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DBC2 – Teaching Mission & Correcting Time

Group: Denver TeaM Group, #2

Topics: Continued discussion of Teaching Mission/Correcting time
The appeal is to each individual
Lessons of cooperation within relationships
Good relationships begin with you
Development of healthy families
Community relationships
Integration and wholeness
Overcoming separation
Your life, your being, your personhood
Personal integrity, identity and identification
“Doing” and “Being”
Decisions are vital
Q & A—The war
One World Government/Order
The Most Highs’ involvement
Divine intervention

Teacher: Bob (TR, DanielR)

March 7, 2003

Daniel: Welcome to the SINA Center. It is our second meeting. [Ed. Note: Preliminary process of linking the group was not recorded.]

BOB: Good evening, this is Bob. I am your Celestial Teacher for this group. You recall last week that I introduced myself as “Bob,” but my name really starts with a “bŭ” sound, and if you wait 4 seconds of many vowels and consonants and syllables, it ends with “ob,” so, you can call me Bob.

This evening we will have a two part presentation: One will be to continue the discussion of the Teaching Mission and the Correcting time, and the second part will be to share some wisdom about your life, your being, your personhood.

Some of you can recall that your planet has been in dire straits for many thousands of years, and that it has not followed the development of progress typical of planets throughout this local universe. And so, your planet and its civilizations and technologies have developed to the point where it is now necessary to begin to work with individuals who are prepared to assist in a co-creative way, the redevelopment and the healing of your planet. These plans have been in place also, for many thousands of years, and they take many forms, as the activities of mankind are as many in a similar manner.

[Excuse me. This is Daniel. I am not quite used to TRing Bob yet, so we are getting a “fit.”]

BOB: This is Bob, once again. The appeal is to each individual; the appeal begins on the inner side of your being, in your personality, your mind connection. Each of you has a Thought Adjuster with you, a Fragment of God that is resident in your mind, and reaches down to you, urging you to invite that conversation, which will last the duration of all your lives in the future, to begin a partnership that is always enduring, always in place, and only will it terminate if you totally reject this, if you decide to opt for a co-creative relationship with the Creator.

There were many options for your local universe Creator to use to make the appeal to the individuals on your planet, to begin the healing process. It did not begin within churches, for churches, as you know, do not pass on to an afterlife, but remain here as organizations, potential seedbeds for hungry individuals, hungry souls who yearn for more peace and love and contentment in their lives. But the appeal really was put out to individuals, without regard to any one religion, without regard to any one gender, or age of individual.

But as you heard tonight, in your meditation, the connection was made with those individuals who have that spark of light within themselves, that spark of yearning, that spark of intention for connection with the universe, with your Creator, and with the afterlife. And so you see, this program, the Correcting Time and all the subordinate programs are applicable for all people in any society, in any location, in any nation throughout the world

Some individuals are more sensitive than others to this contact, while others are less so. There is the Angelic Corps, which you are familiar with, and each one of you has a Guardian angel. Some of you have a personal Guardian Angel, while others participate in a group that is cared for by a Guardian Angel. Nonetheless, she is always available to you for conference, for wisdom sharing, a more immediate contact for you that is almost palpable. And yes, your angels do arrange those wonderful meetings between individuals, and so you might see that there is one, as one author put it years ago in Aquarian Conspiracy of individuals of like-mindedness, of peacefulness and love and harmony, who come together to share, and you find that you have things in common and you unite, you share telephone numbers and addresses and you remain in contact. And soon, there is association of you, many of you, of like-minded individuals, who share a common interest in healing your planet.

If you think of yourself as an object of healing, then you know how we feel towards you; our efforts are to heal your planet, one person at a time—not just one, but many simultaneously. It is the individual who is most important. And though you meet here in a group, our care and guardianship is for you, the individual. This effort has been ongoing on your planet for several decades, but has only been known to mortals for the last decade and a half or so. This effort is worldwide.

You might wonder what it is that we try to teach you. First of all, we teach you simple lessons of cooperation so that you are able to have better relationships with yourself, with your family, with your friends, with your workmates, with your life-mates, your neighbors and the people in the stores who you may not know personally, but nonetheless, you are there face-to-face with them. You can find evidence of growth of individuals in their relationships, and so, you can as well find that for yourself.

