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CWM76 – Afterlife; Preparations Needed for Catastrophes; Fear

2013-05-31  Afterlife; Preparations Needed for Catastrophes; Fear
– May 31, 2013

Conversations with Monjoronson #76

Teacher: Charles, a Mighty Messenger, standing in for Monjoronson

Triumvirate in conference, preparing for an event
Questions of conscious awareness more engaging
How do we know we are accepted into the afterlife?
Your perception of reality stays with you
Reasons for the incarnation of Jesus
When will we become of greater service?
Awakening on the mansion worlds
Progress update on the borderland souls
Genetic programming on visits from Avonal Son and incarnate beings
Preparation for natural catastrophes
Live in the “now” with gratitude
Hearing trumpets with dispensations
Exchanging your mind for the mind of Jesus
What constitutes “normal mindedness?”
Closing words by Charles on fear

TR: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Michael McCray

May 31, 2013

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Michael, Nebadonia, we thank you for the chance to meet again with our Avonal Son and his staff. We thank you for our lives and our ability to use them in your service and in service to others. Amen.

CHARLES: Good morning, this is Charles.

Group: Good morning and welcome back!

CHARLES: Our Avonal Son, Monjoronson, is away at this time; he is in conference with Machiventa and Christ Michael. Nebadonia is in presence here with us, so let us begin. Do you have questions?

MMc: Yes. Before we start our questions, do you have anything that you would like to share with us today?

Triumvirate in conference, preparing for an event

CHARLES: Yes, only very, very briefly, is the conferencing of the Triumvirate is in session to prepare Nebadon and the various headquarters of Nebadon with the events that will transpire on Urantia before too very long. That will be both a “sweet and sour” note, but one that must be anticipated and prepared for, rather than being surprised. I apologize for the indefinite nature of that statement, but you as observers, I share this with you because eventually you will be listening to the universal broadcasts and the subsection broadcasts from Nebadon, and you will become aware of what is happening in the various areas of Nebadon and so I am striving to provide that function to you at this time.

Even as nebulous as these statements may seem, they alert you and make you aware that the goings on of the local universe are common to everyone, and the lower in the developmental stage as you are in—the material and morontial states—the less specific you become aware of [as to] what is happening in other sections of Nebadon. It is important that you begin to realize that you are one of a very large family, and that though you are one of many billions of beings in Nebadon, you have an influence on it through your awareness, your consciousness and how you see yourself fit into that larger scheme. This will assist you to far better understand your ascendant career as a mortal and as a morontial being. Thank you.

MMc: Thank you! The questions I bring you today are from audience members. All of them have asked me to thank you for your insights and for the work you and Monjoronson and the rest of his staff are doing during the Correcting Time. Thank you all.

Questions of conscious awareness more engaging

CHARLES: Those sentiments are deeply appreciated. We on this side feel that our audience has matured greatly and have matured to a large degree to engage questions with a conscious awareness of how they fit into the larger scheme of their own lives, and the beings of Urantia and Nebadon. Only occasionally do we see curiosity questions; what we are seeing more frequently are meaningful, thoughtful, inquisitive questions that evolve from the art of inquiry.

How do we know we are accepted into the afterlife?

MMc: An audience member was volunteering at a nursing home. In a conversation with a Jewish man about God and the afterlife, he asked her, “How do we know we are accepted?” Would you be able to answer that for him?

CHARLES: The question takes me aback a bit, as it stems from the opinion or the position that you are not accepted, that anyone would be not accepted. You must realize that the benevolence of God is universal, meaning that everyone is accepted, everyone has a plan of life that can be developed, except in those individuals who have rejected that plan and for those individuals who further are absent of their Thought Adjuster. God, Christ Michael and Monjoronson and Machiventa, for example, are completely accepting of everyone on Urantia—there are no exceptions.

