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CRV23- Rituals

Corvalis #23


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Rituals
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LinEl
o 2.2 TR: Mark
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Materialization, Circuits
 3.2.2 Guardian Angels, Perspective
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Personality, Acceptance
 3.3.2 Ritual, Light
 3.3.3 Understanding
 3.3.4 Self
 3.3.5 Fusion, Growth
 3.3.6 Circuits, Agondonters
 3.3.7 Indigo Children
 3.3.8 Self Evaluation
 3.3.9 Prediction
 3.3.10 Truth
 3.3.11 Intuition
 3.3.12 Transmitting
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Rituals
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: LinEl
TR: Mark


LinEL: Greetings, friends, this is LinEL. It’s nice to see you all tonight. It’s nice to sometimes talk to a smaller group. The intimacy/ focus is always much higher. Although, I enjoy every one of you who are also absent.

Materialization, Circuits

One thing I would like to say this evening about Saturday’s events is that we were present, we enjoyed the proceedings very much aside from – and I even hesitate to say – a slightly embarrassing display of ritual.[1] All went well and there was much fellowship. One thing that I would like to impart to you is the idea of living this mission, living the ideals that we teach, living your personality, your lives. There is no secret combination of ritual or gesture or a specific pattern that you mind could hit upon that would make success for you immediate. This is a process of living your lives, simply living. Talking with each other. Going to work. Going for walks. Watching TV. All the things that you do in your life that are your lives. These are the important things to . .. be in these moments, these mundane moments, as much as you can. Enjoy them.

The grand, exciting moments do come, but they are events that are looked forward to, but when they are over, you are left with your lives, which we all would hope that you become happy and satisfied with, fulfilled with. Saturday’s events consisted more of joy on our side, for it is true that connections were made with the circuitry that will allow much more to occur. Your planet was registered in Light and Life. This sounds perhaps more glorious than it is, and I do not take away from this because it is a glorious and exciting event. It means that you have the basis, the potential for pursuing Light and Life now. We have nailed down all the loose boards and you now have a firm platform to grow as a planet, grow as a people, grow as a world society. This means many things, and it will become more apparent as time goes on, this . .. these connections that were made. Some of you have commented on communication being easier, visualizations being easier, more frequent contact with your teachers, with Michael, with your Adjusters, with yourselves… this is all a by-product, a reflection of these connections being made. The tools are there now for your use. Explore them. See what you can yield. These are exciting times. Perhaps even more exciting than had the Melchizedeks actually appeared, although I know many of you were disappointed. But what did occur is as monumental as their appearance will be. (expressions of group emotion during this message)

Guardian Angels, Perspective

I would like to share with you an image from the eyes of the angels that work with you. Each of you as you grow, as you rejoice, as you live, emits a beam of joy and of love that shoots from you to the heavens. As this planet is viewed from space it is a single white ball of light, all the single points, all the love radiating from your lives, shooting towards the Father and his love moving back to you – this endless exchange, this flowing back and forth – in their eyes, this planet is a center of light, glowing, emanating in space. You all move through your lives and see so much darkness that it is difficult sometimes to see the light that is in your life. Focus on what you have, not what you lack. All of you take for granted the comforts that you achieve, the moments of relaxation. I think that this is why so many of you mortals experience hesitancy and uncertainty about the mission. The release that has come from your involvement in it – you almost distrust this relief because you didn’t have to work hard for it, you didn’t have to suffer for it. This is your natural state, the natural state that will grow more natural as you move through the universe.

You do not have to work for this, it is yours. It is the gift that the Father gave you – your self. There is nothing more natural to you than this self. And the way that this self expresses itself . .. picture all the strands of reality. Your personality wrapping around it in its unique way, creating the creativity of your own lives. When you speak of living your life fully and how creative that can be, you move into a certain understanding that is so fundamental to the natural relaxation that is yours. Perhaps questions on this subject would be appropriate. I am having some difficulty expressing it. Do you need clarification on any of these points?

