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DBC8 – The Presence of God, of Michael and of Nebadonia

Group: Denver TeaM #8

Topics: The Presence of God, of Michael and of Nebadonia
Practicing Stillness
Practicing the Presence
Trusting the process
Inviting the Presence
Q & A—Establishing another Merkaba
Significance of Jesus washing Apostles’ feet

Teacher: Michael & Bob (TR-DanielR)

May 17, 2003

[This is Daniel. I’ll start off by assisting us to relax. … Oooops! He’s ready to go.]

BOB: This is Bob. Welcome to another session here in Denver. We appreciate your Presence. Gladness and glad tidings are at hand. There is much good—you would say “afoot” but we would say “in the air,”—wafting its way around you. Blessings to you; we are grateful for your Presence here today. You are representatives of a new era in this region. Today we will continue the practice of the Stillness. But today, we want to amend that a bit and call it “practicing the Presence,” for this is how you will come into your new hearing ability, by knowing that there truly is a Presence with you, with you in great integrity, integral to your being. Myself and my team have been working the last two weeks to devise another way for you to enter into the Presence more completely, one that would be more akin to your mental/visual capabilities.

I will now tell you the criteria for where we will go. Imagine a large room, such as this, when you get to the place in your practice of the Presence, you will feel that you are in a large room and that you are not surrounded by walls, but you are surrounded by the Presence. And what we mean by the Presence, we mean that “this Presence” is the Presence of God, particularly Christ Michael, for you have your Divine Fragment within you. The Presence is also that of the Infinite Spirit, the Daughter Spirit of this local universe. You are quite literately, even now, surrounded and imbued with the Presence.

I will now assist you in shedding the world around you and the “radio static,” so to speak, within yourself. This time, we will start with the world. We will start outside of this building. Each of you now hears my voice, and you also hear what must be a leaf blower or some devise as that, outside this building. You will continue to hear this, but you will pay it no attention; make no opinions about this; not evaluate it or analyze it, but simply let this sound pass into you and out of you, without thought about it. And that is another criterion for practicing the Presence, is that you may be in total sensory contact with your world, but you accept this without judgment, opinion, analysis, or examination—that sort of thing. You are still and quiet. You know that the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains is just to the west of us. In your mind’s eye, you draw back from that from all sides and you come to this building in Denver, and your world is shrinking, and as your world and your mind shrinks, your consciousness expands. Your awareness of what is inside you, the Presence, expands.

Your eyes are closed, so you have no visual contact. Now you see yourself sitting in this chair. Relax, take a breath, relax the muscles in your stomach, and if you are holding your legs upright, relax that. Be like a marionette that is relaxed, all the tensions are released. You put your body away, so to speak, in Stillness. So in your mind’s vision, you are in this large room. You have stilled the pictures of outside; all your sensory perceptions are intact, operating, but you do not think about them. If you have some concerns about yesterday or the days before, some difficulties—let that go.

Come to this moment; be present right here. Imagine the focus of your consciousness is three feet in front of you, the very center of this group of people, and it is suspended there. It is like a candle burning in the center between us. If you have concerns about tomorrow or the next day, or the future, release those too. Bring your attention to the now, this moment, to this focal point in front of you. At this focal point, there are no thoughts; you are in Stillness. You are being suspended in this space, you are there, and you become aware of the Presence around you, for you know that there is something here with you, and the Ancient said, “The Lord is here.” [Short pause: 0:24]

CHRIST MICHAEL: My children, this is Christ Michael. Welcome to this day. It is a dear privilege to be here with you. Those who came into existence through my creative efforts, I appreciate you! You are my children of the flesh; you are my children of our Father in the Spirit. You come under my guardianship, my care; you are truly of my flock. I wish you to know the peace that passes all understanding, and this exists in this moment. In the frayed moments that you live on this planet, with so many difficulties, so many tragedies, it is easy to lose your perspective of who you are and how important you are.

When you feel that way, remember, I am with you. Come to the Stillness; practice my Presence; know my Presence is with you. It is this moment that you live in, that is most precious. In this moment, when you commune with me, I will help you see more clearly, the perspective of the Creator. When you are at peace, this is the most creative and powerful time, the most important moment that you can live in, is the moment of peace.