There is always hope for individuals who have rejected God, and even for those individuals who are absent of their Thought Adjuster, who inexplicably may come to awareness that there is something more than themselves in the universe. There is no rejection from God; there is no rejection from God’s hierarchy of personalities. Rejection that individuals feel is a reflection of their own guilt and feelings of unworthiness of being so unconditionally accepted. This, unfortunately, is a long-term carryover from the genetic, ingrained feelings of abandonment that occurred long ago at the beginnings of the rebellion and the abandonment by the Adam and Eve couple, and by the crucifixion of Jesus/Christ Michael. Though the crucifixion of Jesus was not of his doing, children always feel abandonment when the parent leaves, whether it is through death or divorce or through the violent death of their beloved spiritual parent. I imagine that this is far more answer than the one who asked the question was prepared for, but this is the most thorough answer I can prepare for you.

MMc: Thank you, Charles. I’ve seen this same type of question come up many times from people that attend church and those who don’t, [and] at troubling events, the fear that whatever they’ve done in their life isn’t enough if they believe in God, or I think it actually causes people to reject God also because they feel that there is no way of knowing whether they are accepted. So, this feeling is prevalent on Urantia, much more prevalent than it should be.

CHARLES: Yes, in fact it not only hampers, but cripples individuals spiritually from becoming more active in their state of being, and to become more of what has been designed for them in their life. The act of rejection is one that is in the control of the individual, and it is a reaction to their own feelings. This is most unfortunate, as the individual does not appreciate the true acceptance and love that their spiritual parents and associates have for them. Rejection is an act of desperation [from not being able] to control their situation. It is the opposite of what is desired from us. Acceptance of the love of God and God’s hierarchy of light into the ascendant family of God is the beginning of them empowering the development of their ascendant career, to begin to ask questions of why they are here, and what it is they are to do and to become. Rejection is a childlike reaction to their own misinterpretation of the actual loving situation in the universe.

Your perception of reality stays with you

MMc: Separate question: To what extent does our Urantian perception forge our reality when we graduate?

CHARLES: Tremendously. Your perception of the reality here will carry with you after your resurrection, your recombination of your whole being in the morontial realm. You will, in many ways, continue to think and speak in ways that reflect the reality that you had here in your mortal lifetime. However, you will be almost immediately confronted with the reality of the morontial realm, which will be greatly at odds with your misperceptions of your mortal existence and you will need to reconcile that. In these immediate moments that this comes to your mind, your guardian and your Thought Adjuster will be highly influential for you to reframe your mortal existence into your morontial existence, and you will be almost quite literally handed in your mind a toolbox of essential reality checks to assist you make the leap to understanding your new morontial reality.

Only those who have hardened hearts, who have rejected God and rejected the benevolence of the universe with immense emotional energy in the mortal realm will continue on with their personal rebellion. These individuals will take more time. You see, even an individual who rejects God, still has in mind the concept of God. Only those individuals who are adamantly adhering to the universe with the absence of God—stalwart atheists, as you might say—are the hardest and most difficult to deal with. They often are the ones from Urantia who reject the totality of the ascendant career and quite obdurately and obstinately reject the ascendant plan and reject their own existence and choose to obliterate their existence from the records of themselves in the universe, to become as though they never were.

Yes, the beginning of a successful morontial career, a jumpstart to your morontial career is to realize that you are loved, that you are accepted, you have meaning, you have a purpose in your mortal career and your ascendant career to the Corps of Finality, and even beyond, and that now, literally now, is the time to reframe your life in terms of that much larger perspective. This will make the remainder of your mortal career an adventure of discovery and prepare the way for the opening of many new avenues of growth in your morontial career.

MMc: Is the reason our beloved Master toiled to have us build faith, so that more of us graduated from Urantia directly to the mansion worlds?

CHARLES: Would you reframe that question, please? The question involves the word “toil” and faith?

Reasons for the incarnation of Jesus

MMc: Yes. Jesus worked to have us build faith in the Father. Is this so more of us would graduate from Urantia directly to the mansion worlds?

CHARLES: Yes, this is one of the reasons for his incarnation. Remember, in paraphrase form he told you, “He who has seen me, has seen God.” His presence here was for that generation, all future generations of Urantia and for all other inhabited planets of Nebadon. His presence here was multi-faceted, as has been mentioned in The Urantia Book, it was the final completion of his own seven bestowals that had a purpose for his life, it had a purpose for this planet, and it had a purpose for each individual in that generation and generations to come.

