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CRV9- Sharing TR Outside of TM

1992-12-11-Sharing TR Outside of TM
Corvalis #9


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Sharing TR Outside of TM
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LinEl
o 2.2 TR: Thea Hardy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Humor
 3.2.2 Teaching Mission, Sharing
 3.2.3 Second Coming
 3.2.4 Balance
 3.2.5 Growth
 3.2.6 Names
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Sharing TR Outside of TM
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: LinEl
TR: Thea Hardy


LinEL: Good evening. This is LinEL. I am delighted to be with you again. Once more, your conversation has been exciting. I am enthused about your progress in sharing together. This is what we have hoped for and we are very pleased with your progress. You are truly beginning to become a group and we can feel the love growing. I will try tonight to continue our process getting acquainted with this process and ask you to consider being willing if you are contacted by us to speak, to say whatever comes to your mind. Do not worry about this if you cannot; we are simply encouraging you.

Both Janet and Thea have correctly seen that we intend at this time for the Willamette valley to host special activity as has been mentioned. We cannot of course be certain, but at present this is in our planning. You have a variety of fortuitous circumstances and accumulated personalities which may prove highly beneficial. We, of course, of your teaching group, hope that this will be possible. Again, we are truly thrilled at your progress and the feeling that is beginning to happen in your group. I am ready at present for questions.


Mark: Hi, LinEL. It’s Mark. It’s been mentioned a lot of times that you find our sense of humor surprising and I was kind of wondering, what’s going on that we are so special in that department? Do you guys not have your own sense of humor? (Group laughter) I find it surprising.

LinEL: Mark, this is somewhat complex. We do have our sense of humor, however, humor on your planet is unique and has . ..pause….and is capable of expressing more variety and complexity of experience than that with which most of us are familiar. You have uniquely creative ways of using humor, at least I refer to what is truly a sense of humor on your planet and not some of the less desirable things that are sometimes labelled humor. We find your humor thought-provoking and heartening because you have an incredible capacity for laughter in the face of tremendous adversity. This is a development from your agondonter status and is both fascinating and heartwarming for us to experience and to learn to understand.

Mark: Thank you. LinEL: Thank you, Mark.

Janet: Hi, LinEL. I haven’t really asked you questions before directly because I usually ask Ramalar. (Group laughter) What do you and your cohorts do on your time off?

LinEL: Actually, when we are free from assignment, we do a variety of things. There are now broadcasts available to us on your planet, so we can keep in touch with events throughout, and we spend time in closeness with the Father. Also, many of us use leisure time to study you more fully and share/ discuss/ talk together about what we are learning. This is an exciting time, and sometimes it is . … pause…..difficult to take time off. This is not expressed exactly correctly, but perhaps you will understand. Thank you, Janet.

Teaching Mission, Sharing

Tom: When for some reason I am attracted to discussing with critics and non-believers of this Teaching Mission, the whole situation of both our study group and the other groups around the country that have teachers, mainly we’re finding out their objections and fears of the teaching mission. I try to convey the purposes of the mission: the daily silence, communing with the Father, loving our brothers and sisters and loving ourselves and our brothers and sisters. Their fear is that we are going to give the Urantia movement a bad name or a cult-like stigma. What other things can we share with non-believing people?

LinEL: Tom, thank you for your question. We are very pleased with your work in attempting to share this mission with others. Unfortunately there will be some for whom you cannot make any difference, however, remember that you have nonetheless planted a seed, and even though, at this time the results may not be apparent, they may be forthcoming in the end. There are some persons who will not listen to any persuasion you many make. It is best to continue to focus as you have upon the basics of the teachings which you have understood very well. Again, we are very pleased with what you are doing. Please continue and use your best judgment. Try to be patient, knowing that all things work in the end for good when pursuing the Father’s will.

Second Coming

Tom: Is another purpose of the mission to prepare the mortals of this realm for the return of Jesus, Christ-Michael? In his return, will people other than those that believe this mission, will they be able to discern his return.

LinEL: The ability to discern Michael, when he will reappear on this planet, will be dependent strictly upon the spiritual development of the individual. This certainly means that many will be able to perceive him who are not of your Urantia readership, and others who are, will not. This is entirely based on the individual and their personal spiritual perception. We are contacting persons all over this planet, not dependent on their religions or readership of the book, in an attempt to prepare as many as have the capacity to be able to move forward in this venture. Does this answer? Thank you, Tom.