Your feelings of disharmony or harmony, love or disgust, acceptance or rejection—these are all part and parcel of the measurements that you can use to see how you are progressing. Inter-personal lessons are particularly sprinkled with the positive values of life. These enhance the civility of your society, the reasonableness of your own mind, the ability to progress in times of troubles, and overcome those times of troubles more easily. When you think of values, think of all the positive aspects you have ever heard, those things that are the glue of every society, and of every relationship, and of course, they are exemplary of the relationships that you have with us, with your Guardian Angel, and with the Creator, that Divine Fragment within yourself.

No, we are not here to watch you and check up on you and keep a dirty laundry list of all the little things that you do, which are not agreeable to yourself or to others. We do not concern ourselves with that, although your Guardian Angel does. (Snickering)

[That was Daniel, it wasn’t Bob snickering!]

So the lessons are for individuals, individuals in relationship with each other, with other individuals. It is particularly important that you have a good relationship with yourself, that you feel good about yourself, that you love yourself, you appreciate yourself.

Self love, or love of self, is a worthy aspect of every personality—we are not talking about narcissistic selfish love at the expense of others—but the love and appreciation of who you are, what you are, of the life that you have lived and what you have become and what you will become. If you do not hold this dear to yourself, then you are wasting the most precious aspect of your life here on this planet. You are your own resource; we can help you, we can guide you, we can nurture you—and when I say “we,” I mean all of the celestial, angelic hosts, and all those created beings that are here to assist you in your growth. The greatest uphill battle of your progress is with yourself—first, to appreciate yourself, and the other is to control an unruly ego.

Another set of lessons involves the development of healthy families. Again, this is relationships, but on a larger scale. It is the procreative family that is so important, where those positive aspects and values are nurtured in children as they grow up, so that they feel good about themselves, love themselves and accept themselves easily, among others. When you have healthy families, you will have healthy individuals. Yes, of course, individuals can choose to do otherwise—they can choose to be immoral, unethical, or criminal, and to hurt others, but they hurt themselves first of all.

Past the family is the community, the immediate community that supports you. Here in your technologically developed nation, where you have contacts far and near, community means something else. Community can mean someone in another city hundreds of miles away, who loves you dearly and who is available for you. Community is best exemplified in those neighborhoods where you are socially, economically, physically, politically, spiritually entwined, where you learn to get along with others in groups, and groups get along with groups and learn to do so.

This is the foundation of society—the individual, the family and the community. And then there are the affiliations of cities and what you call counties, states, and nations, but once you learn the basic fundamentals of a community that works and functions well and produces healthy individuals, you will understand how to treat your neighbors thousands of miles away. You will know truly that they appreciate you as they appreciate themselves.

The elements that hold your societies and you together is the integration of all of this. The opposite is separation, isolation, so the simple lesson to learn is to discharge or disintegrate those thoughts that cause separation, those words that cause separation, and those actions that cause separation, and to fertilize and nurture those aspects which bring about wholeness, integrity, oneness, unity, between yourself and others, families and communities. Where there is separation and isolation, there will never be integration and wholeness. Wholeness is wellness; wholeness is circular, it is integrative. This may be hard for you to imagine, simply because you live in a world of great separation, where there are hostile feelings about neighbors who are of another race, another nationality, even thought they may live next door. How can you ever overcome the hostilities of nations when you are unable to make friends of people you have never met next door? This is where you begin.

So we have our work cut out for us! Yes, we do. Some of your esoteric philosophers have predicted an era of a thousand years of peace, and surely, in your world, on your world, it will take one thousand years of peace, without war, without conflict to integrate your nations, your communities, your families and individuals. Even without hostilities, it will take that long, and we think that is a minimum. So you can see, hopefully you can see, that a world that is integrated, that is whole, that is friendly wherever you go, is one which would be most enjoyable to live in.

Do you recall that perhaps you have been to conferences where you are with like-minded individuals and you have taken over the whole hotel—five hundred or a thousand people, occupying the same space, the same frequency of thoughts, the same harmony, the same oneness—you can go anywhere, any floor, any room, and be welcomed. Just introduce yourself and say, “Hi, I’m Bob, I’m from the other state.” And they will say, “Hi, come on in Bob! Enjoy the show; be with us. How can we help you?” Imagine a world filled with that same kind of energy, the same kind of harmony—it is possible, my friends, and we are here to help you achieve that.