It was not only belief in God, or faith that God is present but also to be of personal assistance to each individual. The trust that God is here and is active in your life was demonstrated through the life of Jesus, and further to those individuals who have awakened to the presence of God in their life, a God-experience as you might say, is to KNOW that God exists, and not only exists but has an intimate and personal relationship with each of you, and is more powerfully integrated into your life when you come to know God and allow God to work co-creatively with you in your life. Christ Michael as Jesus was in preparation for the Correcting Time and the revelations that would precede it. It was in preparation for developing the more deeply involved co-creative program with each of you, so that you would not only have faith, belief, [and] trust but knowing, of having the experience of being with God and God being with you. Christ Michael’s life as Jesus allowed that “knowing” to occur to those who met him. Through the transcripts within The Urantia Book you have the feeling of “awakening” of the “knowing” of individuals who had met Jesus, that he was/is the Son of God, and that this literal enlightenment within that person was the awakening of that intimate relationship far beyond faith. Yes, that was the purpose that is to develop faith, which is the beginning of a personal relationship with Christ Michael and with each of your Thought Adjusters.

When will we become of greater service?

MMc: I believe you’ve answered the next question, but I’d like to ask it anyway to see if you have further comment. Will we, who are believers, be more immediately of service to our contemporaries and to those who give us our assignments, once we graduate?

CHARLES: No, you will not. You are to become of greater assistance now when you become believers and trust and know that what your life is about, and who your life is invested with; you must become more relevant to your fellow brothers and sisters now in this lifetime. You, in your morontial career, may become invited, or you may apply to be of assistance as a celestial teacher, after you have enough acumen in your morontial career to fulfill that. This is the answer to your question, unless I have missed your question altogether.

MMc: No, that is exactly… you’ve given me a very good answer; thank you.

Awakening on the mansion worlds

On reaching the mansion worlds, does reality shift a bit for those who have not believed while here on Urantia?

CHARLES: Yes, it will be quite an awakening. As we have said earlier today, those people who are open to suggestion, or who have an open mind, will be awakened to that awareness very quickly. Only those who use the shield of denial or rejection are more difficult to reach. Some hold firmly to their rejection, even knowing they are wrong. It is most unfortunate and it echoes so many similarities to the miscreants of the rebellion, who even after having proven that they were in error, they rejected the benevolence of God and choose the route of not having any existence at all. You know, in your own life, that an open mind is essential to greater awareness. A curious mind is always the mind that is most available to us to influence. A person who can think in terms of “what if,” and open to suggestion is far more easily influenced in their mortal and morontial life. As we have said, the beginnings of your ascendant career begin now. You are the managers of your thinking, and we continue to say, “Do not believe everything you think!”

Many of you hold firmly to your beliefs as being “true,” as being ultimately irrefutable. You will have the greatest difficulty coming into greater universal awareness of what is true and what is not in your morontial career. Some of you hide your curiosity and your “what if” scenarios deeply within your mind. Of course, we know where those are, and we know who holds those in their mind that way, and so we will address you directly when you come to the morontial career. We take every opportunity to work for success, to work for positive outcomes; we do not crash the gates of your consciousness to break you out of your cocoon, but we must set the right environment for you to willingly come forth out of your sleep of consciousness to accept your new reality and embrace it and engage it and empower yourself for growth.

Progress update on the borderland souls

MMc: What progress has been made in releasing the lost souls, those in the borderlands, to the mansion worlds?

CHARLES: We have made immense progress. If you use your adept mind to search your environments, you will find that there are fewer individuals who are recalcitrant and rejecting. There are fundamentally two remaining populations now in the borderland, those individuals who are benevolent, who are wandering around without a clue as to where they are, or what this is all about, and who cause no harm to anyone. There are those who fight with tooth and claw to reject our approach, who have consciously made the decision to remain there. Those who have had any thought of other ultimate realities have been approached and have chosen to reject it fully, or who have accepted the invitation.

