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DBC19 – Others Patterns Of Behavior & Thoughts


Denver/Golden TeaM, #19
Denver, Colorado

Teachers: Eregon, Nebadonia, Madrienne, Michael, Charin, Serenity

TR’s: Jo Ann, & Mary Jo

Patterns of behavior and thoughts, continued
Inviting healing
The act of cleansing
“Coincidences” are planned
Being instruments of good
Asking for celestial guidance
Purity of heart
Seek the inner presence

May 31, 2004

[Meditation, Merkaba building and entering into the stillness; inviting and welcoming our unseen friends preceded the session.]

EREGON (T/R, JA): It is a good Merkaba and we welcome you, too, little ones…

MJ: Your hearts are welcomed by ours in this place of peace and serenity.

EREGON: We welcome your youngster.

[Ed. Jo Ann’s daughter, Michaelle.]

EREGON: We are many here. We are most delighted to visit with you once again. It is Eregon. I wish to inquire and expand about and upon our lesson of the previous meeting. As you know, we sojourn with you in your daily lives. Many times you feel our presence and receive our salute. We have observed your efforts concerning your patterns – your patterns of behavior and thought. This practice will greatly facilitate your usefulness and your effectiveness in this time of correcting. Some have few shadows, some have more…each experience is unique. I wish to inquire of each of you as to your progress, if you wish to share that information today.

JA: I feel I have been able to discern some places where I may have been operating under ancient beliefs that weren’t so. I’ve also come across something through my sister called “The Ashaya Monks” who teach techniques of ascension to release things like this. I think there are many techniques for energetically reducing old patterns…

EREGON: Indeed… Ascension, as you say, is a very effective image to keep when one is attempting to enlighten oneself, and enlighten one’s shadows and put to rest old patterns and behavior paradigms. The power and the means of this healing all come from the same Source. When one invites the power of God (and when we use the term “God” we are well-aware that many on your sphere employ other names for this same power) it matters not, for the power remains centered where it is, no matter what the name applied. You who are in the Correcting Time willingly and with commitment are advised to practice this process in whatever way seems most comfortable to you.

The important part is that you initiate the process for as your own shadows are illuminated, and disintegrate, you will be far better able to assist your brothers and sisters with their own process. For you are becoming witnesses of this process and its effectiveness. In subsequent lessons, we will speak further on these practices of assisting other mortals. For now, you may rest assured that by practicing you cannot go wrong and you will be of great service in ways that you may not be aware. And yet, much good will accrue.

MJ: My experience was and is that some really core issues came up that I really can’t even name, but I know the effects, and I’ve had some days of identifying that and consciously letting it go and I feel better and lighter as a result. But some days I think – do I want to feel that way again today? Do I want to invite this healing? Because sometimes it feels painful. I do feel peaceful underneath it all…

EREGON: Yes, certainly. There are times in a mortal’s life when they are imprinted with certain thoughts and beliefs due to events that may or may not be in their power to affect. On your sphere, many are affected from long ago in their lives. At that time it is possible for a person to adopt certain beliefs and thoughts when the event is sufficiently traumatic or charged. In your own case, you had a pre-verbal experience, which was internalized. This is not uncommon, child. Yet, it does inform the life. It is very beneficial to allow this shadow to be illuminated and resolved. It may feel as a heaviness and yet, as you have experienced, there is peace for you know now that this is truly healing and it will come to a resolution.

The act of cleansing is a necessary step for one’s inner peace and effectiveness in this time to gather souls for the Father – to gather souls to regenerate the planet. There is no more important work, and that peace which you experience at an increasing level will radiate out to your fellows. It will affect the way you interact with others for you will have an expanded view of yourself and your place and your work. This is a process and it is worldwide. It is ever true, children, that peace does begin in the heart of the individual. All of you long for peace.

You are desperate for peace, you seek peace in this world and it is readily available to you, will you but ask and receive, but it will not come as a blanket over the earth. It will come one heart at a time, one heart to another, one heart cleansed of darkness, heaviness and shadow shining and illuminated from within with the love of God and the purity of Spirit.

