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CRV3- UB, TM, 2nd Coming

1992-10-06-UB, TM, 2nd Coming
Corvalis #3


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Group Meeting
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LinEl
o 2.2 TR: Thea Hardy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Urantia Book
 3.2.2 Teaching Mission
 3.2.3 Second Coming
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Group Meeting
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: LinEl
TR: Thea Hardy


2AM Thea: I would ask all of you who surround me and with whom I’ve just felt some very special oneness to help guide me in this process, to free me from fear. I will transmit for you as accurately as possible. I am ready to begin.

LIN-EL: Greetings this is . …(Loral/LinEL??)…. I am your teacher. I want to be here with you and let you know that I am watching and very pleased with your results. I know this is difficult. I have said before you will soon learn to do this well. You are not at fault for this failure of our giving names. We are always trying new methods and you are no exception. We want you to do these things for us. Tell your group that your teacher has arrived and is preparing you to transmit. Please say there is another group member who also is needed for this work and ask that all of your group pursue their silence more profoundly to help them be better able to receive.

In time all of you who choose will be able to do so. For now, we wish at least two so that Thea will not be too burdened for her health is still poor. We are working on that. It will improve. She is doing a very hard thing for her and is afraid of ridicule, lack of acceptance of her mission. We have chosen her to do this for us. Please give her your support and love.

Urantia Book

LIN-EL:  Your group is very special; it has a particular role to play in your Willamette Valley Corps/Council (receiver heard both words and did not know what to choose). Your three groups are fortunate. You share many friends this will make our work much easier as we bring you all together, but for now your primary work is to foster your own groups feeling of family love and support together. We ask that you each please pursue the Silence daily and read the Urantia Book as well. We would like you to bring topics to us of your choosing from the Urantia Book for our teachings. We can then elaborate and answer questions. If you choose together as a group in prayerful desire, you will be guided. All topics taught by teachers here on Urantia are found in your . .. beautiful blue book.

(Pause here ) Our transmitter is having difficulty. Her thoughts went to your blue planet and blue book. It is a pleasant image it makes us smile but she could not transmit for a moment. . ……….

Teaching Mission

LIN-EL:  Please know that we love you very much. I am not here alone, but have helpers, one Melchizedek and Midwayers also present. We want to become a team with you working together to further Michael’s plan and the Father’s will on Urantia. We want to be your friends and companions in this process together. We would like to sit among you and talk together, each reaching to the other side for connection to complete these tasks. We are attempting to lift you from your plane to ours in a new manner never practiced in Nebadon.

This is the beginning of the Era of Light and Life for you on your world and you are trailblazers. I hear amusement from your receiver because of your basketball team. This also makes us smile. You are pioneers on the edge of this and you have long been prepared and brought together. If you examine your lives you will see the things that led you here to be together. We want your group to stay close to be support during the times ahead. We must have groups all over that rely on each other and are responsible for each other and to each other, that have harmony and strength for what will come.

We also want groups to work with other groups and we have high hopes for the success of your groups here in the Willamette valley because you have already begun to form the larger group relationship that will be part of our plan. Please remember however, your small local groups must come first at this time because you need that stable place in the location where you live. We are glad that…….

Your receiver just was frightened from the noise of the tape running out, her nerves are recovering…..
We said, we are glad your receiver decided to move to your town Corvallis because we needed her to be in this place where you were all together. She does not wish us to say this but we want you to know that her decision to come here took great courage and faith since she has long been in her present town.

Do not feel that her lack of participation these past years was anything wrong, she had her own work to do that was best done where she chose to go, but we have brought her back when it was needed and she has chosen to listen to our leading. She has great trouble whenever we make any positive statements about her. Sometimes she will pause in this case, but we would urge her to continue.

You all are gathered together for a great adventure with the Father, with Christ-Michael, with all of us on this world. The Light of this time will shine forth across a vast universe and fill the hearts of all the Father’s creation with joy and love. You do not realize what a beacon your small world is to this entire…grand….to this entire universe. We are having trouble putting the correct word into your receivers mind. You are known across the worlds of space and no longer be the world of the Cross but it will be a world of Light to shine for all to know there is no depth from which we cannot find the Father’s love and seek to do his will. There is no end to the light that comes forth when we willingly accept the partnership with the Father.

Second Coming

In time, you will have many visitors to your group. We know that Michael himself will speak with you when all is ready. This takes some time, as you know from having read of the experiences of other groups. At this time, we do not wish to have your teachings shared . … we will tell you when this can begin. It will be soon, for our general attitude is never to make these things secret, but in the beginning when things are still difficult and transmitters are still learning it is best to hold back until things have become better attuned.

You are all being attuned to…… Your thought patterns and mind circuits are all being better attuned so that you can not only receive our words but eventually be better able to detect our presences. This will make it easier for us all to come together in loving work and for Michael’s coming. We love you. Know that we are with you, here and throughout your week.


Come together in friendship, share with each other of your lives, talk together as often as possible. You are to be friends together for a very long time. Our love is with you and we will come again. Farewell.

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