Personality, Acceptance

Delores: Well, LinEL, when you talk about our lives wrapping around, I was thinking of Walt Disney’s Jack in the Beanstalk, and he has that beanstalk grow in fast motion and it’s so beautiful because all the tendrils come out and wrap on and move and flow and wrap around and hang on and it was a really beautiful caressing and binding sort of thing. Is that what you’re talking about, I mean is it around God’s love that we’re doing this? I mean, how do we… what do we shape our lives around?

LinEL: There are many realities that come / pass through your day. These are realities that you all share. If you did not have personality to interact with these realities, you all would truly experience them in the same way. These realities – and I paint them as a strand – your personality wraps around the strand of reality and makes it uniquely yours, makes a unique experience. The structure of the universe in its reality is the same if you look at objectively without personality. When you add personality, you add the unique pattern that is yours, interacting with the structure of the universe.

Delores: I can understand what you’re saying because of my birthday card I got today at work, and what each person wrote to me on my birthday card was like how they saw me, or some little thing that I had shared with each of those persons. And so it made each little thing special because it was my language for each of those people.

LinEL: Yes. And now do you see perhaps a glimpse of how the Father views you all? It is in the same way.

Thea: LinEL, forgive me for this question, but what is the subject? I’m trying to…

LinEL: The subject, which has gotten lost in so many of my picture-paintings, is acceptance of your own lives. Acceptance of your own experiences, the validity of each of your perceptions, the validity of the way that you each uniquely experience this mission, the way that you each uniquely experience the Father, and the way that you each uniquely interact with Michael and with us. That even though you each share so much with each other, there is a part of you that cannot be shared, but I ask you not to compare it to each other. It is your unique gift. It should not be held up for comparison, to make even. You may see colors, you may see sounds, you may hear vibrations, you may feel energy (LinEL gestures towards different group members.) All of you will experience these day to day interactions with the universe, with the Father, with this new circuitry, with this new brotherhood that has come into focus – each of you will experience it in a completely unique way. This is the message that I wish you to hear.

Thea: How does that relate to last Saturday? I mean, I can imagine some ways, but I’m just curious what you say about that.

Ritual, Light

LinEL: That a single event should not be focused on so much because of the miraculous events that occur in each of your lives every day. I ask you to focus on these events. And to also inform you that there is nothing that any one of you can do to change or affect the time-line that this mission must take. Saturday we saw in the ritual that was performed, confusion. It was not perplexing for us because the experience that this planet has had with spiritual matters has been distorted to the point of occult experiences. This is the pattern that your mind moves to first, that you may gain access to these wonders by a series of words, motions, thinking the right thought at the right time. I want you each to know that you are all thinking and living the right thing at the right time for each of you. Does this help to clarify?

Thea: I think I know what the subject is.

Barbara: LinEL, I have to admit to some skepticism about some of what you said, and the reason for that is what I see around me – when you talk about our planet being registered in Light and Life, and when you talk about our planet being a place of light emanating from all around it – we see so much that is so negative. Places where there are wars being fought, people burning themselves up in cultish activities here in our own country, bombings, terrorism, . .. I understand that being registered in light and life probably means that we still have thousands of years to go before we attain anything truly enlightened.

LinEL: Yes.

Barbara: But the notion of the light, the points of light, . .. oh, forgive me that reminds me of president Bush (group laughter) Boy, I sure am sorry. I have some trouble with that, I guess, because I know so many people that are struggling to be more enlightened and to show the light and it’s hard for those of us who even want to do it. And I see so many people, and know so many people, and recognize them on.. you know, on the news in terms of around the world and what is happening and it makes it hard to see our planet as one that emanates light.

LinEL: Yet, if you were to walk into the middle of those battle fields, walk up to a single person, look at them in the eyes, you would not be able to not love them. Because you understand their suffering, you understand that they are a valuable soul in a body of suffering. Try to look to this potential rather than the current reality. The current reality will pass just as it will pass for all of you. It is holding onto this tiny – and in some it is tiny, but it is a light – it is what keeps all of you moving day to day, looking, hoping, having faith. So, even though we are on a world of suffering, of torment, of so much blackness, you must look for that small patch of light in each person, in each situation. If you do not detect one, bring yours to it.

