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CRV8- Faith & UB As Textbook, Jealousy, Revelation

1992-12-04-Faith & Urantia Book As Textbook
Corvalis #8


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Faith & Urantia Book as Textbook
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Lin-El
o 2.2 TR: Thea Hardy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Dialogue
 3.2.2 Sharing
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Faith
 3.3.2 Urantia Book
 3.3.3 Channeling
 3.3.4 Groups
 3.3.5 Jealousy
 3.3.6 Presence
 3.3.7 Family
 3.3.8 Revelation
 3.3.9 Socialization
 3.3.10 Attunement, Sleep
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Faith & Urantia Book as Textbook
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: Lin-El
TR: Thea Hardy


LIN-EL: Greetings. This is Lin-EL, your teacher. I hope you will forgive me for being more informal this evening but it appears that the tone of this gathering is likely to be comfortable with this. Know we enjoy your humor thoroughly. Your laughter together helps you to become bonded/ friendship/ family group. I have many things to discuss this evening about the direction of our group. I am pleased about this opening attitude because one thing I wish to encourage is less formality and more fellow feeling.


LIN-EL:  We are here together brothers and sisters, to become a family group. We are your brothers and sisters and you are ours. I want to encourage you to see these sessions as we are getting started in this process as something more like a conversation, or perhaps group discussion, than merely a question and answer session with me. I am perfectly willing to take your questions and will continue to do so. But I would encourage any who wish to comment during this process to please go ahead. I will also for the time being try to shorten the length of my replies so that more persons can ask questions and become involved. This process of getting to know one another takes time.

There will be sufficient time ahead for me to begin more formal instruction. What is important now is for you to learn to know each other and to enjoy each others company. This group bonding is necessary before I can move ahead. I would also ask at this time that you restrict the size of your group. By this, I mean, it would be best for present not to invite others unless they are already aware of and support this mission. Your group is quite large and it will take some time for us to achieve what we need. Please do not see this as any move toward exclusivity. This will be only a temporary measure.


LIN-EL:  I was pleased to see that the transcripts for this week includes the names of the questioners. Please remember for this time period, these transcripts are primarily for you and having your names helps you to recall when you are reading and studying. The time will come for you to share these and at that time you can decide amongst you what measures of anonymity you wish. This is one reason why early in the formation of a group we ask that you not share transcripts, because some people have concern over their privacy. This is understandable and necessary. There will be time to sort out these problems. This does not mean that you can never share these transcripts with a few close persons. Please use your own judgment.

I am pleased to be with you again. There are many of us here learning as we go, for remember this is a learning process for us all and not just yourselves. I am excited about your progress and feel assured that we will be able to move successfully forward. For this evening, I would release you from last times assignment. I am letting you off the hook. But you can be assured that I will encourage you in this somewhere in the future. I would like to start questioning now. Who would like to begin?


Mark: Hi, Lin-EL. I have a question about faith. I was reading in some of the other transcripts and the question of faith came up. It seems like a fairly simple concept but when I started thinking about it further, it didn’t seem very simple at all. And I was just wondering if you would comment on that. And, in context, I try to take it out of spiritual faith and try to move it into, say, my faith in mankind or my faith in another person. Is that the same kind of faith?

LIN-EL: Thank you, Mark. Greetings. All true faith is spiritual in nature. All faith requires that you take risks on behalf of the truth you understand. This can be risks in trusting another person, even when you know there may be difficulties, risks in your daily lives of all sorts where you must trust that the Father’s will, will always uphold you. Faith is your adventure gift from the Father and your gift of your trust to him. I repeat, all faith is at heart spiritual. Use it and your life will become blessed.

Barbara: Lin-EL, this is Barbara and I don’t have a question but I just wanted to say thank you to you and Hocval and to whoever else has been with me this week. Its been a dreadful week and your presence and the presence of others has really been useful to me. When I remember to talk with you and to ask you for help, I’ve gotten it. And that’s a feeling that I don’t remember having had over any protracted period of time before. And it’s nice to see you again, as it were.

