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NID819- Heart

No Idaho #819


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Heart
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan, Thea
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Heart
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan, Thea
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


CHARLES:   [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am Charles and it is a pleasure to interject some thoughts into this mornings class as you so allow. Let’s consider the whole notion and topic this morning of authority and how this impacts the human experience. Let’s all pause to consider the many different ways in which individuals of the realm become studied and proficient and then are considered to be knowledgeable, perhaps even expert in their realm and how such a condition of being considered an authority in any avenue brings with it a great weight because everyone wants to be informed, everyone wants to be knowledgeable and in the possession of awareness and so when other individuals who are considered to be knowledgeable and expert impart their perspective to us, it is then perceived that it is incumbent upon us to embrace this vantage point because they are in fact, more versed and more skilled in their perspective than you are in yours or at least that is the model of operation under which the society at large functions.

There are those who are in the know, those who are well versed experts and there are the rest, everyone else, who somehow seeks what these empowered individuals have to share. While these individuals may in fact possess the most current, the most up to date, the most complete knowledge about the realms over which they are presiding, it is nevertheless true that their areas of expertise are likewise necessarily compromised, and by this I mean, that in order to pursue thorough knowledge as let’s say a scientist, there becomes ingrained the pattern of science and science is looked at to answer every question and be responsible for the ultimate in authority over all that it perceives to have jurisdiction over.

There are many great and good scientists who have firm grasp on all that science has to offer and feel as though they have a stance in which they view the world and their field provides enough answers for them to be at peace. But this field of science pertains to only one of the aspects of a spiritual mortal being, that is the avenue of mind and while it is able to satisfy the requirements of mind, while it is able to fill in the blanks in scientific understandable quantitative terms which brings peace of mind to these individuals, the picture is necessarily incomplete because it does not take into account the other aspects or all aspects of a mortal beings existence.

Not all factors can be explained by science, there are many unseen and unknown aspects to the human condition which are variables in the equation which are present in the total example of the mortal of the realm. These different aspects of the material being are under other professionals jurisdictions. The spiritual component is relegated to the churches, the preachers, the synagogues, the realm of religion and spirit and the condition of the body may very well be relegated to those fitness professionals who can tell you how to make the most out of the physical condition.

All these pursuits have experts in their field which are indeed quite knowledgeable about how their aspect of life works and what factors may come to condition this aspect. But the more you learn and grow as a mortal of the realm, the more you understand that you are in fact a composite being. There is a side of you which may be developed for each of these three aspects of a being. Certainly there is the physical body which must be tended to and has fairly observable and strict guidelines over its use and condition and state of health.

There are aspects of your health which are drawn into the realm of mind when you visit your health professionals and they are utilizing science and observable phenomenon to inform you on their best ideas and perspective for what one should do to promote health. Then there are those spiritual gurus who will inform you that so much of your health is in fact conditioned by your spiritual aspect which takes in more of the complete picture.

I offer these examples this morning for your consideration so that you may see the impact that a professional has when they offer their best insights into whatever it is they are proficient at and their best insights are derived from their efforts at becoming proficient in their field. All this is good and worthy. When your car breaks down, you want an individual who is a proficient mechanic to be able to know what you need and offer you the correct solution.

When you have troubles with your physical vehicle, you run to the mechanic called the doctor and ask them, with the symptoms and conditions that you observe, what should you do? They will offer their best advice. When you go to the priest and say you have a burden on your soul, they will offer you their best advice. When you go to the gym, they will tell you what to do to condition your various sets of muscles.

And all these are to you, a wide variety of perspectives and suggestions but it is up to you as an individual to embrace and adopt and assimilate the aspects which you see are beneficial for your condition because, as was mentioned, you are a unique individual in all these capacities and there will be a special combination that is required for you at your station. And so, while you seek the counsel of those in authority, be ever willing to make your own assessments based upon how these suggestions enter into your being.

Certainly, all these professionals are doing their best in trying to help. It is not as though any of them believe that they are engaging in any deception or have any evil intent on your behalf. They are trying to help, they are offering the best that they have to give. These many books that you read are offering these different perspectives and for some, these perspectives will ring true and be ultimately valid and others will not find that they fit into the totality of the being that they are at that time.

But it is always good and well to consider the impact that these professionals whose counsel you seek have over you and upon you and to consider that when you, as individuals, seek with authority, likewise you wield great potential and power over others who may be seeking your counsel. Likewise for you, it is incumbent upon you to offer your very best, your very highest understanding, your keenest perception, your best perspective and in so doing to realize that just as you are impacted by the counsel of others, some will be impacted by your counsel as well. So it is incumbent upon you to make it your best, to offer only that which will be helpful.

As you may have noticed, there is a general approach among those of us you call teachers on the other side, and that is to do no harm first, which is part of the physicians creed, to offer that which will promote and be healthy rather than to use any energy whatsoever to promote that which is unhealthy, unhelpful, discouraging or can create fear. We tend to avoid such expressions at all cost because they carry so much weight and are so significant that we choose not to empower them. Rather, we will always choose to bring the light, to shine the love and spring forward those elements which would promote goodness and beauty and to illustrate truth in its best light.

