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CRV31- Your Concerns About Magisterial Mission

2005-12-24-Your Concerns About Magisterial Mission
Corvalis #31


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Your Concerns About Magisterial Mission
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Thea Hardy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Address

Topic: Your Concerns About Magisterial Mission
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: Machiventa
TR: Thea Hardy

 Adair Village, Special Daytime Session


Daranadek Melchizedek was in attendance, along with the regular group teachers, but did not speak on this occasion – Group teacher messages were not transcribed (as yet). Machiventa requested that his message be transcribed and shared despite T/R reluctance.)


MACHIVENTA:  Dear Ones, it is I, Machiventa, your Planetary Prince and privileged servant in Michael’s mission of reclamation for Urantia. I know your hearts have long pondered the issues of the day, the situation regarding the coming of a Magisterial Son to your world. Also, you know that this is an event that will happen in the scheme of things, and that it is naturally a time to be longed for.

But before I address this situation more directly, permit me to speak to you a few words concerning your human hearts and to offer to expand your understanding of one another as you struggle so to comprehend each other’s perspectives on this topic. Everything that you do and think and feel is in the context of Urantia, the world of your origin, despite the fact that the lasting realities of your experience are rooted in the larger universe. Naturally, therefore, the entire cultural milieu in which you have evolved and have developed down through the ages colors your physical – your genetic – capacities. What has happened to this world has happened to you, both through the environment of your current living and the genetics of your inheritance.

This world is an experimental one, and many of the things planned for your special development did occur. But likewise did many of them lose the finishing touches that would have made a major difference in your ability to use these specially developed genetic tools of living. Among these was the way specifically in which your brains were organized to interact with the adjutant mind spirits, the bestowal of mind via our beloved Mother Spirit. Even in the degradation of your situation, the brilliance of the experimental work of the Life Carriers can be seen. For many of the mechanisms work extremely well, but due to the lack of genetic uplift, they work in many cases against what you need. rather than on your behalf. This was one of the devious results of Lucifer’s rebellion.

Caligastia well knew the exact genetic situation, knew that you would need such an upstep if the plans of the Life Carriers were to be fully successful. He knew that will had been brought about early on Urantia, and he knew what some of the specific results of the lack of genetic upstep were likely to be. Hence his machinations with the clear intent of destroying the Adamic mission were not mere mischief, but in large part, carefully planned and orchestrated to obtain specific results. And this is indeed what you have received. physical brains that literally result in developmental difficulties because the violet blood was not sufficient to alter pathways necessary to connect correctly to the input regions for the adjutant mind spirits.

Why do I speak to these things that seem so far afield, you may ask of me. I address you on this topic because such circumstances, along with many, many others, have inter-related effects on your very patterns of life and thought. Thus they are totally relevant to the discussion at hand, and to some of why you have such difficulties in understanding one another when differences arise.

Our Mother Spirit gives you your minds – her mind ministry provides you with the medium by which you construct thought, by which you think. Your evolutionary physical brains give you the animal mechanism that receives that mind ministry consisting of the adjutant mind spirits. How a physical brain is formed affects your capability to receive that ministry. Genetic differences affect this capability. In the more extreme differences, an insect brain is incapable of receiving the same amount and quality of ministry as a horse. Likewise, with you as will creatures, different ones of you think differently in part because your physical mechanism varies. Add to this the extreme influences of your cultural heritage – global, racial, national, societal, institutional, familial and yet other environment of culture, and you will see that even independent of personal free will choice, your thinking and your conceptualizing will vary greatly.

So now you come together, most of you having a central conceptual core called the Urantia Book. And yet you find that even with this basis, interpretation has varied. People don’t understand the same words and concepts in the same manner, to the same degree, with the same enthusiasm or depth or breadth. While most of this is normal and can be found on a normal world, the range and degree of variation here is impacted both by your being an experimental planet and by the loss of the stabilization of both a planetary cultural uplift and a genetic physical uplift. Thus your differences are more profound and convolutionally perverse than would be typical on a normal world. And this is the context in which you think and feel and meet with one another in your discussions on the true nature of any concepts you attempt to share.