LIN-EL: Thank you, Barbara, for your appreciation. You have indeed been receiving us this week and using us, as it were, to your advantage, as is best for you to do. We have been delighted to be of any assistance. And I assure you that all of you have us by your sides, ready and waiting to do this. Many times you will find that we are doing this, even when you do not recognize. Again,
Barbara, thank you.

Urantia Book

Tom: I was wondering what the Father’s and Michael’s plans are in this mission in regards to utilizing the Urantia Book?

LIN-EL: One moment Tom. Yes, I can tell you this much. You know already the Urantia Book is the most valuable piece of literature in terms of your understanding of your entire spiritual lives on this planet. It will indeed be used and we will encourage you to foster its use. Do not be alarmed if it appears that our agenda is different initially. This is only an initial phase. This initial phase is required for several reasons, one of which is that we be able to bond together persons who do not necessarily have the same backgrounds in this understanding.

The time will come however, when the Urantia Book will serve as the basic textbook for understanding universe reality. Therefore, continue please to cherish it, to read it, to share with each other. However, when you are abroad in the world, it is perhaps best in most instances to focus on channeling the Father’s love and speaking in simpler terms until people’s understanding is sufficient to be ready to grasp the book. Does this answer?


Tom: Yes. Also, I’m going to loan a Urantia Book to this person who I’ve been discussing spiritual aspects in the morning at New Morning Bakery. And, when I explained how the Urantia Book came down to this planet, his first reaction was, “That’s channeling.” And that’s a lot of Urantia Book readers’ reaction to the Teaching Mission. What similarities in the Teaching Mission and the way the Urantia Book was delivered to this planet…what are the similarities?

LIN-EL: This is an interesting and complicated question. Actually, the similarities for the transmission of the Urantia Book and the process of this Teaching Mission are virtually identical. This is in fact the basic manner in which the Urantia Book was given to this planet. Part of the problem arises from the fact that some channeling on this planet has been inspired, though often garbled. Whereas, other so-called channeling has been largely for the ego gratification of the apparent channeler. It is difficult to separate out the wheat from the chaff and I think it will take some time yet before we can straighten out this channeling aspect. I personally prefer not to use the term “channeling”, but I recognize this will be difficult when you are presenting the situation to others who are familiar with the term.

Tom: What would be a better term to use?

LIN-EL: We have used the term receiving and transmitting. At this time this is as adequate as we have managed. If this changes, you can be sure that we will be informing you. Thank you, Tom. This is a very interesting question.


Alan: Hi, Lin-EL. In getting this group to bond better, what things do you suggest that we do, like on a weekly basis, things that we can aim toward doing that will help us.

LIN-EL: I understand your question, Alan. Thank you. I have observed that during the week some of you are in contact with each other. We appreciate this. I know it is terribly difficult when your lives are busy to take time. But I would still encourage all of you who can to try to find more times to communicate together. It would be beneficial if you spend time getting to know each other, because the love that your group will need to share together requires that you each understand as fully as possible each separate individual in your group. This cannot possibly happen overnight, of course.

But until you begin it will not happen at all. I know this will cause some difficulties but I would suggest if one phone call during the week is more than you have done, try this and see how it feels. I think you will find the time spent worthwhile and very rewarding. Other than this, if there are opportunities for you to all meet socially, as you plan to do for your larger group in January, this would be beneficial for your smaller group as well, because it gives you a chance to enjoy each other together and come to the understanding that it is necessary for love. Does this help?

Alan: Yes, thank you.


Dolores: Hi, Lin-EL. This is Delores. Thank you for all the beautiful moments this week. My question has to do with jealousy and how to deal with it when it comes, from both directions. I see it both directions. I had a chance to use a lot of my creativity this week and people would say negative things, “I hate you. You can draw so well.” I don’t know how to handle that, because…and then it will be both ways, because I will think that someone has such a great life to that’s probably not realistic either. So, I would like some input on the emotion of jealousy and how to make that better.

