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MAR160- Endowed with Creativity

2008-12-15-Endowed with Creativity
Marin #160


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Endowed with Creativity
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue

Topic: Endowed with Creativity
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Merry Christmas. Tonight, Michael, as we approach this season of celebrating your birthday as Jesus, we want to thank you for your life here with us. We gladly acknowledge that impenetrable mystery of how a Creator Son of God can relinquish his self-consciousness and be conceived and born as a small human baby on a relatively primitive world among the millions to which you’ve always been Father Spirit.

And although we have made a conscious effort in our opening prayers not to rely upon the Urantia book and its terms–not wishing to introduce these transmissions solely to a closed circle of Urantia book readers, still we wish to thank all the celestial authors of that truly epic revelation, and this is especially so with respect to its story of the life of Jesus Christ. Often referred to as The Greatest Story Ever Told, with all its thousands of interpretations down through the years, we thank you for the Urantia book’s version–right down to what Jesus did one afternoon on such and such a date, such and such a year–who was there, what was said, and what was done, both leading up to and following these events. Through that enormous detail we’ve been able to relieve our own childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood, as well as being given such a fuller appreciation of Jesus’ life here on Urantia. For this we thank you and your celestial children. Amen.

NEBADONIA: Good evening, my children, this is Nebadonia, your spirit mother. Michael and I return your thanks and your love with all the power you can open your hearts to feel. We are always right here within you and beside you–mother and father, sister and brother, and dear friends. We are alike created by the same God the Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit, primal origin of our personalities, our spirits, our minds, our essential natures, whether yours or ours. We acknowledge together these Supreme Beings above us.

And for you, my children, keep in mind all the celestial beings that have had a direct hand in the development of life and culture here on Urantia–such as our Life Carrier Sons, even your System Sovereign and Planetary Prince who did for quite a few seasons, before they fell from grace, remain loyal and progressive to Michael and I, and our Parents. For in this every single inhabited planet of our vast Local Universe has its own unique history made up of all the endless decisions, the endless choices of personal beings endowed with free will. As Michael mentioned last time, referring back to something I had said previously, your conscious life–the you that you know yourselves to be–is this present, moment to moment living resolution of all that has led up to now, both without you and within–all that larger reality that you are presented with moment by moment, and what you yourselves are capable of contributing to it.

 Creativity (Endowed with creativity)

You are spiritual beings endowed with creativity. Indeed, what you know as your unique life is this co-creation of yours. For this priceless mystery, this potential free will–however bound about by existential reality and your own planetary conditioning–we give thanks to our Father for this gift to you. And so it is proper at this season of celebrating Michael’s bestowal here on Urantia, to acknowledge your fundamental origins–especially of your selves–for the complex but potentially free beings you are.

As Michael said last time, you start out as a totally dependant, small, bloody, squalling little bundle of life; you start to experience, starting from scratch as a personality created by God in His omniscience to perfectly coincide with all the rest you are. You do step into this world of yours with a hereditary whose writing you are just beginning to decipher, for in this, your physical component, God writes very small indeed. Just physically you are the re-capitulation of the evolution of life on Urantia, right down to your parents, and grandparents, and great-grandparents, stretching back in time. From the standpoint of your just beginning experience as a personality, the accident of your family, your society, your culture, the nation/state you find yourself in; all are wonderful grounds for an all-encompassing humility–to consider the enormity of this conditioning that gives meaning and value to your life. This literally cries out for a mutual respect between all human beings, all their brothers and sisters, for all that is–just given–to each one of you at birth.

We hope this deep humility can give some pause to any judgmental feelings you may have for one another, clear across this world of yours. You’ve had that wonderful saying, Walk a mile in your brother’s shoes before you begin to judge him. But this more profound humility points up the impossibility of even that. This is what we mean when we say you are small walking infinities to each other. The very personalities you are, are creations of God. Your very uniqueness makes you somewhat impenetrable and incomprehensible to each other.

 Humility (Infinite humility)

While it is true you share this uniqueness with Michael, and myself, and God, so the corollary is also true: with us you never need feel lonely, however much this may be true with respect to your fellows. With this bottomless humility comes the wonderful saving grace of whole-heartedly choosing to acknowledge those other human souls for all you can never completely know or understand what they contain. This acknowledgement and perception of others, this wonder, this spiritual blessing only grows larger in the coming Morontia realms. In a sense, your growing soul, my children–this uniqueness of your being–grows apace with the also growing miracle of a transparency, each to another.