Group: Um. Um-hum.

LinEL: As yours grows you can spread it around. And you do when you speak of this day to day experience that you have that you see as so mundane. Think of the stability that you are getting from this. Some go year to year, have one small glimmer of what you see daily. This does and will affect your life for a long time to come and you will grow slowly and you will have light to pass around. In fact, we count on this, for this is the way that your world will be turned.

Doug: Do the teachers see individual Thought Adjusters as light?

LinEL: Yes. Thea: I was just thinking, we’re in the Friends’ Meeting House, and they speak of the light and I’ve often thought of that as the Adjusters and that makes sense to me in terms of what you said about the adjusters, even if not part of my part of it.

LinEL: All the parts of you that are touched by your Adjuster, that interact with the Father – think of every one of those cells turning to light, your body slowly being consumed by light. This is the change. This is the way. It seems so slow, it seems so insignificant, yet you look back and you think, “how did I get here so quickly?” Once you develop a taste for this, you cannot go back.

Thea: And so part of sharing all this love is like kindling the light in each other stronger.

LinEL: Yes. You can literally infect your brothers with love. Even though they may turn away from you, you have planted a seed. When we speak of these seeds it is more literal than you think.

Doug: In recognizing a Thought Adjuster and its light, you also recognize the potential, do you not?

LinEL: The potential in all of you, yes. This is why we have so much hope. We can see these lights, we can see your bodies, your souls being consumed and we have great hope.

Thea: So you want us to learn to try to see it in each other.

LinEL: Yes. Barbara: I think I heard that somewhere.

Thea: Yeah.

Doug: Is there possibly a mota distinction between accepting self-love and allowing self-love?

LinEL: For all intents and purposes, no. One will follow the other. They are so closely attached. There is a fine line between an intellectual understanding and an emotional acceptance. Whichever one you choose to start with, be assured your Thought Adjuster will follow up on this quickly to bring you to balance.

Barbara: Your “quickly”? (Group laughter)

Thea: Soon? Soon?

LinEL: Your “quickly”.

Barbara: The reason I said that is of course because for those of us who know how to think, and I think that includes everybody in the room, sometimes it’s really difficult to step over that line between an intellectual understanding and an emotional reality.

LinEL: Whichever one you choose to start with – and I know that most of you are comfortable with the intellectual understanding – pray for the emotional understanding! These are the prayers that are answered rapidly. If you wish to take this step forward, you recognize the deficiency in yourself. You perhaps even see it, you see where it lays but you cannot get to it. Bridges will be built for you quickly.

Barbara: I think maybe that’s the major difference I’ve seen here in this last few days is that I have been more in touch emotionally, and silly me, I didn’t even think that maybe that was part of this whole thing. (Group laughter) Because of course it didn’t have anything to do with words in my head, you know – and whatever weird stuff I’ve come to associate with this Teaching Mission that has really nothing much to do with it at all. (Group chuckles)

Thea: This whole mission sure is a process of learning to identify things that we’re not used to.

LinEL: Yes, learning to accept. Group: Yeah. Um-hmm.

Thea: Recognize!

LinEL: Many of you are quite good at identifying them, but accepting them is the difficult part. (Noises of group agreement)

Delores: What exactly does that entail? Do you have to understand something to accept it? Do you have to emotionally identify with it to accept it? Do you have to embrace it to accept it? How do you accept something?

LinEL: That’s a good question, Delores.

Doug: That’s where allowance comes in.

Delores: Where what?

Doug: Allowance can enter.

LinEL: You all, in your natural states – the natural state I speak of is the one that you are mostly in, one of agitation – (group chuckles) allow change to occur within you, I should say tolerate change to occur within you. There is a buffer zone that your higher self tries to maintain that allows your lower self to come into familiarity with this new reality. It is a balancing game that you play within yourself. It is within your spiritual mechanism to allow these changes to become familiar within your agitated state, so that you can come to understand them, then accept them. So the change can occur; the understanding can come later. So much change is in you now that you have not begun to realize. This is why you feel so emotionally unstable now so often. This state will occur for some time to come, although you will learn to make more peace with it as you begin to see the rhythms and to understand how the changes are affected. But as a direct answer to your question, you do not need to understand or accept to have the changes come.