We all know, and deeply appreciate, just how much this mission means to you. It brings great satisfaction to our hearts that you have listened, have heard and responded to the call, that we have been able to be of service to you. We love you with a profound and deep affection, one greatly deepened by our long association with you, and for me, this time has been a crowning glory of all my years of service on Urantia and in your behalf. Yet in your intensity of the deep meaning to you of this Correcting Time, you do not readily realize that you often lack the capability for balance. You have not been well taught in this deprived world culture, nor are the aspects bred into you as well as was once planned.

You will be wrestling for some time to come to attain even a beginner’s understanding of true balance. And do not chastise yourselves that this is so, for it is not easy of attainment on the most normal of worlds in the earlier stages of development and it is particularly difficult for you on a world stricken as badly as yours. There are only a few worlds that have fared as bad or worse than your own in this travesty Lucifer fostered in Nebadon.

But you come at any differences of opinion about things that matter with multiple restraining factors right from the start. And so it is utterly understandable that you will have strong feelings and reactions to the differences among you about something that means as much to you as this mission does. And that you will struggle with agreement, with assessment, with beliefs, with the details of this long-hoped for uplift you so desire.

Dear ones, we know your struggles with this and have nothing but compassion and love for your sincere hearts, for your longing to better know and understand just what is true and what is not. Your need for certainty is all the greater for the great disruption of your world wrought by the rebellion and default. And it often manifests as a desire for certainty in ways that cannot yet be. Our answers to you on these things cannot always be as simple as you would like or even we would like. Again, that requirement of balance means we are continually making decisions, both personally and in our conferences and discussions, as to what to speak to and when.

If we give you too little, you founder. If we give you too much, you cease in using your own decision-making capacity to its fullest. As any parents must deal with their children’s needs, so it is with us, for the pattern of parent/child, teacher/student is a universal one and the lessons thereof do not end any time soon. You are our beloved students, children of the realms, and your ultimate welfare is always of greater import than your immediate concerns. Every parent knows that this can be very difficult and even painful, and so it often is for us. But be assured your welfare is always our greatest consideration as we work with you to build a future that will bring light and life to your world.

I know that you all hunger for this time on Urantia, the time when all will finally fall into place, fall into step with the more normal scheme of things. We also long to see this happen, to see the wrongs righted and the woes redressed. But the struggle of the races of Urantia has ever been for patience. Part of this is simply natural to the children of the evolutionary universe, but in your case, it is also part of the lack of healthy cultural training and genetic perfecting. When our beloved sovereign Michael left your world, many who had seen him believed that he would return in their lifetimes. This utterly understandable yearning has remained with you and will not fade away until such time as he does return, and the other ministries of the sons of the Eternal Son are fulfilled.

This yearning is in you for a reason – it helps you to move forward even in the face of darkness and despair – it is the outward yearning towards your destiny that is fulfilled within. But it has always been possible to misinterpret this yearning and to make your hopes into realities that are not yet at hand. There is no shame in this. Far better that you yearn for the fulfillment of such spiritual hopes than that you languish hopeless and without direction. But when you become insistent that others interpret that hope in the same light that you do interpret it, you are in danger of falling into error.

The apostles were chosen in part to represent a wide variety of personalities and their reactions to Michael’s bestowal mission, to show for the ages and throughout Nebadon how different personalities can function together despite great differences. And as you know from your own studies, they did not always function together smoothly. There was much dissension among them for the same kinds of reasons that you now struggle with one another. Nothing mattered more to them than to see the will of their beloved Michael done on this earth. In each and every heart of them, save the betrayer, that yearning was pure and intense. And yet each of them had a different vision of what was, and what was to be. This is one of the many reasons why the early church did not form in harmony from such diversity of beginnings. But if Michael’s teachings were to move forward with at least some chance to avoid as much as possible rigidity and dogma, and to reach the greatest number of his children, generations yet unborn, then the risks of diversity were a necessity.

Had he chosen apostles of all one type, forming a religion might have been a far easier task. But the universality of its appeal and the broad outreach of its values would never have been possible. Therefore, with the wisdom that he manifested, both human and divine, Michael, knowing well what the difficulties would be, chose wisely from a diverse group of men (as well as his diverse and faithful women’s corps) because this was the most effective way to proceed.

