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CRV20- Telepathy, Morontia, Universe Broadcasts

1993-03-29-Telepathy, Morontia, Universe Broadcasts
Corvalis #20


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Teaching Processes
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LinEl
o 2.2 TR: Mark
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Communication, Experiment, Teacher Contact, Pedagogy
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Telepathy, Morontia
 3.3.2 Mansion Worlds
 3.3.3 Prayer, Universe Broadcasts
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Teaching Processes
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: LinEl
TR: Mark


LinEL: Greetings, this is LinEL. I am glad that you have all come tonight. I’m glad to hear your sharing. I encourage you to continue in this as much as possible. If you do not always get to me, allow me to speak, this is fine. It is more important that you speak among yourselves sometimes. What I have to say is often not as important as your sharing together.

I have been talking with Welmek and we have decided to introduce some of each other’s teaching methods into our respective groups. I am amused by this because we each stand so adamantly in our own methods and the need for us to try each others’ methods has amused us both, brought us closer together. I would like to attempt to describe a difficult subject tonight on the actual connections and channels that you each are building and maintaining with the universe, with the teaching staff, with the Father and with each other. This is difficult because we do not have words, and you have limited concepts to describe this, but I will try.

Communication, Experiment, Teacher Contact, Pedagogy

LinEL:  You know of your connection with the Father and the beings that are required to make this connection happen. Within your morontial selves, there is something very much like a muscle that allows you to regulate the energy around you so that you may transmit to other beings. In your current state of development, with some help from us and other beings, you are able to receive – receive messages from us, messages from Michael – you are able to receive your own Thought Adjusters more clearly because of our help in the development of this “muscle”. This is a very bad word and I’m sorry for it. As you grow and are more able to discern the energies that are around you, similar energies that are used in prayer, you will be able to communicate with each other very much like you communicate with us. You will be able to wake me up at three in the morning (Laughter) instead of it being a one-sided situation.

In other groups, there has been experimentation with contacting other systems, other planets. These contacts have been “assisted”. There are beings that act as translator/ boosters so that you may transmit to other planets, to speak with other beings, and that they may speak with you. They may have the capabilities to transmit to you, but what you may be receiving would make no sense to you. Therefore there are energy manipulation beings that act as translators. We use some of these beings in our work here, although we have been granted more access to channels in contacts with you and do not require as much help as contact off this planet would require.

As group teachers, and this subject has come up before, I am able to utilize each of your developing tubes/ channels/ strings that you are exercising by contacting your teachers. The more you attempt to contact your personal teachers, me, anyone on the teaching staff, the stronger your “tube” becomes. The stronger this tube becomes, the easier it is for you to receive us. At these meetings, when I transmit to you all, I am imparting information at several levels. You have noticed that during these meetings you feel a bit odd, overwhelmed, and you are not able to think as clearly here as you are when you walk out the door. You have many times commented on not being able to remember all the questions that you were going to ask and wondering why your minds are faulty here. It is because you are receiving information at all levels available and your systems, your input systems are occupied, overwhelmed perhaps.

We do this for many reasons. As you have come to know, we cannot introduce to you concepts that you are not willing to receive or are (un)familiar with. This communication at subconscious levels prepares your mind and body, your consciousness, for receiving new ideas. We imprint an outline of a concept on you. When the concept comes up, when your teacher gives it to you, when you hear it, read it, or experience it here, you have the vague impression that you heard it before. It seems almost familiar to you. This is why your teacher contact, your personal teacher contacts are sporadic.

We can only give you as much as you are ready to take. Julie, with your visualizations, you were ready for perhaps three in a row. The lesson that you were ready to accept, and your mind was fertile for, was given to you. Now you are being prepared for your next lesson. This may take a day, this may take a week. So you see, it is not often your own fault, your laziness as you perceive it, as to why you are not receiving more messages, more teachings. It is simply part of the process, part of the process that we must go through with you.

We are more than willing to chat with you, to reassure you that our presences are still there, to encourage you, but when you wonder “when will I get the next piece of information, am I being lazy, do I not really want it?” I would suggest that you put these judgments of yourself aside. This is part of our teaching process, and it was pointed out to me that this would be an important piece of information to share to you, to perhaps relieve some of your tensions.

Telepathy, Morontia

Julie: You’ve been over at my house lately! (Laughter) Thank you, LinEL. That has helped a lot.

LinEL: You’re welcome. I hoped that it would, for many of you. The connection that you have with the Father, I . … am able to somewhat tap into, to have access to, in these group settings. It allows me a better contact with you during these sessions to be aware of thoughts and impressions that each of you are having so that I can temper my lessons, add details when necessary, allow your personal teachers to minister to you on non-verbal, non-mental levels. It gives us information to teach you better. Group teachers act as a “node”, a center, a focus. It is as if your personal teachers have handed me your connection. I can hold all of them and send each of you what you need at subconscious levels, and to some degree verbal levels. This is why I am not often so worried about the verbal process.

