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CRV32- Assessment of Teaching Mission

2007-04-25-Assessment of Teaching Mission
Corvalis #32


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: A Balanced Life
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LinEl
o 2.2 TR: Thea Hardy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: A Balanced Life
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: LinEl
TR: Thea Hardy


LinEL:  Greetings, dear ones, this is LinEL – we are here with you tonight to share again in the work of aiding this world. And as ever, we work together surrounded by the love of the Father, and uplifted by faith in the outworkings of his will. You are inspired by love, and encouraged by the unfoldment of understanding. The Father’s love will never fail you in time or eternity.

We greet you yet again as our friends and companions – as our little brothers and sisters who give us so much by your willingness to let us participate in your lives and enrich our understanding of what it means to be human on Urantia, and how to better aid you and your brothers and sisters in this mutual journey that you have chosen, and re-chosen, to participate in with us. You do not understand the depth our own gratitude to you for your endless gifts of the heart in that willingness.


Your faithful hearts are the seeds of tomorrow – your sincere attempts to live what we teach lets us understand your specific human needs ever better – what works with you and what does not – who can be effectively approached and who cannot, and when. You are the hope of tomorrow. You struggle to serve, not knowing that your every single day is a service to the Father, to Michael’s mission. Your gatherings are our living laboratories, and your lives are our education. We have learned endless things from you over these years, for knowledge of the specifics of living cannot be gained without experience. It will take us at least a hundred years to even begin to put together the detailed information that will be utilized in the various curricula for the reformation of your world.

How could it be that we would learn what we need in such short order? The majestic redwoods did not grow to full height in a year. To you the days may seem long, the years stretching out. To us, it is as though we have barely arrived. Your impatience is natural, but it does not further the efforts we make, except in that we understand better what we are up against in working around the convolutions of the Lucifer Legacy on Urantia.

The mission is not fully what any of you have understood, and your understanding will improve, but never be full until you have arrived on the shores of Mansonia. Even then, it will take more time. Our timetable has nothing to do with human desires. None of you will live to see this planet’s reformation. That is why your priceless faith and Agondonter courage are such endless gifts to us – you choose repeatedly to believe, in the face of no imminent arrivals of rescue. In spite of your blurred grasp of what we do, you persist.

You choose to walk forward doggedly when your fellows from all walks mistrust your efforts and perceive your beliefs as unacceptable. You exhibit not only the courage of consorting with us, but the courage of conviction that will not let you believe what you do not believe, that will not let you compromise your own integrity. None of you have perfected beliefs – at this stage of living such a thing is not possible. Many of your debates are truly the blind leading the blind. It is less important the specifics of your belief than that you are sincere in your pursuit of truth. In time, with such sincerity, truth will be yours. Your hopes are real, and we will do everything we can to console you in your loneliness.

But remember, forerunners are often faced with such loneliness. When the multitudes departed from the Master’s preaching because he would not work the wonders they expected, the Apostles were disillusioned and upset. It is natural for humans to wish to see results, but the long-distance view requires almost super-human patience, and Agondonter faith. This you have persisted in, and we are ever grateful, for your willingness to let us into your lives and work with us are those seeds from which our knowledge, gained by the experience which knowledge requires, can move forward with the developing plans for the uplift of your world.

What many of you call the teaching mission is an extension of the original Teaching Mission, Michael’s bestowal mission to the planet. He well knew even before he came to this world that his human lifetime would not be enough to establish in men’s hearts all that would be required to reclaim this world from the legacy of Lucifer that had robbed it of so much. When his life did not last even as long as hoped, there was no doubt of his need to provide for you, his beloved children. Before he even ascended, this teaching mission was planned and considered. It did not take even 2000 years of pre-planning before we were recruited and brought to Urantia.

It will take us another bit of time to collect enough data in close personal contact with you to be able to formulate effective curricula to replace the knowledge base lost with Dalamatia and Eden, knowledge – teachings – essential to your ability to achieve light and life. From what our beloved Master has told us many times, this over-arching mission represents his continuing ministry to you, for he could not leave his beloved children bereft of his help. His spirit you have always with you at your request, but he will leave no stone unturned to find ways to assist you in your struggles, to allay your griefs and dress your wounds of heart and spirit.

Therefore, we are here. And it is natural that you all have distortions in your understanding of our roles. Some distortions are greater than others, but none matter in the sincere hearts that seek truth, beauty and goodness, that ever seek love as the answer to life’s profound problems, that know the true source of that love as the Father above and within. Sincerity will win through to truth in the end. Naturally we are saddened at your disagreements, but you must understand that beyond your human pains, these matters concern us not at in terms of our success. It is Michael’s mission, and therefore there is no question of failure.

Your difficulties are all instructive in terms of our tasks – trying to find the best ways to assist your world. And we love you all, each and every one, mightily when we see your struggles with one another. When we see those who will not step out, we understand the need for frightened children to be loved and comforted so that security can guide them in the uncertainties of life. When we see those who rush ahead in their enthusiasm, and sometimes in their fear that nothing is being done, we understand the need for frightened children to be loved and comforted so that security can guide them in the uncertainties of life. Where fear appears, we learn yet more about the way of the animal nature not fully uplifted in genetics and culture will be our largest impediment. So, you see, all that you do is instructive to us and assists us in our work.

But understand that where we find willing hearts who will listen to our words and pursue their connections with the Father of us all, where we find patience that struggles against fear to yet move forward, and struggles with fears of loss to move with restraint, we gather important information on how to understand the balance that we must find – and where to best put our efforts. Because this mission is the extension of Michael’s teachings to you, of which the Urantia Book was a preparatory revelation, what he taught remains ever relevant.

That it must be restated in virtually every generation does not make his concepts irrelevant. Instead, the world is desperate for the same timeless truths he taught when he walked this world, but restated in terms of the present, the times in which you live. Of the things we learn from you, one is to assist you in the best ways to re-frame his teachings for your time. It is not called the teaching mission by accident. And as your generations pass and we are yet with you, this re-framing will continue, over and over, until we have the pulse of the needs of humanity well taken, and the remedies well in hand.

Be of good cheer – even when some would disparage your sincere efforts, any of you, you yet serve. And the words of others disparaging such efforts cannot change our faith in you, in your persistence. Blessed are you when in the face of disagreement, you persist in your loyalty to what you know to be true. Even were you mistaken, your sincere hearts would stand vigil on behalf of your faith. Your rewards will be forthcoming as your faith has sustained you. And we are proud of every sincere heart that makes the attempt, repeatedly, to serve in this way.

Urantia needs the knowledge it lost. Teaching and learning will be a part of your lives forever. It is part and parcel of both time and eternity, albeit the methods are vastly different – the goals are not. And ever the most priceless goal is that connection with the Father, with his love that sustains you, from whence you came, and that will permit you to move in ever upward and expansive cycles of relationship with the deeper meanings of truth, beauty and goodness, and to attain at last the pinnacle of Love. We love you beyond description. Your openness to us and your vulnerability are truly gifts, and gifts that are endless service to all who follow you, and to the world when it will be in Light and Life.


Seek the Father and his love – feel the color of the light that radiates from the great heart at the center of the universe, and yet from within your very own hearts. This is your birthright, and the legacy of your efforts here will be to increase the hopes of your world drawing ever closer to enlightenment. Be at peace within and live from faith and trust – and you will find more peace is yours without.

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