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CWM78 – Mortals Participation; Social Balance; Celestial Assistance

2013-06-14   Mortals Participation; Social Balance; Celestial Assistance
– Jun. 24, 2013

Conversations with Monjoronson #78

Charles, a Mighty Messenger, standing in for Monjoronson

The basic dichotomy between instincts and kingdom beliefs
What have the celestials been up to recently?
Overpopulation is affecting the social balance of our world
The low response of mortals to the co-creative plan
The tendency of modern man to over-fill their lives with activities
Are there any aspects of sustainability not covered?
What is next?
The work of Nebadonia continues with constructive changes
Our capacity to offer you personal assistance is ever present

TR: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Michael McCray

June 24, 2013

Prayer: Heavenly Father, in you we have our being; we live within you as you live within us. Michael, Nebadonia, you have set the designs for your universe, life here on Urantia and our lives. In this tumultuous time of rebellion and separation, we come now to a time of correction. You are more aware than we of how backward our world is. We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to you, the Trinity, Machiventa, our Avonal Son, his staff and all the numberless others coming from Paradise, all the way down to Urantia, who come to help us during this Correcting Time. Thank you.

CHARLES: Good morning, this is Charles.

MMc: Good morning, Charles. Do you have anything to share with our audience today?

CHARLES: One moment. No, we have several thoughts running simultaneously here, but we will leave that to another time. Please proceed.

The basic dichotomy between instincts and kingdom beliefs

MMc: I’ve noticed that there is a dichotomy being felt by our audience, those in the general public who are aware, between our basic instincts as human beings to survive and “what does it matter to a kingdom believer if all of this passes away?” I see that there is a reality to both of these views, and both are important. Would you like to comment, please?

CHARLES: Explain further, those two points of view.

MMc: The first point is instinctive; as humans we wish to survive and continue into an existence for ourselves and/or our bloodline. There are also the words that Jesus gave us, “What does it matter to a kingdom believer if all of this material being passes away?” These two are in contradiction of one another, very often.

CHARLES: I will strive to do the best I can to answer your question. Yes, you do have a very basic nature of survival, the animal survival, that is to maintain this moment so that you will have more moments, so that you will have tomorrow and then existence into the foreseeable future. That prevails in many minds of individuals, whether it involves their physical survival, or their financial survival. Some people feel that way if they lose $10 million in the stock market in one day, when in actuality their worth is over $20 billion; they feel that their survival is threatened. What this means is that they have a skewed sense of value and survival and meaning of life. On the other hand, for those individuals who are spiritually inclined, they realize that even though they may lose everything, including their life as a physical being, that their life as a spiritual being is immortal, that they can live forever when they accept the core values of their existence within the universe as being a child of God and that there are many more lifetimes ahead for them in this grandest scheme of things and the simplest scheme of things. Does this answer your question? I am still puzzled.

MMc: Well, there is a partial answer to my question—you’ve done well. I would ask you, how many people in our world really know that they will survive death? My feeling is that many of us would like to believe we will, but very few of us really know.

CHARLES: It is almost the same situation as the belief of God; many people believe in God, but very few have faith that God will participate in their life, or does participate in their life. Many people believe in an afterlife, but very few have faith of understanding of what that looks like, or do not thoroughly understand the process or their capacity to survive past death. There is tremendous evidence on your world already of the events after death, of life past the cessation of physical death. The percentage of people who thoroughly know that, perhaps, is only limited to those who have actually had a near death experience and understand the continuity of life after death, who have the capacity to look back at their mortal life and realize it is just a passing phase. There are perhaps, out of 7 billion people, perhaps far less than 1 million people that have that “knowing” of the existence and the sureness of life after death. Continue, please, with your question.

MMc: Let me return to the first part of the question, because I think you’ve explained some of the ‘rub’ in the last part. The first part is, do we have a basic instinct to survive, and [with] that instinct we hold onto life very dearly on this world, to be confronted with the fact that sometime tomorrow, only one in four of us will have survived the “cut,” as it were. It is a sobering experience; a sobering thought.