Small misunderstandings, or factual problems that often occur. They will be corrected if need be, but the real thorough teaching occurs at a different level, perhaps our next meeting I would verbally describe something that I would attempt to impart to you subconsciously through the week. Next week you would think, “Hmmm, Ah!, I recognize that and I understand it and it dawns on me that this is important.” Recognition rings in your minds.

The reason I bring up Welmek’s tactics, techniques, is that he is more willing to impart this kind of detail. It allows your minds something to grasp, something to turn over and to feel that you are a participant in this process. Considering the way many of the groups have been changing throughout the country, we have attempted to keep up with these changes, to curb problems, to swap information. I hope that this will not be a disappointment to you; I’m sure it would not. I have heard many times that you want more on the detail level. It is my own personal preference/ style to draw you more into the faith, the spirituality, the process, not focusing on details so much, but I understand about balance and am willing to take suggestions from my friends on how I may teach better. He, however, is giving his group more process-oriented teachings, making them take bigger faith leaps, exploring their own processes without giving them frameworks to hang on. Is there any question about this topic. I know that it is sparse and somewhat confusing, so I would be more than happy to clarify anything possible.

Delores: As a vision person – when you talk about “tubes”?

LinEL: Yes. Delores: I see . . things that grow under the water, some kind of sea-urchin that’s hollow inside, or do you mean like a picture-tube or a radio-tube or…

LinEL: Like under-sea urchin tube, yes. You’ve described this well.

Delores: Does that come out of our hearts or our brains or what? (Laughter)

LinEL: It comes from the place that you go in your quiet time where you are most open and receptive, it comes from this area, your staging area.


Delores: It’s almost like an antenna, putting up an antenna or something for better reception?

LinEL: More a wire, from one place to another.

Thea: Someone once said golden threads.

LinEL: Yes. This would be accurate. You create these between yourselves, too. The question of group dynamics has come up. As you create these connections between each other, you are more able to intuitively understand each other. This is not simply familiarity, it is this communication connection that you are making with each other. When you are more able to manipulate these energies that I spoke of and become senders, you will be able to recognize each others’ “addresses” , be able to communicate with each other, to send messages and receive, very much like you do with us.

This is something that we have projected, hoped for, that would occur later in this mission. There are some experiments occurring now, some successful, some not so successful. They are being performed with teacher-intermediaries acting as boosters. As an example, Delores, you would give me a message, I would then transmit through another receiver in another group and relay your message to another person. This is how it is being experimented with now, to see if the human mind will allow this unfamiliar concept to pass through it.

Delores: Well, what about . .. do you know anything about Catherine at work saying she had a message she had received for me. She knows nothing about the teacher mission, you know? And she came to me and gave me a message. Were you involved in that?

LinEL: No, I was not involved in that. There are . ..

Delores: Is that what you mean, though? A message of…

LinEL: This is . .. a rudimentary form of what I speak of. Our projection is for actual mental communication between each of you.

Delores: ESP or telepathy or something?

LinEL: Of sorts. Later stages in the mission, this will be necessary. We cannot always rely on transcripts, telephone and time.

Group: Hmm, hmmm. Interesting. Hmm.

Delores: But the human brain is the questionable factor here?

LinEL: It is a matter of maturing. As I have said before, you are in the process of becoming your morontial selves. In this becoming, this maturing, there will be growth occurring within you that will help in these processes to come.

Delores: So you said that every time we reach out to our teacher then we’re strengthening that muscle/ wire and so that’s how we can get it is just by doing that?

LinEL: Yes, even simply by speaking with them out of habit, if you do not hear anything back, although I think all of you are past that point now, you all hear something back. Each time you reach out and make that connection, even to discuss your car, your finances, your gardening, even in this you are exercising, you are crawling, walking, attempting to use your morontial dexterity/ “muscle”/ “hand-eye coordination” in this way.

Barbara: I have two questions. One, then in the little sort of telepathic communication between humans, is there some sort of mechanism for insuring privacy in terms of what you want to transmit, what you want to receive?

LinEL: The connection, very much like we have with all of you, is private, is a connection with just you. The connection that you would make with another, is the connection that you have with that person. The bond, the love that you share enhances this connection. It is a spiritual connection, not a mechanical one.

Thea: Is this why people sometimes know of something happening to someone close to them, when they’re not present?

LinEL: Yes. There is, in moments of extreme duress, the exercising of this muscle involuntarily. Your angels assist in boosting this communication process. There are other beings, many other beings that are present on this planet at this time that are assisting in communications. Translating and boosting.

Mansion Worlds

Barbara: I would like to go back to the question I asked before because I don’t think I expressed it well because the answer wasn’t directed at what I meant. If I were at the point of non-verbal communication, say to Thea, and I wanted to send a message to her, is there some sort of mechanism by which it’s insured that the message I want sent is the message that will go, not, you know, some leaking garbage in my hind-brain about, you know, who knows what?