LIN-EL: Thank you for your question, Delores. We have enjoyed our time with you this week as well. Jealousy is one of the human emotions which is difficult. You are speaking of a range of emotions spanning jealousy to envy to resentment. These feelings are often the result of poor early teaching, generally when you do not understand your own value. As you come to the Father in the silence, you will begin to recognize more fully that each of you is unique and special and blessed with more gifts than you can possibly realize at this time.

As your own sense of worth as God’s own child develops, it will become easier to feel that your lives are adequate, which they truly are. When dealing with other persons whose jealousy is aimed at you, this can be very painful. I would encourage you to reach a trusting hand for the Father’s guidance in those moments, and try to recognize that this person is troubled and that it is no reflection upon you. This is one of those human difficulties which will take some time to be improved on the personal level.

These are some of the things I would like to see you discuss together as you become more close friends here, because these are your common problems of living. And together your support and understanding for each other will help you to better deal with them. Does this help?

Dolores: Very much. Thank you.

Cindy: Hi, Lin-EL: I don’t really have a question, but I just want to express my own gratitude…and I just haven’t had a chance to do that yet…of your being here with us and everybody else who might be here. I think we all feel that way.

LIN-EL: Thank you, Cindy. We already know your gratitude, but are delighted for you to speak with us here. We are just as happy that all of you are here too. I wish you could see how we truly feel. We all have thrilling times ahead together. We are glad you are part of this, Cindy. Thank you.

Marge: Hi, Lin-EL. This is Marge. I’m still getting tapped on the shoulder. And the thought in my mind is that this is about the only time of the day that I don’t have a lot of heart drug in my system.. I wondered if this could be what this is about.

LIN-EL: Dear Marge. Yes, this is a problem. I regret to tell you that medications often pose difficulties. We hope that you are not disturbed by our loving gestures. But know that we are with you all throughout your day and love you very much.

Marge: Thank you.


Terry: Greetings, Lin-EL. My question tonight is concerning the teachings of Jesus while he was here in the flesh. He made a statement that “The Father is in me and I am in the Father”.(164:5.3) I can perceive or vaguely understand the Father being in Michael while he was here because we have such a gift with us. But I don’t quite understand Jesus saying he’s in the Father.

LIN-EL: Greetings, Terry. Thank you for your question. Remember that in truth we are all in the Father, for the Father encompasses all that is, and when a Creator Son, like Michael, is in the fullness of the Father’s will, he is truly full part and parcel of the Father’s being. This statement is true but one of those paradoxes which even we love to contemplate on this plane. All things are in the Father. Does this help?

Terry: Very much. Confirmation more or less. Now, my next question is: We address Michael by a name as we do other individuals. But, we only refer to the Universe Mother Spirit as the Universe Mother Spirit. She is Michael’s companion and I ‘am wondering if there is a name that would be appropriate for us when speaking of her or addressing her by.

LIN-EL: This is a task best taken by each of you, to find the name for her that is most deeply meaningful for you personally. In this way you bring to her the gift of your own individual regard. Is this sufficient?
Terry: Thank you.


Julie: Hi, Lin-EL. I don’t have a question and Cindy said what I wanted to say. But a thought occurred to me when you were telling us to learn more about each other. Is this our family time, our true family time? I guess that’s a question.

LIN-EL: Julie, if I perceive your question correctly, this is indeed our family time and I would encourage you all to share on this level at these meetings. We are becoming family in a way that many persons have not been able to be family on Urantia. Families on Urantia are deeply troubled, mostly as results of leftover effects of the rebellion. What my point was was that we must not restrict our learning to love each other as family to this one meeting time alone, but try to remember all week long that we have each other. You, with each other and us with you as well. Yes, this is a true family, in the act of becoming, and we are thrilled with this process. Does that answer?

Julie: Yes, thank you.

Marlene: LinEL, thank you for your inspirational words tonight and I feel we’ve all done much better. And I also want to express my appreciation for you and the others that you have with you tonight. Thank you.

