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DBC3 – Peace

Group: Denver TeaM Group, #3

Topics: Peace
War is antiquarian and unproductive
The practicality of peace
Love and light
The Most Highs
A common thread of peace in the world
Emissaries of peace
“Lightening” in the world
Era of Peace
Appreciation for message of peace
Q & A
Archangel Michael
Mohammed as a Spirit of Light
Masters, Prophets & Avatars

Teachers: Bob and Will (TR, DanielR)

March 14, 2003

BOB: Take a few moments to center yourselves and become comfortable with my presence. You have been in the reverie of a guided meditation, which has softened your energies, which has softened and even dulled your identity, your ego, so that your inner consciousness can bloom more fully. We have a guest tonight, who will speak after I am finished.

As you are all aware of the Teaching Mission as I’ve explained two weeks ago and last week, I needn’t go through that again; we have no new guests so we will move directly to the lesson. The lesson tonight involves peace, the side of the universe that embraces love and harmony and oneness. Another teacher spoke several weeks ago in the other group in Loveland, as you know it, about war and the necessity of war. And you learned that war is antiquarian now; that the only wars that are necessary are those wars of defense to defend yourselves against aggression or to hold other nations harmless who have been attacked by other aggressor nations. You are fully entering into a new era, an era of peace, which is almost totally unknown to your species for any long period of time. When great nations learn that war is unproductive and does not achieve the ends it chooses or wishes, then there is a lesson that is learned.

In this lesson, we are not playing politics, but speaking of the practicality of peace. This is the operating level of the universe, one without adversity beyond the individual. Individuals experience times of adversity when they are resistant to the flow of harmony and good will in the universe, when they are feeling a dissonance in the harmonic vibration of peace and love that flows throughout the universe. And when this occurs, there are lessons that need to be learned on the individual level. Other planets that are inhabited with mortal beings, also experience adversity, and some experience war and conflicts as your world experiences.

But beyond the mortal realm, there are no wars, save those against dark and light, when the dark of individuals infects other individuals, as your group of planets has experienced in the past. The universe commonality is light; light is the equivalent of love. And when you let the light of the universe from the original Source flow through you totally and completely, and you are no longer in resistance, you are at peace, you are filled with light and you are filled with love. And when you consciously, deliberately, intentionally embrace that light, and will to live in light and love, then you have begun the path of light, no longer in conflict with the exterior, but only to learn more on the interior. And that is your infinite journey, is to learn more on the interior.

As was said earlier, your planet is now embraced by your local Creator in the program called the Correcting Time, to bring into correction the alignment of your world, into the larger alignment of the universe, so that it is in harmony and oneness and at peace, with the rest of the universe. And this is being accomplished, very rapidly. Yet the slow work of correcting on the individual level is very arduous and it is a long-term task, both for the individuals and for the managers who assist individuals to grow through the various programs on this planet, such as the Teaching Mission.

As I told you last week, you are not alone. The affairs of mankind are participated in by the Most Highs. You have read where the Most Highs, even in your Old Testament and New Testament, speak of the Most Highs being involved in the affairs of man. What this means is that the Most Highs are involved in the organizations of mankind. Whatever organizations your people have devised, the Most Highs are now involved with individuals to direct the course of those organizations towards higher ends—more moral, ethical ends—raising the bar of standards for your communities, for your societies.

Now you might say, “But Bob, how does this play out in today’s world?” And I have to invite you to examine what is occurring on your world. You have heard so many news stories, that are horrific; they are playing what you call the “hype” to get your attention, to make you wound up and excited. But if you were to recede from your news stations, and examine slowly what is occurring in the affairs of nations, you will see something rather wonderful occurring, and that is the thoughtful, conscientious, moral, and civilized participation of individuals and nations, working with other nations. You are seeing a common thread of peace, the interest of peace among people of this nation and other nations throughout the world, where even the most powerful nation in the world, economically and militarily, is now being brought down into a “tamed status” by the peaceful interests of others. Do we know the outcome of this? No, we do not, for these are decisions of individuals that guide nations, and this can be precarious. But I want you to appreciate the magnitude of the effort to heal your planet. And we wish you to appreciate the magnitude of the presence of peace, in and through your life.