I wish you to know that your consciousness seeps into the space around you, and that you truly, walk with a glow wherever you go. Your influence is far more powerful and pervasive than you have ever realized. If I were to take a photograph of you as I see you, you would have radiating lines of energy that go far beyond your approximate space. So carry with you the sure knowledge that I am with you, and that together, we can affect your world in very positive ways, and invest this into your daily activities, in your words and your thoughts.

Leave your worries behind you; leave your acquisitiveness for tomorrow aside; rest with me today. And I invite you to connect your mind with mine, and your mind with the Infinite Spirit’s mind that pervades this whole local universe so completely. Then you are “in touch,” and you are “in tune,” and when you apply this to your life, the quality of your life and the peace of your life will increase. I truly am here; I truly love you; I truly am bonded with you. Blessings to you. Good day.

BOB: This is Bob. The Presence is like that, is like Christ Michael around you, for he is here—not still here—he IS HERE; has been before you arrived at this location. He was with you as you drove here. You can practice the Presence anywhere. And practicing that Presence, brings you into a singular mind, to a singular point in space, in time, where you are joined with him and with Nebadonia. You can practice this Presence whether you are stopped at a stop light, or sitting in a chair quietly in a remote location in the mountains. I assure you that when you practice the Presence, and think only of that Presence, knowing that you are bonded with that Presence, no other thoughts will pervade your thinking. Doing so, you offer an opportunity for linkage, for connection, an opening for your Divine Fragment to speak with you.

It is always nice to practice this for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes, every day, sometimes that is not possible or “seems” not to be possible—take those still moments in your day to practice the Presence. Now, do any of you here today, “feel” this Presence?

[Several yeses.]

BOB: And what does it feel like?

Student: Love.

BOB: Anything else?

Student: Comfort. Like a warm blanket.

BOB: Yes, it feels like a warm fog; sunlight on your skin, something that you feel—it is so light, so kind, so gentle. When you feel this, you are practicing the Presence; feeling this, you become available to know more. When you are in this space, you can take on the mind of Christ, the Christ Spirit, and know more about your world, yourself, and those around you. It is as though you have eyes that now see more, ears that hear more; your mind becomes connected to the Great Mind of the Infinite Spirit, this place of knowing the Presence, that if you ask a question, when you ask a question—however simple it may be—you will receive answers and hear it.

When you are focused on the Presence, at that point in space and time in front of you, and you ask a question and you hear an answer, and you feel the Presence, trust the answer that you hear. Only words of wisdom, insight, gladness, joy and all pervasive love, fill those words. Trust this process. Remember the words, the thoughts, the “knowing” that you received; hold it with you and later, confer with another, see if it makes sense to you that it was spirit speaking with you, or perhaps your own mind. The more you do this, the more you will truly know that you are beginning to hear your Creator. When you begin, you may want to only hear the Creator, Christ Michael. This is practicing the Presence in a more immediate way. Each of you are so near to that already, and have been—some of you—for a long time.

Now, let us take time for a long stillness, to practice the Presence. At the end of this, I will call your attention to be present, and then we will take a break, and afterwards, we will return to a second session for questions and answers, if you have any. [5:50]

Bring your consciousness to the center please. Bring your energy up, and open your eyes when you are ready.


BOB: This is Bob, welcome back. Your response to the Presence was “right on spot,” as some people would say. It was an accurate resonance of your being in that Presence. When you practice the Presence, and extend yourself in consciousness to the Presence, you will be in resonance with the Presence—it is automatic, for when you come to that point in the moment, when you practice the Presence, feel the Presence, and reach out and bond with the Presence, you cannot help but be “one” with that Presence. You are joined through consciousness with the Presence and you take on the consciousness of the Christ Spirit. This is a reverential, sacred place, for it emanates from the very core of your being, of what and who you truly are. And you perceive in that bond, that connection, what you truly will become in eons in the future.

