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DBC20 – Spiritual Energy; Ministry; Intention


Denver/Golden TeaM, #20
Denver, Colorado

Teachers: Eregon, Michael

T/R’s: Jo Ann & Mary Jo

Surviving material struggles
Being sustained by spiritual energy
Ministry to one’s fellows
Linking your inner lives to spirit origins
Purity of intention
Practice daily exercises with specific intention
Remaining focused and aware
Aggressive gathering
Deconstructing a Merkaba when necessary

June 11, 2004

MICHAEL (TR, JA): It is I, Michael of Nebadon and my loyal consort, Nebadonia, your Mother. We love you, dear children, and treasure this time together with you. We are always present as you know, and [as you are] beginning to experience from time to time in your daily life and doings. We love you, we support you, console you in crisis, comfort you in the night, and are with you through all life’s troubles as I promised you so long ago. Dear children, this is life as it is on Urantia for now; as you live it, you will become more efficient in learning to live with spiritual values.

These material struggles, when you surrender to the spirit within as you have learned, become like beautiful plants to be enjoyed for their blossoms and fruits. The rewards of this labor are the fruits of the spirit and it is these you are looking to harvest from your life’s situations. As you go your way through life remember us, [an] ever present source of friendship, nourishment, sustenance of a spiritual nature. The greatest solace, your truest friends, are within your very physical wiring, so to speak, energetically. Remember always children, the love we bear for you is ever present. “Vaya con Dios” means “go with God;” do go with us through all these life ventures and you will find them enriching, ennobling, spiritualizing and even refreshing when you choose to look through spiritual binoculars [something like that.…]

When you go into the stillness, the spirit of our Father sustains you as it does all of us throughout his vast universe. This is the true energy that you need for daily life struggles on this planetary existence and it will sustain you well—well beyond what you might imagine—well beyond what you would ask of human friends. Be comfortable with us, little ones, we wish you never to fear. Be confident in our arms like a child…rest here when you are weary; share with us the joy of your discoveries for we are always interested in what you are learning on your paths. We delight to see you grow spiritually for as you do, our communications with you become clearer.

Your growth and understanding and willingness to perceive universal perspective enables much increase to occur and accuracy of transmission as well as personally beneficial aspects of our continuing fellowship on both sides. Bless you, our children. Thank you for continuing to interpret our messages to the best of your burgeoning abilities.

MJ: Eregon is here. I am so distracted by the noise outside.…

EREGON (TR, MJ): Fret not child. Train yourself to rise above or sink below these audible distractions. You can reach a plateau where you are aware but not bothered by such. This requires practice. Your world is full of cacophony of noise, especially in your city; we note this. One side effect of stillness practice is that one is able to withstand much distraction, much interruption and much interference by the simple act of remembering and rejoining this state of quietude within oneself.

Today, we speak with you concerning your ministry to your fellows. As I told you on our last visit, this is the next step in the process and progress of the Correcting Time, one for which you are preparing yourselves by your daily practice, healing your inner lives. You have only to look around you, children, at the wide variety of souls who languish in darkness and fear, depression, anxiety and worry in these days of strife and uncertainty. You are gaining a great advantage in your own lives by this practice, not only of stillness but this practice of allowing, inviting and intending that your inner lives are linked inexorably and eternally to your spirit origins.

It is as you say, an anchor, the surest anchor and part of your firm foundation. This, the majority of your fellow sojourners may not enjoy, largely because they are unaware and un-intentioned concerning these things. Many are buffeted by the winds of change, which are inevitable on such a planet as this and such buffeting is quite trying to the unprotected human psyche. By linking yourself to the spirit of God within you and without you, you create a protection for your psyche. This you must teach. This you must explain and radiate to your fellows.

In these times many are uncertain and questioning and also very suspicious, unbelieving. Many are suspicious of spiritual reality for they have been disappointed. Their faith rests on wavering truths, half-truths and even non-truths. As these are dislodged and disproved one by one, these souls will be left yet more suspicious and hard to reach at times. There are ways of approaching souls who are asking. The ones who are in the depths of uncertainty and who have no real receptivity will still benefit from your faith, even though you may not perceive that you have reached these ones. For everyone you meet you must treat, you must see the same, as your brethren and your Father’s child, as you are.

Their spirit is whom you will approach, and you have learned of the energy meridians and the energy realities that surround each and every physical organism. These can be intentionally filled and directed towards others. This is not a violation of a person’s sovereignty. Rather, it is a gathering and embracing of another. This may not be a wise directive, were it not for the fact that you have committed and dedicated yourselves to do this work. One must have that purity of intention and sense of harmlessness in order for this to be a beneficial exercise. But yes, you may embrace with your energy body and your spiritual arms, every soul you encounter. Do this with intention and see what happens.

For those who are of an already receptive mind you are to plant seeds of hope, seeds of faith. You are to accept others as they are and where they are, as did your Father/Brother Michael in his incarnation on this planet. You are to respect each and yet within that respect, you may plant seeds of hope, of faith, of peace, of joy, of expectation and anticipation of the goodness to come.

Study your fellows. Leave none behind. In your daily practice you may begin to consciously extend yourselves spiritually and energetically to your fellows. You do well to practice some discernment and discrimination and you are advised to pace yourselves so as not to over extend. It is the lighthouse metaphor that is very beneficial to image in your minds’ eyes. You will see the result of this practice as the days and weeks progress. Intention is a large part of this practice. One can think in one’s mind “I want to do God’s will.” “I want to be a good person.” And yet, the more specific you can get, the better the results will be. Be specific in your intention and extend yourselves accordingly. The extension will take place, not of your own power, but by the power of your intention, the extension will take place.