LinEL: I understand. There are… yes, there are processes which you do not quite understand at this time about your own mind that you will come to understand and this will be more clear. Your…

Doug: And it’s a part of the intermediary, also…

LinEL: Yes. The translator. The information may be received, but the way that you said it may not be accurate, very much like what we say to you is perceived through your own minds, through your own experiences, through your own images. They are meaningful to you, so when you wish to send a message to another, it would arrive in their minds in the shape of their mind, their consciousness, their experience. This is a phenomena that is explored on the mansion worlds and is extremely fascinating – this perception of reality – it is discussed somewhat here on your planet in philosophies, cloaked in the phrase “What is truth if we all perceive reality differently?” It is fascinating to study perceptions of the same truth.

Thea: So, on the mansion worlds after we presumably get to a certain stage of development, we can communicate with others in this manner, is this correct?

LinEL: Yes, with assistance.

Thea: Does that ability become enhanced as we progress?

LinEL: Yes.

Thea: So we can keep in touch with each other!

LinEL: Yes! This is… when I speak of this connection that you make, that you make between yourselves, this is part of the connection that even when you move on to other worlds, take on other bodies, you recognize each other because of this connection.

Doug: Is that what happens on a planet in Light and Life? Do they have that type of communication?

LinEL: It is available, yes. Not used frivolously, but available.

Doug: Then there’s still vocal communication on the mansion worlds?

LinEL: The challenge of expressing yourself verbally, the individual expression is always necessary. The mental communication is perceived by your mind. It is not truly heard as the expression of another – the difference between information and expression.

Barbara: You spoke of some cognitive dizziness and difficulties that we might be experiencing here. I’m obviously experiencing some . .. I can’t find the word that I want… Is there a residual effect after we leave? Currently?

LinEL: It is as you have sometimes experienced reading a large text in one sitting – you feel drained, exhausted, not so willing to return to that quickly. It is very much like this. You have absorbed as much as you can for the next day. This is why the day following a meeting, some of you feel . .. not as inspired as you would have wished. Tired, unthoughtful, sometimes even unspiritual. Your mechanisms, your animal mechanisms, and some of your spiritual mechanisms have been thoroughly used. Your muscles are sore!

Thea: LinEL, can you explain what this means in spiritual terms? In terms of our connection with the Father and with loving each other… is this what lets us let his love through, or . ..

LinEL: The cleaner the connections you make , the more thoroughly does the love flow. The connection that you have with the Father – the more you open yourself to it, the more you strengthen that “tube”, the more love flows through, the more energy you have available, the more you can strengthen other connections. This sounds somewhat mechanical, but it is a perfect blend of spirituality and universal mechanics, which is the same thing – LOVE.

Doug: How can I use the love to send a message to Welmek’s group when I don’t know any of those people?

LinEL: It is when your love is flowing from you purely. You have experienced these moments; all of you have. You feel larger than yourself, you feel invincible, you feel that you could reach out, understand and love anyone, no matter what their condition. I know that these moments have been fleeting, but do you recognize in this moment that possibility?

Doug: I do.

LinEL: And, as I said before, this is done with assistance, with some planning. It is something that we would hope to use infrequently, but use.

Delores: Why?

LinEL: The drain on your systems, the amount of personnel that it takes to administrate this system – these are some reasons. We would not wish you to over-extend yourselves for something that you do only to . .. experience a thrill. (Chuckles)

Prayer, Universe Broadcasts

Thea: Is there a relationship to how these circuits function and prayer?

LinEL: Yes. As I said before, prayer is your assured connection, one that is enhanced for you, very much like I spoke of the connection you have with the Father. There is supplied connection, one that you come with (laughter) that allows you this prayer privilege. This is always strong, does not require your maintenance. As you strengthen your connections with your teachers, with the

Father, with each other, you will come into an awareness of the universal broadcasts. They will be available to you in the future… soon.

Thea: Soon?! (laughter)

Delores: The four-letter word!

LinEL: My “soon”.

Thea: Your “soon”, yes.

LinEL: If there are no other questions, and I know there are, but, we need to bring the meeting to a close…

Thea: One really quick one?

LinEL: One quick one.

Thea: So what we did tonight when we were sharing together – that makes these connections?

LinEL: Yes. This is why we encourage it – not simply for you each to feel good, although that is nice. It is a spiritual exercise. It is stretching your baby legs.

Thea: Thank you.


LinEL: I’m glad that this was easy to explain. I’m sure that there will be more questions and I only brushed the surface of what this communication network, this connection amongst each other, this connection with the Father really, truly means. I can only do it a small justice. Seek your teachers. Seek these connections. Find your own way. Look to us for encouragement. I will speak with you soon . . your soon! Remember that the love of the Father is with you always. Goodnight.

Group: Goodnight, LinEL. Thank you!

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