This is always true that as you achieve the ability to share more and more of yourself with others, and dwell in that sharing that adds to your eternal soul, so too the uniqueness of your experience, that singular point of view by which you extend yourself out into the cosmos moment by moment; this too never ceases to grow. Particularly, you outgrow the limitations of conditions being either this or that. Personality has no limits this way except what you experience momentarily–the grittiness, if you will, of the nitty-gritty. For that particularity is real and in each moment of time your very concrete existence provides the bottomless detail of temporal uniqueness. Always: this moment has never happened before, and it will never happen again in all eternity. And so your soul grows apace and towards its eternal co-author, a fragment of God himself.

God only has one of each of you, and He is no respecter of persons. He is in no way separate from His creations–each one of you. Yet this is an assurance you may not always be able hold as your own possession. You may indeed feel completely separate from God. You may decide there is no such being, no singular Creator of everything that exists, right down to everything you experience. For this too is part of your free will, and may be part of your unique experience of life. The assurance of His being may await your re-birth on the Mansion Worlds–to look around with no mild surprise that you still are!–and His, and our presences are suddenly more palpable in your mind.

 Faith, Wonder (A wonder of faith)

What a wonder of faith it is that you can have this experience now, however unable you may be to articulate it, even to yourself. This living presence within you, my children, is its own validation. It requires nothing of you; it asks nothing of you; it just is!–and yet, there’s no limit to what you may ask of it in prayer, and receive an answer. There need be no limit to what you can be thankful for in worship. In this merry season when we all have so much to be thankful for, as Mother Spirit I truly enjoy, and echo, your thanks to Michael for the human life he lived.

It has been, and is, an inspiration and gift to all of his worlds. While you on Urantia may feel particularly blessed that he chose your world, consider too he chose your world at a stage of cultural/technological evolution where he would spend his life mostly just walking and talking with fellow people. This is something you too can do with him in your solitary walking meditations, and in your walking and talking with each other–this most human of things you have been doing for about a million years now. We thank him on all our worlds for this gift of his, just as Michael himself thanks you, his children, for what a continuous gift you are to him.

So on with the festivities! On with the merriment! On with our acknowledging that we are all spiritual sons and daughters of one Father, one Eternal Son, one Infinite Spirit.
Now if you have any questions or comments this evening, I certainly welcome them.


Student: I would like to get a message about the beings that I channel–whatever makes it appropriate.

 Transmitting (Transmitting the spirit)

NEBADONIA: Yes, my daughter. I noticed in your conversations before my transmission, when you talked about these different beings that are being transmitted, you are discovering this is a very intimate thing between you. So this is something I want you to explore. We’ve often said there is no need at first to differentiate, to try to analyze, the spiritual presences within you, for this is nigh impossible at first and may simply block the flow. Rather it is feeling the emotional content and the spiritual validity that is the important thing here. With your whole spirit and soul, my daughter, you yourself must evaluate what is coming through. There is nothing that the human mind and spirit touches that is then perfectly unadulterated. In every human expression there is the hallmark of its co-author, and so you are an intrinsic part of everything you experience, including us.

You yourself must evaluate what these transmissions are–what this channeling is. Do not be overly concerned about the nature of the beings, at first, for all such channeling, my daughter, comes by way of Michael and myself. It is with my Mind/Spirit Adjutants–literally part of your mind, part of your mentality–all my Adjutants of Intuition, Knowledge, Understanding, Courage, and Wisdom: these are all involved in this channeling process. And Michael’s Spirit of Truth is ever with you. As he so recently said, it’s an orientation, a deep desire and passion for the truth. These are all your response-ability–within your ability to respond, my daughter, to what is occurring within you. Now does all this ring true?

Student: Yes.

NEBADONIA: As your spirit mother, I can only encourage you to keep going, keep growing, and especially keep growing this burgeoning ability of yours to tune into us. You can write things down, or you have so many marvelous recording devices–like the one you are using right now. There’s so many ways you can do your best to express this, for this also involves an evolution of expression within you, even of those very thoughts that a Fragment of God is helping you formulate. I encourage you to write things down if only for your own future curiosity as to where you were at that particular moment in time. Does this sound like a fun thing to do?

Student: Yes, it does. Thank you.

NEBADONIA: Keep in touch. Michael and I really do enjoy when you turn your thoughts to us and say: Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Thank you for me.

