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DBC13 – Thought Adjuster; Attunement; Agondonters

Group: Denver TeaM, #13
(Session held in Golden)

Topics: Your Thought Adjuster
Seeking Tranquility
Taking time for contact
Assessing growth/self awareness
Dialoguing with your Thought Adjuster
The “knowing”
Declaring your intentions
Pause mode
More dynamic connections
The passing era of Agondonters
The arrival of the Magisterial Son
Reactions of the populous on Urantia
An invasion of consciousness
Our role in helping others
Q & A-Why reactions of shock and grief?
Awareness on other planets
Magisterial Son is not divine?

Teacher: Bob (TR, DanielR)

October 18, 2003

BOB: Good morning everyone, this is Bob.

Group: Good morning Bob.

BOB: It is good to be here with you. Let us continue a few more moments of reverie. (Pause.) It is good to know, even for celestials as well as for mortals, that when the “outer” becomes so busy as to become a distraction of life and living and growth, that we can always go to the “inner center” to speak with our Guardian Angel, Christ Michael, Nebadonia and of course our always, ever present Thought Adjuster. And as you feel the tranquility in these moments, so too can you always go to the same place, even when the “outer” is hectic and distracting. Some of you have practiced this so well that you can do it while you are driving or when you are using machines, but we caution you about this, as you can become centered within and unaware of the “outer,” even though your eyes may be open.

Today, we will have a contemplative type of meeting between us, among us. There will be pauses. Those who are reading this please take a pause as well, and when you are comfortable with returning to the text, please do so. Pauses are rather ethereal – where you suspend thinking, suspend the action of your conscious mind, and even suspend self-awareness, and in that space, moments can be literally long minutes—10’s or 20’s of minutes. In the absence of awareness and consciousness, mind does not measure time. In communion with your Thought Adjuster, you are in a space of timelessness, a place where there is no time; you are a companion to eternity, infinity, a place of no time.

And it is in this space, this place where you join consciousness-to-consciousness, where you lay open your threshold to your Thought Adjuster’s consciousness to pervade your mind, to occupy your consciousness, to give you guidance, directions, solace, love, peace, [and] understanding, that upon your wakening, you will carry forward with you in your life, and become aware of new inclinations for thinking, behavior. This is the action place, the surface where your Thought Adjuster works with your mind, your life, and yet, you still make the decisions.

The work of the Thought Adjuster is so subtle. When you are receptive, when your intention is to be open and to receive, when you come into your consciousness, into your awareness to conscious thinking, it is as though you had a pre-existing inclination or predilection for a way of thinking that you did not have before, as though it had been resident there all your life. And so, you change, you grow, you become more positive, you live your life and make decisions in greater concert and harmony, and at-one-ness with your Thought Adjuster. It becomes a natural way of living, thinking, speaking and being. You are almost always unaware of the growth you have made.

It is only your friends, those who love you, who have observed you for so many years, who may measure these changes and know how you have grown. We hope that they will share this with you, as we hope that you will share it with your friends whom you have seen grown, for this is a very positive, reinforcing behavior. We know you have grown, we see it from week-to-week, month-to-month, and we cannot take credit for this, but rather it is your Thought Adjuster, your dear companion of eternity, and you yourself. Think upon these things now, and be at-one with your Thought Adjuster. (Long pause.)

As you grow, in connection with your Thought Adjuster, your consciousness, your self-awareness, will become more and more attuned with your Thought Adjuster’s. And I really do not know how this works, but I do know that when your life becomes more in tune with your Thought Adjuster, you will have the ability to observe the actions of your mind more succinctly, more clearly, and you too will become aware of new patterns of thinking. You will drive down the highway or be in a meditative walk, or sitting in stillness sometime, contemplating your life or some issue of worth, and you will think of the topic or issue in a way that you never had before.

And, you will pause and puzzle about this and think, “I know this feels so natural, but I’ve never thought this thought before about this topic, in this way. It is so positive, loving, accepting, open. This surely must have been from the input of my Thought Adjuster.” These occurrences will happen more and more often as you grow into greater oneness with your Thought Adjuster.

And in doing so, you will become more and more aware of your Thought Adjuster’s presence. It may be rare that you actually dialog with your Thought Adjuster, but you will KNOW, (with all capital letters) that your Thought Adjuster is there, and you will feel its presence. You will eventually be aware of it as a constant companion — that beneficent, loving, gentle companion who is always friendly to you, who has only the best that the universe can provide for you, whose thoughts and input and guidance are always positive, where there is no judgment; there is no “parenting” as you might have received here on earth in your mortal lifetime.

