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DBC5 – Afterlife

Group: Denver TeaM Group, #5
SINA Center, Denver, Colorado

Topics: The Afterlife
Partnership with your Divine Fragment
A plan of life for you
Making decisions
The significance of decisions
Preparations for the afterlife
Consequences of decisions
Eras of life
Mansion World curriculum and group learning
Asking the “why” questions
Filling your universe shoes
Making decisions for the greater good
Q & A—To skip or not to skip mansion worlds
Sensory levels and limitations
Opening prayers

Teacher: Bob (TR DanielR)

April 5, 2003

[Note: A guided meditation preceded this session.]

BOB: Good morning, this is Bob. It is good to be here with you and I, too, am basking in the glow of this energy, this calmness that is here. I wish to share with you that I personally enjoy being here during the daylight hours, this bright sunny day in the Rocky Mountains.

Today we will cover one more fundamental, basic lesson, the “Afterlife.” Most of you here are well acquainted with the afterlife, so this lesson is intended for newer people who are unacquainted with your universe orientation. You are fortunate to have been acquainted with The Urantia Book, which paints a very large overview of the universe and your participation in it. It gives you a time, place and situation/orientation to aid you in your placement, to understand why you are here, what you can do while you are here, and what happens afterwards.

The afterlife means that era of life, after this mortal existence. It however is directly connected to your pre-life, this life, for it is all one chain of events. You would know that your God Within, your Thought Adjuster, your Mystery Monitor, the Kingdom of God within you—whatever you want to call it, especially the Essence of the Creator, a rather universal term—is within each of you, and that this Fragment, this Essence of the Creator, prepared for its placement in you long before your birth. It chose your life to learn, and as you may surmise, there are Fragments of God that were invested in other individuals, who rejected the afterlife, and these are experienced beings, they are Fragments of God with more experience than what we might call a “virgin Fragment of God,” one who has not been invested in a mortal being before.

And yes there is a plan of life for you. This was known also before your birth. Thus the Fragment can prepare for your growth, your awakening, to help you understand and work through your learning situations of life and living on a material planet. It is challenging for you, and even though your Fragment of God can understand you and know you, and hear you—all that goes on within you, with a degree of intimacy that would almost shock you—yet that Fragment takes a “hands off” participation in your life by not usurping your will, your decisions.

The only place that your Fragment can affect your life is through the pre-decision choices, thinking, examination, analysis, and contemplation of those situations before you make decisions. Much as you would highlight a passage in a book, your Divine Fragment might highlight and emphasize, bring to brilliance an idea, a thought, a choice, into your thinking, that comes to your attention—or it may not come to your attention, depending upon other fears, anxieties, and choices that you have. It is a slow and arduous process for your Divine Fragment to influence your life.

That is why the contemplative life that you know about, that you have seen exemplified in various contemplative religions or sects of religions, are very productive for soul growth. Yet some of these contemplative traditions neglect to act out in the reality of living, living passively. There is only one place where your growth can come into existence, and that is the moment of decision-making. If you hide yourself away in a safe environment and make no decisions, such as in a monastic situation, then you will not grow, for growth and soul value are only determined by decisions.

On a mortal planet, your soul survivability is not determined by what you think, or what you say, but by what you do. And as you grow closer to Paradise on your infinite journey, more is decided and determined by what you say and what you think, for in the end, you must be “in sync”, you must be “one with God,” to enter Paradise and the embrace of your Creator. It begins here on this mortal sphere, this material place of hard rock, and four dimensions, where you live your life out by making decisions.

And so, during this brief introduction, you have gotten a foretaste of the journey. The journey includes much guidance, immense guidance. Now that the circuits are open to your world, which once was in quarantine from the rest of the universe, all the gates of assistance are open to you. Yes, you have guardian angels, and yes, you have a celestial teacher. Celestial Teachers are those individuals who have volunteered to be here to gain further soul growth experience for their own lives, by being here, by being witness and participating, making decisions, assisting much as Thought Adjusters and guardian angels do to aid your progress on this planet. So the afterlife begins before you were born.