This is one of the criticisms leveled towards professionals, that when a professional gives you a decree, it is not necessarily empowering to the individual, but rather empowering to the professional. Mind that this stance is not one that you undertake if at all possible. Beware that all exchanges may be perceived as either empowering or debilitating and that the best you can do as a fellow and individual amongst your brothers is to be a source of empowerment, a source of enlightenment, a source of love and peace.

This is what the human soul craves most, this empowering from others, this helpful hand instead of authoritative decree. I hope this illustration has enabled you to see both the benefits and the hazards of both accepting and offering yourselves in the capacity of professionals or master over anything. Those conclude my remarks here this morning, I am going to remain in attendance should there be dialog. I send my best wishes to you all.

LIGHT:   [Cathy] I am enchanted with the picture presented of your group in the light. Each of you brings a vibration, a shade to the total. If you will believe in your capacity to focus and enhance this light we can play with it together. All things respond to spirit and light. Their capacity and awareness can be enhanced and focused. Light brings effective action when it it applied with intention. I am waiting for you to decide to join me.

JONATHAN:   [Mark] Good morning friends, Jonathan here. I will chime in and speak a little bit about the ever rising capacity around the human condition. It is easy to look at the history of mortals on this world and to see that there has been a steady progression of advancement of individuals of the realm. But what I would have fun pointing out to you this morning is that at each stair on the staircase of humanity there have been those who rose to that level, made discoveries, were proficient and expert in their field and caused all of humanity to rise up by one step. At that level, at that benchmark which humanity finds themselves, everyone will eventually catch up an agree with the assessment and the accomplishment of those authority figures.

But while they were making their discoveries and increasing the overall awareness, they were necessarily outside the realm of current wisdom and understanding, going beyond that realm to make additional discoveries which then caused all of current belief and understanding to undergo the change to have to accept the new paradigm of truth and reality as explored by those individuals. One by one, theory, knowledge and science have all been advanced by those individuals who were told what the limits of perception were at the time, who were told that the earth was flat or that all the universe revolved around the earth or that there could be a mysterious force which moved through electrical conduits and could be transferred from one location to another known as electricity.

All of these were at one time beyond the realm, beyond the capacity of understanding and then, the edges of this capacity were breached and further discoveries were made by those who would not accept the laws of current limitation and who would move beyond these laws and in so doing would discover that which was outside the realm.

So I encourage you all to look at your social level of awareness and understand that this repeating pattern goes on throughout the construct of mortal existence. We rise to a level of awareness, we occupy that level for some time until someone discovers a new level of awareness and then the entire social structure has to undergo this point of acceptance and move to this new dimension. I offer you the examples in your current day of computers, cell phones, now smart phones and so on where a new level of awareness keeps being reached and then the consciousness of everyone has to catch up with what is now possible, what is now accepted, what is now normal.

This same paradigm goes on in all fields be it medicine, technology, even spiritual awareness. Benchmark after benchmark, step after step on the long scale, we rise, we occupy that position until another step appears before us to take. Then, we move to that next step and it appears that it is normal and natural, a mere course of activity. But at each one of these benchmarks it may have been perceived that you were at the limit, the very end of all that was possible, only to discover there’s merely another step right next to you.

So I offer you this perspective in your discussion this morning, that you are on route to greater and greater understandings, to greater capacities, each one rising next to you as the next step and each one requiring that you sort out and accommodate this new and next level. Those who embrace these steps as simply more of the same pattern will have an easier go. Those who see these steps as a massive change where one has to leave a comfortable and friendly paradigm to move to another will experience these changes as difficult and as an obstruction.

So I encourage you all to simply be looking for the next step to pop up next to you, the next opportunity to climb to the next level of awareness because that is the glory of the plan. There is always more to be undertaken should you show yourself in readiness to do so. The fact that we are here this morning having this discussion illustrates the use of many of these steps we have taken before us which now we regard as normal and natural but which have become, each one, in time and with the application of our efforts to rise to the occasion.

I look forward to seeing what the next steps are for us all in this great staircase of ascension. For now I am quite content to hang out with you on this step and become comfortable in this paradigm for as long as it takes, for as much as we need to be gathered here and then no doubt, we will be presented with the next step and the opportunity to take it. So be it, it is my pleasure to have this experience along side you. I bid you all have a wonderful week ahead, good day.


THEA:  [Cathy] I am also in attendance today as a visitor. It is my pleasure to witness this process from a different perspective as I become accustomed to be in a position of learning what the process really involves. We have accomplished much and there is great potential remaining that we have just approached. You have the opportunity to experiment and be creative. Take advantage of this limited opportunity. The time you have can be fantastic beyond your comprehension. Follow your leading and dare to step out of your comfort zone. I am so excited by the opportunity we have together.

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