Thea: What happens if you don’t accept?

LinEL: There is an acceptance that you have given at a level that most of you are unaware of. This acceptance, the one . .. the trust that you have given your Thought Adjuster, this is what I speak of. This is the allowance that you have given him to work within the agitation that you set up. So to not accept a change immediately is very much like a temper tantrum, like a child telling a parent that they no longer love them. These moments are looked over in love and patience for the understanding to come. Does this make more sense.

Delores: Your words: allowance, trust, change. It’s like the gold heart again, it’s like money . .. I was thinking of a pocket… all of our lives are change, so we have a lot of spare change going on, and we’re rich!

LinEL: You have an abundance of change.

Delores: We have an abundance of change and we’re rich.

Thea: We run around asking you teachers for more spare change!

LinEL: We will give you all the change you can take.

Thea: I noticed.

Delores: But why?

LinEL: Because we love you.

Delores: That’s a parent’s answer, LinEL.


Barbara: LinEL, before you asked for questions, you were saying something. I got confused and I wonder if you could clarify. You were talking about part of us that can’t be known by others.

LinEL: Yes.

Barbara: And then, in the next sentence you spoke about not comparing that part, but if you can’t see the others’ unknown, how can you compare your unknown to the others.

LinEL: It cannot be known to others. You cannot properly express it. It is the self that you are so aware of, yet are so unaware of. It is your potential that we spoke of. As you come into existence, you begin to weave an intricate pattern that is uniquely yours. As your Thought Adjuster comes into your life, his layer envelopes that pattern. He begins to mimic it, become familiar with it, all of its intricacies. He is the only one who knows you, who truly knows you in this capacity. This pattern that you weave is reflected in many of your actions, many of your speech patterns, in your very being, yet you cannot quantify or qualify it for yourself, yet you are intimately aware of it. This is the self that you feel sometimes so insecure with, that you think, when you were younger, if I did not exist, would I still be me? This is a child’s beginning understanding of self, recognizing the pattern that develops within them. This pattern that I speak of is the self that you cannot describe, yet . .. and I do not describe this very well, and I apologize. Each of you still is aware of it and is able to hold it up for comparison. Why cannot I be more like so and so. Why did I do this? Why did I do that? Why am I so stupid?

Barbara: So what you’re saying is that what we’re comparing are two sets of unreality?

Thea: Apples and oranges.

LinEL: Yes. Apples and oranges.

Thea: LinEL, I’m thinking. As we develop into more pure spirits, does this individual part become more visible to each other… what I’m thinking of – I’m extrapolating all the way to the Supreme, wondering whether when we finally get to the Supreme we will actually be able to see each other.

LinEL: Yes.

Thea: Whoa!

Fusion, Growth

LinEL: When you fuse with your Thought Adjuster, your inner self becomes your outer self. You become natural, balanced and harmonious with this pattern. This does not mean that change and challenge are not longer a factor, it just means that you have earned a description for yourself.

Group: Hmm. Um-hmm.

Barbara: So what we can see of each other and what we perceive in some ways consciously about ourselves, it really isn’t real?

LinEL: I would weigh more on what you perceive of each other, what you intuit.

Barbara: Perceive, yes.

LinEL: This is more true than what you know about each other.

Group: Hmm. Um-hmm.

Thea: Gut reaction.

Doug: It’s all real scaffolding.

LinEL: Yes. (Group chuckles)

Delores: So what if we change something though. Something that makes “me” yesterday and I changed it or forgave it or accepted it or undid it or something. That changes? Does the pattern change?

LinEL: The pattern becomes… Never use the word “lose” in a process of growth. It all is an addition, embellishment, elaboration. Your pattern simply becomes more. As you forgive – as you say, “lose” – you actually clear more of a pathway for this pattern to develop, for you to become more who you are, for this pattern to come slightly closer to the surface. You remove the blockages that are between this pattern and your Thought Adjuster so that he can encourage the growth.