Some religions have seen this as the ‘Great Wheel of Life.’ Some have seen this lifetime as an intense short respite; on the other hand, others see it as an intense experience of living of thousands upon millions of decisions that you will make throughout your lifetime, that you will “chew on” during the afterlife, thinking about your life, reviewing those experiences, and yes, vicariously reliving them again to gain and squeeze greater wisdom out of those experiences, for your lives are extremely rich, extremely intense on this planet that has so many challenges to you.

So you may say that you chose this life, this body, this family that you came to, an environment to learn in. That’s how the Thought Adjuster sees it. This is the situation to engage–your Divine Fragment is aware of your family, your mother and your father, your grandparents and great-grandparents, your geographic environment, the siblings that will come into your lives—these will all have a tremendous effect upon your life and how you make decisions. Nothing has been exempt from this examination. And yes, you may not have gotten your red bicycle for your tenth birthday—that can be overlooked as a major decision—but your disappointment would not be.

Your disappointment and how you reacted to that is a level ground upon which your Divine Fragment can aid you to grow. Your placement in your family, whether you are first born, second born, or the only child, has a tremendous effect upon your development and the challenges that come into your life. You are perhaps thinking that there must be patterns for families, and patterns for life and living, and yes, surely there are. There are literally dozens upon dozens of family living situations in which new souls, new beings, new lives can be formed, and the patterns are very similar from culture to culture, just as your physical type is similar to other physical types on your planet.

Your uniqueness stems from who you are, your personality and how you interact with that; the variables are immense, but you are truly unique; there is no one like you, no one as you are and never will be. You are truly identifiable to your Creator, you are known thoroughly to your Divine Fragment, and its immediate-continuous association with the Divine Creator.

You determine the type of afterlife that you enter into. You truly do. You can reject the afterlife altogether; you can reject that you are a part of a larger life; you can reject that you were created and brought into existence for a special purpose, for a special unique relationship with the Creator; you can reject the afterlife—you can say, “I will have none of it!”—and you can command that into existence for the finite-ness of your life, and it will be respected, my friends. However, (and there is a “however” on your planet) because of the immense yawning chasm of ignorance of the afterlife on your planet, due to the underlying reasons that put your planet in quarantine, few of you actually, thoroughly know and understand what your life is all about.

And so each of you, as it has been ordained for those living on this planet, will all awaken on the mansion worlds, where you will be resurrected and brought to full awareness of your infinite life, as you determine it to be. Then you can make your decision to exit the universe or continue on. You can go to the nothingness as though your life never was, as though you were never here, or you can continue on. Your will is sovereign; it is respected. Your life here on your world is determined by your decisions, and so it is in the afterlife.

At our last session we spoke about energy and how you use it. You can use this universal, common energy, this non-empirical energy that comes from The Source of the universe, for any purposes you wish, for any good or any harm that you wish, but in so doing, you leave a trail, a track-record of your decisions —and all your decisions are recorded. Your guardian angel keeps a very intimate and detailed record of your struggles, those inner struggles and outer struggles, and particularly your decisions and how you act on them that have significant meaning for your placement in the afterlife, your survivability.

Just as members of your species breed animals, (race horses, dogs, cattle, birds, and fish), you breed them for a particular strain—long legs, great speed, endurance, or for great weight, for great milk content, for healthy specimens of the species—and you do this too, but for the development of your life, by the decisions that you make. You create, so to speak, a “progeny” in your life by the decision you make and the potential that is generated through your decisions.

We will have another basic lesson for you on the fundamentals of developing a meaningful life of soul survival value in another session. Today, we are speaking about the afterlife. The afterlife, to use another metaphor, is much like preparing to cross your world’s largest ocean in a 15-foot dinghy. How would you prepare? Given a choice, would you choose a larger boat? Perhaps you would chose a boat or a ship that is too large for one person to handle, yet you are the only one there to manage it and direct it and maintain it, and guide it into the safe harbor at the end of its destination, so you choose a larger boat than 15 feet, perhaps 25 or 30 feet. You choose it of good, sturdy material.

This is your life! Now how would you provision it to arrive at the harbor? Would you take a jar of peanut butter, a box of crackers, and a gallon of milk and set out? Surely you would be in the throes of death before long. No, you would prepare for the duration, but is that all? No, that is not all. You would prepare for the party, the welcoming, the grand salute to you when you arrived in the harbor, meeting friends, comrades, rejoicing, reliving old times, examining your journey across the sea—this is your life, and that is your afterlife. So you would provision your ship and you’d stock it well, with those things that would aid you to survive —food, water, and mechanical equipment for expected repairs you would have to make. You would need a chart, some navigation aids; you would need a star map, a compass, and an understanding of how to use them. This is your life in preparation for the afterlife.

