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CRV18- Moving To New Understanding

1993-03-15-Moving To New Understanding
Corvalis #18


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Moving to New Understanding
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LinEl
o 2.2 TR: Mark
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Inner Life
 3.2.2 Discovery, Process
 3.2.3 Sharing
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Moving to New Understanding
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: LinEl
TR: Mark


LinEL: Greetings, friends. This is LinEL. It touches my heart to hear your stories, hear your hearts, the hearts that I know. It is a great gift that you give to each other It also brings a joyful tear to my eye to see the gathering of angels in the room tonight. It shouldn’t surprise me; they share your lives so intimately, share so much of your struggles, cause many of your struggles (chuckles), and when you turn your pains into the realization of growth, this is the greatest compliment that you can pay them. They come for the praise, perhaps, the recognition that their work is well done.

I am glad that you are all becoming more aware of our presences, glad for you for what it is bringing to your lives. You each are finding your own way, your own place of being, your own loving acceptance/way to the Father.

Inner Life

LinEL:  When there is no one else, when you stand alone, when you pass on from this life, there is a moment that seems an eternity, and in this moment, you know it is just you and the Father, together – your relationship, your time spent, your way of being is there before you, and you know, suddenly, what your way is. I encourage you, all of you, in your quiet times, in your explorations of yourselves, your thoughts, your mind, your hearts, to find the part of you that is uniquely you, your channel, your frequency, your color. Find this place, become familiar with it, stand in it. This is the space that you can go to in your quiet time that is beyond description to another, but it seems so familiar to you.

Let this familiarity seep to the rest of your body, to your mind, to your actions, to your words, your speech patterns. Allow it to grow from within to without, affecting everything you touch. In essence, let yourselves grow; feed your souls. Touch the Father. Allow the love that passes between you to launch you into a wonderful space that is so familiar, yet unknown, exciting, sometimes frightening, but always you have that companionship, that familiarity. The bond that exists in that space between you and the Father is the bond that will seem familiar to you forever.

As you describe to each other the places that you go spiritually, there’s a point at which you all recognize the process. You laugh, you nod. It seems familiar to each of you. But then you move into another area, an area beyond that which you share with each other, and you enter into a private space that makes much sense to you, but you are unable to describe it, you have no words, you build metaphors to describe it, yet it doesn’t quite come as you see it, come as you feel it. It goes beyond feeling and thinking into existing. This is the place that is the building ground between you, your human mortal you, and your Thought Adjuster. This is the place where you can both come to build the house that you will live in.

The time you spend in this place becoming more familiar with it will add so much to your life now, will seem so familiar in your next life. You will stretch into this new place, into this new house, into this new mind, slowly in this lifetime, and then suddenly make a leap into it in the next, and it will seem very familiar. It will be your outer body. Those whom you attempted to describe it to will see it and see you, see you for who you really are. This is the place that we glimpse in you when we speak to you of your potential, when we love you so unconditionally.

When we shake our heads with perplexity with why you struggle so over small matters, it is because we see this place in you. This is the place your angels nudge you to. This is the place the doors open to, the doors that open in your minds in those moments of realization. When you move to a new understanding, what happens is that you find yet another entrance into this area, you see it from a different perspective, you have more tools suddenly to go there and to build a more efficient, a more effective, a more loving house. This is the place where you can talk and meet with your Thought Adjuster. This is the place where the love of the Father always is. This is a place where you can meet us, to see us, to talk with us clearly face-to-face.

Discovery, Process

All of you are finding this, are discovering it for the first time, some of you for the second time, some of you for the third time. Each time seems like the first. You will never get tired of going here, of exploring what this place can become. It is not just who you will become, it is in essence the shape of your relationship with the Father, your unique contribution to the whole, to the Supreme, to the universe. It is your concept, your unique voice, your single note that the universe has been waiting for to complete the song. The excitement that you feel being a part of all of this, finding all of what is ahead of you, all of what you have found so far, this excitement encourages us, encourages you, sends a message to every being that is able to watch what happens here, sends a message of hope, of faith, of love, and of completion. I know that it seems as though you take baby steps.

You cannot quite realize what this process is that you go through because you are in the middle of it, but know that the fragment within you records every moment of this, every significant moment, and you’ll be able to look back and appreciate all that you actually did, be able to see the large pits, the empty holes that you stepped over with courage – you didn’t even look down, you didn’t even know that it was there, yet you stepped over it because your eyes were focused on what was ahead, your hearts were filled with the love that carried you over these holes. It truly inspires us to watch this, this miracle unfold.

It is one that we ourselves experienced, but watching it is like that first time all over again. Keep talking to each other, keep talking to us. Your sponges can never become full (chuckles). Open yourself as often as you can to this love that pours into you. Once you’ve tasted this, once you know that it can be yours, simply with an effort, a thought, you can never go back, you can never find that place that seemed so alone and so despairing. You’ll never find that place again, because now you know, now you see.


No matter what happens to you, no matter what struggles or turmoil you undergo, that taste of the love will always be in your souls, can never be taken away. You yourself cannot stop the growth at this time. You’ve committed yourselves too far (chuckles). When you fear that you will look into yourselves and find nothing, find despair, continue to look – look just beyond this fear, and you will see what truly awaits for you, what stands with its arms open. It is yours. Find your relationships with your teachers that stand in this room as we speak, stand near you, stand by you – their wards, and their future companions. You teach them much and they have much to teach you. I would like you soon in the future, soon, tomorrow if you are able, to speak to your teacher, to share what you learn with others. What you share with this personal teacher is uniquely you, and to then turn around and be able to share and teach others of this, is this gift that I spoke of earlier, this gift of sharing yourselves.

I encourage the sharing time that you just participated in. It gives every one a chance to listen. Perhaps this is almost as important as you speaking. I hope that you hunger, you strive for what can happen. The potential is unlimited, is unbounded for what you can do together. Do it here first, do it here among friends, do it here among people who are willing to listen, who are willing to learn from you, then carry it out into your lives. I thank you for taking the opportunity, for making the opportunity for yourself to be here, to find a place, your place, wherever you are, really, to try to find your place there, even in the midst of turmoil, in the midst of chaos – find your place. I cannot offer enough encouragement, enough love!

I simply cannot offer it all, all that is there! I could tell you all the moments that the teaching staff has spent with you, the moments in your lives, the decisions you’ve made, the turns you’ve taken that have meant so much to us, that have touched us, that have shown your strengths – even in the moments that you are weak, you hold onto that light, even if it’s dim, you hold on to it.

I hope my words have served to enlighten, to encourage, to show you that we understand, that we care, that we are by you, no matter what, in your moments of strength and in your moments of doubt, because we can see this place within you and we know. We know that you will make the right choices, that you will find what you seek. You all touch me deeply. I want to thank you for your companionship. Instead of taking any questions/ answers, I think unless there are any pressing comments, I would like to leave you to yourselves for this evening, to let you forge some of your own way.


Delores: LinEL, I guess all I would say is to ask you to pass on for us all the gratitude that we have for our angels and for the helpers and all the wonderful things they do for us that we don’t even know, and the ones that we do, and how grateful we are for that!

LinEL: Delores, I could not do your thanks justice. I leave it to you to tell them; they hear you. They are nearby. They are here. Your words are appreciated and your thanks are heard.


I bid all of you farewell. And welcome you, welcome you to wondrous change! Goodnight to you all.

Group: Thank you, LinEl. Goodnight, LinEl.

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