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CWM77 – Earth Problems; Energy Systems; Psychotropic Drugs; Global Economy

2013-06-14  Earth Problems; Energy Systems; Psychotropic Drugs; Global Economy
– Jun. 14, 2013

Conversations with Monjoronson #77

Progress on the grid of human consciousness
The nuclear disaster at Fukushima
Is seafood from the Pacific Ocean unsafe to eat?
Geo-engineering, chem-trails and HAARP
The planet’s energy systems
Psychotropic drug use
Debt slaves
Sustainable global economy
Focus on the Father rather than the Trinity in this Superuniverse
Choosing questions for this venue

TR: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Roxanne Andrews

June 14, 2013

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Christ Michael and Mother Spirit, we gather once more in your light and love, seeking higher growth and wisdom for our planet of spiritual brothers and sisters and ourselves. Please bless our efforts to spread truth, beauty and goodness far and wide on our world, called Urantia. We are truly thankful for this opportunity to speak with Monjoronson and his staff and to always be in your presence. I would also like to ask that you bless our friend, Michael McCray, who is unable to be with us today because of illness. Amen.

MONJORONSON: Good morning, this is Monjoronson.

Roxie: Good morning, Sir. It is wonderful to have you with us again.

MONJORONSON: We will definitely bless “our friend,” Michael McCray, with healing grace and integrity in his body. Thank you.

Roxie: Do you have anything that you would like to begin with before I start asking you the questions that Michael has sent to me from our audience?

MONJORONSON: I have no comments to provide this morning extemporaneously. Please proceed with the questions.

Roxie: As I mentioned, these are questions that our reading audience has forwarded to Michael. I don’t know much about the background of these, but I will just ask the questions as they were presented to me.

Progress on the grid of human consciousness

What progress is being made upon the “grid” of human consciousness?

MONJORONSON: The grid of human consciousness is improving, whereas your media portrays great travesty on the global, national levels. We note that among the common people of Urantia that the consciousness continues to improve. There is an increasing certainty of belief among a vast group of people that indicates that they know what is happening on their world. They may be daunted by the projection of these difficulties, but they know with an inner certainty that all is well and that this is simply a matter of time before it becomes manifest and evident in the world around them.

The nuclear disaster at Fukushima

Roxie: Would you give us your view toward the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan?

MONJORONSON: Yes. One moment. The nuclear disaster at Fukushima is evidence of the shortsightedness of the human intellect to grasp the magnitude of the power of which they are striving to control, manage and use. It is in proportion very similar to a salamander or a frog trying to direct the course of a lion, that this semi-intelligent being may be able to control the whereabouts of the lion, when it chooses to be with them, but once the chains of control are broken, its powers are loosened upon the world to create tremendous damage. That is the way of this illustration that the nuclear power that your species has learned to develop and to use is of such powerful magnitude that humans are incapable of truly managing and controlling what may become unleashed through their ignorance and their shortsightedness.

The reason why the next evolutionary phase of energy has not been allowed to develop on your world is that it is even far more powerful than nuclear reactors. It is of a nature that is very benign; it has no radiation to it, it causes no damage by its presence, but the application of such vast reservoirs of energy through mindless, shortsighted engineering, development and foresight on the part of humans could cause immense disaster to virtually the whole of your planet. There is much more to be learned about this by humans. It is not so much that the nuclear processes are so dangerous or devastating, it is the shortsightedness of the people who are striving to harness its use. The incompletion of thought, the lack of foresight to become aware of hazards and dangers in even the most remote of circumstances, that if it occurs could wreak tremendous damage upon the immediate area and upon the planet. This is truly the dangerous part of nuclear energy.

Roxie: That was very helpful and interesting, Monjoronson. How effective has the cleanup effort been for the Fukushima disaster?

MONJORONSON: The cleanup has been superficial. It is in the most immediate area, taking control of the most intense energies that have been released, but the broad spectrum of the release of energy will be incapable of humans to control or clean up.

