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DBC4 – Universe Energy

Group: Denver TeaM Group #4

Topics: Fundamentals of basic universe energy
The origin and nature of all energy
In the moment
Past, present and future
The I AM
Dealing with inner conflict
Stillness conditioned by intention
Manipulating energy
Responsible use of energy
Forming a group Merkaba
Focusing intention and sincerity
The power of group energy
Invoking coordinative function
Anchoring the Merkaba
Linking the group as “one”
The mind-line and heart-line
Expanding the size of the Merkaba
Dedication of the anchor
Training/teaching TR skills

Teacher: Bob (TR DanielR)

March 28, 2003

[Meditation preceded the session.]

Daniel: Please come to center. This is the Denver Teaching Mission Group, we are at the SINA Center and it is Friday, March 28.

BOB: Good evening, this is Bob, and welcome. And welcome to our new guest, who is an “old-timer” at that. Tonight we will share with you one of the fundamental, basic lessons of the Teaching Mission, one that you may use with or without a TR. Fundamental tools are essential for you to be active, accessible to spirit and accessible and participating/participatory in the world around you, the world of energy, the world that you may call spirit and energy. So tonight’s lesson is about the basic fundamentals of universe energy, and the second part will be about constructing a Merkaba and how you may use that on your own.

As was said several weeks ago, the original source of all universe energy emanates from the First Source and Center. It is non-spatial, it is not empirical in nature, yet it is the fundamental driving force…actually, force is not the right word, as energy, force and power are used differently…energy is energy, that which connects all living beings and even the inanimate, those worlds of the universe of three dimensions. And we will be speaking tonight, about the three-dimensional, four-dimensional universe that you live in. As for the last dimension, universe energy is not conditioned by time.

You may guess or surmise that because this energy emanates from the First Source and Center, it is conditioned by mind. It is the energy that motivates life, whether it is a dandelion in your yard, a giant sequoia, fish of the sea, birds of the air, whether they have consciousness or not, whether they have mind or not—if they are living, they participate in some ways with the universe stream of energy. You may come to understand then, why some of the religions of your world, have such immense and intense honoring of all life, whether it is a fly, or a cow, or a plant, or a tomato plant—whatever it may be—that there is living, universe energy in each living object. We will further limit our discussion tonight to universe energy as it affects and as it inhabits and courses through living beings, whether it is a plant, an animal, or an intelligent being.

This energy is timeless, it is eternal, and it is virtually everywhere. This stream of energy that is now beginning to fill the outer regions of space that is uninhabited and unoccupied by anything, comes from, emanates from the First Source and Center. This is the beginning of the universe formation; first there is energy, then there is materiality. You may say—to use a metaphor—that universe energy condenses, or forms a colloid in the reaches of space, which eventually will become material planets and stars. The gift of life truly is a gift; you may differentiate life between a virus and a single-cell animal. Viruses are far different. Their occurrence in the universe, their occurrence on this planet requires a special session to discuss their presence.

Universe energy is a gift, a gift to everyone and to everything. It is used and passed on by plants and animals; it is only controllable by the First Source and Center. All others may manipulate it; because you have mind, you may manipulate it; because you have consciousness, you may manipulate it in consciousness with the God source within you, for the highest and greatest good of all concerned. Without that, it is your ethics, your morality that guides its use. And if you have no morality or any ethics, then you still may use it as you wish. It is the ever-present universe tool; it is more than a universe solvent such as water, as you find on your planet, because this energy also has the capacity to form things, bring things into existence through mind.

Whether you are a fundamental-thinking Christian, or Muslim, or Hindu—or any other religion—this is conditioned by mind. That is why it is so important for you to go to original sources of your teachings. Later interpretations, no matter what religion it is, has an effect on bending that to other ends. The metaphysics of using universe energy is fundamental to its use. What you think, does out-form itself because of this energy, therefore it is very important that you couch your verbalizations with others, even your speaking to yourself without anyone present, and particularly in your thinking, that you think of this energy as being “in the moment,” because it is eternal. It exists only in the moment, although it is ubiquitous, ever present and eternal, it is particularly powerful and only manipulable in the present, in this moment.

Your thinking is in this moment. Though you have memories, you cannot replay them, you simply get to go back to your archives and look at them. So to change your history, you must change your present; to form the future, you must form it in the present. If you are using words such as “I wish I had,” or “I wish I could,” then that will never form what you want. Its use is now in the present. How would you think of using this now? Let us say as a metaphor, it is a screwdriver—could you go back to the past and recover that screwdriver to use it? No, you could not. Could you go into the future and find that screwdriver and use it? No, you could not. You could only do it now, by picking it up and applying it. So too in your thinking, pick up this energy and apply it.