These are very trying times for many. You are relatively unscathed by the ravages of hatred and murder and strife in your daily lives. You have ample opportunity to learn and to become the workers needed. The time is coming when expanded truth will be delivered to this planet by your Magesterial Son, Monjoronson. In these times, you may expect to be called upon in a greater measure and it is for these times that you are preparing in such a willing and devoted way.

I am Eregon. My love I give to you, children. I am very pleased to have been able to visit with you and I shall withdraw; however, I am assembled with the others here. Adieu…

NEBADONIA (T/R, JA): Will you speak, child? It is I. Your mother is here, sweet daughters of time. Welcome again to our presence. We truly are your friends; we guide you in your lives. Opportunities appear; connecting minds are drawn in light; acquaintances are made. These things you call coincidences are works from on high; in each life it is so. We can create these things by the cooperation of others who listen whether they seem to hear us clearly, or even think that they do not. Hunches, feelings, idea connections, coincidental meetings…this is the work of our type of beings. The work you may do in response is to follow through – explore when you feel those “ah-ha’s”, those little tingles of excitement over connections of ideas.

When you are pleased to experience these “seraphic coincidences” as you have called them, you are quite willing to continue the experience. That joyful experience of being of service to another human being and to the universe in general is quite satisfying. In fact, in your lives, you will find this satisfaction greater than any other joy. The experience of relationship, these mutual interests can provide links, links of light and a chain of light and a web of light through your lives. Connect the dots to the joyful events.

Remember your textbook [The Urantia Book] admonition to hold in trust the beautiful experiences of your lives and play them back for your joy and spiritual expansion. Journal these times if you wish, these somewhat outstanding, beautiful experiences of life, for as you are willing to share them with others, the benefit can multiply and you therefore, can be an instrument of good. It is as you think – “win/win” – but three ways: you, your fellow mortals and the universe. For the nature of the Supreme is to expand by these experiences and as you have read, simply by witnessing a kindness, endorphins are released, people become happy, people become spiritually fed.

So, thank you as you join us in this light work. Be one with us, remember us often throughout your day, for these joyful experiences are, as you would say, unlimited in their potential. Fill your days with light, children. Fill your lives with light and let it overflow. Light casts out shadow, darkness flees—not flees—but it is disrupted, disbanded, dispelled by the very presence of light. Bring more light into your world every moment that you can remember. When you smile on a child a light cord connects you and them to us.

Through your goodness, our goodness can be shared in ways mundane and seemingly non-spiritual, as well as in ways profound. Thank you dear children for being willing to work with us, for once again we recognize you—those willing to be light-workers—for being the instruments, the hands, the willing hearts who, with our assistance, can initiate little blossoms of change every day. I am Nebadonia, your mother. I love you my daughters with a more perfect motherly love than you can imagine on your world. Sweetness and light I leave you and blessings too.

(Thank you)

NEBADONIA: Dear children you are enfolded in Love.

JA: I want to ask about Michaelle…she asked about a teacher once. I wonder if either one of us could assist her with contact with that teacher today.

NEBADONIA: Yes child…certainly.

MJ: I got the name Madrienne, but I thought she was a student, not a teacher…are you here, Madrienne?

MADRIENNE (T/R MJ): Indeed I am…I observe. I care for you.

MJ: I wonder if you are Michaelle’s teacher?

MADRIENNE: I am an observer. I have been here for many of your sessions and you have thought of me more than once. I am not an active teacher. I am here as an observer and a student. There may come a time, in fact there will be a time, when I shall be a teacher. That time has not yet arrived; however, I am available for visiting and your young friend may inquire for me if she wishes to do so. I should enjoy very much to speak with her.

(Thank you, Madrienne)

[Michaelle asked about conversing in her own mind with teachers…]

CHARIN (MJ): Yes child, you may access teachers and you may access unseen friends of many types and you may do so in the privacy of your own mind. You need not verbalize and vocalize. These daughters have committed and are learning to verbalize and vocalize and are doing so for perhaps different reasons than you may have, to access teachers and unseen friends.

