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POC207- To Aid Adjutant Mind Spirits

2001-10-20-To Aid Adjutant Mind Spirits
Pocatello #207


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: To Aid Adjutant Mind Spirits
o 1.2 Group: Pocatello TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Bill K.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: To Aid Adjutant Mind Spirits
Group: Pocatello TeaM
Teacher: Machiventa
TR: Bill K.


Bill: Machiventa, could you help us understand more about your spirit which was released on this earth at the beginning of this dispensation? What is it and how can it be accessed?


MACHIVENTA:  Thank you, my friends. As always, I am available for counsel, and clarification of issues in your ministry work. That spirit which has been released in accordance with the new dispensation, heralded by my installation as Planetary Prince, is an attempt to supercharge the release and installation of the adjutant mind-spirits in your fellow humans.

You will discern that the Spirit of Holy Mother Spirit of Nebadonia specifically works with the adjutant spirit of worship. You will find the Spirit of Truth, with its encirclement by Holy Mother Spirit, specifically works with the adjutant spirit of wisdom, and the Thought Adjuster. Activation of the spirit of this dispensation, that is heralded by my coming, is to bring the original seven adjutant mind spirits into play with the Thought Adjuster. What one should perceive is that these spirit circuits connect in a three-way relationship. The spiritual co-operation of the Father, Son and Spirit; the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit of Truth, with the Thought Adjuster. This will activate the higher two adjutant mind spirits of worship and wisdom.

What is unique and new is that so few people are activated with the full mind circuitry, and this is now an attempt to more easily lift up people’s response, so they can more easily access the two higher adjutant mind spirits, but this is in actuality a purely personal response. It is possible to pray in these spirits, using your own triune spirits to activate the triune spirits of others. You can pray in the Spirit of Intuition, you can pray in the Spirit of Understanding, you can pray in the Spirit of Courage, you can pray in the Spirit of Knowledge, and you can pray in the Spirit of Counsel.

This dispensational spirit released by the Planetary-Prince-Melchizedek’s mind, is used to activate and empower the first five adjutant mind spirits of Holy Mother Spirit. This is an emergency measure and emergency procedure, due to your planetary circumstances. Let’s not kid ourselves, here. Man has had thousands of years to activate the adjutant mind spirits, and only a small percentage have done so. We have no other alternative, because of the discrepancy caused by the Caligastia revolt and the genetic inadequacies. This has meant it has been relatively unsuccessful for the people to access the spiritual circuitry available.

This we have deemed as necessary to achieve the installation of the more basic circuits, and should act as a prompt spark to generating integrated connections. This is designed to activate the higher acting adjutant spirits, which normally follows the empowerment of the more basic adjutant spirits, to uplift the human minds and their consciousness. We are trying to make available at this time the spiritual circuitry that will uplift the human social environment, through this spiritual endowment. We are not quite sure of any other measures being more effective. It will take time, and you need patience for the mind to reach a stage where the collective consciousness will make an impact on all human consciousness. This spiritual empowerment, coming into the planet, will impact the collective mind, by it being utilized by more and more people.

This is what happens when more people use the spiritual power, the power itself increases. The more it is accessed, the more powerful it becomes. As the accessing percentage increases, and the adjutant mind spirits are attained by a larger number of people, more people benefit by accessing, and the quality of access improves, overall.

In a sense we are still in a pioneering stage. The system circuits that were shut down have to be reactivated, so that man’s mind is reactivated into connection with the adjutant mind spirits, to facilitate the Thought Adjuster’s association with the spirit of wisdom. So the association between the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth and the Thought Adjuster can grow again with the initial spirit mind endowments given on the planet. These circuits and connections and use are based on individual use, their understanding, knowledge and use of them.

What becomes a problem of modern society is that the minds are staying in a more intellectual stance, instead of developing contact with the spiritual circuitry available. While you are in Africa, you will see this spiritual presence activated in the African minds, which can then be utilized all over the world, as the fifth epochal revelation gets into full swing.

The presences that have been at work, we will continue to work with, as we will work with anyone receptive to our work, as you are coming to recognize by bringing this revelation to this country. Your work will be more successful here, because these people are more open to the spiritualization process, having one of the most basic cultures on the planet. We are pleased with the quality of your work, and the quality of your being led into the work of doing the Father’s will, and into Michael’s mission to bring the revelation into the consciousness of the planet. You are watched and cared for from our end, even though you face difficulties and challenges. This will help you define the role you will take in the future, and each decision will help clarify this process.

In all things, you are being tested, and this is true of all who seek to do the work of the kingdom. The spirit demands this respect, and this respect is remaking you into the spirit in the nature of Father’s Will. Father is remaking you into the image of His mercy, His grace, His ministry, and the momentous challenges and difficulties you are encountering have reciprocal consequences in a much larger frame of reference in you own lives.

You must–under the Father–as did Michael in his bestowal, giving full expression in his life, a repleteness and completeness, to extract maximum quality in all relationships, in service, in ministry, value, and quality. Continue to go about cheerfully in your work. Know you are cared for. In all your decisions, the Father’s Will will begin to manifest, as you are truly planting the seed for harvest. It is my pleasure to say we require more to join you in the work you are doing.


MACHIVENTA:   Thank you.

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