MMc: What happens eventually to those souls trapped in the borderland that don’t “get it,” where we know Father is not willing that even one soul should perish?

CHARLES: Yes, you are correct, as we are under direction not to crash the gates of consciousness and not to break our vow to respect the sovereign decisions of individuals. Those individuals will remain even past the dispensations, until the time when in the days of light and life, their presence can no longer be tolerated, they will be transported to the morontial realm, where they will be confronted with the decision to investigate the light, or reject it totally. It is our wish not to become further involved in the topics of the borderland for those who hold only a curiosity for that reality. We are most willing to engage those individuals who are willing to assist us in projecting their consciousness in contacting those individuals in the borderland, to be of assistance to them directly, to help them personally to cross over to the light. The aspect of curiosity questions as bystanders who ask these questions interferes in the developmental and evolutionary conduct of the borderland to be eventually integrated into this mortal and morontial reality. It is rather like someone splashing around in the water at the beach, while earnest fishermen strive to catch those elusive ones in the depths of the water, to bring them into a new sanctuary. Paddling about in their realm of consciousness does no one any good from a position of curiosity. Only those who are earnest in their willingness to assist us in assisting those in the borderland to cross over are invited to ask further questions.

Genetic programming on visits from Avonal Son and incarnate beings

MMc: Monjoronson said to me back in Conversations with Monjoronson #66, that we are genetically programmed to look forward to universe and Avonal Sons visiting us. An audience member asks, “ Are we also programmed to associate those visits with natural catastrophes and wars, or do we do so because this is a recurrent religious theme?”

CHARLES: You are programmed to be aware of visiting Avonal Sons and those who become incarnate, and those who visit without becoming incarnate. It is a preparation to make a decision to receive those individuals and to be of assistance, and to rejoin with your family. The aspect of cataclysms and so on are ingrained in your genetic horizons through fear and through actual events to your ancestral heritage in the past. You are not programmed for fear by your spiritual parents; you are programmed by fear through the biologic necessity of survival. It has also become ingrained in you through your interpretations of disappointing or hurtful events around you, which may not affect your survival. Your genetic makeup is programmable by you in this generation, which will have an effect upon future generations, just as antecedent generations have had an effect upon you now. You, as a parent, can have a tremendously positive influence upon your children-to-be, those who have yet to be born, and in fact, you have a huge impact upon your children as they live now. Your children are in ways reflections of yourself; they contain one half of your DNA and one half of your partner’s DNA, and so you have a reflective influence upon them.

I have gone far deeper into answering your question than you asked. Please ask further if this does not address your immediate concerns.

MMc: No, you have spoken to our understanding of how our genetic pre-programming works. You understand that the fact that we can change our genetic preprogramming, or we can change our genetics, is not well accepted in the scientific community and so whenever you speak of this situation it helps us remember that we do have a positive influence on our genetics, and therefore a positive influence on our children, if we decide to use it.

CHARLES: That is correct.

Preparation for natural catastrophes

MMc: Is there an appropriate response to these natural catastrophes that you would suggest?

CHARLES: Yes, of course, and this is to reiterate what we have suggested in the past and that is to live now and prepare for the future. You must prepare for the future, both as a material being and spiritual being. As a mortal you may choose to move to higher ground—literately, if you live on the beach of some states or areas—and to prepare materially for any material or physical catastrophes, and those would include economic catastrophes. The catastrophes you must naturally prepare for is for your immediate physical safety, and secondly, for your longer-term existence. As we have mentioned quite early on in these sessions with Monjoronson, it is the distribution system that maintains your existence that will be highly disrupted, and that you would be wise to put away some food stuffs that have a long-term shelf-life—dried goods, canned goods, and so on.

What most of you will forget about are those minor essentials, which you take for granted, such as salt, such as some fundamental medications and first aid needs. You use them almost every day and you do not think about them. Many of you are completely unaware of the needs you have now and taken for granted, that you can go to the emergency room, whether for the sniffles or for a stubbed toe; these will change dramatically in the future. I will be candid with you and state that you will perhaps, when this begins, have approximately three years of tremendous disruption in your society at almost all levels. Most of you—almost all of you—are unprepared for a three-year duration. We are not suggesting that you salt yourself away in some mine for three years before coming out to daylight; that would be quite ridiculous as well and you would learn nothing from what is occurring around you, and you will as well be ill-prepared for what is to take place, or what is taking place.