Your language is fundamental to mind action, therefore, begin to study your language. If this is difficult, then write down what you want to see happen in your life, what you want to occur. Some of you have devised what you call “treasure maps” and you say, “In the future, I will become,” “In the future, I will have,” “In the future, I will know,” but to form that effectively, you must say, “I AM”—see that word I AM—this is the God-self—I AM receiving this now. It is present tense, it is immediate, and it is effective. If you are uncertain about using universe energy, you need not be. There is always help for you to use it, and there are always language tools to condition your commands, your wishes, your wants, your desires, your hopes and dreams effectively, so that they are out-formed.

Your Father/Mother God has given you all that it has, all that it used, to create the universe; you have this same access. Let me use another metaphor. Let us say that your Father/Mother God gave you one hundred million dollars—could you use that in the future? No. Could you use it in the past? No. The only place that you could use that money would be now, in the moment. If you sat around saying, “Oh, I wish I had a new car,” well, you could just keep on wishing.

You would have to do something, wouldn’t you? You would have to use some of that money, go out, make choices, and buy the car. You may think that $100,000,000 is a lot of money, and perhaps it is, but the bankroll of universe energy that each of you has access to is immediately, now, without limit, and without surcharges, is limitless. It is the universal ATM, accessible to you all the time. And do you know what your PIN number is, your personal identification number is? It is the “I AM;” it is assuming that you are the Creator, in all positive, benevolent, constructive, helpful ways.

And if this is too much responsibility, how would you use this—you may ask, “How could I use $100,000,000 responsibly, and still grow and become more and develop the unfulfilled potential within myself, using that?” The same question applies for the universe energy. “How can I use this responsibly, effectively?” You want to be able to use it effectively. So I say to you friends, use it; use it now. And if you are uncertain, then condition your language.

You may want to use these bold statements; you may want to say, “I now command all of God’s universe beings and all of God’s universe energy to fulfill________(and then you name your request), and then you would want to list the conditions so that it is done rightly, correctly, and powerfully, and so you say, “According to God’s will for my life, for the right and perfect fit, union, or coordination with your life plan,” for each of you does have a life plan, and that is the pattern for unlocking all the potential that exists within you during this time of your mortal existence.

This is the plan that your Thought Adjuster knows well. So you may condition it further and say, “Thought Adjuster, I command this to be done according to God’s will for my life, for its highest and greatest good, and for the help of all others, or that it does not hurt others,” and then you command it into existence by saying, “AND SO IT IS!” Were you more responsible as a universe being, as a Creator Son is, you would think something and it would “become;” this is perfect alignment with God’s will, universe energy, and the good that will come out of it.

What is required on your part to use universe energy? First of all, you would want to look at your intentions. That could take you several weeks examining your intentions. Using the parallel of universe energy, of $100,000,000, there is really no limit to what you could apply universe energy to, but your intentions will tell whether they are in alignment with God’s plan for your life, the highest and greatest good of yourself and those around you.

For I tell you my friends, surely what you command will come into being in one form or another. And if there has ever been any conflict in your thinking about this subject, then you have effectively nullified it to occur. You must be true, and as I believe the British say, “On spot,” which means that the arrow goes to the center spot. When your life becomes a flow of good, you know that your intentions are pretty much “on spot” all the time. Sometimes there are glitches—those are learning lessons, time to examine your intentions, your wishes, desires, your thoughts, and your emotions.

It sounds like a lot of homework, does it not? But this is how you would spend $100,000,000 responsibly, and effectively. You could do a lot of injury with that kind of money, and so you can do a lot of damage too with this kind of energy. For example, when you see truly sincere, but immoral people prospering—why is that? Because they are sincere, they are consistent, and their intentions are “spot on;” there is no conflict in their inner self. When you become without inner conflict, you will become incredibly effective. Inner conflict is the disrupter of universe energy. Remember, I said universe energy is conditioned by mind. If there is conflict, then the mind cannot bring together, into focus, the energy and apply it to the point of its effective use.

That is why the Stillness is so important to you to practice once a day, twice a day, because you release the inner instructor to use that freedom to instruct you. And remember that your Stillnesses also are conditioned by intention. To go to Stillness without intention is to sit in silence. Dedicate your Stillness time to some purpose, some co-creative purpose, most effectively with your Thought Adjuster. Ask your Guardian Angel and your Celestial Teachers to help coordinate your life, when you go to the silence. Release yourself to this safe environment. You see, universe energy also is very Zen-like, Taoist-like—you release it and it becomes; you lay hold of it, but without grasping it; you manipulate it, without actively doing so. Water, as your thoughts, always will flow downhill; water always will adhere to the next drop. And so, positive thoughts give power and energy to your thoughts, your metaphysical thoughts, to manipulate this energy.