Barbara: When we work on things that we want to change about ourselves, either behavior or an attitude or a way of doing things, or perceiving, is it appropriate to, in the process of doing that, give that piece to our Thought Adjuster to use for something else?

LinEL: Most appropriate. This is a piece of your perception, of your process, but it is….

Barbara: It takes energy to do that!

LinEL… it is giving over, it is trusting, it is focusing in on something that you feel is valuable about yourself. Allowing your Thought Adjuster to work with you , you are handing over the reins so to speak.

Barbara: I was thinking it takes so much energy sometimes to hang onto a negative piece or an unhealthy, unwholesome piece, and…

LinEL: The more reality you embrace, the harder it will be to hold on to these negatives. This process of change that you speak of, this process of becoming more alight, simply does not allow the room that was currently available for negative thoughts.

Barbara: Just like on a computer disk!

LinEL: Yes. (Group chuckles) You can literally shove out…

Thea: Sounds kind of like a teflon coating that builds up – this beautiful shimmering teflon thing that it just doesn’t stick to anymore. Kind of . .. oh, bye!

LinEL: And this coating does not wear off. (Group laughter)

Thea: I’m feeling some changes because I’m getting lots of images tonight. I wish I could put them into words, but . .. You’re talking about this almost filter, this almost-pattern that’s shaped like our individual selves and some of the things about that, it’s like I can see it.

LinEL: There are times when I rely more on the non-verbal portions of my teachings to carry the message than the verbal. There is simply no way to describe what I mean.

Doug: How is Welmek and his group doing trying to adapt some of your techniques.

LinEL: They have found the process interesting and frustrating. They have had many liberties with their curiosity and he has indulged them to the point which I would consider spoiled (group laughter).

Delores: So they’re having temper tantrums.

LinEL: They are experiencing change. (Group laughter)

Barbara: How are you feeling about adapting some of Welmek’s techniques?

LinEL: I am perhaps more comfortable with his techniques following mine. I require more work on your part and I consider information that is more detailed and more advanced a reward for this work.

Thea: Yeah, I see how it would go easier this way than the other.

Barbara: So it’s easier to loosen up than it is to batten down the hatches.

LinEL: And he has not battened down that many hatches. (Loud group laughter)

Delores: You can tell him hello for us.

Thea: Yeah, tell him we love him anyway.

LinEL: Your love is felt.

Thea: It’s really interesting, LinEL. I just really feel you sitting here tonight in a way that’s a lot clearer.

Circuits, Agondonters

LinEL: Much will be possible with the connections that were made. Your planet is complete in its connections. A foundation was laid so that more can grow from it. Before, there was much work for . .. there were many beings on this planet bridging many gaps that were in the developing circuitry. Much repair has had to be made from the rebellion effects from this planet. The circuitry was distorted and improperly used, and was therefore not made available to you in the way that it would naturally grow and develop on other planets. The accelerated efforts are a way of perhaps making up for [what] you did not have.

Doug: Is the Adamic default included in the Lucifer adjudication?

LinEL: Those matters were taken care of at an earlier time.

Doug: The isolation and quarantine were both rectified?

LinEL: Yes.

Doug: Thank you.

LinEL: Our presence here was the first opening, the first . .. the grand opening of your planet.

Delores: So the days of the Agondonters is over?

LinEL: Over but not forgotten. There are new challenges and new names for you. Your struggles, your sacrifices have not been forgotten.

Delores: What’s a new name?

LinEL: I’m not allowed to tell you at this time. It will be revealed and will mean more to you at a later date.

Delores: I have to earn it; never mind!

Thea: You mean we’re not agondonters?

Delores: Yeah, we are. There won’t be any more though, because there’s not the darkness that there was.

Thea: Oh, afterwards, yes.

LinEL: Yes. Barbara: Oh, good. I was just getting used to the idea that I was going to be an Agondonter for rest of my life.

Delores: You are! Thea: I worked for that! I don’t want to give it up!

Delores: But I’m glad! I see change in people all over and it’s just beautiful! It’s wonderful what’s happening!