Yes, there are some natural things to do, and that is to also think in spiritual terms, and to know that you are in the presence of God. Some of you will, yes, become victims of what occurs around you. When the earth quakes, even God-believing people die when the building crashes upon them. Not everyone will be in the right time, at the right place, but when you are well prepared spiritually, you will know that you will be in the right place at the right time. Those will cross over to the morontial realm 3 days, rather than waiting for the next dispensation. Your spiritual preparations are for your physical and your spiritual, emotional and mental preparations to live in the “now,” to appreciate what you have now, to be thankful for what has been given to you, and to be in awareness that you are beloved and cared for. You are a member of God’s family and some of you will be “home” early, while some of you will be here longer.

Your placement is a matter of personal decision, even when our influence to bid you to move has been rejected. It is not necessary that everyone leave places of danger, as you have seen so clearly in the Midwest, that when tornadoes arrive, not everyone is killed, not everyone is directly affected, but everyone is eventually deeply affected by what has happened around them. When you live in fear, you take away your capacity to be prepared, when you are not living in the now. Even some of you who are deeply loving of God and Christ Michael, shake in your emotional boots at the prospects of what is to come. We wish you to wake up and smell the roses and to live in the “now” by beginning your mantra of gratitude.

MMc: Roxie, do you have any questions for us today?

Roxie: Yes. Charles, on the subject that you were just discussing about preparations, so many citizens are expecting social unrest and anarchy that they are buying up arms and ammunition for protection from the hoards of people that do not prepare. Do you see that having weapons is necessary for our preparation, or are they just being overly exaggerated by fear?

CHARLES: We do not anticipate anarchy; we do anticipate that in core areas of major metropolitan areas that there will be absolute social breakdown and civil breakdown, and that there will be states of martial law existent in those areas. We do not anticipate widespread anarchy, as there are many people—even those who are not believers, who are truly anticipating that there is going to be a huge change in their culture, and I use the word “culture” to engage the total umbrella of social existence of societies. These people will not engage those violent areas. There will be a highly distressful area around those areas of total social collapse, which will be in jeopardy. Those areas will be fraught with fatal confrontations between those of peace and those who are hostile.

We wish to state this: that there is a broad population of individuals, whole cultures within your society, which are asleep, and who have a numb perspective on what is happening around them, even now, that when they see violence in front of them they do not react, they just continue to be numb and ignore the obvious. This will not suffice for them to survive as individuals most immediately, when they see these horrendous events [to] make a decision of how to behave, whether that is to run or to eliminate the violence in front of them. Some people will not act rather than to protect themselves or preserve their survival. Such peacefulness is highly evolved but inappropriate for survival situations, and [we] anticipate the loss of many peaceful individuals who fail to react appropriately.

Remember, you live on a highly un-evolved world and that there are human beings who are deeply animalistic in behavior and thinking in their existence. Good people will need to react appropriately without guilt for their actions, in order to preserve themselves. These times will not be easy for those in that band around the violence in the inner cities. This will be very, very difficult and very destructive. The paranoia that you indicate through the perceived necessity of owning weapons is not healthy, as it too will skew the thinking and perceptions of what individuals observe, as many will over-react, or not react appropriately. This, too, will be most unfortunate in those cases and there will be many of those. There will, however, be many areas within this and other nations that will be completely unscathed or unaffected by what is occurring on the larger horizon of this world and their societies.

Live in the “now” with gratitude

Your gratefulness now, your gratitude now, is something that you will/can project into the future, as your gratefulness begins to form the reality that you will have around you now and in you in the future, in whatever circumstance. This is the nature of how the universe works. [If] the begetting, the arranging of that which you perceive now [is] your fear of people confronting you at your front door, wishing to take what you have, then you perhaps will have that confrontation. If you live in gratitude for your situation now, and know that you will be in the right place at the right time in the future, that is the most likely development that will occur. This is how the universe works, my friends. Your consciousness forms what comes to you now and in the future. It is not magic; it is simply what the quantum field makes available to you. You, as mind, as consciousness form that quantum field for your presence now and in the future. The quantum field of the universe only obeys what you feed it.

