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DBC18 – Others Healing Urantia


Denver/Golden Teaching Mission Group, #18
Denver, Colorado

Teachers: Eregon, Nebadonia, Monjoronson, Mantutia, Elohina, & Michael

Topics: Inclusive kingdom
Glorious work
Building on a solid foundation
The beginning of the Correcting Time
Invite daily the healing energy
Personal guidance
Love heals

TR’s: Jo Ann & Mary Jo

May 24, 2004

NEBADONIA (TR, MJ): My little children…hello. It is I, Nebadonia. Oh children how joyous it is to see you, to be here with you once again. On this sordid and torn world, these bright lights of twos, threes and more, joining to fellowship with unseen friends, these bright lights are irresistible and the time is coming children, when the darkness and sordidness of the planet shall be cleansed. Even now, it is happening, even now. The brightness is growing. Hearts are being invited and are accepting. Your work is just beginning and yet do you not feel the excitement of it? It is true that in your day-to-day lives there may be preoccupation, for you have many concerns. Yet always in your minds you are aware that you belong to a very select group, only “select” in the sense that not all have consented; select, but certainly not exclusive [to] this group, for it is an inclusive plan, children, as you know. We wish no soul be lost. We wish all to be included.

For the moment, you are part of a select group because you have answered “yes.” When asked you have said “yes” and for this, you are being given work to do – glorious and necessary work. In the trenches you are, children…in the trenches. Your trenches can be made beautiful by your willingness to stay close—close to your inner fragment, close to Christ Michael and to me. My mother’s heart is full of love for you. I love you as a mother – a true mother. I want to brush off your knees when you fall. I want to bind up your wounds. I long for you just to put your head on my chest and cry, allow your feelings to come forth, cleanse yourselves of any sadness, any painful episode in your lives. I long to comfort you.

And in this way, children, when you allow yourselves to be close to your heavenly parents, we do keep your trenches quite beautiful. The soil of the earth will not adhere, for each time you fellowship with us you are cleaned, you are washed, you are made pure and holy once again. You are reminded of your home. You are reminded of your origins and your destiny. This is but a temporary sojourn children, and yet for you, it sometimes may seem well nigh endless. Look behind children and see the years and how quickly they seem to have passed.

And yet each day, each moment you are creating such a wonderful and beautiful future. Not just here, but in your life to come. Such wonder awaits you! You shall see it as much more than a reward. It will seem unbelievable! And yet, it is what we wish for every soul, every child, and this is your work – to gather the children. It is time to gather together. As you progress, more will be drawn to you. Remember your practice, children. Keep yourselves close; keep yourselves illuminated. Be the beacon, be the lighthouse.

You have a firm, strong foundation with God as your father, Christ Michael of Nebadon as your brother/friend and I as your mother. This is a strong foundation indeed. Any edifice you build upon this foundation shall never fail. That edifice is your soul, your new living soul which shall be your embodiment in the life to come. I speak with you about the life to come to cheer you and to help to put into perspective the work you are doing now. It is not meant to be a dreamy refuge but an incentive for you to build and perfect, so that your transition will be smooth as you grow ever closer to your origins, to your home.

It is a good reason to do good here and there is much good needing to be done. And so live your lives with joy, with purpose. Every person who crosses your path is an opportunity for you to gather one more. You may not see the effects, but keep this in mind, children. And be that attractive lighthouse, that beacon in the darkness, for in many lives there is still great darkness and many are searching, searching for that light. The spirit within them will recognize and does recognize this light and will work with each soul to help them see it, explore and pursue this light, this light that you carry—you and so many others—noble and good souls who have committed themselves to this work.

And so live each day. Carry on with your lives and allow yourselves this fellowship as often as you can, as often as you desire. My children, I love you; I am your mother. In each of you beats a mother’s heart and likewise it is for me. As you love your children and continue to assist them in their lives, so do I continue always my desire to assist you, to help you, to see you happy, successful, and productive. I am here for this evening but shall now withdraw. My peace I leave with you.

MONJORONSON: (TR, JA): It is I, Monjoronson

Group: Welcome!

MONJORONSON: Listen closely. I come to your planet on behalf of your Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon – my brother, companion, friend and more. Together here we will build such grandeur on the spiritual planes. You who are willing to listen, to work with us will be the tools, the instruments with which we can begin to build on that solid foundation referred to earlier. You see the light in one another’s eyes of spirit. You discern it, not with great regularity as yet, but you are growing in your abilities and it is useful for us on both sides.