You here today, are here as emissaries of peace. It is dubious to use the word, “warriors of peace,” (that is too ironic, too duplicitous to use,) but emissaries, guardians, missionaries of peace—so many of your words are laden with other meanings and values, it is difficult to use many words. Emissaries, diplomats of peace, you are spiritual mediators, where you mediate the peaceful efforts and love of the universe into your immediate material surroundings. That is why, dear friends, that your thoughts, your consciousness of peace must pervade you every moment of your waking hour. Where you think of peace, think of love—not as an obsession, but as a way of life, a main stream of thought.

Think of how you appreciate electricity in your world; it comes through the wires, it comes through the waves, it comes through batteries—it’s everywhere and you take it for granted; it’s a part of your thinking. Think of peace and love this way; hold this in your mind, as you do electricity—you have no negative thoughts about electricity, and not necessarily any positive ones—it’s something that you accept, something that you expect with regularity in your world. It is good for you, and yes, you do hold a positive view towards it, and that is good; you appreciate it.

Now, with that same thought of constancy in your minds, think of peace and think of love, wherever you go. Now, my dear friends, this is how we see you—beacons of light—truly you are. You each carry a certain wattage or amperage, expression of light in each one of you, to the capacity that you have learned, that you’ve grown into. Some carry and express half a watt, some five watts, some fifty, some a hundred; some are brilliant beacons of light, they emanate love wherever they go. You turn your head and you see them, you recognize them, you appreciate them and they appreciate you. Hold the consciousness of peace, and do not be afraid to express it in peaceful ways, loving ways.

Some of you have been invited to participate in demonstrations of peace, lighting candles—this is active, this is making a statement for light and for love and for peace—and you’re doing it peacefully. And no, dear friends, you don’t have to push against the policeman who might be there if you are in a crowd of ten thousand or more—simply be at peace. Peace is always accepting. Go your way in peace; be in peace. Know the love that fills the universe, flows through you. You are each like little silk worms with a minute silvery thread. You are a cocoon of light and love. Let your threads of love and light go forth, and weave a tapestry, weave a fabric of love and of peace in your societies. Participate, do not withhold yourselves, share. Yes, some of you are recluses to your home, due to age or infirmity, but yet you can remain there and be a beacon of light, and your thread goes forward. You have neighbors, you have postmen, and you have delivery people, who come to your door. You can participate with them.

There is an awakening going on in your world. I could use the word “enlightening,” but that seems so staid and over-used. But there is a “lightening” going on throughout your world; the best parts of each one of you are being awakened to this light. It’s almost as though you hear beautiful music in the air, and you open your eyes, and at the same time, you go within and you become conscious of something additional to yourself, of presence with yourself. This is the co-creative union of spirit with you. You are empowered because of your intentions to be empowered. You are empowered to invite spirit to participate in your lives. These are not hollow words; these are not words you would hear in a revival; these are words that you know are true, even when you do not sit here with me.

You have felt this in your Stillness; you have felt this in the quiet times in your home; you have felt this when you are driving peacefully along. Your Creator Son and his Conjoint Actor, the Mother Spirit, they work with you and among you; they are here with you. Your planet is awakening; it is being lightened, because the energy is there, because you are accepting of it, you are tapping into it. Even individuals who are not God centered, who may not believe in angels, express this acceptance of the larger reality of the universe, this oneness, this peace, this love.

And why is this so important that you learn this? It is because this is the way of the universe; it is the eternal truth; it is the eternal fact of existence in a large universe—only that which works on a functional, utilitarian basis, lasts. And you may think of love as being esoteric, higher minded, romantic and removed from every day life, but in the universe, it is an every day, moment-to-moment reality that makes the universe work. And when you flow with it, you become a part of the eternal flow. These are not hollow words; these are eternal truths. They exist now, always have, and always will, whether I say them or someone else says them.

The universe is a practical place to live in, and a practical way is a way of love. It is expressed in peace, acceptance, tolerance, patience, forbearance, loyalty, and faithfulness. These values I have spoken of and many more positive values, are the way of peace. All negative values are expressed in negative emotions, and they cause separation, distance, disillusionment, disappointment; they are not a part of a permanent reality of the universe. Therefore, every one of us, your Creator Son, all spirit energies, are here—an old word is, “We harken to you.” What does that mean? “Hey you, we’re over here, the light is this way.” That’s what harkening is about. Come this way; be at peace; be at love; love yourself; love your neighbor; learn the way of the path that is everlasting and eternal. It begins here, in the practical demonstrations of peace, expressed in love and acceptance.