Indigo Children

LinEL: The changes in future generations that are born to this planet will be phenomenal. You will all have to learn to be exceptionally good parents. You will have extremely aware children. I do not think that you will be disappointed with this change , and I can say for a fact that these new generations will leave you behind on this planet.

Thea: That’s as it should be.

LinEL: Yes.

Barbara: Does that include children who are currently conceived but not yet born.

LinEL: The exact time is always hard to put a finger on, but yes, the children who are being conceived and being born even at this time will be affected.

Barbara: We have one coming along soon, you know.

Thea: When is the cutoff date… no, never mind! (Group laughter) Never mind!

Delores: So it’s like the song… the children will be the teachers… “teach your parents well” ?

LinEL: Yes. Delores: We should listen to them.

LinEL: There will be more said.

Thea: What a refreshing change.

Delores: Will there be a child present? No.

Self Evaluation

Doug: LinEL, you were once asked if you were part of the violet race. You once more put off a question about your personal biography. We’ve waited a couple of weeks; is this a good time for elaborating on that?

LinEL: In some of my previous lives, when I was considerably younger, I thought quite highly of myself. It was a mark of perhaps arrogance to think of yourself as being a member of this race – bragging to fellows and to less advanced creatures that you were somehow better endowed because you had this part in you. I admit now, with some shame, that I did think this, and treated others badly because of it. This has been something that has stayed with me in my dealing with my fellows. They have not let me forget! This is one of the deficiencies and joys of being reborn and running into friends – is that their memories are as good as yours. (Group laughter) It is a wonderful practice of forgiveness and understanding of yourself and of others. There are those on the Teaching Mission that I have known for some time that continue to tease me about this.

Doug: I appreciate your telling us this because it makes it easier to relate to you.

LinEL: All of us on the teaching staff try at some point in our instruction to allow you to see that we are plagued with many of the same doubts and traits as you are, even now. There is a point in the teachings that it is information that I know quite well and have moved far beyond, but when we enter into the realm of discussion about relating to the Father, and of love and relationships, I learn very much from you as you do from me. It is not . .. these subject areas are not places even we can know all. Each perspective is unique, each perspective is valid, and in each perspective, we learn something. When you hear us say that we learn as much from you as you do from us and you shake your head and you wonder how this could possibly be, it is in this that it is possible.

Doug: I would offer to you that self-pride to a certain degree is a beneficial tool in asserting self-awareness.

LinEL: Self-appreciation, self-knowledge, yes. Pride has given a . .. “bad rap” in the past. Pride taken to extreme can be damaging and limiting. But there is nothing wrong with taking pride in what you have accomplished, taking pride in who you are – in the expression of who you are.

Thea: Balance.

LinEL: Balance.

Thea: LinEL, can I ask you a question just slightly off this subject for a moment?


LinEL: Of course. Thea: Do you have any comments to make about the Teaching Mission and predictions that involve dates and numbers – like how old somebody is and all that – it seems to me that these areas get a little hazy. Is there anything we should pay attention to about all that?

LinEL: I would say in general, do not pay attention to these things. These may or may not be true. If it detracts from the message, I would ask you to set it aside. If it enhances a message for you, please incorporate it into your thoughts. Information, facts – are these realities that I spoke of, and when personalities twine around them, they can become unique.

Thea: (laughing) Ah, that’s great!

Barbara: Um hmm.

LinEL: We do not view this so skeptically or harshly as you do.

Thea: Yeah, of course not.

LinEL: It is simply your expressions.

Thea: So that makes more sense of why you don’t try to correct these, and just let them work themselves out in reality.

LinEL: Yes. Because for some, it does enhance. For some it detracts. For those that it detracts for, I would just say to have them set it aside. It would be of no benefit for us to go back and make corrections on information that has proven useful to some. The skeptics will work their skepticism out. I would hesitate to take away from someone’s understanding.


Thea: I think that’s been one of the interesting things about this Teaching Mission. I had a lot more literal attitude about truth before this mission, and then coming to see that you can be way too literal about it, that the spirit of things is more important.

