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DBC16 – Personal Relationships; TRing; Michael ever-present

Denver/Golden TeaM Group #16
Denver, Colorado

Teachers: Eregon, Charin, Nebadonia, Michael

Topics: Questions & Answers
Personal relationships
TRing different types of beings
Sharing the light
Michael’s ever presence

May 10, 2004

TR’s: Mary Jo and JoAnn

[Establishing the Stillness and setting intention to welcome teachers.]

EREGON (TR, MJ): You have done well, children. This is Eregon. Once again, we meet. It is with great pleasure that I greet you this evening. Our entourage is present and we will entertain questions. Have you questions, children?

Student: Can we ask questions about our personal families, about relationships in our family?

EREGON: Certainly!

Student: I feel like I have an obligation or responsibility insofar as my son and his wife and the children to somehow help them through tough times and they seem, at least today – my son in particular – to be ungrounded and I wonder what am I to do? How do I best communicate with my son?

CHARIN (TR, JA?): Your dear son has undergone a season of trial. We have fellowshipped him and his family at your request many times. We have been witnesses. We cannot foresee the future as you have been told many times – human freewill is of the utmost importance, especially as regards spiritual growth and eternal survival. Your presence in your family’s life is your choice and it is a good choice, for you yourself, have wounds that yet are healing in this family situation.

Listen and be available as a listening ear. We can tell you that your presence in this family is valued. You may not always understand, for theirs is somewhat of a closed system. You do understand that this is the way they must live. It is a dynamic that you have yet to master. Be not impatient, and above all, be not afraid, for you are able to give comfort in way that none other may be able.

Listen much, speak little; oftentimes the presence of a listening ear is sufficient to defuse or neutralize a situation. Relationships are unpredictable at times and are very heavily and deeply growth producing for those who are intensely related. Love these members of your family. This is your first priority and when you act from love, the truest kind of love, you will not make a mistake. Again, I counsel you to be a listening ear. Allow your light to shine; allow your compassionate heart to encircle and yet, keep always your hand open to allow the freedom to live to your loved ones. You will learn much from these experiences. You have already learned much and there is yet more to learn. And so love, listen, comfort and judge not. Is this of help to you?

Student: It is, yes…and who is this?

CHARIN: It is I, Charin. I am most happy to speak to you once again. I am happy to have been able to respond to your heartfelt inquiry. Adieu.

Student: I have a question. It concerns TRing. I notice for instance, George Barnard receives well from Midwayers and Donna D’Ingillo brings through these beautiful messages from Michael and Nebadonia. It seems that maybe different TRs have different receptors, be they energetic or spiritual, but certain types of beings are easier for certain people to hear. Is this true?

EREGON (MJ ?): Yes, child. We do perceive some variances, variabilities, [and] differences in abilities of TR’s to discern different types of beings. Daniel Raphael is one who can hear many types well, as are you two. Who one can hear builds no hierarchy, no differences; we are as one here, united with Michael’s plan. If one puts a key in a lock, the door is then open to all the guests and all the ideas expressed by them. This children, is how we work with you. The one who speaks, speaks through a TR, but it is not so individualistic as you might imagine. We are a team; we share thoughts and ideas. We are able to work with you through your willingness and this is the same thing.

The analogy is homely—excuse the pun—(laughter) but quite apt, as you will see. When you come inside this house, using the key of your willingness, through the lock of connection and the spirit, we are all here. (Some words lost here…) For us, from our perspective, that is the rule – how you perceive the contact through which this information comes and how it lodges in your heart, your mind and your spirit with the purpose of your (?) and with your willingness to (?) of helping your planet. These are not complicated matters, but from your perspective, (lost words…)

Student: Mother is here…

MJ: Nebadonia?

NEBADONIA: (JA?): It is I. Yes child, it is I.

My beloved daughters – daughters of light, daughters of the earth, how dearly I love you! You sit at the edge of eternity. Sometimes you glimpse little wisps…how I long to give you all! How I long to reveal all to you, as it will be revealed to you in time and eternity. I see you struggle day in and day out…struggle with your relationships, with your hurried lives. My heart is laden when yours is, my steps are glad when yours are, my heart sings at your victories and your over-comings. I am ever your champion; I am ever at your side. I pour myself out for you. Relax in me, children; think of me and relax in me. Your steps are guided; your comings, your goings, are noted. Your dear hearts are held. You need never fear anyone, any thing, any place, for I am as close to you as a thought. Think of me and you shall be comforted in any situation; ever present, ever loving, ever supporting, ever encompassing.

Allow my love to burn brightly in your hearts. Claim it as your own. Add it to the flame in your (…?….) This is the light that will obliterate the darkness from this world, person to person to person. Yes, you see the darkness coming out everywhere children and what happens? The light shines and it disappears. You see this happening in your world and yet it happens in your lives every day children, every day. You meet people – people you may not even speak to and yet, your light is noticed; it is noted. Many are cheered and comforted without ever knowing why. Do you know why, children? Because you carry the light and it is comforting to many.