Delores: LinEL, I’ve been reading some of the Welmek papers and my question is , is it important for all of us to read papers from all over, because there seems to be quite a similarity about things. How important is it that we know what’s happening in other groups?

LinEL: Delores, naturally the most important thing is your silent time with the Father, and seeking to experience his love and live it in your life. However it is always beneficial to read teachings from other teachers. Each of us has our own different approach/ understanding of universe reality and also are authorized to attempt different things with our groups. If you are able to read a number of teachings you will begin to see the pattern of how the mission is planned and unfolding. I would encourage you to continue in this, any of you who so desire. These teachings are meant for sharing with all who sincerely desire to hear. Does this help? Delores: Okay, one of my questions was are there special plans for Christmas?

LinEL: I do not think our perception of Christmas is the same as yours. Were there plans from other parts of this mission, I would not necessarily be able to communicate this to you. I know this answer may seem insufficient, but sometimes I will be vague…purposely vague.

Delores: Okay.

LinEL: Do you have another question?

Delores: About other people who don’t know about the mission…there’s a hopelessness sort of about the planet and the problems and I wonder how to…I guess you’re going to say, tell them to spend time with the Father (group laughter). I don’t think I have any more questions, thank you. (Group laughter)

LinEL: Actually, Delores, I might tell them to spend time with you. (Group laughter) You are already addressing this. I would encourage each of you to sow hope where there is discouragement at all times and you, Delores, are attempting to do this. We appreciate your efforts.

Delores: Thank you.


Nancy: I have a question about balance and how, as a social worker, how to find the balance between giving, which feels many times like it comes from . …it’s not me where this energy comes from, but I feel like sometimes I get into over doing it and I’m not sure that I spend enough time…I have a hard time balancing between doing this work that you’re asking me to do, you know, do my daily ritual thing, and also do my family thing, and my kid thing and my social service thing. So I guess, more than a question, I have a request for help in finding that balance, and anything you have to say would fit.

LinEL: Yes, this is a very good question because all of you, to one degree or another, will struggle with this frequently. Balancing these things out in your lives is very difficult. Among other things, you work longer hours to supply your material needs on this planet than is natural and normal. This continually causes difficulty in prioritizing your life. We are not asking you to do more than you can do. We do not want to burden you. We will help, over time, to teach you ways to better take advantage of your time. This quiet time with the Father of ten minutes daily is one technique because it is not time-demanding.

When you think of our request that you learn to feel the Father’s love and let it flow through you to others, we ask that you try to do this within the context of the other parts of your life, so that you, Nancy, would be giving the Father’s love in your work and your family circumstance and any other areas that you can. However, remember the self has rights as well as others, and you must take time for yourself and your spiritual refreshment. If you find yourself resentful of all that you do, this is difficult and not necessarily required.

Try as much as possible to do . align yourself with the Father’s will and then do those things you most truly want while avoiding overmuch activity in areas you find exhausting, or which make you feel overburdened. This may not be fully clear. We will be discussing these things in more depth. This particular balancing is very important. Have patience with yourself and know that in time, you will find ways to improve this situation. Also, this season of the year, as you experience it on your planet, does not make these feelings any more comfortable. We notice people have trouble during the holiday season as you call it. This doesn’t seem like a holiday to us. Try to remember that there are responsibilities that you take on that are not always necessary. I am referring now to all of you. That you do not necessarily need to do all that you believe is your duty in order to fulfill the Father’s will. Much of what humans are concerned with is not overwhelmingly important in your spiritual life. Does this begin to answer?

Nancy: Yes.

Cindy: That brings up another question about the balance between introspection and trying to learn about ourselves versus self-forgetfulness, and that sometimes seems to be at odds with each other . ….(tape unclear)…

LinEL: Cindy, I think I understand what you are talking about. Thank you for your question. Yes, this is one of those apparent paradoxes. It is related to loving yourself as your neighbor. This statement refers to the way in which your knowing yourself and your understanding and loving your neighbor are tied together. Although they seem, contradictory, really they are not, for you need to approach this from both directions. Let me explain further. In order to fully understand your brothers and sisters on this planet….(clock chimes)..I will wait. This is not distressing, I am just…waiting. I will repeat: In order to fully understand your brothers and sisters on this planet and be able to love them, you must also understand yourself so that you come to them with an attitude of the compassion and fellow feeling that is born of your own personal knowledge of yourself.