CHARLES: And the question?

MMc: What would you say to that?

CHARLES: Sorry, but I am unable to move forward with your thinking. There is the present life and there is the afterlife. Both are realities.

MMc: I think many others are in the same situation, not able to rationalize both sides of this dichotomy.

CHARLES: They certainly limit their capacity to participate effectively in their life now, to provide meaning to their life and to provide meaning to those around them. Such limitations of thinking are unfortunate, and are certainly not God-like. Through the acceptance of an afterlife, there is the capacity to add meaning to life that transcends the physical existence. It is upon this transcendence of existence that your civilization grows, that you, through this transcendent thinking activity, you offer your own children a means of expanding their own lives. Simple mere physical existence is fruitless; it provides nothing to your Thought Adjuster, or to your soul existence. Continue, please.

MMc: You have done very well in answering my question. There are many who have not been able to rationalize this dichotomy. Without the ability to understand that there is an afterlife, and to look forward to that, there is no ability to rationalize this dichotomy.

CHARLES: Please continue with your questions. Do you feel like you are satisfied with the purposes of your first series of questions?

MMc: Yes, I believe we have.

CHARLES: Then let us move on.

MMc: I’d like to concentrate the rest of today’s session on the pragmatics of social sustainability. The first question is: Where are we now? I know that you—the larger you—are tremendously busy right now. I have never before been in a position to observe what spirit can do in the minds and hearts of so many. It is only because I have taken that position that I can see the changes that you are bringing about. Thank you.

What have the celestials been up to recently?

I wonder if you would tell us what you—the larger you—have been up to?

CHARLES: As we said, we are continuing to invest our activities in the minds and hearts of those who would be of assistance to the future of your world, in these programs that we have initiated, and we offer those larger groups of associations and councils many more options for their existence. Through the efforts of Nebadonia, there has become an increase in awareness, a “push,” so to speak, of the necessity of taking positions, or getting off the fence and making decisions about how to live. It is apparent to most people that the Middle East of your world, that culture, is disintegrating and that one nation will lead to another where there is simply a sea of social chaos, where there is no benefit to anyone, yet, it will have a tremendous impact upon the economic structure of your world and the economic survival of many nations.

Overpopulation is affecting the social balance of our world

You are beginning to see how overpopulation is affecting the social balance and good order of nations and of huge cities. What is occurring in São Paulo and Brazil is now due principally to overpopulation. There are simply too many people within the metropolitan area of São Paulo, Brazil to be satisfied with existence as it is. Everyone now is better educated and far more aware of the necessities of life and basic qualities of life, and that the simple improvement of education or medical care can have a tremendous difference [of effect] upon them. They are seeing that the diversion of finances into corruption and to commercial activities, such as the World Cup has become for many nations, is now working against the good of those people who will be the hosts of that activity next year. No one has an answer. It seems remarkable to us that there are so many efforts to improve the suffering of children and families in impoverished and politically disintegrating nations, but yet no effort to offer to those fertile mothers and fathers the capacity to limit the number of children they have. This is simply irrational thinking on the part of people with good intentions. It is incomplete thinking and their intentions are not well thought out.

I know I have gone astray from answering your question, but this has been on purpose. Thank you.

The low response of mortals to the co-creative plan

MMc: The other part of this question is, we humans, knowing how critical it is to develop sustainable social organizations and institutions, would you care to comment on the seeming low level of response from your co-creative counterpart?

CHARLES: Counterpart? Who would that be?

MMc: Yes, your co-creative counterparts—we humans.

CHARLES: This is fairly typical and is something that we have anticipated, though we have thought there would be more interest in partnering with us. We understand the necessity of survival of individuals, and that they will not think in higher minded terms, either for their own survival or the survival of their civilization until they are at the very door, the threshold of their demise as individuals and as communities and as societies, that what we offer will not be considered until the eleventh-hour of their existence. Mortals often chide spirit for not becoming involved until the eleventh-hour, but we have found that there is usually no profit for our work until we engage the eleventh-hour when mortals see it as necessary and of necessity to engage the proposals we offer.