Roxie: Thank you, that was very interesting and extremely helpful.

Hearing trumpets with dispensations

Last time, Monjoronson said, “The only time you will hear trumpets is when there is a dispensation and you are awakened and you realize that there is a new way to believe.” Is the hearing of trumpets to be taken literally, or just within the mind like an “ah-ha?”

CHARLES: It is meant literally on the spiritual level, and metaphorically on this material level. Sleeping souls will hear the trumpets and will awaken and arise and come forward. Those of you who are attuned at the lower levels of the morontial existence now, will actually hear those trumpets as well. They will not be literal as a trumpet in your room being played, but you will hear them on the morontial level within your mind.

Roxie: Could you shed some more light on the subject of dispensations? It is my understanding that Monjoronson will be performing several dispensations. Some may not affect us as mortals, but I think there is a lot of confusion about the subject of dispensations. Could you enlighten us a little, please?

CHARLES: (Heavy sigh.) No, I cannot enlighten you any further, as this is, to answer your question, provided on a need-to-know basis. Discussing this is very similar to discussing issues of the borderland: It is curiosity based only, it concerns an issue you will have no effect upon, that you cannot thoroughly understand or fully understand now, and do not have a full appreciation or awareness or capacity to understand when dispensations are needed, or how they occur, or when they occur. I apologize for the abruptness of this answer, but it is a question that a child may ask of a parent of some deep philosophical question, which will have no effect upon the life of the parent or the child. This is not a condescending perspective on our part at all, but we wish you to only address those issues that you can affect and effect capably in your life. I will be glad to answer further questions regarding this, if you have them.

Exchanging your mind for the mind of Jesus

Roxie: On a different subject, The Urantia Book says, “If your own mind does not serve you well, you can exchange it for the mind of Jesus of Nazareth, who always serves you well.” Can you please explain what the process is for this? Is it to be taken literally, or not?

CHARLES: Yes, it is to be taken quite literally. It is most useful in one of those situations—and it could be used even to answer your last question—when you sit with your elbows on your knees and your chin in the cup of your hands, when you are in bewilderment about what to do, or what to know, or how to respond to some situation, just completely not knowing how to proceed, that is when you would say, “Dear Jesus, I ask you to come into my mind and provide me with the capacity of your understanding to help me through this situation, to understand more fully, to make me capable in responding to it.” That is as graphic as I can make it for you, dear.

Roxie: So, it’s based then on individual circumstances at the time and not a wholesale change in the mind?

CHARLES: Yes, to the former part of your question, yes. It is individual, it is circumstantial, it is meant for you to have assistance to understand a situation that you can grow through so you can be successful. Some of you have taken this to act as a massive replacement of your own mind, which is not the intention that Jesus or The Urantia Book stated, because then you would fail to learn, and you become incapable of fully engaging or having the Christ Mind occupy your mindal activities in any circumstance.

What constitutes “normal mindedness?”

Roxie: My son and I were having a conversation recently about the subject of what constitutes mortal “normal mindedness,” in relation to our eternal careers. Can you explain more about normal mindedness in relation to when people have brain dysfunction due to accidents or surgery, or just because they are born that way?

CHARLES: I would like to parse out the particulars of your question as it is multi-faceted, and it is not as simple as you may perceive. First of all, there is an oxymoron involved with the word, “normal mind,” as the mind of mortals on Urantia is not normal. (Much laughter.) The normal mind of mortals in the 21st Century and the American society and culture is fraught with materialism, paranoia, fear and personal doubt. The complexity of your question needs to be re-framed then. Would you care to re-frame the latter portion of your question, please? If you do not, then we can suffice with these answers, or continue to another topic.