How can you know this? You do; you do know it. What is so remarkable is that your Thought Adjuster provides you with the means of knowing that it is there! And you have read in The Urantia Book where, as you reach up to God, it is God who reaches down to you and establishes the first contact. And as you accept that contact and incorporate it into your life more and more, pretty soon you—in a metaphor anyhow—will feel that there are two arms there, and they lift you up, as a parent would lift up a child and look into their eyes and their face, beamingly, smilingly, saying, “I love you.” And so too, your Thought Adjuster provides you with all the mechanisms, all the means, all the up-grades to your mind that are necessary to know it more completely, more fully, more personally, more intimately.

When you declare your intentions for knowing your Thought Adjuster to the maximum degree, to the maximum of your capability, guess what?…God will expand your capability and fulfill it, and fulfill it,..[for] as long as you are open to receive. And, as you know, God is no fool—God too, your Thought Adjuster, appreciates reaffirmations of your intentions. God, your Thought Adjuster will not continue to pour into you that which you do not want, or that which you have ceased to acknowledge. Your prayers, your messages of appreciation and gratitude and love and surrender, surrender of your will, reaffirm that connection and assures you that you are always—not will—but are always the recipient of God’s love, in its myriad forms and ways.

A metaphor comes to mind about your continuing, on-going contact with your Thought Adjuster: It is much like the pause button on your television controller—you hit the pause button when you get up and go to the kitchen to get some food or take care of some need—return to your seat and hit the pause button and are once again in action. The scenes are always ready for your reception, ready for your willingness to receive. When you are busy about your day, thinking about all of the things that you do, you are on pause. God is always there, your Thought Adjuster is always present, ready to share some more of life in the universe with you. But when you hit the pause button and join with your Thought Adjuster, and you can do this when you are walking, you can do this while you are doing many things—particularly repetitive, manual activities—and when you meditate, of course.

You have to discover within yourself when you are best open to receive from your Thought Adjuster. And you know, dear friends that your consciousness is actively open when you are talking with God, in dialog. In dialog with your friends, you are not always talking are you? When you are always talking, you are very boring; but you pause and let your friend respond. And so too, when you are peeling potatoes or washing the table or sweeping the floor, washing your car—whatever you may be doing—talk to God. And occasionally, as you would with a friend, pause—still in contact—with your dear friend within, your Thought Adjuster.

Give your dear friend an opportunity to respond. And though you may not hear words, you will receive the answers. The answers will be in your mind, and they will reveal themselves in your life when you live life with the intention of living in concert with God’s will in your life. To say, “My will is to do your will—I WILL your will to be done in my life”—is also a declaration that you are willing to be still and let God work actively in your life. So take time in your life, ease your mind into pause mode where you can receive the wisdom, love, patience, guidance, and understanding from your thought Adjuster.

Perhaps you want a more active, dynamic connection, a more “here and now, in your face,” conversation. Sometimes the Thought Adjuster seems remote and distant to some people—in those cases, remember that Christ Michael is here and so is Nebadonia. If you want the opportunity for a “here and now, in your face” conversation with your Creator, the Creator Son of this local universe, it is at hand immediately, no matter where you are. The presence of spiritual entities in consciousness, are many—not one or two or three or four—but many! And they all address your needs; they all love you. And were you in a more morontial existence, consciousness, you would know more accurately, more definitely of their presence and the immediacy of their presence in your life.

We celestial teachers are so very, very grateful for being here, as we are able to work with agondonters—it is not the same on other worlds. There are celestial teachers working on other worlds, where agondonters are a passing era of mortality. We learn so much about the fundamentals of universe management, and we learn so much about the connection of God, your Thought Adjuster and Michael, on this planet, watching how you live your lives in faith, though you have never seen or touched, and many of you have not heard. And even this one here, lives in faith, though he TRs my awareness and many others. It is an act of faith, an act of knowing, but is not reinforced by the actual, physical presence of a being who came here, as will be the Magisterial Son.

When the Magisterial Son arrives, the era of Agondonters will be passing. In some ways, quite literally, the appearance of the Magisterial Son will be like an invasion. What will happen during that invasion, and then afterwards, how are your societies and cultures going to be reconstituted, how are they going to develop after the invasion of the Magisterial Son? This will be an invasion of consciousness and inescapable. Anyone who comes into the presence of the Magisterial Son will know that this being is not another mortal, and is not a famous rock star, is not another guru, is not an eminent head of some religion. Many people feel awe in the presence of these people; and some people want to worship them or pray to them, and many do. Yet, when you come into the presence of the Magisterial Son, those personalities will pale in comparison.

You recall the woman who touched the sleeve of Jesus in the market place? She knew that Jesus was not a mortal as she was a mortal, and she touched his sleeve and she was transformed. This is what will happen to those of you who believe. You have been waiting for this. You will be transformed not so much by the energy of the Magisterial Son alone, but by your shared, co-creative consciousness to be transformed. And, yet, you will still have your lives to live with your new awareness and consciousness; and your Agondonter status will become unique in one generation.