Yes, some of your decisions may take you into the doldrums, that place where there is no wind, so you pull out your oars, or your treadmill that powers the propeller, and you power yourself through it by your own fortitude. You have faith, a belief and you trust that you can cross the doldrums without wind. And there, there are no currents, so you wait and you peddle and you make progress. You continue to make decisions; you see storms up ahead, but will you go through them anyhow? Will you try to avoid them? Will you study old charts, and old weather patterns to help you through them, or to avoid them? It is your choice; it’s your life. Others have been here before, have gone through the same experiences, very similarly, except that this time these are your experiences, your decisions that will help propel you into the afterlife. Making wrong decisions, your ship may be in tatters, you may have to wait to be saved by an outside source, an outside safety net, brought into harbor, healed, patched up, where you can review your mistakes and decide whether you want to go on or quit.

You are beginning to see that your life is all about decisions; your current situation in life has been determined in large part by the decisions you made earlier, some of them very subtle, when the circumstances of those decisions were not fully known to you. Some of the aspects of your situation now were made through your decisions, when you had no knowledge of how they would impact your future life. But you made the decisions; and bless you for making those decisions! Yes, bless you, for if you make no decisions you do not grow; you only demonstrate your lack of courage; you demonstrate your lack of faith in yourself in your co-creative relationship with the Divine, which is so intimate in your life.

Bless you for making decisions! Even wrong decisions can help you, that’s why a time of reverie, a time out in life, to contemplate, examine your life and its decisions and its circumstances, can help propel you swiftly along the way. It’s much like deciding to take a turn in your trip, 30 degrees to the south, and there you find currents in the ocean, which propel you forward, and winds from your back that propel you forward again. Your speed is much more swift by that decision.

Your circumstances today are affected also by those around you, and you have made decisions—or not—to be with them or let them be in your life. Sometimes it is as necessary to exclude individuals from your life as it is to include them; it is as important to learn to exclude choices from your agenda, which are unproductive, as it is to include new choices in your agenda to live through, to execute in your life. Your life has developed to this point by the commission to make decisions and omission to make them. Often times, the choices that you failed to make are the choices that will bite you hardest, both in material terms and in spiritual terms. The worst decision is to fail to make a decision —doing so occurs from a subconscious level to avoid the situation.

Coming closer to the root of your life, and the afterlife, is your conscious awareness of your life as a journey. And deeper than that is the consciousness of your partnership with the Divine that exists within you, knowing that you are not alone. Your progress in the afterlife greatly augmented by your conscious choice to make decisions or not to make decisions during this lifetime. It is immensely enhanced with your conscious willingness to co-creatively participate in union with your Divine Fragment —to “will” to do the will of God in your life, according to your life-plan. This is extremely fertile ground.

And yes, you go through eras, you grow through eras, you enter eras of your life—childhood, young adulthood, adulthood, later adulthood and the elder years—and there are other eras besides. The ability of your Divine Fragment to impact your thinking is determined upon your age and your inner development, your flexibility to include new factors, new inputs into your decisions. Many people who enter their 50’s and 60’s live as though they were in a crystalline latticework of decisions that have already been made, the outcomes already formed in their minds. Then, your Divine Fragment must use different tactics to prepare you for the later years and passing. And no, your Divine Fragment does not give you illnesses that are typical of the elderly to slow you down to have you enter eras of reverie and contemplation—those come naturally with your species and its weakened genetic foundation.

On many planets, most planets, people live healthy lives until the life-force within them expires; until they have decided they have reached the maximum amount of time that they wish to spend in mortal form. Some of your species and various religious sects and cultures, believe this also, and so they prepare themselves for their demise, for their physical termination. They decide that it is time to pass on. The conscious passage from mortal life to morontial life, that era which is after this life, can be made consciously; you can participate in it, you can enjoy the passage. Now you think, “So I live 80 years here and live 80 years in the afterlife. Whoopee! Is that all there is?”