The tendency of modern man to over-fill their lives with activities

MMc: In modern days, Americans seem to fill up their lives with so much activity that they do not feel like anything else can fit in. Is this causing the lack of volunteers to work in co-creative design teams? And is this habit of filling one day to the maximum a problem in other countries?

CHARLES: It is an endemic problem to those technologically advanced nations. You also see that we do not compete for your time; we are present, we are here, we are available to assist, but we wait for you to engage us. We do not offer advertisements to you on your cell phones or to your television sets offering ourselves to you. We simply do not compete in your realm. You have too many activities diverting attention from this pertinent activity of personal growth, and there are very few who see their capability of contributing to the larger growth of their societies, but this, however, will change.

Are there any aspects of sustainability not covered?

MMc: Before we get into talking about the next phase, I would like to ask you, since this is all new to us on this world, there are many areas that have not even dawned on us to be curious about. Is there any aspect of sustainability that we have failed to ask about that needs to be covered?

CHARLES: No, the fundamentals of social sustainability have been covered, and it is now simply a matter engaging those very early aspects before it is worthwhile to move on to more complex ideas. Those will come up as you work with social sustainability in a pragmatic way.

MMc: So, we’ve covered most of the areas that need to be covered?

CHARLES: We have given you enough to work on for ten years, even if we were totally absent. You have enough to do with what we’ve given you.

What is next?

MMc: Speaking of us humans, what’s next? Or [where] do we need to be, and how do we get there?

CHARLES: This is a fundamental question whose answer lies far into the distant future. There is enough work to do now, rather than being distracted about what comes in the future.

MMc: What steps do we need to take to insure the future unfolds as it should?

CHARLES: Begin with what we have already given you.

MMc: What can we do now? Basically begin with design teams, as you’ve given us to do?

CHARLES: Truly, it begins with the individual. The individual must do the work within themselves first, before they go to their community and initiate a design team. You must be thoroughly convinced that this is the time and this is the opportunity to make a difference. There is necessity for a time of reflection, to reflect on one’s life and one’s capability and the timeliness of their offering to God or spirit to be involved at this time. That is why we approach those who are unemployed, those who are part-time students, those who are disabled and those who are retired; they have the time to reflect on life and to give thought to the work that needs to be done. This is truly the beginning.

MMc: Charles, would you like to make any closing comments?

The work of Nebadonia continues with constructive changes

CHARLES: The work that we have done with you over the last several years, regarding social sustainability is as complete as we can go. The work of Nebadonia, of course, will continue as her energy pervades your world as she increases the pressure to initiate positive and constructive changes with individuals, who have the capacity to affect change in the future of your world. The table has been set; the guests have been invited; the feast is in the kitchen, waiting to be served. It is only to wait for those to enter the room, pull back their chair, sit down and enjoy the feast with us. All preparations have been made and will continue to be available into the infinite future of your world, whether anyone steps up to the table or not. We are ready; it has been prepared; it is your turn to respond. Thank you.

MMc: Is there anything else?

Our capacity to offer you personal assistance is ever present

CHARLES: Yes, it is that our offer will stand; our capacity to offer you personal assistance is ever present. There is no withdrawal on our part from participating in what you wish to engage, whether it is now, today, or whether it is ten-thousand days from now. We will be here; we are here; the offer stands and will not be withdrawn; the resources will continue to be available as individuals make themselves available to us, and there is no withdrawal from the part of spirit, of Christ Michael. His offer is unconditional and is ever present, and will continue on into the infinite distance and time of your planet’s growth and progress. We have made the appropriate plans and have put them in place; we have activated them in many organizations and with many individuals. Now, as time transpires, as events develop and develop into critical stages, there will be seen by many a necessity of engaging resources which are not apparent on their own world, where it makes no sense to buy more cars, or move into a larger house, or to have more toys. There will come a time where material answers are totally insufficient to satisfy the yearning heart for social stability and to receive the infinite affection of their spiritual parent. Thank you and good day.

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