LIN-EL: Thank you, Marlene. I thank you. I thank all of you who are here, offering yourselves to this mission. You know in your hearts this will not be easy always. This is one of the reasons why we must learn to be support to each other. I do not say this the alarm you, but there will be some difficult times ahead. I do not necessarily mean difficult in terms of gigantic upheavals, but rather in the personal risks that we will all be taking, you on your side, and even us on ours, as we learn to do what Michael has asked to prepare for his coming.

I appreciate, Marlene, that you and Terry have made available for us and for the group, your home to be a place to share. This graciousness on your part is very touching to us. Thank you for your appreciation. I truly thank you all. Are there any further questions?

Barbara: LinEL, this is Barbara again, You probably know that I couldn’t get through a whole evening without asking some sort of question of another. When Mark was speaking earlier, I was thinking about what kind of activities you and the other teachers do where you are. We assume that you don’t just stand around with an ear cocked and waiting for us to talk with you and that you have other things to do. If you can tell us some of those things we’d like to know.

LIN-EL: Thank you, Barbara. I did know you would ask a question. (Laughter) I would encourage others to do the same. Questions are an important part of this process. I cannot share with you all of the details. However, I will tell you that we do indeed frequently meet together, separate from our times with you and discuss what is happening. In this manner, we learn from each other much about your natures and better ways to instruct. You will have noticed that we sometimes change methods. Part of this is the result of our discussions. We could never achieve what we are trying to achieve here had we not frequent, constant communication with one another. Does this help satisfy your curiosity?

Barbara: That sounds like staffing.

LIN-EL: As to where we hang out. (Laughter) I love using your slang. It’s particularly fun when there are so many, because have an opportunity. I am afraid if we were to attempt to explain to you the details of this it would frankly make no sense in your terms. What we do is not physically possible for you and would seem quite peculiar. Nevertheless, as time proceeds in the mission, we may receive permission to tell you more details of this sort. It is frustrating to us as well as you to not be able to share as fully as we would wish. However, Machiventa, who supervises all of our instruction, has his reasons and we trust in his good sense.


Dan: Are you able, within the mandates of your mission, or will you on the sly, reveal to us anything further than has been revealed in the Urantia Book? Can we expect new revelations through you?

LIN-EL: There are those of us who would love to do this, as you say, on the sly. We are requested not to do so and I will attempt to fulfill that request. However, it has occasionally occurred that small bits and pieces have come through. I have mixed emotions about this.

Dan: Is the Urantia Book as we have it, the complete set of transcripts that were conveyed through that original process?

LIN-EL: Yes, it is.

Dan: (jokingly) Do you need more time to think about that? (Laughter)

LIN-EL: No, I don’t believe so. (More laughter) Truly, we love your laughter. Your receiver is having a hard time keeping from cracking up.

Dolores: LinEL, this is Delores again. I told Julie I would ask this question, because she wasn’t going to ask hers. Sometimes I get a feeling of a presence on my left. I wonder if you could tell me who that is . ..sometimes very close, sometimes further away.

LIN-EL: Dolores, I will not tell you specifically. Part of your enjoyment in this process is the discovery. Part of your learning as well. But you are indeed sensing a presence. Many of you will find if you are right-handed or normally employ the standard hemispheric division, that you will perceive presences fostering you on your left. This is not to say that you will never perceive other locations. But this is . ..I cannot explain to you the reasons about this. But yes, you are perceiving a presence.

Dolores: Thank you. Thea had a question last week, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but she had asked me to ask about creativity and how the helpers work through creativity with us.

LIN-EL: Thank you for asking this, Dolores. I am delighted to tell you that one of the things that we are so excited about for your group is that we have assembled here a tremendous pool of diverse talent. Those of you who think you are not numbered among the creative in this group are mistaken and you have talents beyond what you would dream of. We do indeed have some plans for using your specific abilities together. We are also therefore eagerly guiding and instructing you in whatever ways we can in your daily lives.