No, my friends, there is much, much, much more; it is not measured in years, it is measured in eras of development. That is why when you pass from this mortal realm, you will enter a class—yes, a group of individuals, who arrive at a similar time. And you will go to various afterlife schools, morontial schools, where you will learn what you need to know. You will learn what you missed during this lifetime; you will learn what you need to make up; and you will learn about the stages ahead. The entire afterlife is transparent to you, except those eras that would not contribute to your passage through the afterlife. There are some aspects of the afterlife, concerning the management of the universe, which does not concern you at this time, or then, but only much, much later.

You will not be confused with too much information; everything, all your classes, your curriculum is designed specifically for you. And so when you go to a particular educational palace on a training world, you will find people with similar issues as yours. And yes, you may get a chuckle out of that…that is not much different than the mortal life. Many of you attract similar individuals, with similar learning issues, into your lives that you can learn from, what not to do and what to do. Your guardian angel then, as now, has a particular function for you. She arranges and helps arrange those special coincidences with other guardian angels, to bring you and someone else together, perhaps a marital mate or a living partner, and you think all is wonderful and then you realize that this person exemplifies many issues that one of your parents had, and you seem to be bedeviled by that.

Yet, on the other hand, this person is a perfect learning partner for you, a reflection of what you may have missed from your parents. And so, in the morontial classroom, you will learn from others, you will examine each other’s histories. And if you are unable to learn through these group discussions, you will be placed in experiential situations where you will learn from them, and your assistance will be much more in your awareness.

The best learning is the learning from experience, where you observe your environment, you are conscious of your participation in it, you are an observer of your life—you see what is occurring and you make decisions accordingly. Wrong decisions, and you continue to experience these over and over again; wrong decisions and you will be given more and more direct assistance, until it finally comes to the point for those who are slow to learn, where it becomes a matter of choice to learn or not to learn, to move forward or stay where you are. Nothing is amiss, there are no mysteries in these schools; everything is known, you have but to ask a question about a situation, and the insights will be given to you, so that you can make an accurate decision.

On planets that are more advanced than yours here, mortals are already aware of these circumstances, already have these wonderful inputs into their lives. Ask a question, and it is revealed to you. That is why we wish you to learn how to have a conscious relationship with us—celestial teachers and guardian angels—so you can ask those questions and receive answers, directly. Being able to “TR” [transmit-receive] with us, as Daniel does, is a conscious process —great boon to you during your mortal lifetime. Ask a question, and we will provide an answer to you; ask for a choice, and you may be given a list of choices to choose from. The choice is always yours.

The Teaching Mission and learning to TR is part of the program to up-step your planet, to assist each of you to have a conscious relationship with the angelic realm, the celestial realm, with the afterlife, as you might call it, in this lifetime. Your progress will be much quicker. So in the afterlife, if you are unable to make decisions, you will be given every opportunity to learn. For those students, whose progress slows, where the steps go, “Chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk” [where the cadence of your progress slows down], and then stop, the decisions become existential at that point —to exist or to not exist, to go ahead or not.

You will be given guidance to examine the very heart of your psyche; the very heart of your mind, any aspect of your thinking, will be revealed to you and examined. As I said, all of the afterlife at your level is transparent. Anything you want to know about your life and the afterlife during that era, will be revealed to you just as it is being given to you now; you are simply unawares of it now.

Part of the afterlife that should be tickling you now is why, why all this effort? Who cares? What’s this all about? What’s it to me and what’s it to God? Right then you will be given a greater realization and understanding of the very foundations for the existence of the universe. You will be given insights into the reasons for the very existence of a Divine Fragment in you—each of you. Why is each conscious, mortal being given a Divine Fragment? Why such an intimate association? The reasons will be made clear to you.

And the reasons are supportive of your continuation along your infinite journey of ascendant spiritual growth, even past the time that you are embraced by the Creator and inducted into the Corps of Finality. It is our greatest wish that each of you come to that thorough understanding and knowing of the intimacy, the care, the concern, the blessings and the joy that you can feel and is available to you through awareness—conscious awareness, intimate awareness—of your co-creative intimate association with your Divine Fragment. When you get this realization, and what it’s all about, some individuals become giddy and light-headed.