The world is full of mortals whose minds are set on many things. The daily practice of spiritual reception and extension is not uppermost in the majority of minds and yet it is this that is the most important for all to learn and practice for it is when the weight of spirit becomes great that great things will transpire. You will be used with your consent much in the future to come. These daily exercises are an important part of your education at this time. Learn the power that is at your disposal. Learn the use of this power for good. There are those who could misuse these powers and so we say to you that you are entrusted with a great opportunity and a great responsibility in your everyday lives.

Your tasks are weighty and yet with your increased awareness and increased practice of these manipulations you shall receive greater peace and greater joy than you have yet known. It is again, I say, your intention that sets all into motion. No ministry will be of benefit if the minister is unfocused and unaware. This is why daily practice is advised, first to invite these healing energies into your own inner life and as this is accomplished in you, you can with intention extend this to others and much healing will occur, at times without having to say a word. At other times you will be prompted to speak. Do not be concerned for you will be assisted in any situation in which you find yourselves unsure or undecided about what to say.

Only ask, and in that moment you will be assisted. This is another reason to begin each day with these intentions in place in your minds. This creates a bridge of communication throughout your daily interactions with others and keeps you recharged and ready to distribute. For the time being, these practices may be your focus until this becomes a good habit to see each one as embraced and gathered, leaving no one behind. In the days and weeks and years, these who you have embraced and extended to will have ample opportunity to accept or reject the love that is proffered, [just] as you have had this opportunity.

You will not be alone in these exercises for many beings are being tutored in these ways to effect change on a person-to-person level. It is the most important work that the children of God can do, for it is what you do the most—walk among your fellows, carrying the light, standing firm on the solid foundation. Look around you children. We do not see all that many who stand on a firm foundation such as you have adopted and accepted. As always, we accompany you. There is no need to fear or be concerned that you may not succeed, for you are but the instrument.

The power of spirit works through you as the bow on the violin produces the tone. It is not the violin that produces the tone, but the bow stroking the string that produces the sound. You are the instruments and you are beloved instruments as a fine Stradivarius would be to an (artist). You have willingly placed yourselves in the hands of those who can employ you and your craftsmanship for the most good. We shall never misuse you or overwhelm you or leave you unpolished or languishing for care. Just as the master cares for his valued instrument, so you are cared for. You are polished and burnished; you are kept safe and protected from hurt and bumps. You need not ever fear for you are fostered and cared for in the most loving way.

We understand the commitment and the depth of the commitment and the fact that you are not required to make this commitment in order to survive this sojourn. We honor your commitment and your willingness to experience an enlarged commitment and an enlarged view of what doing the will of God entails. Yours is not a vague faith. Yours is a big and focused faith at this time, poised to do great work. You may not always see this result as you have been told, but I can assure you that as you continue your practice, you will become a spiritual force for good that you would not be, had you not made these forays and steps into an uncertain and unknown spirit communication.

We hope that you are becoming more comfortable with transmissions of these messages and that you are more sure of the reality of this Correcting Time and this Teaching Mission and this great undertaking. You are beloved and we are most joyful to have been summoned once again today for these transmissions. Are there questions?

JA: We established a merkaba in our home in Golden and now we are selling our home. I wonder if there is something that we should do to…what is my responsibility to that light anchor in my home?

EREGON: The merkaba light anchor that you and your fellows constructed is still intact. If you wish to deconstruct it, this may be done simply by another joining of minds and intentions and we will do as instructed. This light anchor may be deconstructed, however, you may wish to wait until you have been able to glean more information about the new owners of this property. You may discern a like-minded person or persons and in this case, you may not wish to deconstruct the merkaba. In either case, the decision is yours to make and we shall accommodate you as you wish. There is no harm in this merkaba remaining in place even if the subsequent owners are oblivious of its presence.

However, if over much time it is not employed by joining with other spirit energies, it will over time, atrophy as an unused muscle would atrophy and would become then plump and usable with exercise and use. Is this a satisfactory answer?

JA: Yes with one little thing…There is no way someone who is determined to be non-spiritual could perceive and misuse it for harm, is there?

EREGON: There is that possibility, yes, and this is why you are advised to use your discernment when you encounter the new over-takers of this property.

Children, the work that you are asked to do may seem esoteric in some respect. It is work that takes origin in the spirit and the superconscious, and with the aid and assistance of unseen friends and forces. Do not be deceived however, for this work is quite real and quite effective when performed at the level of intention that we encourage in you. You are growing powerfully. As you are proving yourselves to be faithful, you are being given more responsibility and opportunity. The progress that is made is not your responsibility but the commitment to do the work and be effective is within your power and is a responsibility that you continue to want and continue to perform.

It is the lost, it is the seeker, it is the sad, it is even the belligerent and prideful who we seek. Let no one’s persona or attitude deter you from this practice of gathering. You need not ever accept unpleasantness or abuse of any kind. Your work can be done without a word being spoken. I am endeavoring to reassure your minds and to let you know that you are in no danger of becoming anyone’s target of wrath. This is a joyous exercise you do.

For today, this lesson is drawing to a close. I shall only reiterate the importance of the daily practice. I hope you both are experiencing a lessening of the inner automatic thinking that has plagued you in various areas for many years. We hope you are experiencing more peace and more joy as these days pass and your burden lightens, insofar as your automatic pattern of negativity or hindrance to your spirit shining. The cleansing process, while it continues, becomes less onerous as time goes on and the shadows become lighter and lighter.

This will not go unobserved by your fellows. And so this daily practice now coupled with the aggressive gathering will comprise your practice for these next days. I look forward to meeting with you on our next visit. Until then, know that you are dearly and sweetly loved by myself and all who are gathered here. I shall withdraw now and I bid you peace and adieu.

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