[[ This is Daniel: What he is trying to say through me is that it is like using a “net,” that we don’t have the fine enough technologies to reclaim the nuclear waste that is now in the water and the atmosphere.]]

Is seafood from the Pacific Ocean unsafe to eat?

Roxie: Is it now unsafe to eat seafood from the Pacific Ocean?

MONJORONSON: No, it is not. You would not, however, want to harvest mollusks and such within the nuclear zone around Fukushima [or] from the ocean, immediate to that locale, as they are highly toxic with radioactivity. The earth is very absorbent to this radiation and has capacity to reclaim or to absorb the radiation at a distance, without harm to the human population.

Geo-engineering, chem-trails and HAARP

Roxie: Looks like this next question has three parts to it. Can you tell us about what is going on with geo-engineering, the chem-trails and HAARP? [High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.] Let’s take that one at a time—geo-engineering first, please.

MONJORONSON: I will engage all three aspects simultaneously. These are attempts by humans to manipulate and control the environment, and this too is very similar to the use of nuclear energy, that those individuals who are manipulating these technological activities truly do not understand the forces they are engaging. The repercussions from these can be immediate and long-term. The geo-engineering use of fracking and injection of high-pressure fluids into the earth will have repercussive effects for well over 10,000 years. It involves the geologic tectonic sedimentary aspects of your planet and those will remain in place for the duration without being released until they rise to the surface and are eroded away in the tens and hundreds of millions of years in the future. It is much like throwing ball bearings on the floor in the walkways and sidewalks of people who are going to and from work, so to speak. It is creating a great disaster. Do not be mistaken in thinking that the weather tragedies that are occurring throughout your nation is not due to HAARP. These are the results of the investment of those energies into the weather structure. There is a cumulative effect, which affects weather now and for years to come. The additive of energy into the atmosphere over and above the global warming has an additional devastating and traumatic effect. Whenever you add energy to a weather system, you will aggravate the extremes of its activities.

The planet’s energy systems

Roxie: We don’t seem to be able to deal with some of the “messing around” with the planet’s energy systems very well.

MONJORONSON: Yes, you have hit the nail on the head. Those are the consequences that are unforeseen, which will cause the greatest difficulty.

Roxie: Is there anything that our unseen friends can do to help us with this, or we strictly on our own?

MONJORONSON: You are strictly on your own. Those are decisions that have been made by individuals, and those decisions are sovereign in nature.

Roxie: What can you tell us about Morgellon’s syndrome, [a mysterious skin disease] the genetically modified organism disease?

MONJORONSON: We prefer not to address this issue at this time, because there are repercussions to the answers, which would raise further concerns.

Psychotropic drug use

Roxie: Okay. This question harks back to a previous session we had: Would you expand upon the proper time and place to use psychotropic drugs with “intention and deliberation?”

MONJORONSON: Yes. One moment. The answers to this question are many, and it is relevant to the maturity and immaturity of your psychiatric and psychotheraputic professions. Given that your psychotheraputic professions are still quite immature in understanding of the brain mechanism and its effect upon the mind, the answers to this will seem quite primitive. The first is that psychotropic drugs are appropriate when the individual may cause harm to themselves and to others. And, in the case where they are unable to manage their lives productively because of the interference of [the] brain mechanism upon their mind mechanism. There are other solutions to this, which will be discovered in years to come, but psychotropic drugs should be used when the individual is unable to manage their mind mechanism through the balance of their brain chemistry. There is far too much medicating of minds, of brain organs, which affects the mind; there is far too much medicating of children, adolescents and immature adults. There are far better means of assisting the individual to think through their situation, even when they are actively engaged in neurosis or psychosis.

Roxie: Monjoronson, with your answer to the last question, it sounds like the recreational use of psychotropic drugs is not the right way to go. Am I correct in that assumption?