Yes, my friends, you are a part of the Divine Plan for the development and expansion of the universe. You are needed. Your participation is unique, it is solely yours, and it is solely intimate between yourself and the Creator. There is in you the potential for a bond that is infinite, without end, nigh on to eternal —a life without end filled with infinite meaning. What is the afterlife about? It is about your continued growth into the Divine. The shoes that you have to fill, that are available for you to fill in the future, are immense. And the responsibilities attendant to them are as magnificent.

Many of you see responsibilities on your world, in your companies and your government and as citizens, as burdensome, tiring, drudgery. When you come to awareness of your responsibilities in the universe, you will be filled with awe, immense awe, at the opportunity, and with the respect it was given, and the uniqueness of them for you. You are special; you are needed. Your participation here has been planned for, for a long time. Make reasonable decisions, good decisions, loving decisions, decisions that contribute to your growth and the betterment of your world.

There is a greater good in all your decisions; think of the greater good. This decision path has been described to you in times past by your philosophers and spiritual leaders as the path upward and the path downward, or the path in-between of making no decision. Decisions do aid your growth in the afterlife. There is an afterlife, it is real, and when you arrive there, you will have a thorough view of your world, and you will see it in juxtaposition. You will understand the connection through the line of lives that start on this material planet, and continue on into the morontial and spiritual realms. Your world is an incubation factory for developing souls; it is a pre-emergent era of growth and development, an evolutionary necessity for evolving souls.

The reciprocal of that, the reflection of that, is that the Divine Creator gets to joyously participate in your life. And when you do this consciously and willingly, there is much joy in the “being-ness” of your Divine Fragment; a new stage has arrived for development; a new potential has opened up. God, the Creator then gets to experience living with you in your life, more intimately.

I would rather assume there are probably questions you have about the afterlife, or this lesson. If you have them, please raise them; I am open to receiving your questions now.

Student: I have one Bob.

BOB: Certainly.

Student: It’s funny that you chose this particular topic or at least funny to me because I have these questions bouncing around and I have…(tape turned)

BOB: This lesson plan is not secret!

Student: My question really is in a couple of parts, but the thing that connects the questions is relationship. You may or may not know that my life partner and I have committed to one another beyond this physical life, and I know that the Urantia Book teaches us that…or at least I think that I remember…that a person can actually skip required courses by taking and passing an exam, if you will, of certain of the first mansion worlds, if they have moved beyond what those mansion worlds teach. I wondered about relationship and the first mansion world as being more spiritual, but also basically still physical, and I know that our senses are greatly up-stepped and so I am wondering, if a person chose to…say they could jump over a mansion world or two, but say they wanted to experience it, can they?

BOB: Yes.

Student: And what if a person has met the criteria for having raised X-number of children in this physical world, and doesn’t have to participate in the mansion world nursery experience, but wants to because their partner hasn’t met that criteria, can they?

BOB: Yes.

Student: Oh cool!

Student: And one more?

BOB: Certainly.

Student: Is there anything even remotely like the…not necessarily sex, but something akin to that on the early mansion worlds?

BOB: Yes, there is bonding. It is akin to the deep feeling of connected-ness that you have with those who you love now; you feel connected, bonded, you feel “one” with that individual. It is not physical; it is not sexual, but it is energy sharing, a blending of energies, a blending of intimacy, finding commonality and reveling in that sameness, the “oneness.” This is much the feeling of that we have for you, that your guardian angel has for you and particularly your Divine Fragment has for you, this feeling of participation, of union, of oneness. This spontaneous feeling of bonded oneness is very similar in essence to the over-bounding joy and gratitude you will feel when you have your first “God-experience” with your Divine Fragment —and that, too, is but a whiff of the joy-expression you will feel when you come into the approximation of The Creator in Paradise.

Student: Well, I guess, I need another example. I think that I was given a lesson at one point that alluded to the feeling of physical orgasm on this world as being an underpinning, just a tiny little drop in the sea of what the feeling will be, that we will experience upon Divine union with our indwelling Fragment, so my sense in that is that there actually is a heightened emotional component to these expanded senses that we will be given. And so, would we experience anything akin to that, just the joy, the bliss, the “something” with our partner?

BOB: Yes.

Student: Oh, okay. Thank you.

