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POC209- Kindred Spirits

2001-11-12-Kindred Spirits
Pocatello #209


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Kindred Spirits
o 1.2 Group: Pocatello TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Kindred Spirits
Group: Pocatello TeaM
Teacher: Daniel
TR: BillK


DANIEL:  My thoughts this evening have to do with the comfort of kindred spirits, with the joy of sharing company with those whose spiritual experiences have a common thread, and whose goals and directions in life are sympathetic. I am describing you. Some of you have thought about your level of comfort in different group settings, how you may feel politically akin in one setting, but spiritually dissimilar; or comfortable in an activity which you share as a recreational pursuit with those of like mind. But I know that you all come to this gathering neither for politics nor recreation. You are here for the spiritual food that you gain in each other’s company. Yes, we have stressed the importance of stillness as an individual activity. We will continue to do so. Tonight I wish to have you focus on the comfort of the spiritual renewal which comes as a result of this gathering together of compatible souls.

I know for a fact that your politics are not in agreement. [Mutterings of agreement.] I know for a fact that you all enjoy different activities. I know for a fact that none of you have had identical experiences. These are not the reasons that you gather together. You come as our students, and you come as brothers and sisters with a common spiritual goal-to do the will of God and to become more like Him. Since this is your rallying point, you experience the deepest satisfaction!
Contemplate this, my dear students. Look at how little ego plays in your interactions with each other. At this time you comfort each other. You listen to each other. Yes, you laugh and joke with each other, but truly treat each other delicately; and you value each other’s uniqueness and dignity status.

This does not happen very often in your other group settings. What you experience when you get together like this is really Light and Life, let us say, the early stages, but truly a taste of Light and Life. This is not the barbarism of life as it is often lived on this planet. It is the way life is meant to be and shall be some day throughout Michael’s home planet. As we view you, you are one of many pockets of light. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that only members of the Teaching Mission are these pockets of light, no. But you are among the brightest, for you are burdened with the great privilege, with the responsibility of a level of knowledge and commitment that reaches upward the morontial borderlines.

Let go completely of your need to criticize anyone, starting with yourselves! Discernment, as we have spoken before, is not the same as criticism. It is not the same as judgment, which is a form of criticism. Not only are you incapable of merciful judgment and criticism, but because you are incapable, you should not be engaged in that process. Jesus could always see past the character defects of other mortals. Sometimes he pointed them out, as he did with Peter, but even he was not always successful in his feedback. Each person must learn their own parameters, their own limitations, their own weak spots, so that they, in conjunction with their indwelling Spirit, can co-create themselves anew.

You have observed and commented often how we teachers treat you with surprising gentleness. We are not perfected yet, but we have learned to a large degree this skill-to give another one a reflective feed back without the sting of criticism. I have digressed on this topic because the degree to which you feel comfortable with each other is directly related to your surrender of ego defense functioning, including the need to be critical of yourselves or of each other. It is a respite from the storms of ego to come to these rooms with true acceptance, with true brotherly/sisterly feelings, and share with each other as you do.


I do not take my work lightly. It is the high point of my week when I meet with you collectively. While I speak with some of you individually, and that is truly gratifying, I am most satisfied and gratified when I am part of this group. I believe that I have expressed myself as completely as I need to.

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