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DBC14 – Centering; Fear; New Values; Goals

Group: Denver/Golden TeaM, #14

Topics: Re-Centering
Directing your paths
Fear disconnects you
Permit the opportunity
Let us change the world
New values in an old world
Setting reasonable goals
New parameters for a simpler lifestyle
Choose where to play and live
Pray for your needs
Live simply but richly
Examine the facades of lifestyle
Voice your sincere goals

Teachers: Nebadonia (TR, JoAnn); Micah (TR, Daniel)

March 31, 2004

[The beginning of the group session was not recorded.]

JoAnn: I am hearing “Greetings children.”

NEBADONIA: Greetings little ones. It is Nebadonia, Mother energy and friend to you all. I come with my angels to light-workers, as you all are. We work with you daily; we hold your hand in the challenges of life; we encompass you in love. We direct your paths; we arrange coincidences; we guide you in every way possible for us to do from here. Be not afraid, for when what we arrange comes to fruition your joy will be complete. Your astonishment at what we can do working with you, will grace your lives, gladden your hearts, stir your spirits, inspire your souls.

There is never need for discouragement in our plan – there is no room for it. You come to us with questions; we always answer. Sometimes your focus is elsewhere and the answers are held for you by your own inner spirit. So even when you hear us not, our answers are available to you through your own link with the Father. Never fear, children – never fear, for as I have told you before it is a double disservice — it removes your focus, hinders your insight, disconnects you from the lines of light and life. The energy line is broken when you fall into fear – to re-establish it, re-focus. The Father within is ever-present, as you know.

All the light-workers around you, unseen, are ready always to take your hand. You are never alone, little children. When you fully realize this, miracles will occur daily, joy will fill every hour. Your hearts will be full to overflowing with that consciousness of cosmic citizenship. Yes, you do experience this from time to time, and as you are able. We ask you now to permit a greater effort. We say, “permit” as it is your intention to be in the presence that creates the opportunity for these experiences. You are our little beloveds; we foster you in every way possible. Tune into us – we are willing to work with you as much as you are willing to work with us. What we can do on this planet and for this planet is only limited by the number of minds and hands willing to work with us. Come children, gather yourselves in light, become one with us and let us change the world. I am Nebadonia. I bid you good day.

Group: Thank you!

MICAH: Good afternoon, this is Micah. You have asked for a lesson, and I have brought you one.

Group: Thank you.

MICAH: Apparently, the new age you are entering has caused some of you some stirrings in your lives. You are attached to the new values and beliefs and many of you still live in the old material world. This is a difficult place to live, for you are as an individual with two feet on separate pans [floes] of ice in the arctic. If you see this metaphor clearly, you realize that you are breathy, airy, vibrant, light beings who have feet on shifting platforms in the material world. Yet you are not ready to take to the air, but your feet need to move on, for that begins a new and different adventure for you after your passing. The reality is, that there are no simple answers for you that we can give you – only guidance, support, assurance and more support, assurance and guidance – knowing that you are fully loved.

What we can provide you though, is a way of viewing your situation with a bit more clarity. You know that someday – three years from now, five years from now, ten years from now – your life and living situation will be different. If you live today worrying about those times, then you have no idea how to arrive at them. But if you set these future dates as goals – reasonable goals for your living situation and look back, you will see that you made decisions everyday in small ways, and sometimes very large, that moved you ahead towards those goals. You are trying to compromise the ideals of living truth, beauty and goodness, with practicalities of living in the material world – a material world whose standards are set by others, and that you have accepted. It is very difficult for most of you to set new parameters for your material lives. It is difficult for you to imagine moving to a simpler lifestyle. Yet your yearnings provide a clear guide, clear ideas for how you truly are to live.

I see within you, not visions of the grandiose, for mega-houses or great big shiny cars, or even your children in private colleges. You simply would like to have a life, lifestyle, a way of living that is simple, easy, not difficult, but challenging for your growth. There is a way to proceed, but it takes courage, my friends. Great courage. And yes – for many of you, it will require you moving. This is not our requirement – and it is not even a requirement of yours – to move, but many of you will. You have in your minds an idea of the pioneers [who] sacrificed a great deal to take on their own land, their own homes, their own way of life, and that is the clue – they chose. Sometimes it is daunting to pick up everything, or what little you have left, and to move on. And we advise you not to move on without a vision that you have investigated, that has potentials.