Student: So do negative thoughts, but our concern tonight is about positive thoughts and constructive growth for your lives.

BOB: How is it that you have this energy? How is it that it is so effective through your mind? Universe energy is conditioned by mind; it is everywhere present, available for all living beings, right down to the microscopic, single-celled animals and plants. Each has a little spike of energy and were you to see a plant, and the aura of a plant, you would see a glow, and it would radiate its colors in its aura. You have an aura too, and you have a spike of energy, and we call this spike the silver cord or golden cord, the thread that connects you with the center of the universe.

That thread becomes much more powerful when you are conscious of it. When you become a responsible user of universe energy, you can open that thread so it becomes larger, so it carries larger amperage, so to speak, and greater current of universe energy flows through it. And so, you open yourself up to the flow of universe energy, that light from God, the First Source and Center. This thread is the first element of forming a Merkaba. You yourself, sitting alone, without anyone else present, can use your mind to send universe energy to other places. This is a conscious, metaphysical application, it is not even metaphysical, it is …hmm, lacking a word here…the word metaphysical is useful to examine the formation of the outer from the mind pattern that you have, but the conscious application and use, manipulation of universe energy, is… “spiritophysical”…

[This is Daniel. Anybody else have a word? (Laughing) There is not a word for this!]

Student: Reiki?

[Daniel: Reiki is good! I suppose it is about as close as you can get. Well, Teaching Mission people, we need a word for this! Hmmm.]

BOB: This is Bob; let us continue. This energy is conditioned by mind, therefore, as you sit alone, you can direct this energy that flows through you to other places, to individuals, to groups, to situations, literally to environments of any nature. When you gather in groups, and you intentionally, consciously act as one in this group, that is the underlying intention then, for forming a Merkaba, a group Merkaba. The larger the number of individuals, the more powerful it can become.

But it is also conditioned too, by the “trueness” (have to put that in quotes please), the sincerity of intentions of each individual, the developed potential of each individual to be in co-creative union with spirit, with this energy, that is itself, conditioned by the First Source and Center, Eternal Mind. That is why, when many are sitting together, and they are truly dedicated to one focused intent for the use of this energy, that their direction for this energy becomes very powerful, whether it is for healing for an individual, or for overcoming discord in a foreign land. Formation of a group Merkaba is done with intention, then, with consciousness, awareness that you are doing something very responsible. As you do not have telepathic capabilities at this time, you then form a group Merkaba through the leadership of one or two people. And two people are the minimum number of individuals necessary to form a group Merkaba.

The function and operation of the Merkaba is further enhanced by invoking the coordinative will-function of your celestial hosts and angelic corps. They can apply more mind action to this, to aid your purposes. Again, their participation is conditioned by their vows of service; they will not participate in intentions that are inappropriate or confused. You would not know that unless you ask. When several people come together and want to form a Merkaba—it can be for a temporary purpose, or short period of time, or you can set the anchor, so to speak, as a ship sets its anchor at harbor, where that shaft of light remains in place, even after your group disperses. That anchor, that shaft of energy that is representative of the union of energy of all the individuals of the group, remains in place and is then manipulable by individuals or groups of individuals, from a distance, in addition to their own thread of energy.

Process goes like this, and if you who have heard this before, it will be redundant; for those who have not, then it will be new, but it will be consistent with other instruction you have received in the past. The group leader would say, “Let us come to center, become of one mind, calm your thoughts, and so you’d begin through a meditative process of becoming relaxed, losing your stresses of the day, your cares and worries about tomorrow, your regrets and resentments about the past, living in the moment—and you review your intentions for being there, ensuring they are consistent with the highest good of the group, for the universe and for yourself. And yes, you would also want to examine your sincerity. This is not a frivolous, superficial activity, but one which is earnest, one that is sincere, one that requires attention to be present in the moment.

Having done that, the group leader would ask you to link your threads of energy at two points, one would be above the group, and the other point would be below the group, as at the point above the north and south pole; and it may be 20 feet in the air and 20 feet below the floor. The size of the Merkaba is first conditioned by the physical dimensions of your group, and later can be conditioned by your minds to be enlarged so that it could encompass the whole world. But in the beginning, when you first link up, the Merkaba will be the diameter of your group, so it may be 6 or 8 feet above you, and 6 or 8 feet below you, and this axis—this is an axis…think of the earth spinning on its axis, that central point, that imaginary central point that runs through the core of the earth, as it spins like a top—but in this case, this Merkaba is not imaginary; it is real.