The second part of this evening’s message, has a similar thread to it, and that is one of personal integrity, personal identity, and personal identification. I usually begin with a few questions: “Who are you? Who do you think you are? What do you think you are? Whom do you identify with?” If you are unable to find it within yourself, then go outside, and ask the question, “Whom do you identify with? What groups are as you are, that espouse similar outlooks and views?” You may wonder who you are when you belong to so many groups; you may wonder who you are when you belong to none.

Oftentimes, mortals on this planet and other planets join groups to help them achieve an identity, wholeness, an integration. Some people stay with one group forever, feeling always comfortable and on the other hand, feel threatened if they think about joining other groups, or that they might jeopardize their loyalty, or that someone might think that their loyalty is askew if they search in other groups. Is there an individual that you identify with? Who would that be? What values do they have? Are they a rock star? Are they a prophet? Are they a Wall Street executive, or are they the charitable individual down on the street corner who sends smiles to everyone, yet holding a cup while asking for donations?

Do you seek a leader? A hero? A savior? Would you forsake yourself for that individual? Some people do in your societies, whether they are followers of gurus or followers of rock stars. They have lost themselves; they wonder who they are too. So when you come to these groups, bring yourself—all of yourself —be present here with us; share your thoughts, be one with yourself; do not forsake yourself for another. Each of you is the most valuable individual here, to us. The saviors on the outside are only guides. This one here is only a mouthpiece, as a guide.

In your identification of yourself, you may wonder and say and ask, “What can I do to help this Teaching Mission, the Correcting Time, to heal this world?” There are things that you can do, but it is important that you (be)come — that you be. There is doing, and there is being—which do you identify with? In our groups that we have developed over these years, we have asked people to do things; we have also asked them to be, to exist in a state of being of peace and of love and of harmony, to radiate this, similarly as you were instructed tonight as you were in your meditation. This is the state of being, and when you go to the silence, you connect with the I AM, that more evolved state, that next step, that next stage of evolution in your (be)ing, where you seek to be in harmony with the I AM. And as you grow and as you become in peace and love, you will be achieving part of the I AM. Let us pause a moment, gather your thoughts and ask a question if you have them. I will be glad to respond if I am able.

While you are cogitating a question, let me chat away a bit about my volunteership with the Correcting Time. It was some time ago, in your time, that I first heard about the Correcting Time coming to this segment of the local universe, this nebula, this galaxy. There had been much deterioration in this sector of this part of space, and many planets had succumbed to the tyranny, the mutiny led by self-willed individuals who owed their existence to their Creator, but had forgotten that. And as you would chart the progress in the mansion worlds, I suppose I was over half way through them, not yet even contemplating my travels to the next “college center,” as you might think of it. And I thought, “What a marvelous opportunity to go not on holiday, and not on sabbatical, but to go into an internship, a practicum exercise where I can apply what I have learned, and apply those mortal experiences that I experienced on my own home planet when I was a mortal.”

These opportunities do not come along often—nor would anyone want them to come along often, as the developments that offer this as opportunity are so destructive to so many beings, and waste so many souls existence, during the tyranny. But I volunteered; I went through an orientation, I was given classes to study your planet, to see where I might fit in. I was given several opportunities, options, made my choices, and the choices made their selection, so to speak, and so I am here. I am part of a second tier of the first wave of the Teaching Mission. The first wave will of course continue on for many decades and centuries, until everyone on this planet has heard about this effort. This tier that I am involved in now, is working with those individuals who are aware of this, but are now developing it in a new geographic area. It is a later development of the first wave. Mantutia Melchizedek spoke to you last week about this region that he has been supervising and managing, and it is a pleasure to be here. I do like the altitude, the aridness, the bright sun, and you wonderful people. Now, have you thought of a question or two?

Student: Good evening, Bob.

BOB: Good evening. Our planet seems to be in such upheaval now, and there is much talk of war. And is this part of the Correcting Time, or is this part of the egos?

Bob: Well it is surely not a part of the Correcting Time, as it was not initiated by any Melchizedek, by your local Creator Son, or any other being under his charge. This is more of a development of the national pride, that you have seen other nations succumb to, and it seems that national pride is almost pandemic on your planet, and has been a cause for great turmoil for the last two or three centuries, or perhaps forever on your planet. Does that answer your question?

Student: In some of the studying that I have been doing lately, it seems that current events are so tied in to events started hundreds of years ago, and possibly even as far back as the Lucifer Rebellion, and that this is an outworking of those very same tendencies and there is much fear about the “one world order” that has been talked of, and yet we look forward to a spiritual one world government. Are these the same goal, or are they different sides of the same coin, or are they completely different things?