LinEL: Yes. It is like we said before: each moment, give it what it deserves. In looking at the truth, think of this in the same way. It may help. Give the truth as much space as it needs. It can expand and it can contract.

Thea: Flexible.

LinEL: Yes. We ask you to have open minds. It is for this flexible truth.

Alan: LinEL, when I go to school, or somewhere like that and somebody “teaches” me, I usually understand by intellectual process, you know, by using my brain. And it seems somehow when you teach, it often uses my brain, but it also seems to connect with other parts of me somehow, like it goes inside my body and I sense it somehow as change there and I think I find truth sometimes feels somewhat that way, too.

LinEL: Yes.


Alan: And, what is this. I mean, is this my spirit that’s somehow changing and understanding? What part of me is receiving this?

LinEL: All of you is receiving it. This is what is different from our human counterpart teachers. They are often giving you information that is either technical in nature, where simply the knowing of it allows you to carry out the function, or they are giving you words to concepts that you already know. We are pushing concepts that you only intuit, that you do not yet know, or that you know on a level that you are not yet having access to. You yourself have also started this process. You are peeling back your own layers and allowing us more access to teach you. So, there is no specific part, although in the far future, human teachers will have access to some of the tools that we have access to, making the classroom a much different place/ situation.

Thea: So you teach the whole person.

Doug: Is there a distinction between the mind and the brain?

LinEL: The mind can be thought of as a blend, the place where your higher self crosses over the integrated area. If you think of it this way, it may help you in forgiving yourself more often with your thought processes, with your understanding of things. This is why your mind seems to understand things that it cannot quite put names to, and why your brain becomes so frustrated at this process. Does this make sense? Doug: Yes.

Thea: LinEL, I’m presuming from the amount of time that you’re transmitting through Mark that maybe you want us to go back to trading off weeks?

LinEL: I apologize, I should have stopped at one point.

Thea: Hey, it’s great with me! You guys are on a roll!

LinEL: I saw that questions were coming to an end and decided that switching would not be of use.

Thea: It was great; it was great!

LinEL: I would like you both to switch during meetings; it makes for each of you to have a chance to participate. This is important to us.

Thea: That’s true; I’ve lucked out tonight. I get to ask questions.


Doug: Do you have desires on the teaching staff side of development in this group of transmitters or further teachers vocalizing.

LinEL: Ah! If I have not yet made my desires known, please let me state them now. I wish for each of you to transmit your own teachers, to spend hours here. To spend until midnight if you have it, although I know this is not realistic – but this is my desire.

Doug: Great.

LinEL: There is . .. will be a time coming up shortly, your shortly, that will allow for more personal teacher expression. I encourage this. I request it.

Doug: We do, too, and would request maybe a lesson on transmission.

LinEL: I would enjoy this. Thank you for bringing it up. I can share with you perhaps what has been occurring in other groups… some of the successes and perhaps some of the failures, also. There will be an adjustment period. Perhaps we can discuss a schedule and how to deal with this. This seems to be the major problem that is coming up in other groups with personal teacher sessions is that not all feel that they are being heard. When an entire group of twelve or more come on-line with their personal teachers, it causes some friction, because everyone has something important to say and all the teachers are eager to speak.

Doug: In that situation, is there twelve mortals and twelve supernals talking at once.

LinEL: Yes, there is, it becomes…

Doug: Those conversations are intended to include the mortal talking at the same time that they’re in touch with their teachers?

LinEL: There are several groups that have become proficient enough with the process and comfortable enough with it that they can transmit their teacher, stop, make comments, another teacher will transmit, another mortal will comment… it is more of a discussion forum rather than a lecture forum. This takes some group maturity. You are approaching this quickly. The intimacy and camaraderie and humor that you all share does much to enhance this. The main difficulty in these human/ teacher conversation-switches is the addressing system – how to know when someone is speaking and when a teacher is speaking.

Doug: I’ve observed an abundance of formality.

LinEL: Yes. It is more for your comfort level than ours.

Doug: And you forgive us when we’re not formal and interrupt you a lot?