And for some of you who can see energy, it is quite visible. So you have these threads running like lines of longitude on a planet, but there is one more line that exists at the equator, and that is the common line of energy that connects each of you on this physical plane. And if you wish, you may see other lines, the parallel lines, to help you build this Merkaba into a more solid model. But the essential connection is the equatorial belt that connects all of you.

Now what happens when all of these lines join at top and bottom? It becomes another focal point, just as your crown chakra is a focal point, and your base chakra is a focal point, so too, do these two nodes become focal points; and a shaft of energy forms immediately, when all of these lines of energy link up at top and bottom. So when this happens, it is as quick as a light going on, the wire begins to glow, this axis of energy connects instantaneously to universe center.

Your leader would next call upon you to connect your minds and this energy, the mindal energy of the universe in your imagination and as you would see it on the other planes of awareness, would be an electric blue/green color, kind of a neon blue/green color. This is the mind line, and it runs very fast, and it runs counter clockwise to the axis, as you would look down upon the group. And it proceeds through the mind of each of you, so it would move through your cranium—entering through your left temple and exiting to your right, and going to your neighbor to your right, and into their left temple, and so on. You become one in this line of energy, and its power and effectiveness is limited only by your effectiveness to maintain singular thought with the group and the object or intent of your group. We will discuss enlarging these lines of energy, in a moment.

There is another line, the heart line. This is more of a qualitative aspect of the whole process. A metaphor would be the analog, whereas the mind line would be digital. It is still energy, still connects you, but gives you different information; it has a different “feel” to it, if you want to use that word. And yes, it beats to the rhythm of your earth, this heart line, and it is a neon pink, and it connects your heart with the center of the earth; it is the connecting line between the center of the earth and your heart. And so, the line of energy, goes from your “heart,” (and we use “heart” in quotes, as it is not literally your ”heart,”) but it is your…a parallel would be, but not synonymous would be the heart that you give to your lover, to your partner, that you share with your pets, that heart energy, that loving energy, that nurturing/caring energy—and of course this comes from the earth, and you are a part of the earth, you are conditioned by the material elements of this earth, for they are in your body and you are of this planet.

And so, the line would go from your “heart” through your base chakra, to earth center and back up to your neighbor on your left. And so, if you continue this, you would see that this energy rotates clock-wise as you look down upon the group. And so if you imagine this, it’s much like a sewing machine—as the lever that controls the thread goes up and down, the needle goes up and down, so it has a bobbing effect

[not a bobbin effect. That was Daniel.]

BOB: This is Bob. So you see, you have a rapid mind line, running from mind to mind, that is conditioned by your intentions. And then there is the heart line, which is conditioned by your sincerity. That’s why we examine these two elements each time we begin a Merkaba practice; that’s why you should do this as you meditate, when you pray, when you go into the silence—examine your intention for doing so, and your sincerity. To discuss sincerity a bit more, you might ask, “Is this true of the universe, for the highest purposes of my intent?” And so it conditions the intent.

So now you have a Merkaba, with an axis…(tape turned). And so you see, with all this universe energy, it is continuous; it’s always moving; it’s moving in both directions, simultaneously; looks like a solid thread of energy, and you may imagine it going one way, but it goes both ways, simultaneously. Now, as the leader would say in your group, Now as the leader would say in your group, “Now I wish you to expand this Merkaba with your mind, so it now grows to 50 feet in diameter; now to 100, it is now outside the building; let us now encompass the city block; or the square mile that we live on, out in the country—wherever you are, you can make it as big as you want. And so you can help condition the environment around you, by being in peace, conditioned with love. You know that you can have peace without love; you can be agitated and peaceful, but that is not much of a life, is it? So you would want peace, happiness and contentment, you’d want love.

Now this axis is the central object for the group Merkaba, and you can visualize this Merkaba axis as becoming bigger and bigger in diameter. And if you were a powerful group of one mind, very sincere, you could literally be in the shaft of energy yourselves, as the Merkaba surrounds you at a great distance. You would become “one” with universe energy. Now for those of you who would like to responsibly emplace this anchor, this shaft, this axis of energy as an energy anchor, one that stays there in this geographic location, even after your group disperses, you would do that co-creatively with your angelic and celestial hosts; they are in contact with the energy controllers, the planetary energy control group that maintains the energy of your planet. And think of a dedication of a school, or a hospital, or church, a temple—imagine the earnest, sincere awe-filled participation of the audience and the officials, and all the angels, celestial teachers who are there present, dedicating this anchor, this shaft of energy to become an anchor, in that place.