Bob: We know of only one co-creatively designed plan to have a one world government, and that is the co-creative one that must come into being where there is peace and harmony. Perhaps the one world order you are thinking of puts those mortals on top, at the jeopardy of those below them, whether economically or politically. If this is the case, then it is surely not, and will not become a part of the new order of peace, of the co-creative peace that will be made and devised through celestial and mortal cooperation.

Student: Thank you.

BOB: You’re welcome. To expand in another aspect to your answer, you recall in the Old Testament and the New Testament, there are many references to the “Most High.” There are many references and the ancients who recorded these incidences, spoke not of the Most Highs as a councilor body, but they know the Most High as “God the Most High.” They were told that the Most Highs were involved in the affairs of man, and we repeat again that this is so, even today—perhaps even more so. During the Correcting Time, the Most Highs’ activities involve all human activities, whether that is religious, government, commerce, trade, finance, national organization, or government of any order, they are involved in that through the mind function of individuals who question that there might be a better way to do things, one that would develop order, cooperation, oneness, wholeness, integration. So the Most Highs are involved.

The one world order has a political ring to it, does it not? But there is a celestial, morontial ring to the other “one world order,” and that is based on the oneness of all mankind, humankind and their celestial brethren and their one Creator. I mention this so that you do not lose hope during this era of great tumult and difficulty. Much of what is happening now has happened many times before in other nations over the centuries, but in this case, your technology, your media, have access to all the latest information and it is much like a busy gossip ring, where there is much what you call “hype” to share the latest information and get people excited. This has a very detrimental effect upon the spirit of mankind everywhere. Another question, perhaps?

Student: Would there be Divine intervention to stop another war on the planet?

BOB: There always has been. Your world is not left alone; it is not some ping-pong ball or billiard ball bouncing around in the universe without care or concern from anyone. It is under the guardianship, the tutelage of many individuals. It is now out of quarantine, only recently, and so now has come back into the circuits of the universe. It has more opportunity for correction than ever before in the last several hundred thousand years. This era now is most productive, and you are seeing the voices of peace throughout the world rise up against war, or in support of leaders who also espouse peace. You are truly living during a remarkable era of this planet’s history and future, where the thoughts and voices of individuals around the world become powerful and united and one, and were they to have a more worthy, cohesive process to bring them together, they would become even more powerful.

So you see, once again it is the individual, whether at the political level or at the spiritual level, that truly is the resource of wisdom and rationality. When you get individuals in places of power who are not well integrated in their own thinking, then they can cause great harm. But the mass of mankind and humankind can overcome that. That is why universal education is so important, that is why women need to be able to master their own bodies so that they might govern themselves and their families more powerfully. Women truly are the leaders of the future generations, even today, of your societies.

So you see, my friends, this [Teaching Mission] is a different kind of forum, this is not church, this is not your PTA, this is a different sort of thing. You may want to know more about the lessons of other groups as they have developed over the past. The value systems that I have spoken of are well known and I will not likely repeat them unless they are necessary. We will have, each time we meet, one brief lesson. Today’s lesson was about your own integrity, your own integration, and not seeking others to heal or save you, but to help you and support you.

You truly are the masters of your lives; your decisions form who you are and who you will become, and how you will live. And do not forget, my friend, it is the individual who chooses whether to live in tyranny or peace. You recall that the individuals during World War II on your planet, who brought about the destruction of so many millions of individuals, were given that power through the assent of those beneath them. Your voice, your choices, your decisions, are vital, for your own life, for your family, for your community and for your world. And when you do not choose, others will choose for you. This may sound political, but it is not.

There are a couple truly spiritually empowering points I want to leave you with tonight. You are not alone, your decisions count, you are responsible for your decisions and your lives, and there is immense help for you every step of the way. Ask your questions, open your hearts, open your minds, seek answers, let them come to you, probe those questions, those situations that become available to you, and find the way. It is there for you, each one of you. Blessings to you. I am so glad I have had an opportunity to speak with you tonight. You are a small group, but you are truly dedicated, and I really enjoy your energy. Blessings to you; my peace I give to you, and know that the Master’s peace pervades your lives as well. His spirit enfolds you, and know that the Conjoint Actor, the Spirit of his partner is here about you, always present, aiding you with a clear mind, and he with a clear heart, good night.

Student: Good night.

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