LinEL: I encourage you to interrupt as much as possible.

Doug: Okay.

LinEL: It is an expression of your eagerness.

Barbara: LinEL, I have to express a fundamental and rising sense of panic at the thought of doing this. It was so strong when you first mentioned all participants to be on-line with their teachers and transmitting that my first response was, “well, I just won’t go”, which was stupid, because of course I’ll go, but I just need to express that here in the group so that everybody understands.

LinEL: Thank you for being honest. You are not alone.

Barbara: Well? Right?! So who else is feeling panic here?!

Delores: So is that what I’m doing then, LinEL, because since I spoke Cromek, I guess, he seems to have stepped back from me. I don’t know if I’m changing so much that I need space to change or what. I feel kind of bad because I don’t feel real close anymore. I don’t know. Am I running away?

LinEL: You are adjusting to a large change in your life. Do not look at it as running away, look at it as a vacation you have given yourself. Cromek is standing very nearby and has not left your side and does not take offense at your withdrawal. It is something that we expect from each of you and have seen it in each of you. Every time one of you goes through a change, a revelation, senses a new truth within, there is a natural withdrawal. This allows you time to assimilate this new truth, this new experience into your understanding.

Delores: So it’s that buffer you were talking about.

LinEL: The buffer, yes.

Thea: Digestion.

LinEL: Please, all of you. Do not judge yourself for this. Each one of you has gone through this judgment, worried that you are running away from the situation. It is not running away, it is simply stepping back, taking stock, and stepping back in. We are speaking of a period of a week where your breaths used to be periods of years.

Thea: And I take it you’d never force anybody.. well, you can’t force anybody, but you’re not expecting anybody to do something before they’re ready.

LinEL: Those who do not come first will enjoy the process immensely. The fellowship of watching each other take first steps will be a bonding/ sharing experience.

Doug: I’ve thought of that withdrawal as like a recuperation, because to do a transmission, you’re exercising this muscle you’ve never used before and it sort of hurts, and so they’re gonna let that heal up a little bit before they let you use it again.

LinEL: Yes, doing the transmissions, speaking with your teacher, you are moving into that natural space that I spoke of, that true you. This is a place that not all of you are completely comfortable in being. You see yourself working effortlessly, yet struggling against it at the same time. The stepping back is a natural process.

Delores: Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you, Delores, for bringing it up.

Doug: Thank you for your focused responses on transmitting.

Thea: It’s going to be neat!

LinEL: Yes, it is going to be exciting. I look forward to speaking less, believe it or not.

Thea: I don’t believe it.

Doug: What would the group situation do to the teacher role status?

LinEL: That would be entirely up to you and your teachers. I . .. group teachers in those situations have often taken a facilitator role, have participated as a single entity in the conversations – this is something that I personally would look forward to, being able to comment and interact with you more on a personal level, with you and your teachers together. I see this as the best form of interaction that we can have together. But for the time being, I will speak as much as you wish.

Doug: I enjoy your presence throughout the week, even if I don’t hear your words.

LinEL: I enjoy being with you, seeing the rhythms that your life takes. I would like to say to you Doug, that your faith and your steadfastness have been an inspiration to us on the teaching staff. Your contact and your awareness of your teacher was a time of rejoicing for all of us. And we look forward to what is to come with you.

Doug: So do I. It comes pretty easy if you just allow it.


LinEL: I think we have come to a close if there are no other questions. I want you to know that I love each of you. I enjoy sharing this time together; I enjoy sharing your lives. I hope that we have a new group member. Welcome.

Louise: Thank you.

LinEL: I hope that we will see more of you.

Louise: You will.

LinEL: Know, too, that there is an assimilation process with this also, and to not judge yourself overly harshly if you find yourself disconcerted with this all.

Louise: I’ll try to remember that.

LinEL: Enjoy the week that is to come. Enjoy your opening contact with the Universe. Explore this. It is there for you. It is your tool, it is your circuitry. Grow it with your unique level of creativity.

Impress yourself upon it. Farewell.

Group: Goodnight, LinEL. Thanks.

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