I cannot tell you overmuch on this at present because the danger always exists that you will thereby focus on the future and have difficulty taking the steps you need to take here and now. Nevertheless, if you had hopes that your group will have importance in this mission, you can rest assured that it will. I would like to refrain from more specific comments at this time. This is something we will discuss in more detail when I begin your regular lessons. Thea is tired. A few more questions will be acceptable, but we must end soon.


Tom: I have a question with regards to the International Conference in August of ’93. Since the fellowship organization that’s putting on the conference is trying to discredit the Teaching Mission and shun out of the organization any people who are active in this mission and are not permitting any presentation at the conference, workshops or speeches or any type of presentation…what is the Father’s and Michael’s plan for the Teaching Mission participation at that conference?

LIN-EL: We do not participate within your disputes on these issues. It is to you to make decisions as to how you would wish to address this in your human lives. We are not here to have any involvement in this difficulty. There are things, as you know, that must be settled by you amongst yourselves. I know this is frustrating but there are reasons why it must be this way.

Tom: Should people go and behind the scenes…like at previous conferences during the night and during off-times, in apartments and condos, there’s behind the scenes parties, socializing and workshops. People that are supportive and believe in this mission, should they do activities such as those? Should we even go? That’s basically my question.

LIN-EL: This is something, once again, that you must use your own best judgment concerning. Sometimes, it is wasted effort to attempt to convert the unwilling. However, if you feel drawn to do this, I see no reason why it would be against the Teaching Mission. These are things that you must decide as individuals and groups from the human side. We cannot, for a variety of reasons, either condone or condemn your choices in this matter.

I know this is frustrating, but this is how it must be. You are asking questions which involve personal, ethical choices and were we to answer these for you , we would take away your own freewill decision. Wherever you might go, remember your primary purpose is to love the Father, to seek to become a channel of his love to others, This is the important message of the mission.

Attunement, Sleep

Alan: LinEL, earlier you said that some people had different biochemical make-ups that made it easier for the teachers to communicate through them and from what I understand, as we’re doing the quiet time, or trying to do the Father’s will, somehow our biochemical make-up is being adjusted. Is there anything that we individually can do that would be helpful in that?

LIN-EL: In addition to pursuing your quiet time, I would encourage you to ask us, upon going to bed, to continue to tune you. The reason for this request is that we do require your full and knowing permission in order to carry out these procedures. It is not sufficient to…we need you to grant your permission. I would therefore encourage each of you to speak with us briefly at bedtime and request that we continue doing the tune up process.

Alan: Thank you.

LIN-EL: As a piece of additional information, Midwayers are a part of this attunement process.

Barbara: LinEL, I was really pleased at your response to Dolores about that feeling of a presence on her left side, particularly when you said that wasn’t necessarily universally true, because when I hear Hocval in particular, he comes straight down into my head and sometimes explodes. He’s very irrepressible. And, I thought I was just being weird. So, I’m glad there are exceptions to the left-handed rule. My question though, has to do with our personal teachers. When we leave Urantia and go on to the Mansion Worlds, will we meet our teachers face to face? Will we know them?

LIN-EL: Absolutely. There is no question. Do you understand that what we are creating here is a working group which goes far beyond the purposes of the Teaching Mission on this planet. There is no end to what we may do together. You will indeed meet your teachers and we will always have bonds of tremendous affection. This time is not just for now.
Barbara: Thank you, LinEL. Be sure to take plenty of time when you need to answer our questions.


LIN-EL: Thea is tired. I do need to stop for now. I am extremely pleased at the progress that this meeting reflects. We are becoming more comfortable with each other. You are asking questions that are fruitful and I am confident that we will now begin to move ahead. Remember, the Father is with you always, everywhere, and you are in the Father. Michael knows of your individual presence in this group and he is encouraged. You are yielding great service to him and you can be certain that he will not forget this. We are with you during the week. Please continue to seek each other out and grow in your friendship and love. I will look forward greatly, along with my staff, to being with you again next week. Farewell.

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