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DBC7 – Instruction Of Stillness And Its Benefits

Group: Denver TeaM, #7

Topics: Detailed instruction of stillness and its benefits

Teacher: Bob (TR: DanielR)

May 3, 2003

Daniel: Let’s become centered, and peaceful.

BOB: This is Bob. Let me lead you in this beginning phase, and then when we enter into the directions, I would like to do this with Daniel, so it will be the two of us and you may not know the difference, but it will be of a different tenor than usual.

Today, we will be analyzing and working on the stillness in greater detail than we have heretofore. I wish to assist everyone who has a resistance to this state, or has difficulty entering into it, to know more fully, how to arrive there and what it feels like and what it looks like.

[Note: Bob’s voice becomes soft and mellow, the pace is slow, unhurried and there are many, many pauses of short or long duration during this exercise.]

First of all, I wish you to invoke the presence of your Spirit here, the presence of Christ Michael, the Infinite Spirit, and all beings of light. Doing so, we are assured of infinite guidance. Next, I wish you to declare your intentions for being here. Our intentions are to be in alignment with Christ Michael’s presence, intentions, directions, and program for this planet, and for our highest good and for your highest good. [Pause: 0:24] A goal that I wish for you to attain is to enter into a state of reverie, [Bob is now speaking more slowly.] where you become more and more relaxed, at ease and at peace, where your body slumps in the chair and you are in a state of that dazed, relaxed reverie. Nothing is really crossing your mind; nothing is on your mind; there is nothing to do but just be at peace; relaxed and comfortable, enjoying the moment.

During our session today, I will be giving you suggestions—yes, these are what you might call, hypnotic suggestions, but they are suggestions for the conscious and subconscious mind. And if they are not in alignment with your highest good according to your wisdom, then do not accept them—and this is as it always should be with all suggestions, ideas given to you by anyone. I will strive not to give you any instructions that require you to think, but simply to do. Entering into the stillness is not a process of weighing or sifting, analyzing, aligning or listing anything. It is a process of coming to “being,” coming to your “center.” [Pause: 0:21]

During this session, I will use the first person. I wish you to assume the first person; when I say, “I AM,” that means “I AM (yourself.)” Of course you know that the “I AM” is the God I AM. I AM at peace. When you take on the “I AM,” you are beginning to take on the “I AM” of a greater-ness, of a greater being than yourself. Through these suggestions, we will try to assist you to take on, to wear the mantle of the “I AM” more easily. [0:18]

During this session, there will be times of silence, and stillness. During these times, we ask you to relax, to invite your Divine Fragment to speak to you in the stillness. These pauses are times to practice the stillness. [0:13] As you have five senses, these senses will need to be stilled. Let me assist you in doing this. Because your eyes are closed you will not be seeing any objects, though we will need to deal with mental visions in a few moments.

First of all, your ears will continue to operate; just because you go to the stillness, does not mean that the outside world ceases to exist – it continues. Right now, you may be hearing a small bird chirp outside; there are several. That is fine, you hear them, but you do not wonder about them, think about them—you just let the sounds come into your ears, into your mind—they register, “bird chirping,” you do not even need to title it; you recognize it and accept it. It is so still in here, you hear the tape recorder motor turning. You just hear it.

You hear the voice of the TR and you let these words come in. I AM hearing these words; I accept these words. I AM at peace. [0:10] Soon, all that you hear is accepted without judgment, evaluation, analysis or examination—you just hear. This part is important, as you have now turned off the judgmental mind about what you hear. I AM accepting of these sounds, I will let them in me and through me.

You have feeling, feeling as in touch. If there is something uncomfortable that you are sitting on, or a wrinkle in your clothing or shoe—whatever it may be—go ahead and adjust these now, so that your sense of touch is at peace. You accept the chair that you sit on; you have no thought about it. This is the way that you will accept touch and hearing. Taste and odor, are things, sensations that you usually only evaluate when a new smell or taste comes to you, or when you deliberately want to analyze those two sensations. But for now, it is as they have been in the last few minutes; accept them without thought. [0:12]

Your eyes are closed; there are no visual signals coming to your eyes, though if you turned your head toward the light of the window, you would see a lightness upon your eyelids; this is natural; you accept this. Accept all these sensations of your body without judgment, or analysis. [0:10] Relax in your chair. I AM relaxed. My breathing is even. If you have a stress in your lungs or your back, take several deep breaths—deep, deep, deep—hold them and then release the air. [0:10] I AM very relaxed. [0:08] I AM at peace. [0:50]