We hope, through this message, that you see and appreciate and can value the larger efforts of peace in your world, through the angels, through the celestial teachers, through the efforts of the Most High, and your Creator Son and all the Melchizedeks, and many, many more beings and orders. There is a conscious effort for you of this generation, who have seen the old war-like generation of your fathers and mothers and prior generations, to bring children into being who will live in the “Era of Peace.” I know it will not be done over night. What you are now seeing are the forces of peace that are effective, and they are effective when individuals join other people in efforts of peace, to express love. This is not just “church peace,” but peace every day, wherever you go, wherever you live, whatever you do, whomever you are with.

It is time for questions. Do you have questions?  Perhaps I took you off guard. Let us take a moment, an intermission, so to speak, and let our guest speak.

WILL: Good evening, this is Will. You know me from the Tallahassee group, and I have migrated here, though I have been here all along. I will be a participant in your groups in the future. Bob and I will be working together; sometimes Bob will be gone and I will be here and vice-versa. My associates and I have a particular interest in teaching newcomers to the TR process. I have been working with your friend, JoiLin Johnson, with whom I am well acquainted. I think you will highly enjoy the times that we have together in the future. Thank you.

BOB: This is Bob. I would like to have a dialogue with you, if I could. Do you “grok,” or thoroughly understand, the extent of the truly active participation of our teachers and our efforts in your world yet?

Student: I’ll respond.

BOB: Please.

Student: It seems there are so many ministries from our unseen friends coming to people all over the planet, it would be hard for even the most obtuse to deny it.

BOB: (Laughing) Thank you! I thought I was not getting through to you.

Student: Well, I may be in a minority but I certainly can perceive it being a well-nigh universal ministration.

BOB: Also, I want to…I am grasping to see how to deliver this message and future messages for your level of awareness. Do you appreciate the almost universal arousal for peace throughout the planet now, during these dramatic times?

Group: Yes

BOB: Thank you. Do you have an idea why this has occurred? I’m baiting you.

Student: It was time.

BOB: Yes. And another reason…go ahead… (Pause) It’s because people are ready. Your people are ready, finally ready to hear. When you are…go ahead…

Student: Sorry to interrupt. Thank you Bob, for your message tonight. It was very well taken. I would like to transcribe it and send it along to as many people as I can. My question is, how do we handle those people, especially in the United States right now, who do not understand these words you have spoken in their hearts, as far as being still tied in to the type of thinking that war is necessary and that it is inevitable?

BOB: First of all, it is not your responsibility to “handle” them. Second, it is their responsibility to come to peace.

Student: I’ll rephrase the question. What can we do help bring them to peace?

BOB: Let me try again. First of all, you cannot bring them to peace; they must bring themselves to peace. What you can do to encourage them is to be at peace yourself. To conflict with them, to be at war with them, to be adversaries with them, to conflict with them over their point of view and your point of view, only encourages them to remain in their position. Our work on this world is only persuasive. Only persuasive! Persuasiveness is always clearly subtle, but it is always the most powerful because it is long-term, enduring, patient and always reaches out peaceably to others who are holding opposing positions and views. Your people, people of this planet, are fully aware, coming into full awareness of the futility of conflict, the futility of war, the futility of dominance.

Individuals at the lowest level, yearn for peace, yearn for an ordinary day without conflict, where they can go to the water well and get clean water without wondering whether they will come home alive or not. Whether they send their children into the marketplace for food, and whether they would be harmed on the way. Only those in power and positions of material wealth and accumulation, yearn for conflict where there may be greater profits. And profits can be termed in terms of money, of power, of ego, position, status—and all the other accoutrements of ego.

But at the individual level, the most humble of your world, everyone yearns for peace. Yes, there are enclaves of individuals, societies, groups, associations, who yearn for dominance and control, but the ordinary individual who is in touch with their children, in touch with their gardens, in touch with their employment, yearn for peace. And what I mean by this is, that it used to be in the past generations, where even ordinary people yearned for dominance as a way of controlling the resources of other nations, that they might become greater, wealthier, and have a life of ease. But your species has endured almost fully a century of conflict, and they have had quite enough of that.