Student: Thank you.

NEBADONIA: Be in my love.

Student: I have a question.

NEBADONIA: Certainly.

Student: It’s a type of challenge, I’ll call it a technical challenge for it goes by different names–like electronic voice communication–that have the ability to actually get spiritual information on a tape recorder, or other types of electronic equipment, rather than going through the medium of a person to be the channel. This is been a mission of mine–to develop this technology. I guess it’s not really a question, but to get some validation of that–the mission and what might be accomplished through this bridging that could open up a communication channel on a mass scale to everybody–without filtering. If you could comment on that it would be very appreciated.

 (Electronic Transmissions)

NEBADONIA: Yes, my son, as you know from studies of human physiology, the human brain is a very delicate organism indeed, and it’s for this reason we can use human beings as a way of communicating with you. We can access the speech centers of these living human brains, and if our transmitter/receivers are capable of consciously suspending themselves at least somewhat, to let us come through, we choose to do this. Obviously these transmissions would not be taking place–as they are–without Michael’s and my own desire that it be so.

Comparing the structure and living nature of a human brain to your most advanced physical mechanisms, of which some of your more advanced computers are very delicate indeed, still we would have to be–we would be aware of the entire system you’d propose–not only the mechanism that you’d invite us to use to transmit our messages, but also the uses to which that material would be put.

One thing we can assure and more or less remind you: everyone who hears me now or reads about us later needs make their own assessment with their spirit, with their soul, of the validity, even–as a human being–of the usefulness, of the practicality, of what Michael and I say. So by all means, my son, continue. Let there be no limits whatsoever to your imagination, to your comprehensive understanding, to your desire to create such a thing. When it is ready Michael and I will be delighted to make full use of it.

Yet you’ve noticed with Michael’s life here as Jesus the way he chose what has often been called just ordinary men and women to carry his message, to start his Correcting Time here on your planet. You can imagine how he could have chosen a world much more advanced, or your own–say at your present level of technology, where he could have gone on television and the internet to present his message directly, live, to a world audience. Yet Michael chose then, as we choose now, to come through living human beings with whatever more or less distortion of our message. Your mechanisms, my son, will always carry the hallmark of their human creators, of your human type of mind. But that is no hindrance. That hallmark is witness to your being a spiritual, creative personality of God’s.

So carry on. We are your partners in everything positive you choose to do. Were there any further questions?

Student: I think you answered it. Thank you very much.

NEBADONIA: And we look forward to your creations. We only wish–in a way–(Mother Spirit laughs)–in human kind of way, we could give you more hints as to what that development might be. But we do have what you might think of in human terms as a self-imposed limitation on our revelations. Yet this is not–for us–a limitation. We accept the responsibility for choosing not to reveal to you what the next few steps of your technological development might be. Otherwise it would deprive you of that glorious effort of discovery and accomplishment you are fully capable of making right from your own creativity and determination. And it would deprive us too–(Mother Spirit breaks up laughing again)–of that wonderful surprise in seeing what our children are up to. You have all of my love in the endeavor.

(And after a long pause) What a wonderful space this is, my children, that you create along with us. It feels pretty big in here. (chuckles of delight; then it went on for quite a while…)
Student: Mother, both you and Michael have mentioned us becoming more transparent to each other. I was wondering what you meant by that?

 (Human transparency)

NEBADONIA: Yes, my son, we’ve invited you to become more transparent both within and without. This notion of transparency, although not new, has been brought into focus in recent times with your mass media–in other words, with your sheer ability to promulgate information from a variety of sources and have your social institutions, your governmental bodies, become more transparent to the people they serve, or still very rigidly try to control. So we invited you to take this principle inside, and become more transparent to yourselves in all you have been and known.

For many years and in many lessons we’ve encouraged you to meditate and relive moments of your lives, captured forever in your souls; relive these moments so you can truly touch your soul. Your whole past can become more transparent to you. You can feed your growing understanding of the origins of so much of what you are now. In this you are getting beyond or, you might say–before, prejudices, even toward yourselves, to those original events which made you what you are. This is letting your soul come forth and, rather than being only a mostly unconscious participant giving meaning and value to your day to day life–this is what your soul does–it becomes more accessible to your consciousness: your living consciousness–you–become more soulful. This is registered by others as character. This is what you are growing here as an experiential being. This is that aspect of your soul that is–no pun intended–your sole possession…(laughter anyway)…you carry forward into eternity.

