their life that are actually embarrassing, or so emotional that I don’t know how to handle it, or except by maybe just accepting it, is there some advice you can give on how to…

LinEL: There is sometimes a fine line between appropriateness and revealing things in a manner to actually push a person away. This is difficult. This entire subject is difficult. Actually, I would enjoy doing a teaching specifically on the subject as some future date if this would be of interest.

Delores: What would you call it?

LinEL: I would call it . .. Enlarging the Picture. There is a problem here because sometimes the discomfort with which you perceive another’s revelation of self is because of unresolved fears and feelings of your own. And you must always ask yourself, “Am I uncomfortable with what this person is showing me of themselves because I myself have things with which I must deal? Or is it truly because this person is inappropriate?” Remember, regardless, this person is a child of the Father’s and if they cannot reveal themselves in a way that is perfectly appropriate, nonetheless, they have given you information with which to seek to understand and love them. I know this is difficult, and there are many decisions you must make in your own minds about this. Bur I would still ask you to persist. Does this help? Perhaps you can think of more specific questions and this can be discussed in more depth, because it is a difficult subject.

Delores: I guess I wanted – I don’t know if nurturing is the right word – or to nurture somebody and say, “I’m sorry your life was like that,” or “I understand it must have been painful,” I mean, there must be some phrases or some things that can help somebody deal with a past situation that they’re explaining. I don’t know. It seems to happen to me a lot. I go into the Father time and I come out like a sponge and I’m all wet. And everybody comes around (unclear) and then I get really grouchy and mean, and I have to go back into the quiet time to kind of heal, you know . .. and so . .. people bring their pain to me?

LinEL: This, once again, is a situation where there is a fine line, and I will indeed give some instruction on this in the future because this is a common problem on your world. There is a difference between offering comfort and extending energies which are not truly helpful.

Delores: Like I said Jesus never pities anyone, right?

LinEL: It think if you read that passage, you will discover “seldom” but yes, this is true. There is quite an art and technique in the ability of empathizing with others without fostering their dependence on you. And to encourage them to solve their own problems. I can not possibly address this in this short time, but I do indeed understand your circumstance. And I believe this would be very valuable for us to go into in more depth at a future time because it is indeed a common problem. There are many of you in this room who have problems knowing in your hearts about this situation.

Delores: Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you for your question, because this is extremely important, especially as you seek to minister to your brothers and sisters. Thea is growing tired. I would like to ask if there is a final question or two, and then we will close for the evening.

Marlene: I’d like to thank you for being here tonight, and for Thea and Mark’s hard work.

LinEL: Thank you for your appreciation. I’m sure both receivers indeed appreciate it as well. We appreciate the opportunity, Marlene and Terry, to carry on these meetings in your gracious home, and thank you for the loyalty and dedication that you show to this mission.

Dan#1: Incidentally, LinEL, someone mentioned introductions. Do you know our visitors from the South – Ron, Pam, Robin and Frances?

LinEL: Yes, I do. You must understand that we do have ways of keeping track of people who have interest in this mission, and those who do not. It matters not. Particularly if they have been readers of the Urantia book, you can be relatively assured that we do know of them, yes. We are pleased to have had them visit with us tonight.


If there are no more questions, I will close. Remember the love of the Father, truly surrounds you, the love of the Father dwells within your very heart, the love of the Father heals you, gives you strength, gives you courage. There is nowhere you can be that the love of the Father is not. Michael is also aware of your struggles here. You will hear from him soon. Know that we are constantly trying, in every way possible, to help you. Please continue to seek the Father, and also seek out each other, and share in love and friendship. I look forward to our next meeting. Thank you for this opportunity. Farewell.

Group: Goodnight.

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