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DBC17 – Making a Difference Through Service


Denver/Golden TeaM Group, #17
Denver, Colorado

Teachers: Eregon, Mantutia, Nebadonia

Instant communication
Be not afraid of changes
Making a difference through service
Learning lessons of simplicity
Invite the light

TR’s: Mary Jo, Jo Ann

May 17, 2004

JA: Who is here?

MANTUTIA: I am, children. I am here. Greetings children, I am Mantutia. Eregon is with me, as are others. Today is a good day for conversing again; we welcome you to our enclave. So be still a moment longer and let us all commune with Father.

There, you see? We need not put away the desires for communion for just one special time. A moment here, a moment there, if your intention is entwined with Father’s. This makes all the difference, all the difference for a friendly day. Come little ones…we greet you again who are willing to work with us in these correcting times. I am Mantutia. I bid you good day. Eregon is right behind…

EREGON (MJ): It is I; yes, it is I.

It is I, Eregon. My task is lightened to day with the presence of Mantutia – esteemed ambassador, friend [and] advisor. There is somewhat of a hierarchy in the arrangement of the teaching mission. It cannot be adequately explained using any models that you currently are familiar with. Suffice it to say that we work as a team; we are dependent on one another in a most beneficial way. My children it is good to be with you again. Our lesson today shall be forgiveness. Many is the time…you feel wronged or slighted

[TR: I’m drawing a blank] … relax, relax…. [TR: I have short-circuited….]  [Ed. Eregon continues with the other TR.]

EREGON (JA): What if you were to imagine a child whose only treasure or toy – particularly well loved – were to vanish. What then would this child do? For some, the emotion of loss would be carried through a lifetime. For another, the child would discover many more interesting articles to entertain him/herself. In taking away the one thing – its disappearance – in no way harms the child who is able to re-energize, refocus – to turn the attention and find other things…nails and wood, bottle caps, grass, flowers, dandelions – all these things can entertain and teach. Though the toy was treasured and would be missed to some degree by any child, the energies of the child’s attention, when focused elsewhere will not suffer, will they?

So it is with you – little ones of all ages of your planet. What you lose you do not need. What is to be discovered ahead is always more interesting, intriguing, involving than the lost [item,] for that child there will be other toys eventually to take the place of that treasured one. But the discoveries made while the treasure was absent will also produce – could produce – a lifetime of joy. So be not afraid of any changes that may be ahead for you two. Treasures are everywhere in Father’s kingdom and you two have learned well how to love others. For these relationships of your lives are its true treasures and you do well to treasure them as you do. This little story may serve us well again sometime. For now, I will retire. This is Eregon.

MJ: Someone is saying, “I wish to speak to you…”

JA: Nebadonia, Gaia, Mother Spirit. Welcome!

NEBADONIA: My children – once again we come together in this way. Joy! You are joyful associates. The kingdom work, the light work, the joining hands around the circle – we treasure your participation in these sessions despite your doubts.

MJ: We hope you are not weary of hearing us say to you how much we appreciate you.

[Ed. note: The transition from Nebadonia back to Eregon is indistinct from this point until the end of this document. These TR’s are new and still learning, and while focusing on the message, the change in personalities was not detected.]

NEBADONIA or EREGON: We never weary of telling you how much we treasure you and the fact remains that it is you, you two and many others like you, who actually do the work. We understand this and we honor this so very much for we know it is a decision – it is a choice – it is not something you have to do or that you are coerced into doing. This makes your decision all that much more valuable and laudable. In your Agondonter status this is yet a further step for you to take in pursuing and grasping more truth, more beauty and more goodness. All these we offer to you, for our teachings, our knowledge, our help our comfort, all come from the one Source and Center of all goodness, truth and beauty – your Father and ours.

No children, this is not a panacea or an end to strife or difficult events or times. Our mission is to guide you to conduct the correcting time, and the only way we are able to do it is through the willing cooperation of children such as yourselves. We are here to guide you, to deepen your understanding, to encourage you to look within, to make the difficult choices, to take the higher road. Be fearless! And yet this work, when adopted freely, provides great rewards in the inner life of the participant – purpose, real purpose, making a difference – a real difference in the lives of your fellows, for that is why you are here. For this we came. And you have said, each in her own way – “Here am I Lord, take me,” to use the biblical quote. This resonated throughout the universe, children, this desire, this willingness, [and] this commitment. And so yes, we do applaud you. It is one of the most positive things that we can do for we say once again, it is you who do the actual work of this time.