And so, just as you would like to see this in your social institutions, it is also lovely to see in each other. You’ve called this being up-front–being on the outside who you are on the inside. It calls for enormous self-honesty to begin with, and then beaming this self outwardly. There is such wonderful freedom in this, my son. You don’t have to remember all the lies you’ve told different people. (much laughter) You don’t have to remember all the personas you’ve projected in so many different situations to so many different folks. You can just be. You can even glory in this transparency which allows so much spontaneity to blossom and go dancing about.

This is what transparency offers, a glorious relationship with your own soul and those of others’. As I said in my lesson tonight, never fear being seen clear through as if you weren’t there. As a spiritual being you are an impenetrable, unfathomable mystery as well in that uniqueness God gave you, and in which no other being besides our Father, and Michael and I, can see your entire being, your complete personality and soul. You are utterly transparent to us, and so there is no shyness whatsoever required in feeling you are one with us. You are our magnificent sons and daughters, and we most humbly appreciate you. We only wish and hope–and tease–you to be this for yourselves and each other as well.

Student: Thank you, Mother, I appreciate your answers.

NEBADONIA: As I appreciate the questions. They allow me to shine a bit. (much laughter…) Michael and I do enjoy being luminous. (and more…) Be in my love.

Student: Yes, Mother. Thank you for that answer. It’s been seven years for me participating in all these remarkable transmissions, and it’s been quite a journey with all the circumstances I’ve put myself into, to allow myself to stretch. The idea of self-honesty is…I’ve been thinking about who we are, and what we’re going into…reading and watching on TV so many spiritual things: Deepak Chopra talking about his new book The Third Jesus…

What’s been so profound to me was what Michael said last time about praying to my own soul. That was really rich for me to hear; it really made an impression on me. It kind-of enlivened my own sense of who I am–my own wisdom and my own excitement in being me–my own enthusiasm. So: I just wished to acknowledge that, and await further adventures–discovering who I am.
I wrote something. You often hear about people “going postal”–hearing voices in their heads and going on a rampage killing everyone? So where is the discernment?–to think of the consequences, and know the voices have nothing to do with God? So I wrote down these words: Any circumstance, any abilities, any faith, any thought, word, emotion, or action that prompts a person to hurt, degrade, deceive, manipulate, abuse, maim, torture, dominate, ridicule, embarrass, humiliate, criticize, judge, demoralize, debase, dehumanize, kill or annihilate another, has noting to do with God’s will nor our true natures as expressions and individuations of His intention.

When we are discerning enough to be aware of such non-recognition of our basic natures of who we are; instead of denying or running away from–or indulging them, we could rest and be still and meditate, allowing the ground of our beings, our essence, our basic nature–which is always present–to be recognized and experienced and expressed; allowing the wisdom, love, and compassion–innate within us–to be. A person who is God-conscious could never conceive of such intents or actions, let alone carry them out. A person who is fully aware would recognize the inhumane-ness of such ideologies.

So these are thoughts that came to my head, came up from my soul these last few days. So: thank you.

 Evil (The nature of evil)

NEBADONIA: Thank you, my son. That was a good definition and iteration of the very loneliness and callousness of those persons who are so inclined to do all those terrible things to another. This is the essence of Jesus’ utterance as he was being tortured to death–remember, a very common practice of the day to discourage rebellion against Rome: Forgive them: they know not what they do. Human callousness is the epitome of that inner ability of denial that we‘ve mentioned, and which, like other human abilities, has almost no terrible limits. This has been expressed throughout human history from the really minor denial of some unhealthy but comfortable bad habit, all the way to that ultimate denial of oneself and the disposing of that self in some murderous/suicidal event. This is, in one very horrendous way, a proof of your free will, that an individual can be so unaware of their co-creation of their own reality, so totally possessed with just some small part of themselves–the epitome of partiality, if you will–their only desire is to annihilate all those others out there who seem to be causing their suffering. Their minds can become so warped as to erase any further possibility to grow out of this condition. That is a human ability that, in that strangely ironic, forgivable way, happens to people because they let it happen, because they are so deep into denial, so warped, that the personality is unknowingly creating its own reality–in which it feels it has no choice.