Student: I have a question to follow on that. Somewhere they tell us that in the Prince’s staff, that they explored every aspect of liaison that was not physical. Are their aspects of liaison with loved ones that we can explore here, that we would continue to enjoy on the mansion worlds that are not physical?

BOB: Please repeat that, and could you explain your thoughts about liaison?

Student: That is what I’m curious about. The Urantia Book refers to the Prince’s staff, when they eventually created the Primary Midwayers, had explored all kinds of aspects of liaisons with themselves that were non-physical. And so I am wondering if there are—just being ordinary humans—if there were such things? I know of people who have meditated together and had the same dreams. Are there other ways that we could evoke these experiences of non-physical liaison with our loved ones, explore them here?

BOB: Yes, there are. The difficulty lies in the limitations of your sensory apparatus. You are unaware of fundamental basic levels of energy excitation around you and in others. Many of your animal species do sense some of these and are aware of them. The feline species is aware of several additional energy inputs, sensory inputs that you do not see or measure or feel. The synchronicity aspect between two individuals is one that is much raised from the ordinary energetic level. The bonding that you feel when someone who you love is far away and is injured, or has a wonderful experience, you feel that, but you are unaware of how you feel that.

You are aware of many things if you are sensitive to your environment in a larger way, but you do not know why or how. Many of these early sensory experiences above your known sensory levels are a matter of innate ability, and too, experience and skill at exercising those senses so that they become more exacting. It is most difficult to become aware of who has these sensitivities, other than from their own admissions. It is then difficult to teach this, as you can only do this by yourself, to explore and experience your greater levels of awareness, sensory awareness. So thus, you have to have confidence in your own expanding awarenesses and then practice them. It is not very well taught, or is almost un-teachable on your planet. It is an innate skill, and the level of that skill is determined by your willingness to hone it. Does that help?

Student: Yes. I have one more question.

BOB: Certainly. A little bit off the topic, but it seems to me that the Urantia Book refers to us as having 7 senses, and you know in our physical world, we’ve measured five, and I’ve had some theories about what the other two were, but could you explain about it?

BOB: One moment. Thank you, but we decline your question at this time.
Student: Okay.

BOB: Are there other questions?

Student: I have a question. It’s off topic totally if that’s okay…is that okay?
BOB: Certainly.

Student: Well, I can’t help but notice that there’s a lot of things going across my consciousness these days, of other beings who are talking to other humans, especially on the Internet, there’s a wealth of channeled material right now, and I suspect that’s just because the circuits are opened and a lot of different things are possible to humans. Is that right?

BOB: That’s correct.

Student: I guess it’s important to use one’s discernment to filter the information, but I’ve been reading some things just recently about a being named Kryon, and there’s some information that I find very uplifting and hopeful, so I was attracted to it, and concerning a grid work that’s surrounding the earth, that has been undergoing transformation over the past dozen years, and I guess in response to the circuits being opened, and also it has to do with the structure of our DNA and our personal intent to change our own DNA by intention to resonate better with this new grid structure…it’s just buzzing around in my brain and I just wanted to ask, if that stuff is an accurate assessment of what’s been happening?

BOB: I can validate several points, without validating the whole source or process that you describe. Yes, the circuits have been reconnected; yes, they are being developed; yes, there is a grid work around the planet. It is being enhanced and made whole and unified. As for the chromosomal development of your planet, there is much work that needs to be done through humans alone, through their own choices. A word that many of you exclude from your conversations is eugenics. Eugenics has a valid place in the expansion and healing of your species and the healing of the chromosomal development.

Yes, there is a conscious effort on the part of the planetary managers to up-lift the chromosomal healing of your species. We wish not to get into a detailed discussion of this at this time. We decline to discuss other sources of wisdom, such as the source you mentioned. We do not enter into the acceptance or refutation of those sources. This is a part of the human discernment process of making decisions of what is valid and what is not. This is a vitally important aspect of the expansion of wisdom within your species at this time, as there are many influences that abound on your planet that are incoming to your planet, and so you must discern what is wise and what is not, what makes sense and what does not, what leads to the improvement of your life and what does not.

You should see these sources and your own validation as very intimately connected to your survivability. You must realize that as you are marketed to by various commercial enterprises, and are given the best side of each product and service, so too, you must learn to decide and discern what is good information that you receive. This is a part of your growth; it is one more broadening experience that is developing in your world. Thank you.