Roxie: How do the accidents of time that cause brain injuries, or problems with people being born with brains that are not normal in function…

CHARLES: Please stop with that. I apologize for being so direct, but let’s take one piece at a time. The normal mind, as we perceive it, is a mind that can make moral decisions—that is the baseline. The mind that has the capacity of making moral decisions is a mind that we can work with. Now proceed.

Roxie: What about people that had normal minds, but then suffered some sort of traumatic brain injury that keeps them from being able to make moral decisions after that?

CHARLES: Then in that individual, the Thought Adjuster is free to leave the mind mechanism, after an estimation of the potential of the mind to recover for later moral decision-making. It is extremely rare that a Thought Adjuster will leave that mind and later the mind becomes capable of moral decision-making, whereupon that Thought Adjuster would return, resident to that mind mechanism. Those individuals who were born with brain damage, which causes the mind not to fully develop, with the capacity to make moral decisions, these individuals are not invested with a Thought Adjuster. Or, at the time of that injury, the Thought Adjuster leaves that mind mechanism. Some minds in the fetus are not developed sufficiently for the residence of the Thought Adjuster in the eventuality of their growth.

You are taught, you have read that the Thought Adjuster arrives with the first moral decision. What you do not know is that the Thought Adjuster has a non-residence association with that mind mechanism upon the inception of life. This association assists the mind mechanism to develop in a way to receive the Thought Adjuster. An individual who is fully adult and who has had an active mind and so on, who has an accident, and whose brain is injured and mind mechanism is no longer functional, then the Thought Adjuster takes leave of its residency there. The constituent parts available for the resurrection of that individual on the morontial resurrection halls will become available when the person fully passes from this realm. The guardian does not leave that individual throughout the duration of their life, but remains with them in a caretaker position to be the recipient of any communications, either up or down, from the individual or from the morontial connections to the individual. There is always held out that ultimate hope for completion of the individual’s life, and provisions are made for that.

Roxie: Thank you. That gives me a lot to think about. That’s all the questions I have for now. Thank you very much, Charles.

CHARLES: You are most welcome.

MMc: Yes, thank you, Charles. We are somewhat over an hour today; we’ve had a very good session with you, Charles. I wonder if you have some closing words for us today?

Closing words by Charles on fear

CHARLES: Yes. As you review the continuum of belief that begins with hope, progresses to faith, belief, trust and knowing, you must realize that fear is a subset of the belief mechanisms, and that you determine its level of importance in your schema of beliefs. Where in that schema does fear hold its resident place? Is it primary? Or is it further down in your lineage of beliefs? If it is primary to your belief structure, then you will have tremendous difficulty, as you have had in days past, today and in the future. Fear is projection into the future from past interpretations of situations that have been included in your life. For some of you, fear has had no ultimate reality—existent reality—other than your interpretation of your life or the life of others.

You, in fact, are living a fiction when you believe from a base of interpreted fear. This is highly unproductive. If you do have fears, then we ask you to write them down on a list and refer to them to a prior existent event in your life that points to that, that you can interpret from direct personal experience, the foundations for your fears. You will find, if you are diligent in doing so, that many of your fears are resident from interpretations of your observations of others around you and actually have no place in your life whatsoever. Your chore, for those who hold real fears, is to prepare yourself now for overcoming the potential of those fearful situations in the future. You will find that you can take these separations in your mind and be adequately prepared.

Phase two: Your fears are interpretations of potential situations, which may or may not occur in the future. Thus in fact, many of your fears of the future will have less than a 1:20 chance of occurring and it is far more powerful for you to work in the realm of hope, and the beliefs of operable good and beneficence and benevolence in your life, than out of fear. You do far more to assist your future by living in good faith now, and hope, and trust than you can through your biased interpretations, which may or may not occur in the future. Always know that you are loved, that you are accepted, and that you are a member of God’s family, and that you are well taken care of according to your own beliefs and trust in your life, and the life of the spiritual realm around you. We here, in the Correcting Time, offer you the opportunity to assist us in bringing about a positive future. You can, and many of you are, doing that right now, and for that we give great gratitude. Thank you and good day.

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