We can attune to you as you can focus in on us. This builds ties between the material and the spiritual. The web-work of light, which you have seen in imagery, is built by communications, dedications and devotions such as these. Come children – realize what is true, beautiful and good. Actualize it on your world in our daily lives. Bring the example of Jesus to your daily life for in his revelation to this planet are yet the seeds that will bring forth the beauty and goodness toward one another, true brotherhood, and great adventure. True family you all are. See this in one another and do sweep each other up in joyful adventures with spiritual friends and family.

Yes you have noticed how life improves when one will stop to count the blessings – the finding of paint, coincidence of a treasure at a garage sale, the adventure of bringing life and joy to the scene of an accident. Yes children, these daily adventures with spirit on your world are what make the future bright. Not only for this planet but again, for your lives to come on the Mansion worlds and beyond. You do not now consider that future for it is somewhat beyond your imagining, but now even as you have material treasures here on earth, you will find these spiritual treasures that you have inherited from this life will be with you on worlds to come. My sweet beloved children, call on me. I am available to you. Fear not my presence. You cannot fail. We are family; we are singing the same melody composed by one whom we all love. Take heart. Remember who the director is as you play your symphony of life. Thank you children.

(Thank YOU!!!)

MJ: I want to ask about passing on our transcripts to our friends and community. Are we supposed to share these messages with the community? (Mantutia arrives to answer the question.)

MANTUTIA (TR, JA): Post them to the archives. Children edit as you feel is required, what you submit to the archive posting.

MJ: Okay.

JA: I hear Eregon, too.

EREGON (TR, MJ): It is I, yes, it is I.

JA: And I’m not hearing anything…

EREGON (MJ): I do indeed wish to speak and I thank you for your kind invitation. It is always a wonder and a joy to be invited by a mortal being, that you have begun to overcome your doubt and your uneasiness. You are beginning to see that we are not sinister in any way. We mean only goodness, for we come at the mandate of the one true goodness in the universe and that is Christ Michael of Nebadon. We come at his mandate and his behest and so you need never fear and I think you are beginning to realize this. It appears so.

Yes, I wish to speak to you today about these messages and about the fact that you are progressing in such good and proper ways. It is an auspicious time now to begin sharing these messages with your fellows and I and others shall impart further messages for you. In your posting, as you have been instructed and advised, you may edit any portion of these messages that feel to you to be personal to you two. And this is perfectly appropriate. You will know when the lesson is appropriate for the larger community. It will be a “no-brainer,” as you say…(Laughter)

For today, I should like to speak further on your daily practice – the practice of a member of the Correcting Time. The Correcting Time is conducted through the efforts of mortal beings. The Teaching Mission is conducted by celestials. You who are in this group – in the forefront of the group – it is with you that the Correcting Time begins. It is you who have answered the call and we wish to instruct you further as to your daily practice in order to optimize your effectiveness. You have been advised to invite daily, the healing energy, the healing powers of the Universal Father into your inner lives. What is in your inner lives, children? These things may be helpful for you to ask yourselves. Many times mortals act in automatic ways. You have patterns of behavior that you have developed over a lifetime. Some are very beneficial and some are not.

The benefits that are of most importance are those of being the light, the beacon, as your Mother has told you. It is very helpful to examine your patterns. These reside in the inmost parts of your inner life where they are so “inner” and ingrained that [they] are very rarely recognized. Some of your patterns may be inhibiting your abilities to gather the souls and the brethren and so these are the habits and practices that you may wish to discover and emend or, if needed, to heal. Over a many-year lifetime it is possible that certain practices may produce shadowy, heavy, or grainy patterns in yourselves and you may think – why does this happen in my life? Why does that happen in my life? How can I have more of truth, beauty and goodness in my life, and why does it seem missing from this area or that area? How can I increase my receptivity to these attributes?

[At this point, the recorder ran out of battery power, unbeknownst to us. The gist of the remainder of this message was advice to daily ask for God’s healing to address these shadowy places in our automatic behaviors. This will take place whether we know specific behaviors or not. Even just being open to the possibility that we have these needs for healing will allow it to happen. Some indicators of these automatic patterns are feelings of fear, anger, depression, which appear without apparent conscious thought, and we wonder where that came from.