Student: I have a question, Bob. Something that has caused me to ponder long and hard, to try to understand as you were talking about using one’s discernment, we are taught in the Urantia Book that Lucifer made the mistake in trying to take shortcuts with our development on this world. And yet, there are aspects of the Teaching Mission and various other things that at times, appear to be bordering on shortcuts as well. And then I contrast that with the individual revelations and epochal revelations that individuals and groups receive, which clearly…while they may not be a shortcut under some definitions, nonetheless, change the course of development dramatically, and I was wondering if you could perhaps elaborate, and help me understand where one draws the line in terms of what is a shortcut and what is appropriate celestial up-stepping?

BOB: Certainly. There is a plan of development for every planet for the evolution of societies and individuals and cultures, civilizations; there’s a plan for planets and there’s a plan for individuals. The shortcuts, which you speak about, were non-existent, they were actually egoistic detours, and the thinking of individuals who thought they had a better plan, a better way than the tried and true plan for this planet, which is replicated from many other planets. They were all detours; there truly are no shortcuts. If God wanted a shortcut, you would have been made perfect, already. There is great benefit in structured development, organized development, and intentional development. You know this yourselves from the developmental necessities that children go through—skip a phase or two and they have uncoordinated lives in other aspects, in other areas.

Now, your planet is not back on course, and truly never will be back on course, but it is going the long route because the detours didn’t work. The long route is this: Your Creator Son, Michael, has chosen to bring your world into healing through the coordinated, co-creative participation of mortals and celestial/angelic/spiritual influences, through a union of co-creative, conscious, coordinated activity. It begins first by the conscious awareness of the individual being in relationship to the Divine. Though that exceeds the angelic and celestial levels, certainly the Divine exists in you.

Then spreading that awareness to communities, and at the smallest level above the individuals, to the family, where families become aware that they are co-creatively involved in participation, and participating in healing this planet through rearing their children correctly, wisely, lovingly—and that doesn’t mean keeping them from out of harm’s way or helping them avoid making tough decisions or making life easy for them, but helping them grow through the developmental stages of growth and learning. So there are no shortcuts, though some have been made on other planets and on yours. Those are managerial decisions, through the planetary managers, through the Life Carriers, who participate in the growth and development of your planet.

Student: I have a further question.

BOB: Certainly. For as long as I’ve been working with the teachers, I have never felt a need to say an opening prayer … (inaudible) …or that sort of thing, and yet I’ve heard numerous people advocate the need for that, and I’m wondering what your input might be in regard to that? I guess what I’m really asking is if my intent when I connect with the teachers, if my intent is that I am connecting with those that are working with Michael and Machiventa, would not my intent be enough?

BOB: Yes. Your intent is primary for your entering into contact, primary for entering into the Stillness, entering into meditation. If you have mixed intents, whether they are conscious or unconscious, then a statement/invocation of protection would be advised.

Student: I have no mixed intents.

BOB: I was not speaking to you in particular. When you finally know, not believe, not even trust, not even have faith—but when you know God is in you, God’s presence is around you, that you are “one with the all” and the “all is one with you,” and that “all is good,” and that your intention is to engage that, you have nothing to worry about, nothing to be concerned.

Student: Thank you.

BOB: Any doubt along the process, always reveals itself in a necessity for protection, and that is wise.

Let us bring this to a close today, unless there is some urgent question that is burning in your heart or on your tongues. We thank you for this day and your presence here, for making these arrangements possible, that we might meet with you, that we might share this with you. Yes, this was a very fundamental lesson today, and one that is basic to our work and to the lives that expand in wisdom and knowledge and love on your world. We bless you as you go forward today, as you prepare to engage your future afterlife.

It begins today, it begins now; it is always now, that eternal moment in your lives, the only time when you can experience eternity is now, and you form the world and your life that is to come through this now experience and the now decisions that you make. God is with you; you are filled with the presence of the Creator, the Divine. You have the potential within you to engage that, to participate with it—that is your potential, it is innate in you and you fertilize it with your decisions, your willingness to go forward responsibly as a co-creative participant in the all, the one, and the eternal. Good day.

Group gives thanks.

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