MONJORONSON: That is correct. There are other ways of entertaining your mind through appropriate practices, and through training you can become highly distracted from ordinary life by being engaged constantly with the mechanism of your mind. Meditation is one process; contemplation is another. You can do astral traveling and time-dimensional traveling in your mind without drugs, and be able to come away from the experience without any residual problems. Recreational use of drugs was useful in shamanic practices in indigenous populations as a means of training and teaching that population of other dimensional possibilities and realities, to allow the training of the universe to infiltrate populations of a world at the lowest levels through the simplest means. In “modern” developed cultures, recreational use of drugs is inappropriate, as there is not a spiritual base for using them or applying them. They are not used to enhance the trans-personal or altered states of consciousness of the individual towards a positive end.

Debt slaves

Roxie: Thank you. The western world, in particular, has created a new form of slavery. Due to materialism, rising costs and current banking practices, millions have become “debt slaves.” Would you care to comment on this modern form of slavery?

MONJORONSON: We have addressed this topic earlier, at least once, if not twice before, and it is “voluntary slavery.” It is simply the “rat and the cheese” process of attracting an unsuspecting individual into a trap, which they voluntarily enter into, without awareness of the consequences or seeing the consequences and diminishing the reality of the obligations that will be incurred by their becoming ensnared with this process. Slavery is an inappropriate word to use in this case because it is such a voluntary process. It is the addiction of materialism that confronts the individual with lesser intelligence. Even those individuals who are highly intelligent can succumb to the primitiveness of materialism, to become obligated and in high distress through that indebtedness.

Sustainable global economy

Roxie: Will you expand upon the subject of a sustainable global economy, please?

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would be glad to. It is timely to begin entering these concepts into the consciousness of the human species. That is, a sustainable global economy is a process that is able to sustain itself, meaning that the resources are available to all, and the rewards of the economy are available to all as well. The current global economy is based on the simple game of “winner takes all.” There is no end game in this contemporary global economy until one person or one corporation owns everything. You may think that this is an exaggeration, but truly, it is not. You are continuing to see the acquisition of hundreds of companies by a major corporation, which brings them under their control.

You have several examples that you can think about; one is the General Electric Corporation, which is involved in manufacturing and loans. The diversity of such a company is huge, yet the acquisition of these companies is to garner increased profitability, increased profits, which goes to the stockholders who receive dividends for their investments. Truly, in a sustainable global economy, the economic engines see the individual as the shareholder and recipient of dividends. It is very difficult for you—meaning the global population—to think in terms of a sustainable economy. It is not akin to communism or socialism, or any other aspect of an “ism.” It is not politically based; it is simply based on what works to sustain approximately 1.5 – 2.0 billion people on a planet, such that they can enjoy the benefits of their labors and investments to improve the quality of their life and to grow equally as everyone else does.

As you now see in your world, there is a tremendous inequality in the capacity of individuals to appropriate and use the resources in order to grow, to improve the quality of their life. This is truly what the heart of the Green Movement in the Middle East, and the Occupy Wall Street Movement is all about; it is about the potential of access to growing and improving the quality of life, as the one percent. Therefore, in order to have a sustainable global economy, you must think in terms of the 99% as the 1%; they are owners of the global industries and recipients of dividends from their efforts. Labor then becomes a far differently defined quantity in the equation of investment and return on investment. Labor is seen as a necessary asset that must be improved to improve the quality and sustainability of the corporations and companies, which are involved in the global economy. This may sound like so much mumbo-jumbo and fuzzy thinking, but it is so outside the box of your contemporary corporate and governmental mentality as to be so removed, to be almost impossible for you to understand. You have been conditioned by your economy and by your work ethic to think in particular ways of you getting something for your labor. Yes, this is true in the new global economy as well, but that something is of such a nature as it is equivalent to what everyone else receives.