Work within yourselves, exploring any darknesses, allow healing light and the pure guidance of your inner pilot to see you through any rough waters that you may encounter, to master yourselves in ways that you have not before. Once these accomplishments have been done and even while they are in process, you are yet also taking the Correcting Time to your brothers and sisters by being willing to receive and transmit and by [being] willing to be an example to your fellows by the lives that you lead, by the comfort that you give, the understanding that you offer, the humility with which you conduct your affairs, the honesty that you exhibit and the integrity that you develop in your characters and by the fruits of the spirit that you exhibit which is sweet nectar to those with whom you communicate.

I do not say any of these things in a glib way, for any and all of the accomplishments that I have just mentioned require great determination, one-pointed-ness [focus point], [of] commitment and vision. Not all of your fellows are so minded and yet at the heart of each of your fellows, at the heart of each normal-minded person is that desire, that unspeakable and indescribable hunger for righteousness, truth, beauty and goodness. Within each – and each seeks these things in particular and individual ways – in no matter what form it takes, all desire for material benefit is but a mask of God-hunger. In your society today people are famished – famished! – and you see it everywhere you look. People eat too much, accumulate too much, speak too much and I say this not as a pejorative statement but as an observation, and children – you are well aware of what I speak. This is not an indictment, merely an observation.

You yourselves have learned and are learning the lessons of simplicity, of how the material desires lessen in response to the spiritual growth and connection. This is true simplicity. It is ironic, is it not? The most simple life is so incredibly rich and yet in the things that cannot be measured by bank accounts or houses or life situations or number of possessions. Hungry souls will come to you and say – I need this – I want that – I will have this or that…and you will be able to look beyond that desire and fill a need that perhaps is hidden and maybe not even well known by this person. Interact with people and learn to read the signs of a person who is hungry – and there are many who are hungry, children, – perhaps as you yourselves have been at one time or another. This is the work. And it may be done in large or small ways throughout the rest of your lives, should you consider the Kingdom for the rest of your lives.

And so, be prepared each day. Look inside of yourselves each day for areas of darkness or muddiness or haziness that needs to be rid and eliminated with light and truth. Shine the light in all areas of your inner lives each day. That light, freely invited, will begin to cleanse even the most obstinate of shadows and you will find great relief and release as you do this practice daily. And as you go out into your day, knowing that you are healing, cleansing, you will be able to direct this healing energy also to those around you.

As has been said, even your presence sometimes, at many times, is healing simply because of where your thoughts are directed. This is the difference between you and so many of your fellows: the direction of the thoughts is all. That is why you are a healing presence, because you have allowed this presence into your lives and it cannot be contained. As it heals you, it heals others as well. It is a law. This light will eventually draw all of your fellows with you and with us and with Christ Michael. It is inevitable. Only the time is unknown, for that is a function of numbers and willingness and commitment. But rest assured children, that progress is being made.

As much bad news as you hear daily, there is an equal amount of goodness ready to burst through the dead soil of anger, revenge, hatred, bitterness, murderous intention – all of these things are dead things and shall eventually fall of their own weight. Through this will burst forth and even as we speak, is bursting forth, to reclaim the once-thought tainted landscape.
No task is too great, no vision is too grand. Nurture these and know that each task you undertake shall bring closer to reality these glories.

Come again and visit – come often as often as you wish. We know that you recognize us more often now than before and we try in our way to salute you throughout the day. Always remember that you are never alone. You have always your inner pilot, your inner presence, your inner lover who never leaves you and always fellowships you and experiences all of your life with you in the most intimate and loving way. And in your daily comings and goings we also are available to you. We surround you, we observe, we care for you. I know not….

This one is experiencing some energetic disturbances and has had some difficulty today. However, we are glad and gratified that this malady seems not to be of a permanent nature. We recommend that you continue with your energetic clearing processes and reversal techniques.

EREGON: Once again, I am Eregon. I thank you once again. I am retreating at this time; however I shall remain available.

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