Those who do not accept the spiritual radiance that emanates from the Magisterial Son will be in confusion due to the invasion of his spiritual presence into their consciousness. When the presence, [the] undeniable presence, of what you would think is a divine being, though he is not, appears in your life, your beliefs come into question. Those who say, “Nope! He doesn’t exist. This is just some kind of “weird feeling” I am having,” and dismiss it—[but] that “feeling” will be unshakable through all their life. And for all the unbelievers on your world, they will be shaken; there will be a panic regarding their beliefs.

Many believers will be thrown into a state of suspended awareness, similar to what happens when someone receives a telephone call from the sheriff’s office says, “I’m sorry to inform you, but three of your children have been killed in an automobile accident today.” How would you feel? You would be sick to your stomach, nauseous, your head would pulse, it would be difficult to breathe, you would have a lump in your throat; you would want to cry and scream and beat the walls and the floor. And so too, dear friends, some of the devout who believe so devoutly in the objects of religion will be thrown into immense confusion, and they will have these feelings, and many will behave this way. That is a panic of beliefs.

At this time, dear friends, those who have large hearts, large encompassing, loving consciousness within them, will embrace these people. They will comfort them and assure them, and hold them tight. And those with small minds, tight hearts, will say, “I told you so!” They will say, “Get over it!” And they will be mean spirited. Please do not act this way when you see your devout friends be in turmoil. Your own state of consciousness will also make a statement to the universe through your actions. The maturity of your consciousness and the love in your heart will be quite evident to others—hopefully to yourself—and surely to all of us. We of the Celestial Teachers Corps have been prepared for these developments. We hope to be surprised to find that those now with tight, mean-spirited hearts will open wide and embrace this new dispensation, and earnestly help their fellow brothers and sisters understand and accept this new hope. (Long pause.)

For those of you who are preparing to greet the Magisterial Son, we hope this last part of the message comes home to you, that you prepare yourself for this, and that you open your mind to broader activities and prepare for them before [his arrival]. Upon the arrival of the Magisterial son, the reactions of many will be in many forms. You will be the vanguard for helping those who are having difficulty accepting this development on your planet. Be prepared for many reactions; not everyone will be jubilant. We invite you to invite the Thought Adjuster in each of you, to help you open your awareness, your consciousness, and develop a magnanimous nature within yourself so that it is not just capability but ability, developed potential, ready for application, to help your fellow brothers and sisters to move more easily, lovingly, peacefully into this new era, where agondonters will be no more. Blessings to you today and always. This is Bob, and I have enjoyed your company very much today. Be at peace, good day.

(Thank you Bob, from group.)

Student: No questions?

Daniel: Hmmmm…just a minute.

BOB: Yes, we are open to questions.

Student: Thank you. I have two. I don’t understand why people would react with grief and shock to the presence of Monjoronson, which I had the privilege of experiencing at the Teaching Mission Conference, and it felt like joy and love and light. Why would people react in a shock or grief-type of way?

BOB: Not everyone has read The Urantia Book. Not everyone is a member of the Teaching Mission. Not everyone believes in God. Not everyone knows that Jesus was a real person. Not everyone is as receptive to joy as you. Have you forgotten how many cynics live on your world? How many people are bitter at other people enjoying life?

Student: Hmmm…I guess I had forgotten for a moment.

BOB: Blessings, dear child!

Student: And my other question is, you mentioned on normal worlds, that people are more aware of teachers—I would sure love—and if it is not the right time now—some kind of description of what it’s like where people are on a normal world, how much are they aware of their angels, their teachers, the spiritual presences that aren’t physical, how much do they take it for granted that these unseen friends are always present. It would be interesting to know, since our circuits are open now and many people—myself included—are confused when we hear from our unseen friends, and not quite sure how to respond always.

BOB: Then referencing what would occur on another world would even confuse them more and cause even greater disbelief. Those are speculative questions and they would be helpful to you, perhaps, but you already believe, you already know. You take for granted that Jesus lives, the resurrection occurred, his presence and Spirit is here and you are comforted by that.

Student: Yes.

BOB: Simply know that the awareness, the immediacy, of awareness and knowing—full knowing—of the presence of spiritual beings and other planets is taken for granted, yet even on some of those worlds, individuals prefer not to [believe]. That is probably astounding to you that people choose not to live in awareness.

Student: Yes.

BOB: They are high-risk takers; that is always a choice on every world, even those that are in the Days of Light and Life. Are there further questions?

Student: Did you say that the Magisterial Son is not divine? I thought I heard that statement and I’m just asking for clarification.

BOB: That is correct.

Student: Could you explain that a bit?

BOB: Most mortals think that anything higher than themselves in being, such as angels are divine, but angels are not divine. Divine is very limited, closely defined, and I refer you to The Urantia Book for closer examination of that.


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