But this is also a mystery, because does any human being really choose to not choose, with any deep comprehension of what he or she is doing? This is the mystery of those individuals, my son, who do those things you mentioned. There are no beings in existence who are more consumed with fear and pain–physical agonies, mental disease, and spiritual isolation–and this is the other half of Jesus’ utterance: Forgive them. Let your heart go out to them, and offer them what they themselves cannot begin to conceive. I offer them my love, as I extend it to you. Be in my love.
Student: Hello, Mother–I know the hour is getting late but I wanted to ask you about the subject of health and medicine, and a book I’m working on, on the future of them. Is there anything you can say about this future? It’s at such a cross-roads right now. There are so many different models coming together and converging, like the old reductionism model, and then there’s spiritual healing, and faith healing, and Chinese medicine, and Native American medicine; all coming from different paradigms. But how do you think this all will… I mean, can you say anything that might be inspiring for both the author and myself? We’re in the final section of the book and is there anything we should do to tie up loose ends?

 Health (Spiritual necessities for good health)

NEBADONIA: Yes, my son. I don’t wish to sound like a broken record here and bring back a theme we have been emphasizing in almost every lesson, yet you are all co-creators of your personal reality that you experience as the whole universe surrounding you, as well as what’s inside: everything you perceive and conceive is partly you. And so we take the word responsibility and deliberately break it in half and tease you to embrace this notion of growing your ability to respond adequately to both what is inside you and what is outside. For it is only as each individual embraces this responsibility and begins to exercise their potential for free will, can they then choose that orientation Michael spoke of as his Spirit of Truth, that orientation towards all-inclusive totality, being open to try things, and open to the results. Then each individual, one at a time, can explore these realms you just mentioned, for the future is truly all of the above.

We once pointed out that even though it represents years and years of intense training and discipline, a commitment of a large piece of a person’s lifetime, still and all your athletes show you what is possible with the human body. Just so there have been individuals for thousands of years who, with a correct balance of body and mind and spirit, have lived way beyond what was the average lifespan of less enlightened persons of their day. The negative side of this is the observation that so much of your ill health these days stems from a failure to optimize this balance even while your advancing technology makes it more possible; i.e. living unbalanced through choices–lack of exercise, poor diet of terribly unhealthy–however yummy-tasting–foods, a spiritual inability to evaluate causes and results–insight.

Perhaps you could point out in your closing sections this notion of being truly scientifically-minded in trying experiments, then staying open and fresh as to results; being willing to be conscious of long held habits with an inner honesty that fully admits, say, I know within myself this is a terrible habit I keep choosing to do. As Michael invited you, open to truth about health irrespective of whether or not you will do it–that kind of freedom and inner transparency and honesty–to get around denial. Only in this way can individuals admit greater truth into themselves. Your are endowed with a potential for this freedom of will and choice, but you are extraordinarily conditioned by the very things that give meaning and value to your life–the way you were raised, the habits of your culture and place in the world. Does that truth seem to be a worthwhile adjutant to your book?

Student: Yes, it is. I’ll use that. Thank you very much. Thank you, Mother.

NEBADONIA: There is that marvelous media we keep pointing you at, to consider all the ways of life–exercise and diet–that are available now, all the world’s cultures there at the tap of a computer key. I commend you on your efforts. We suffer right along with our children in their ill health–all that terrible waste of potential. There came up one time a question of a future decimation of the world’s races, to which Michael and I could only reply: Look around. It’s happening. You’re in the middle of it. So many millions of your fellow planetary citizens are dying for lack of good food and shelter, even clean water; so many others living stunted lives within their economically available choices. So be in my love. Keep up the good work.

Student: I don’t have any questions. Thank you for everything this evening. I really appreciated it.

NEBADONIA: Thank you, my daughter. However much to Michael and I you are transparent–full beyond your own knowledge yet…(much laughter)…we do appreciate it when you turn around within yourself and say–Hello–from your own unfathomable personalities. We do love you so.

 (Merry Christmas)

So, my children: Merry Christmas! Many joyous tidings to every way that every human being holds dear on this dear world of yours. All those beliefs come our way. We are a part of them, and they are all a part of us. We all have one Father. Michael sends you his peace, for as you rest in him, that is the doorway to your soul. As you rest in him, so you invite your own soul to come forth. As you rest in him and feel your soul swelling forth, so too you are allowing its co-author, the presence of God within you, to come forth and keep you company. I enjoy being part of the awareness which you are right now. I feel your love and I invite you to feel mine. We go forward together. Good evening.

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