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POC208- Dealing With Surprises

2001-11-02-Dealing With Surprises
Pocatello #208


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Dealing With Surprises
o 1.2 Group: Pocatello TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elyon
o 2.2 TR: Bill K.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Dealing With Surprises
Group: Pocatello TeaM
Teacher: Elyon
TR: Bill K.


ELYON:  (Bill): Fondest greetings to you all. This is Elyon. I am here visiting this evening with my friend, Daniel. This is a teacher exchange night, and it is my privilege to be with you.


ELYON:   I wish to talk about adapting to surprise, adapting to the unanticipated in life. Your text tells you that your journey in ascension involves the absolute security coming from the love of God combined with the relative uncertainty regarding the future, and advises us, as a result of these two elements, to approach the unknown with anticipation and the excitement of adventure.

It is impossible to anticipate the future with excitement without the underpinning substructure of confidence in your relationship to God. If a person does not know God in their own consciousness, or has grossly distorted ideas about God’s true character, then the future cannot be viewed with excitement and a sense of adventure, but is more likely to be seen as fearful, uncertain, and the tendency is to stay firmly grounded in the known, which is the present and the past. The sense of confidence which was discussed this evening when one has done all they can to be careful, rightly allows you then to take the risks of adventure. But even beyond all that you might do to be careful and cautious, is a greater truth, i.e., that there is someone else who looks out for you and does even a better job of care taking than you do.

This of course is your Heavenly Parent who looks out for your eternal welfare, and desires your everlasting cooperation and fellowship. The excitement has the tinge of pleasure and adventure because the underlying confidence in the love of God guarantees that whatever comes to you in the future cannot destroy your essence, cannot stop your eternal progress. Since obstacles come to all, to take the attitude that they are learning experiences rather than disasters, makes possible the adventurous and exciting response.

There is an error possible to people who are termed “daredevils”. The error is that they have overly great trust in themselves, and feel that they have control of all things. Then they are willing to take risks that others consider foolhardy. This is not what I am advocating in our consideration this evening.

To be in a mood of excitement and adventure does not mean that this mood is not intersected by other moods such as discouragement, depression, anger and even sometimes fear. But it does mean that it is the underlying mood suffused also with joy, which holds up the structure of one’s being while one is also in the throes of these other emotions. That may appear to be a confusing picture, but people can experience great sadness without losing their hope or their underlying joy and excitement.

As you view the future my friends, ask yourself, “Do you see life as an adventure, as exciting, as full of possibilities, or do you see life in a different light, perhaps, as a weary path to trod through the veil of tears, or a great mountain to climb only to slide down when your once reach half way up?” I don’t believe that you people in this room view life as in these last two examples because you have understood the underlying goodness and love of your Creators.

It will be well for your nation and the rest of the world if questions about underlying attitudes, such as I have just discussed, are asked by more and more people. It is time to challenge the usual way of thinking. It is time for a great uplift of understanding, for, indeed, does no one’s security rest in the amount of things that they possess or treasures laid up where moth can eat, and rust can rot, and thieves can come by and steal. The only secure treasures are those which comply with the reality of the universe. They are treasures of the choice to do the will of God, which is to become more and more like him, and more and more to serve each other, your brothers and sisters.

The first life, the mortal life, is designed to be a time of enormous learning; and you on this planet are even more in debt to this possibility. The amount of learning that you do in this life will directly impact your future. So I counsel you to be adventurers. Stretch out your imagination, and enthuse and be exuberant over what time will bring your in the future. Don’t be fearful; don’t be stingy; and don’t be self limiting, but throw away all the things that cling to your legs and arms so that you may run the race of life with freedom, with joy, and with ultimate success.


ELYON:  Thank you my friends. It was a pleasure to be your teacher of assignment this evening. I am Elyon. Good evening.

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