And here and now today, it is no different. This mission has appealed to a wide variety of people, and over time that variety will only grow greater. This is as it should be. But as you have discovered, it is not easy to create and maintain unity in the midst of such diversity. And unity is essential. The key concept here is that, as always, you must build unity around the sovereignty of the Father himself and no being less than the Father. This is why, although you are told that who has seen Michael has seen the Father, he never stated that he was the Father – he would not let himself be worshiped, nor called good, saying this was for the Father alone.

Michael will not stand in for the Father, despite the fact that much of his function does exactly so through the Eternal Son here in Nebadon. Your rallying call must always be to the Father as the Center, and the full Kingdom of Heaven – the simple truths of Michael’s gospel are the ground of your unity. There will ever be the desire to create differing sects and variants that appeal to specific groups of people and this is well and good AS LONG AS you recognize that the sovereignty remains solely with the Father of All, the Center of Creation. When you promote your variants of the cause, it is essential that you keep this in mind. For any variant that fails to understand this simple yet crowning truth, this over-arching reality, will ultimately not succeed in its goals, however lofty.

But it is not for you, any of you, to point fingers of blame. It is always well and good to stand and affirm your faith, and to speak to troubling issues in a spirit of resolution and the deepening of mutual understanding. Any means of sincerely seeking to understand one another better leads to deeper love and results in more profound wisdom of experience. But aside from such things, it is far better to keep your focus on the truths that you have to proclaim, and permit others to follow their own path, whether upward as all in any dedicated group believe, or downward, as their failure to perceive reality adequately may take them. Some of the groups in this mission, however brilliant, will fail. It may be that some have mis-perceived the proper timing to take action and have come to the fore prematurely. It may be that others have lagged behind in their pursuit of unfolding truths that enliven and enlarge towards forward steps. It may be that some are afraid to march forward while yet others are too bold to be wise.

In this, you are like any other group of humans upon your world. But this mission is not rooted in the failures or successes of your specific groups or variants, but on the individual spiritual growth step by step that adds to the forward motion of the All. Therefore every one of you have value to the success of this mission, whether in a group or alone. Your choices for the Father’s will, your sincere desires to move forward, will always be the basic building blocks of the reclamation of Urantia, even as they are the building blocks of the Supreme. The Supreme evolves, personality by personality with personality. The aggregations formed of multiple personalities come and go on a basis of functionality and a variety of purposes. But the individual’s choice of the will of God through identification with the indwelling spirit, remains the watchword of the evolutionary races of time and space, and step by step, however much faltering occurs, you move into eternity.

So ask in your own hearts what it is that you believe and where your loyalties lie. Be wise and discerning. Assess what is before you and what you hear and see, in both word and deed. Make your own choices, and seek always your adjuster’s voice and the endless friendship of the Spirit of Truth. Debating your choices with others who have made their choices is useless. Debasing others for their choices is wasted effort and worse. Dead trees eventually fall of their own weight. Fruiting trees eventually bear fruit. Patience is always the harvester of any sincere desires, and even the dead trees that fall may provide shelter to the new hopes and dreams that seemed too frail at first to persist. You will have more success if you seek more to share the truths of the gospel of Michael than to debate the details of administrations that you cannot yet even begin to understand.

Even as you love your Father-God, knowing you are respected as an eternal child in his kingdom, love one another. Learning love takes precedence over every thing that can ever be. Have love and you have it all. Have not love and you are bereft of all. When you lose your way and wonder what your task is, return always to the one eternal basic thing: Love one another.

And in this most important of actions – living love – know always that it is as we have ever said – the Father of all is everywhere present – his vital love lives within your own being. His love surrounds you and fills every smallest space with the potency of unfolding eternity and infinity. His love is the grandest galaxy in space and the tiny twinkle in the eyes of a beloved child. If you open your hearts and minds you will find him everywhere. There is nowhere where he is not. And as you seek him with a sincere heart, you will become like him, and recognize his primacy. And in this recognition, your kinship with one another. And in that time, all that you desire will come to be. And in this moment, all your desires are alive in the unfoldment process towards that goal. Love is the most profound reality in all of creation and eternity. It is yours, now and always.

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