What you see in a sustainable global economy is not the grand acquisition of material wealth, as in larger and larger houses, or in the amassing of tremendous financial assets and the sequestering of financial capital into financial instruments, which does not directly contribute to the production of goods or services—it is simply a return of money for money, which has no end. Therefore, in a socially sustainable global economy, the difficulties that were potential to occur in that 2008 onset of the global recession, which could have led to a global depression, would be eliminated. Financial instruments would not exist and would be eliminated; there must be a much more tactile contact between an individual’s wealth and its use for individuals and for corporations and for governments. I would expect that only a very few of you would be able to understand this explanation to your question, but it is one that will be repeated over and over and over again in years to come. There must be the reinvention and re-framing of your contemporary global economy into new terms, which are developmental and lead to global economic evolution.

Roxie: Those are all the questions that Michael sent me, but I have one of my own.

Focus on the Father rather than the Trinity in this Superuniverse

It seems to me that when Jesus was on our world, he talked exclusively about the Father, rather than the Trinity. Since our Superuniverse is dedicated to the Trinity, most of what is expressed here on Urantia is also about the Father only. Are we slighting the contributions of the Son and the Infinite Spirit too much?

MONJORONSON: Certainly not. Because of the social, moral, ethical and spiritual backwardness of your world, it would be far too confusing to address mortals on this planet to engage the sevenfold nature of the Trinity. It is simply enough for mortals on Urantia to know that they have an all-loving, caring, compassionate, generous Father God who provides beneficently for them, and that this is a personal relationship that they are encouraged to engage. Christ Michael as Jesus completely understood the simplicity of the nature of this “child and Father” relationship that must be emulated to a far higher degree before mortals of this planet could appreciate, let alone engage and contribute to themselves through a relationship with the sevenfold.

A relationship with the sevenfold nature of the Trinity is a highly evolved state that can only truly come into existence in the early phases of the days of light and life. That will develop as societies and individuals learn in the years, centuries and millennia leading up to that era, that the nature of God can be expanded to include the other two personalities of Divinity. No, you are not slighting the Trinity at all, or the other personalities, and it is not necessary for you to even consciously have this in mind. If you can engage a truly authentic, genuine conscious and intentional relationship as a child of the loving Creator as the First Source and Center, and as Christ Michael of Nebadon, you have come a long ways in your own personal spiritual growth and are well prepared to engage the morontial realm, to which you will transit shortly.

Roxie: That’s all the prepared questions that we have for today. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Choosing questions for this venue

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would admonish our readers and those people who will provide questions to strive to not enter into speculative questions that are not directly related to your mortal existence and to your elevation through the lower morontial realms during your lifetime. These are simply curiosity questions of a speculative nature, which are unproductive, even if you thoroughly understood them. Thank you.

I would close today’s session by saying that you are entering into a new era of your world, that you—individually—are well prepared in many ways to engage what is now unfolding. The era of tremendous difficulty in your world has already begun, as you see. You are fortunate if you live in areas which are unharmed by the weather and through the obvious earth changes which are occurring in such a devastating manner in such wide-ranging areas. There are areas, as well, where the difficulties are not natural, but man-made, and these truly have a mean nature to them as they affect individuals specifically, due to their culture, due to their religion, due to their ethnicity, due to their race, whereas with those acts of nature and earth changes, these are truly fair. They are uncomfortable, they are destructive, but they treat each individual equally.

You should be wary of those political and economic, social and cultural positions that bring you personally into conflict with others of differing origins. Know that always you are loved; that you are cared for, no matter what your race, culture, ethnicity, gender, or religion, . . . or political persuasion—you are loved, you are accepted, you are encouraged to grow; you are encouraged to grow into the potential for which you came into this world. We truly operate a sustainable universe, which in many ways has an economy of love and benevolence, which is seldom understood by mortals on material planets, and of limited contact with the Divine. These situations are truly being addressed, though slowly and painfully. There will be progress as we have already seen. Even during these difficult times, that there is progress, and progress that your world must achieve. Thank you and good day.

Roxie: Thank you, Monjoronson and Daniel.

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