There is a difference between analyzing yourself by pursuing all your negative traits and attempting to by act of will change/ alter them. The self-analysis… self-analysis is really not the best word. What is useful is to examine your life to enlarge the picture on yourself, I am referring here to the Urantia book phrase concerning the snarling savage, (100:4.5) enlarge the picture on yourself and you will begin to understand your own troublesome behaviors and forgive yourself.

This experience helps you to do the same towards others. In reverse, as you start to understand others through enlarging the picture in reference to them, you will also begin to better understand yourself. Therefore, this is a circle of understanding, a circle of pursuit of knowledge, each linked together. This is….this structure is frequently found . …. in this manner, you can attempt to balance. If you place overmuch stress on either side, it will become unbalanced. Is this helping?

Cindy: Yes, thank you.

LinEL: Do you need further clarification?

Cindy: Not at this time, thank you.

LinEL: Thank you.


Terry: Greetings, LinEL. Nice to have you here with us (tape unclear)…I’m going to ask you another technical question. In the Urantia book when Jesus talked with Nathaniel, Jesus referred to his spiritual eyes not being anointed. If our spiritual eyes were anointed, would we be able to see the activities (of spirit?- tape unclear) personalities (tape unclear)? Do we have the right to request this? Will it benefit us in our spiritual growth if we receive this, will it interfere with our free will?

LinEL: Terry, this is an interesting question. It is not so much that it will benefit you in your spiritual growth, but that truly it is your spiritual growth. This anointment, as it is referred to, is actually a symbol of the growth spiritually of the individual until they are on a plane where it is possible to see. Therefore it is something done by choice of the individual to pursue the Father’s way and cannot possibly interfere with free will. We are working with you and this is part of what we seek to do, to increase your spiritual growth and as that increases add to you awarenesses that you do not at present have. Does this answer.

Terry: Very much so. Thank you.

LinEL: Do not worry about your technical questions, Terry. If I do not choose to answer, you know I am capable of not answering (group laughter). I enjoy all of your questions. I regret all of your questions. I regret I cannot answer them all, but I do truly encourage you to ask whatever you wish.

Terry: I would like you to know that I do understand that sometimes you can’t . …(tape unclear) . ..I may go away wondering why but after thinking about it, I generally (tape unclear).

LinEL: Thank you, Terry. I appreciate that.

Marlene: Again, LinEL, I’d like to say thank you for being here, and the others that I’m sure are here, and the things that you have answered tonight have really helped me because I have found myself caught up in the frenzy of everyday life and I’ve gotta get myself calmed down and into the quiet times again. Thank you, again, for being here.

LinEL: Marlene, thank you for your appreciation. We always enjoy talking to you. We would encourage you to ask questions any time you so desire. All of you, remember, you can ask questions at any time. Even if you do not perceive the answers, your questioning still permits us…grants us permission, to attempt imparting information to your minds. I would ask you all to speak with us at will. This will further the mission.

Alan: Hi, LinEL. I’ve noticed that both in your talking to us in the group and in the communications I had with a teacher this week that (tape turned; machine left on pause at this point.) Reconstructed questions and answers from Side B of tape: Alan: Hi, LinEL. I’ve noticed that both in your talking to us in the group and in the communications I had with a teacher this week that I felt the teachers’ love for us very strongly. Is this love from you a part of this teaching mission?

LinEL: Love from the Father is most important, but this is a part of the mission. If we succeed in expressing for you the love that we feel, and you learn from this example that this is what we wish for you to do in your own lives, to express this love from the Father to all others, then we will feel humbly grateful that we have succeeded in serving you as we have come to do.


Doug: I would like to ask if we have a teacher assigned to us in Lincoln City.

LinEL: You are indeed receiving teacher contact but it is still not finalized, we are still working on this.

Doug: Can you tell us the name of our teacher?

LinEL: No, I regret that I cannot give you a name as I do not generally do this. I consider this a part of the faith adventure. The names are not truly the important part. However, if you are sufficiently concerned, please feel free to ask another teacher.


I have enjoyed being with you tonight and will be with you during your week. I am very pleased with the progress you are making. I will look forward to meeting with you again next week. Farewell.

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