We are never “finished” healing while we are on the earth. With our willing intent, the healing will take place and we may know it is happening because we may experience “old” feelings, re-visiting scenes from the past, or the like. We can be happy when this happens, for it is our signal to “let it go.” We were advised against spending too much time in introspection in order to discover these patterns, but that a certain amount of exploration is appropriate. Too much introspection may become a diversion and will take us away from the important work.

JoAnn asked about helping the process along with energy work, such as Reiki, and we were instructed that this is beneficial for the complete clearing of these old shadows. Having to specifically identify what is being healed is not necessary.]

(Going back into the Stillness for a while…with better batteries!)

JA: Elohina?

ELOHINA (JA): Yes, it is I. Greetings!

We are among you. Daily and in every moment we observe you, encourage you. Count not your mistakes. Your talents, your willingness, dedication and devotion to the _______(?)______ project is what we observe. For you, JoAnn, Pueblo is calling. The open vistas, the small city will feel like home to you. We_____(?)_____your career with Father as well as _____(?)_____ connections to paint, the CD’s you have in mind are everywhere present. Look around you. Make time for this project by abandoning your old patterns. This will serve you well as a foundation basis of other works, which will coordinate. Tune in and listen to us to be certain of your direction. Always ask for affirmations (not quite the right word…(confirmations?), ask from Father the certainty of what you have heard. Check in (…airplane noise…) knowledge for the meaning in your life, for anything that may be offered from other mortals or other friends.

We see you from the beginning to the end; we know your capacities and capabilities. We arrange details to help you bring these things to pass and it is your will, your intention and yes, your inhibition that determine what you are able to accomplish in a given moment. Concentrate your energy, focus on the center within and that energy will spin out into your life, magnetizing you to beneficial events, coincidences.

That energy will draw you, and will draw others to you. Like-minded spirits have similar ambitions, more like desires, avocations. Live in harmony with others – mortals seen and unseen. Find ones whose joy is to serve Father and with them harmonize your goals, your projects, and your desires to see the Kingdom ripen on earth. In your hearts little ones, truly is the Kingdom of Heaven. Open your hearts and share it as we share with you. Good day.

MICHAEL arrives: It is I Michael. Greetings children, my beloveds…we sit again in your circle merkaba – our threesome. This time of correcting on my dear planet Urantia is sweet to savor for you children have long lived without light…centuries, eons. We delight in bringing to you the glories, the beauty, the many joys of …?… in the spirit from the Father who we all love – each of us loves.

Those who walk with us and those who do not are loved equally. The choices made in daily life are the choosing to do Father’s will or follow the will of the ego-mind. The children who dedicate their consciousness to the spirit within and offer your will in submission to his, which is greater, you are doing the greater thing yourselves. For what human will could create a ___?___ like we can create in the worlds that approach the ages of Light and Life. These crowning glories of civilization are yours – yes – are for your planet too. Doubt it not. Doubt it not.

Light and Life will come, is coming to sweet little Urantia. Your grandchildren may have the privilege of living in a somewhat different world than the one in which you children grew up. You may watch as things begin to change and wonder how it is happening even as you are part of the playing out of this plan. Things you do not understand about the energy of love – it truly is contagious; the energy of the love – the benefit. Those who are in the presence of one who can carry such love as the Father who lives in their hearts – yes, I call ALL children – all six billion. It is universal and it is a call to love. Can you do this?

We will continue to teach you how the presence of love heals, as you experience a nurturing love and care for each of you. No one is excepted; no one is barred. All are welcome; all are called. We would that every one of you experience more joy and bring it to your brothers and sisters. Your Mother and I delight in every small victory, every small thank you we hear from you, every small appreciation, every small recognition of the influence of loving spirit in your lives. We today are present because of your desire for us. Let me say again – this presence is available to all.

We come to change things but fear not. No harm can befall you. Life is an adventure, children. Whatever may befall, even a death such as mine, will never eclipse the work of the Father within. So be of good cheer and continue on living and loving, praying and working and bring joy to those you meet. Be my disciples, take my message of joy and brotherhood and the constant loving care of the spirit within – our heavenly Father. Share these with all who may come for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Thank you my children for caring to come and sit with us all and your loving Father. Amen. Adios.

Eregon says good-bye.

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