To reach out in consciousness and bond with the Christ Spirit, you have surpassed time and space, you have taken on the ascendant journey without aggression, without effort, without rush. This consciousness between yourself and the Presence, coupled with your will and the energy through the merkaba of this planet or the merkabas that you have at hand, you become incredibly powerful for “good.” A bonded consciousness can only do “good,” for when you are in the Presence in that bonded contact, there cannot be that which is not of the Light; there is no darkness.

Your state of humble powerfulness is evidence of the bond of yourself, the humility, and the powerfulness is the Christ Spirit. It is the appreciation of that which is greater than you, with the awe-struck humility of knowing that you are in that connection. Now let us take another time, a long pause, for you to practice this. [4:22]

BOB: This is Bob; please bring your focus to the present. Please remain still. Now we will have a question and answer time. Are there any questions?

Student: I have one.

BOB: Certainly

Student: It’s not about today, but last weekend in Pueblo, my sister and I attempted to build a merkaba with an anchor, and I discovered after the session that her intention was not quite as plain about it as mine was, so I was wondering if it was successfully established?

BOB: It is wavering, much like an object you would see over heat waves.

Student: Okay. So I assume that with intention, we can strengthen it? Is that correct?

BOB: That is correct.

Student: Thank you. I have a question. I was wondering if there was some special significance attached to when Christ Michael was on earth and he washed his Apostles’ feet, if there was some special healing power in that ritual, and if we should be doing that for each other?

BOB: There was a good deal of healing in the act of Jesus washing the feet of the Apostles, but it was not about physical healing; it was healing the ego, that bruised, injured part of your being, being of mortals, which makes itself known through deficiencies, feeling inadequate, inferior; also as evidenced as superiority, arrogance, condescending attitudes—that is a weakened spirit. His washing the feet was an act of immense humility to assist those men to come to the present with a contrite heart. Does that answer your question?

Student: Yes, Bob, thank you.

One facet of the practicing the Presence is that when you are in the Presence, that humble, powerful place of bonded contact, that you ask a question or seek clarification or empowerment—whatever it may be. You may not hear an answer, but an answer will be brought to you. You will hear an answer, know an answer in time. Some answers must be lived out, rather than received as words in the air. Know that when you ask for direction, guidance, counsel, advisement, you will receive that.

Student: Could you elaborate a little bit, Bob, about how the answers will come as we act it out?

BOB: The answers come to you; opportunities come to you; doors close. If you watch for the signs, symbols and omens that are all around you, you will be guided.

Student: Thank you.

BOB: You are welcome. Other questions, before we close?

Student: I have a question for you, Bob—I’ve just been really curious, and if it’s none of my business, please just tell me it’s none of my business…[tape turned—question and answer missed]…. Okay. I confess I was just a little…that name has a lot of charge to it just because of my personal background as a Catholic, the biblical “thing” and the Lucifer Rebellion and all that, and I …well I guess since you said “no,” I guess the rest of my thoughts are irrelevant. I guess I was just curious, and thanks for….

BOB: One could come to that opinion, based on how my name is pronounced; it starts with a “B” with many syllables in-between, and ends with a “bŭ” sound.

Student: Is Beelzebub here, did he come back with the rehabilitated Midwayers?

[This is Daniel. The immediate answer I got was “no.”]

Student” Okay.

BOB: This coming week and the weeks to come, I invite you to practice the Presence. Practicing the Presence can be done at almost any moment; whenever you focus your attention on the Presence, that is the immediate now, it is within you and around you. You can practice this for a few moments, a few minutes, for many minutes. Soon you will come to know that, and you will come to know and feel the Presence around you, all day long. And as you lay your head upon your pillow at night, you know that the Presence is with you, surrounding you. And when you invite the Presence of Christ Michael to fill your mind during your sleep, you will be recharged, you will find new avenues, new directions, new opportunities that come into your life. Awaken the next morning and invite that Presence to be with you, feel that Presence with you as you awaken, for it has been there as moonlight has been through the night and the sunlight through the day; it is always there before you. I wish you good day; I wish you many blessings in your life, and may you know these, recognize them and appreciate them. Good day.

{Group gives thanks.]

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