You may rest assured that you are loved, beloved by many. Your progress is noted and yet, you need not feel as though you are being monitored or judged in any way. We observe you as we observe many on this planet—an astonishing number on this planet. Your inner desire for truth beauty and goodness, and your search for truth are noted. It only remains for you to decide when, and if, and what it is that you do to pursue these goals and achieve these aspirations.

We are here to assist and we make these contacts only through a mortal’s willingness and invitation, much as the Universal Father and any other spiritual agency – for it is your will, your decision that initiates this contact. Absent your desire and invitation we merely observe and at times, assist unbeknownst to you. We do care for you and we would be very pleased should you decide to explore these possibilities in this correcting time.

Repeating: it is only at your invitation and it is perfectly appropriate for this invitation to take place in a silent manner at a time of your choosing. You may wish to write about it. You may wish to, at some point, record a voice. This is not necessary. I only suggest it as a means for you to keep the lesson and review the lesson. Your interest is noted and received with great joy.
I am Charin.

(Thanks, Charin)

MJ: I keep seeing the word “justice” and I think it is directed to Michaelle, but I don’t know…she wants justice. I don’t know where that came from…

MICHAEL (T/R, JA): I am Christ Michael, your Father, brother, friend. Yes, it is I.
For Michaelle to be here gives me great joy. You are in my service already, child. Your sweet soul dedicated to service is recognized by me, the light-worker you can be if you so choose. We are all one on this side of the veil. Choose the force for good and work with it. This will very likely bring you the joy that you seek in life. You are one whose heart is pure. Search out the good way to be in life through all the good feelings of your heart. This compass is true and will guide you into all goodness. There is great joy for those who follow this path, the kind of wealth or riches that would not be counted as such by many on your world. These riches – wealth of the spirit – are available to all who seek, with intention, and you are one such.

MJ: Who is Serenity?

JA: I am hearing “Your angel.”

SERENITY (T/R, JA): Your destiny guardian, and yes, there are nuances beyond that word. Nuances of concepts we would find difficult to enumerate. Serenity. You may address your guardian as such and they will respond. Your destiny guardian…

MJ: Something about sojourning…

SERENITY: Your sojourn is fraught with many obstacles and events. Through every event, through every change, through every trial, through every happiness, you are accompanied not only by your destiny guardian, but you are accompanied by the most intimate and the most loving of presences. You are encouraged to discover this inner personage, this inner presence who longs so to communicate with you. This presence is altogether separate from the agencies of the Teaching Mission – separate in the sense that this presence, dwells within your heart and mind and is unique to you.

Not separate, in the sense that we all are descended from this same source. It is a mystery and wonderful mystery at that. This inner presence that you carry is as close to you as a thought and resides in the very cells of your physical body and in each neuron and axon of the brain. It gently overlays your physical mechanism and desires connection with you on a conscious basis; however, works quite diligently and unendingly even though you may not be aware of this ministry.

Yes, this is your constant companion and it would behoove you to explore this relationship further. It is a very good place to start should you wish to establish contact with the supernatural and super-mortal realms. For this is your guiding pilot light which will unerringly lead you into the correct channels of communication; the most beneficial channels of communication for your development and for your edification and the development of your character and your being.

Yes, you are a noble and good soul with great potential to be even more noble and of greater service to your world. Call upon your inner guide in any time of unrest or decision. And rest assured that this presence will never leave you unless ordered away, which we are certain that you shall never do. And also, you know now that you are accompanied by a destiny guardian, and as you have been told by Charin – you are also in the company of numerous personalities who are at your service and your behest. All of these things are yours for the asking and shall be always. You are a child of light and you have been so for many years of your life. Allow this light to burn ever brighter – fan the flame – be not afraid, for there is great joy to be had by pursuing this path of light and peace.

JA & MJ: I am…I am…I am – Maybe it is the I AM… that I AM…?

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