Keep the flame burning and distribute it freely on your fellows; it is healing light, healing and energizing. Many of your fellow travelers have only small darknesses, small corrections. Believe me children when I tell you – that there are times when just your presence can make the difference to a soul. You may not even know – nor may they – but simply your presence makes the difference, helps to lighten the darkness. Yes, this is Michael’s work, yes this is the Correcting Time, yes, this is all part and parcel, children. It is what you call “being in the trenches,” is it not? Relatively few understand this dynamic, yet the ranks are growing and growing and growing.

Hearts and minds – yes, this is a phrase in the current news of the day – hearts and minds. Children you are seeing how NOT to gather hearts and minds, but in Michael’s plan, I tell you that the way to gather hearts and minds is by the light, the light that you carry. It may never be front-page news, but [from] one soul to another soul, to this group [and] to that group, it will be the biggest news of all. And so I encourage you, I cheer you on to continue, children. Allow the healing to take place in yourself ever increasingly, as you have done, for this allows your light to burn ever brighter. Are you willing children? Are you willing to continue?

Students: Yes, yes…

NEBADONIA:  Meet with us; talk with us. We shall encourage you, we shall cheer you and inspire you hopefully, to adopt even greater responsibility. I am so gratified to have this opportunity to speak to you daughters once again. We understand one another, do we not? We have the same (pause) proclivity?

JA: Nature?

NEBADONIA: Nature – yes, that is the word – nature. We have a compatible nature. We understand things that the brothers of your planet are yet to discover for themselves. Some are, not all…yes, this nature we share.

MJ: I just see it spreading over the earth like a veil, like a garment.

NEBADONIA: Yes, like a shimmering garment, lighting up and illuminating, uplifting and ennobling. These are your abilities. And whatever else you do, these abilities you bring to every task. Again I say, my heart is full, full with love for you. This is what I want to tell you – how dearly you are loved – how lovingly you are cared for, how carefully you are observed, and how much you are protected. You are safe with us, children, you are safe. No real harm can come to you.

I shall retreat now. I am happy to have spoken with you and I hope you will take my message to heart, to your dear, deep hearts – your hearts that long to make a difference. I can assure you that you DO make a difference by your continued decisions to carry on the work of Michael and the regeneration of this planet. You make a difference that you cannot yet fathom. Only stay the course, children. In your everyday lives, this is where you make the biggest difference and there shall be more revealed as we progress. Peace be with you children, peace be with you. Adieu.

Student: I have one more question. Sometimes after a transmission, sometimes during transcribing I hear something else – something just wonderful. A couple of sentences or something, and I am wondering is that me editing? Or is that additional messaging that should be added in, or what? Is there anyone here who could answer that question for me?

EREGON (TR, JA): Echoes, echoes…these are echoes and nuances of the message that is being sent to you.

JA: I get this image of looking at a bouquet and noticing a different flower.

NEBADONIA: The pattern of light and shadow…(some lost here.) Yes there is often more description and nuance than you perceive, [or] permit. Whether you add this is your decision.

JA: I personally have a question – How would you note that or edit it?

MJ: I was thinking about that too – maybe put something in parentheses or an addendum.

JA: An asterisk?

MJ: Yes, an asterisk would be a good way to do it. Take it or leave it…

JA: The Kryon things are often edited or refined as they are transcribed. I am wondering if that is a common practice?

[Ed. Note: Brackets, such as these are customary for adding or clarifying text during transcribing.]

EREGON (TR, MJ): We speak to you during the day. You recognize when you are hearing a voice that is not your own; and yet couched in terms that you use in your own thinking and so, frequently it appears to be your self thinking. This can get very confusing for mortal beings such as you. This is why faith and commitment and practice are required of you once you have decided to pursue this path. You hear, and there are times we have observed you are in a state of receptivity and a sentence or two sentences will cross your thinking and you recognize this as being a special thought. Yes, oftentimes it is a residual or additional message.

The mind circuit was at a point of receptivity and it was sent to you in that regard. And yet there are times when you may think this is just your own musings. If this occurs during transcription it may be helpful to you to jot it down on a separate sheet or in the ways you have discussed with your partner. And then review this. You will know by its fragrance and its message whether or not it is worthy of addition to your transcript.

Oftentimes transmissions are lost because of the variable nature of the receiver. We do not intend that you monitor your thoughts 24 hours a day and write down or record every perceived message from an unseen teacher. Not all messages are meant for wide distribution. Be not overly concerned with this phenomenon. We do not wish to overwhelm your lives.

Thank you. I am Eregon.

MICHAEL (TR, JA): It is I, Michael. My dear little children…how sweet to visit again. (Some lost here…) of your hearts and for the hearts of all. We come to you as friends and family, family who love you dearly no matter the vicissitudes of your life situations. I am always, constantly, with each of you. Can you sometimes not feel my hand on your shoulder? Comforting in time of crisis, holding your focus ……? Can you not feel my presence in every moment that you think of me? Know you now how much I love you, my children. You are dear to me; I want you to know that I am with you constantly. You cannot evade my presence except by your own decision. So, come be joyful with me. Let us dance in the Father’s kingdom – in the Light – and go about together doing good. Blessings, children. We hold hands round the circle and continue to dance…
Be of good cheer.

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