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DBC15 – Communication With Spirit; Building Trust

Denver/Golden TeaM Group #15
Denver, Colorado

Teachers: Nebadonia, Eregon, Michael

Communication with spirit
Changing the world
Happiness and creativity
Building mutual trust
Continue joyfully

April 7, 2004

TR’s: JoAnn and Mary Jo

[Picked up in progress…]
NEBADONIA: …who is as close to you as your skin. Our work is accelerated and so we appreciate every attempt to improve communication in preparation for increased attendance and more detailed lessons. We await only your decision and intent for it is necessary at this time that you be in a quietude state in order to hear and transmit. Your inner voice is with you at all times – your still small voice. And for this voice to be perceived, it is not always necessary to be at rest for you may carry on dialogue for quite a long time, as you have experienced. Our communication is somewhat different—we do not dwell in your mind, as does your Thought Adjuster—we do not wish to indwell your mind, for your mind is sanctified and reserved for your inner spirit, your God fragment. We are content to come to you at your behest but we make this distinction for you to be clear, that when you are going about your daily tasks and duties and journeys, the voice you consult or hear in your inmost heart and mind is that voice that is most valuable to you to cultivate. Transmissions from us, your unseen friends, are of a different quality, are they not?

Student: Yes. Yes.

Jo Ann: I am getting “the visual nature” over and over again…

Mary Jo: Take over – I have sort of gone blank.

NEBADONIA: The visual nature of your friendships you do not have with us, but we are here. We welcome your presence whenever you wish to entertain our presence. We are here for consultation, consolation, [and] exhilaration. Yes, share with us your triumphs and joys and we will enrich them. When you consult with us about your daily doings we are friendly—we will never chastise, criticize, [or] berate. When you hunger for that loving friendship unavailable in the material realms, you can count on us. We love you, little ones; we are fond of you. Dimensions of friendship you do not yet experience; depths of meaning you do not perceive are delivered to you with our love. We cannot change your world without your assistance – without the willing hands of humans everywhere our work would go along unnoticed. So we thank you for your efforts and your continuing dedication to this revelation in all its forms and facets.

Jo Ann: I got an image of us working at Jesusonian yesterday….

NEBADONIA: Yes, we are aware of your efforts there, too. Be of good cheer little children. The work you do is worthwhile. We applaud your efforts and we thank you. This is Nebadonia.

Student: Thank you, Thank you.

NEBADONIA: As you share your weekend with your families, remember us to them… (Laughter)

Mary Jo: I would love to, if they wouldn’t be upset with me!

NEBADONIA: Share the light. It will not go unnoticed.

Mary Jo: I am learning to live in the present moment so much better….

NEBADONIA: Indeed you are…we have told you many times that this is [the] KEY – not only to your happiness, but to your creative prerogatives that you possess as children of the Universal Father of all. Think on it, children – think on it. You possess creative and creator proclivities, propensities. But you cannot create yesterday and you cannot create tomorrow. You create NOW. Think on this, children. Practice—ever practice living in the eternal now, for this is where your power lies. This is where your purpose lies. This is where your happiness lies. Time then becomes your ally. Do you see this, children? Think on this and keep practicing.

EREGON: I am your teacher Eregon. I wish only to be of help to you, to help you become the transmitter and ambassador that you are both meant to be. For when you consent to transmit these messages, one day you will transmit to many and we are placing our trust in you as you place your trust in us, and we both place our trust in the Father, in whose hands we all live and breathe. We are a mutual… I want to say a “mutual admiration society”… (Laughter)… but this children, is why living NOW is important. It is important to practice. The vast majority of Urantians have no skill or little skill in this art of living. The vast majority of mortals live either [in the] past or future. You yourselves have much experience with this mode of living, and you can see more and more the folly of this way of living. The only true creative space to be [in] is NOW. When you master this technique you shall be a light—a bright light.

I am Eregon. Once again I thank you both for your decision to take the time for we know that each meeting, if not for your decision, would not take place in your busy lives and your concerns. Thank you most sincerely. Adieu

Jo Ann: I am hearing “I am Michael. You work well under my banner.”

CHRIST MICHAEL:  Thank you for your efforts on my behalf – to share my truths with such a hungry world. My sweet children, these projects that you undertake are massive from your perspective but we see in them a tenderness of your efforts, the sweetness of your souls, the intention to inspire others and we thank you. M____ and P____ are in enclave with me as well. And you understand it is my presence, and their devotion to my teachings and my life, which creates the opportunity for more of you to share in these projects. Joyfully you have joined them. Joyfully continue putting forth these efforts. Thank you again.
Good day.

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