So too, we would hope that you would enter into this exercise with the same sincere dedication. Examine that dedication. What are dedications that you see written on buildings—“This building is dedicated for…” what is that? That is the group intention. They made a statement one time about the group intention —that is the dedication that you see chiseled in stone. And so, when you dedicate this axis to become an anchor with the participation of your celestial and angelic hosts, it is done sincerely, earnestly, with good forethought.

And so we ask you to think about this as a group, before you do it spontaneously or quickly, thoughtlessly, for it will be here. And why will it be here? You provide the intention, but what your celestial and angelic hosts provide, they become the guardians, the maintainers of the anchor. It will be here until you, or another group decides to remove it. When it exists here it becomes a powerful focal point of light for this geographic area that you can use and you can manipulate to help those you pray about. We use the word prayer as a combination of conscious thought and intention, to manipulate energy, and most powerfully done when you do that co-creatively with your Thought Adjuster and your unseen participants.

So when you come together, you would link up your lines to the anchor and “Voila!” You have a Merkaba. And you take time to connect your minds with the day’s agenda, your hearts, your sincere earnest participation, and then you dedicate that time to some group purpose, or dedicate that time to use the energy for each individual purpose. You wonder why, (or maybe you don’t) groups are so powerful when they come together for peace and when they pray for peace; when you see everybody in all the time zones, coordinated around your world, praying simultaneously—they have formed a temporary Merkaba. And so my friends, when everyone around your world prays simultaneously, comes together in thought and consciousness, you have formed a Merkaba that literally surrounds your earth on the skin of the earth, millions of points of lights glow around your planet when you do this. These anchors of energy become bright beacons of light and energy on your planet in this geographic area.

It is also responsible when your group leaves, to say, “Now we will close the group and unlink from the Merkaba.” This brings the Merkaba energy to rest, as the grid collapses, but the anchor remains. For a temporary group, the anchor axis also dissolves at that time. Do you have questions concerning this? (Pause)

Hearing none, I thank you for this evening’s session. Thank you for being here.

Group: Thank you.

BOB: One last parting word, I was overhearing your discussion concerning the development or teaching the TR (transmit-receive, i.e. channel) skills. We would greatly urge you to pursue this, as we can help you from our end, but you must do it from your end, and that means literally taking time to be in the presence; it helps to have someone who can aid you to feel comfortable, that this is real and not your imagination. We suggest that you do proceed with this as the success, meaning the continuation of the Teaching Mission is dependent upon the development of individuals who will become TR’s, whether they are TR’s between themselves and their guardian angels and celestial teacher only, that is fine, that is wonderful—you have a conscious relationship—some of you however, will be called, you will “feel called,” you will know you will be called to become TR’s for a group. This too, is essential. Some of you are called; some are not. Some are called and decline—that is fine; that is your decision—there is no discord that you cause by declining a calling to be a TR; do not concern yourself about this.

Student: I have a question.

BOB: Certainly.

Student: Do the teachers feel that there are a number of individuals here in Denver who are seeking this?

BOB: Yes.

Student: And do you have any suggestions of how to reach out and connect with them? Or will you help on that end and we help on this end?

BOB: Certainly. You see this new guest here tonight; he is here because of our efforts to contact him, and his willingness to hear that calling. There are suggestions that will be made soon to you, to help individuals feel comfortable in revealing themselves, who want to become TR’s. Some people wish to learn how to speak with their guardian angel, but do not wish to advertise that or let others know. That is fine, and we respect that. We are not concerned about the social aspects of learning to TR, or the acceptance or rejection by others in your groups. It is about your spiritual development, about you having a conscious, co-creative relationship with your Heavenly Father’s angelic hosts and celestial volunteers.

Student: Thank you.

BOB: You’re welcome. Thank you for this evening; this was a basic lesson, there is much more that can be said about almost every aspect that was taught tonight, but this is the fundamental part. You have all the necessary ingredients now to use a Merkaba, and use it effectively. Of course, using it effectively means that you become more effective in your mind function, and your sincerity and participation and co-creative alignment with your Thought Adjuster. Best wishes to you during this coming week. Know that you are supported, and know that we are with you individually, that we speak with you, we attend to you as your guardian angels do. We assist you in making connections with others, and know that we will assist you to do this for the purposes that you have spoken about, to learn how to TR, and let others know. Blessings to you. I give you our Creator Son, Michael’s, blessings as well, and good thoughts from Nebadonia, which are always ever present. Good night.

Group wishes Bob, good night.

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