And so, to answer your question again, it is a matter of persuasion of living in peace, demonstrating for peace, thinking peace, expressing peace, accepting others, whether next door, in the next state, or in the next nation. Peace really does work! The greatest prosperities are always generated in peace. Standards of living across all nations are always enhanced in peace. No one wins in war. No standard of living is ever enhanced by war. More damage is done to the minds and lives of children and adults through war than in any other conflict. Peace works! Peace prospers. Learn how to be at peace. Practice the fundamentals of peace—acceptance, tolerance, cooperation, and coordination—and then begin to appreciate others as you appreciate yourself. Peace really does work. I hope I didn’t go over-board with you on that answer?

Student: No, not at all. Thank you.

BOB: You’re welcome.

Student: I’ve been asked if when other groups get messages from Archangel Michael, if they are really from Christ Michael and they are just interpreted as his being an archangel, because that’s kind of his title in historic reference. Do you have any comment on that?

BOB: I would be glad to! Yes, you are quite correct—Michael is pandemic on your planet; Michael is available to you, to groups of individuals, and he announces, “I am Michael. Be at peace.” And if they say he is Archangel Michael, that’s fine; there is no conflict there. For Archangel Michael—if there were an Archangel Michael—would have the same values, the same position, same love, same acceptance, same embrace for each of you as your Creator Michael.

It is the Christ Spirit that is on your planet every where; personally present to you where ever you are, there to give you comfort, there to answer your questions, there to be companion to you as Brother/Father/Parent, one who loves you, one who is there to support you, nurture you in all the best ways. No, there is no conflict, and you needn’t correct them, if you choose not to (or choose to.) The way of light is what we wish to have people adhere to. How they title, or how they name the source of light really does not matter this much on your primitive planet. Mistaken identity of light is not a matter of concern.

Student: I’d like to follow up on that.

BOB: Certainly.

Student: My guides have told me that Mohammed also is the same Spirit, the same force of light, and that Islam means “Peace,” and is the same for “White Light Spirit.” Would you comment on that?

BOB: We don’t “accept” that, we embrace that! The Mohammed of Light is the Mohammed of Love; whatever source, whatever name you call it, does not matter. The Mohammed you pray to is as sacred as praying to Michael. The prophet comes in many forms; the prophet exists as “one” in the afterlife, whose material expressions of light may vary from culture to culture, but praying to the source of light is always the same; gives the same results, and that is peace, and that is acceptance, and that is the wonderful heartfelt love that you feel. We see no conflict, though there are many differences in the minds of mortals concerning these issues. You all will come to a more stable center once you are aware of the morontial depth of meaning of peace and love and its material expressions through the various, what you call prophets, who have come here. Thank you.

(Long pause) [Daniel: He wants to go on. (Group laughing) He really does!]

BOB: You have many Masters who have come to this planet, who you would identify or title as Avatars. That is a much more generalized and more “even” title to give these beings, rather than Prophets or Masters or “Special individuals.” With Avatars, you do not have any identifications of these individuals through many of your teachings, which is unfortunate. Who are they? I will not answer that directly, but let you wonder upon that, as they have been sources of immense—and I do not mean that in a small way—but a humongous way—immense benefit to your planet, whether they have been Hindus or from Islam, Christians, or those who have come out of nowhere and have become teachers. Avatars are generally described as those who bring miracles for healing, unexpected prosperity, and Divine Order and rightness, which surrounds them. Life seems to be in order in all regards wherever they are present.

The efforts to help heal your planet [through Avatars] have been many —many! And many have been unrecognized. They have lived humbly, lived discretely, yet shared immense truths. You will one day appreciate the magnitude of the efforts to bring light to all corners of your world, all civilizations of your world, all centers of learning. Some Avatars have been recognized; many have not. And to them, it doesn’t matter. They came here with a truth, shared it and moved on. Some one in your society/past society said, “Be careful who you speak to and how you treat them, for there are Angels among you,” and it is true. Some are Angels, some are material in form, and some are not.

But we are here, with you now, and we are here in force—not force of power—but the force of love. Can you say that love has power? Love has attractiveness; it draws to it, and so this is the answer, to draw those in conflict to you out of love. And some of your kind are so injured, so desperately injured, that when they see love, they turn away. They do not know what it is and that is desperately sad. But, there is love here. Much love. It is appreciated, it is accepted, and it is reflected back to you, many times over.

Be at peace, children. Know that you are loved, take this love forward, express it in love, in peace—and see yourself as a radiating beacon of light that emanates in waves to other people. You are not alone, wherever you go, for your energies are shared with others as you pass by. Good night.

Group: Good night.

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