This being the first week in May, we hear an ice cream truck outside, with it’s tinkling bells and music. What a glad intrusion this is; we accept this. [0:23] Now we are at the threshold of the stillness. We have stilled our bodies, stilled our senses, and we are working on stilling our mind. The stillness is different from the silence, the void, the nothingness. Here in the stillness we anticipate, as part of our intention to be open, to receive the guidance of our Divine Fragment. We may or may not hear this voice, this communication, but the space of stillness allows, invites, the Divine Fragment to speak to us. It is as though the Divine Fragment stands in front of all our body, sensations, and mind’s activity as an audience. And the audience is hushed — hushed in anticipation of the Divine Fragment speaking to us. I AM still. I listen to my Divine Fragment. [2:17]

Sometimes in the stillness, our mind may start chattering about something, thinking about something—whatever it may be—talking with someone, discussing something, thinking about work, projects that are on the back burner or those that are active—and we tell it, “Silence, be still and listen.” [2:10]

Sometimes, our mind persists in talking and chattering and thinking. If this persists, then we must apply our will, our conscious will, the commander of our being, and speak to our mind forcefully, “Be still, mind! It is my will that you be quiet during the stillness. Be at peace; stop thinking; listen.” [0:30] Do this as often as necessary — as often as your mind interrupts your stillness. You must train it as you would an undisciplined child. Your will is the adult mind, connected to Infinite Spirit. Invoke the Spirit’s presence and assistance to help you in silencing the mind. [3:00]

So here I AM in this silence, this stillness. I AM at peace, my mind is still, and I have this yearning to speak with Spirit for guidance, for wisdom, for insights, for companionship, friendship along my life’s journey. And in my mind I visualize a radio—one is an old-fashioned radio, where you turn the dial and hear the various stations come in; a newer radio is there as well, a digital one and you press the seek button for the next station; you push the button and it moves forward through the frequencies, and stops. And the voice that comes through is your Guardian Angel and she speaks to you, saying, “ [2:00] .” With the anticipation that your Guardian Angel would speak to you, you also withhold judgment, analysis, evaluation; your mind remains still. And what comes through is a voice; the thoughts that you hear in your mind are of your Guardian Angel. You know this is so because the words are loving, caring, compassionate, sincere, and for your highest good—they serve you and they serve all others. [0:56]

In this stillness though there are sounds, they provide only a patina, a thin layer of reality, that we do not pay attention to; we hear it in the background; in the foreground, we are in the stillness. Now we hear the wisdom that we have been seeking; and if we do not hear, then the stillness is the main activity in the foreground; the sounds still remain in the background. It is this foreground of stillness that is the fertile ground where our Divine Fragment plants insights, wisdom and guidance, some of which become active immediately; some of which are delayed until an event or an activity or even a date that may come about, at which time our mind receives that insightful, “Ah-Ha,” and we exclaim, “Oh, now I understand. Now I see.” [0:15]

Through the stillness, the wisdom and insights provide us with new ways of interpreting our world and universe around us, which help us reposition ourselves to come apart from the daily activities, to become a master controller of our life’s activities. [1:40]

In the stillness, you may come to an awareness that you have a need. Go ahead and state this need to Christ Michael, to Nebadonia, to your Thought Adjuster—this is a conscious thought, not an idle thought, but a conscious thought. This too is a part of the stillness; this is part of the dialog that goes on. You state your need and listen, knowing that an answer is being made. [1:28]

And now let us bring our consciousness to center, begin to awaken your senses to the outer, become conscious of the moment, being in the room, being in this moment. [8:57]

BOB: Begin to raise your consciousness, please. Take your time. There is a bumper sticker that says, “Your life is a test. Had you been given a real life, you would have gotten an instruction book.” The truth is, dear friends that this is the instruction book that you have been receiving during the stillness. Life on the outside is quite simple, the instructions are very clear—grow, prosper, procreate, live, and die. But for meaning, for interpreting life and finding meaning in life and living, to participate in the larger journey of life past this mortal lifetime, requires those reflective moments, those periods of reverie, those episodes of contemplation and stillness.

And during these times you receive guidance; this guidance, this instruction book is tremendously empowered when you go to these places of deeper thought with the intention of receiving those instructions to fulfill the journey of your lifetime with great meaning, great contribution, great attainment and fulfillment of your soul. This lifetime can be very worthwhile, very fulfilling, when you know what is part of your journey and what is not, what it is you are to do and what there is not to do. The instruction book is very deep, very meaningful and lasts forever.

Blessings to you this day and every day—go forward my friends and enjoy the stillness, the stillness that you have received today and the peace that you have come to know. Relax; go forward with reverie, thoughtful living and love. Blessings to you. This is Bob, saying good day for now.

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