You live in a very affluent society, and particularly in this area. When employment is fine, incomes are sufficient, life is good and you are happy. Yet you are twigs blowing in the wind due to the vicissitudes of the economic reality of your world. Choose to play and to work in the arenas that help you grow. If you are fighting to live where you live, struggling to live another month or year, trying to sacrifice in so many areas so you can stay where you are, perhaps staying where you are is not worth that struggle. None of these requirements were sent to you by Michael, or your Creator, or your guardian angel. Yet it is difficult for you to see that where you live is almost an accident of time.

You were born to a family, moved here and there, and relocated due to opportunity. You know that the Father provides. Michael provides. Nebadonia provides. You have a conduit of connection with these beings that surpasses any conduits or connections that have existed on this planet before, except during the time of the Eden. When you pray with a sincere heart, ask for your needs, not necessarily for your desires or what you want, but what you need, know that it will be provided. And yes, you may be guided or led to another place. We urge you to seek quality of life and living.

The quantity of life and living has yet to achieve its acme in this nation. That is still on the rise. Yet you know that in the future, this will not be sustained. If you are forward-looking and adventuresome, plan the future years of your lives by seeking and finding places where you can have quality of life, one that feeds you, one that helps you grow. You may live simply, but you will live richly. The quality of what is around you and in you and your thoughts are most important. If you have children, how would you want to teach them? That life is a struggle? That business is dog-eat-dog? Worry about tomorrow, and how will we make the car payment? Is that a life that children want? Surely not!

Examine the facades of your lifestyles that have been given to you by your culture and by your comrades. The things that you think you need – examine those. We are not saying to forsake all and give all away, for that would be foolish. Use the resources that you have that are material and spiritual and energetic. Remember that the greatest, most powerful resources that you have are your connections. You are related to everyone else in some way. You are related to me, to Michael, to Nebadonia. They did not put you here, did not arrange for your life to exist in suffering. Though the terminators of this world – Caligastia and Lucifer – set about to create this world as a world of struggle, that has been overthrown. You wonderful people are in the midst of that struggle, of throwing off those old styles of thinking and living and taking on the new.

We do not call this the New Age, but the New Era. It is the era in preparation for the days of light and life. If you project this world and this nation into the future five hundred years from now, how will peace be achieved? Gradually, small decision by small decision, and by using the inherent natural resources and goodness of the people here – your goodness. These are the same resources that you can reconstruct your life in a prosperous way. When we speak of prosperity, we speak of peace, harmony, abundance of joy and good living, life without stress and worry. Yes, there are challenges. Yes, there are concerns but these need not and must not dominate your lives. If you are unable to know how to make this jump in your life, [to] create a new paradigm, then we suggest that you give this over to Michael and Nebadonia and the Spirit of Truth. Your guardian angel will be most helpful.

Now, how can you effectively put this into practice? Only through the Stillness! Only will these decisions make sense after you make them and you see that the world has been arranged to receive you [garbled]. When you are in Stillness, make your sincere goals known to us. Voice your sincere goals. Please, let us know! Be in Stillness and your mind will be prepared for the future. Know surely that you are not without resources of many kinds. You have them around you materially, and in association with others and through your own intelligence, education, and your own inner guidance. You have a universe of energy. The universe is a good place to live – it is friendly, except where human decisions augment the evil side of mankind. There your struggle is intense. I have been pleased to carry this message and this lesson to you today. I wish you well.

Although I am not a permanent part of the local retinue of celestial presences, my associates are capable of receiving your requests and responding to them fully. Remember, your material life is the whetstone upon which you sharpen your spiritual nature. Sometimes there are “sparks.” Know that when great pressure is applied, you will grow and you will become sharpened and you will be able to cut through the difficulties of material living more easily. Good day.

(Thank you.)

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