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DBC9 – State of Being; Learning to Listen; Denver Group

Group: Denver TeaM #9

Topics: State of Being
Relaxing as a loaf of bread
Learning to listen
The “church” within
Quick review
Purpose of the Denver Group
Denver & Regional status
Assignment—re-establish contacts
Q & A—Attracting people to the Teaching Mission

Teacher: Bob & Risdon (TR – DanielR)

June 28, 2003

BOB: Good morning friends, this is Bob.

(Group greetings.)

BOB: It’s good to be here with you once again. I have asked Daniel to let me bring you to centeredness. Let us begin by relaxing; oftentimes you think of relaxing as a physical activity, but that of course is only the “outer.” Relaxing is letting go of stress; you are much like new dough that is being kneaded; you knead the dough and fold it into a loaf and set it aside, let the grains of dough inside the loaf relax, so that there is no tension inside the loaf that would cause hard places. This allows the yeast to work in all the tissues of the loaf evenly and easily.

And so you are much like a loaf of dough that has been kneaded and folded into a loaf. The tensions and stresses of the day are with you. Now is the time to set them aside and to relax, to let the inner stress and tensions mellow out, mellow away, to flow, to be released, so that your inner vibrancy is even throughout your whole being, and that the “yeast of revelation” that has been inseminated in you so long ago, would be able to pervade and grow evenly, in all parts of your being—your physical being, your social being, your emotional being, your mind, your body and your spiritual being. You are a whole being; you are whole—not just one of these parts, but whole. And be at peace; peace is the resolution of emotional turmoil; peace is the acceptance of evenness, without agitation, without negative thoughts or feelings. Peace! This is what Jesus left with us, left with you, so long ago and it pervades your world and is available to you when you access it.

Now, let us experience joy; not just glad tidings, but joy, that inner awareness that “all is well,” all is as it should be, and that you are now in tune with that joy; you are now in tune with that evenness—not complacency, no, not at all—but of joy, vibrant good feeling, expansive gratitude, and ecstatic oneness with your creator. This is joy!

I have been visiting with many of you during the week, and during the weeks that have passed since our last time here. I have been observing you and watching and nurturing you when you have been available. Nurturing you to help you listen, to help you hear. I do not know if you recognized my presence with you—something closely akin to, “Hi, this is Bob. Why don’t we go for a cup of coffee and chat?” That is usually how it begins, the time when you sit in reverie, time of contemplation, sitting and not just musing, but sitting in reverie, aware that you are in the presence of those who you do not see, that Christ Michael and Nebadonia are here with you.

A status report: We are pleased to let you know that the Denver Group is doing quite well, that members who are here and those who are not here, who are participating through the transcripts, through the tapes, are becoming more aware of their communication, their openness to hear us speak with you, to speak with your Guardian Angel, to hold dialog with these individuals, these beings. These times of reverie, of consultation, of dialog, are times that allow you to speak with a dear friend, myself or another Celestial Teacher or your Guardian Angel—time to reflect on your life and gain the wisdom from your life, asking questions of your Teacher, your Guardian Angel, and receiving answers, receiving insights, seeing old hurtful situations in new ways, that give you new perspectives, that help you rise above those situations—not better than, but more removed; not aloof, but in greater perspective, broader perspective. You can never detach your life from the experiences you have had, but you can gain greater peace about them through your insights, through a broader perspective. And your Guardian Angel and your Teacher can help you do that.

We are pleased to report also that there are several of you who are closer to becoming TR’s, Receiver/Transmitters. This is a slow and cautious process, for when you begin to hear, there is always self-doubt, and that is appropriate, and this will usually transform itself into humble acceptance of the responsibilities of being an objective, non-ego oriented TR. And whether it is just speaking with your Guardian Angel or Teacher, one-on-one by yourself, for days, weeks, months, years without sharing that capability with someone else, that is fine. And if you get to the point where you want to share these sources of wisdom and insights with others, that can be developed as well.

The Denver Teaching Mission group’s mission is two-fold: One is to establish an ongoing Teaching Mission group that meets regularly—and that can mean once a week or once a month; the second purpose is to begin training individuals who can become TR’s. We anticipate that there will be TR’s in every major city in Colorado. We are curious to know whether you have speculated on why this new group was started, other than that there was a need for it here. Any thoughts, besides serving individuals to hear a larger perspective of the universe, as it relates to your life?

Student: Good morning Bob.

BOB: Good morning!

Student: I’ve always been thrilled that the TR groups have started here; in the way that I have viewed it or conceptualized it is that it’s hooking Denver into a larger, so to speak, circuit of information coming into Denver. I know that there are many individuals here who are very aware and are on a very spiritual path, but that there has also been a lot of diversity in the messages being relayed, and whether the individuals are involved directly or with this group, or just in their own spiritual path, I have always felt that we are being encircuited more firmly to a more planetary communication.

BOB: That is correct. That is one of many answers; developing a sense of world community, and that the Teaching Mission is not just for Denver, not just for the cities of the United States, but for all individuals all over the world, and that this will be manifest in many ways, called different things in different cities and countries, known by individuals, by different teachers, different languages. Eventually, there will come an awakening, an awareness, that there are similarities between groups, whether it is in Bulgaria or whether it is in Buffalo, New York, and that there is something “afoot” on the planet.

And when this awareness develops, then there will also develop slowly, a consciousness of global community, of spiritual individuals working with celestial teachers and angels, and the Celestial Management of the planet, in this Local Universe; a consciousness that there is “correcting” happening, it is intentional, it is purposeful, it has a goal, it has an end point that is helpful to each individual. So, you will continue to see a freshness, newness, in groups as they develop, of being flexible and open, a curiosity of whom else is out there. In this large city, this metropolitan area, there are other groups that have met and are meeting, who have many similarities.

One of the reasons that we wish you to continue to—not necessarily advertise, but “market” the Teaching Mission subtly—is that you will find other groups that are similar. It is a way of becoming aware. When you examine the philosophies, goals and objectives, purposes and intentions of the various groups, you will find commonality. Surely there will be differences, but that will not be a problem.

Let us examine the last two or three lessons that I have given you: They were meditations, they were practices for going deep within yourself to the even playing field of consciousness, consciousness of your own being – conscious awareness of others, “other” consciousness being there with you. You recall that we dissolved the sounds, the sights, the smells, and feelings of what we heard in the “outer” and went “deep within.” And when you go deep within, and you do this repeatedly, eventually you will become aware, through your practiced procedure of inner awareness, that you are not alone. You will become aware that there is “another consciousness” with you. Now, this will happen to each one of you, and some of you have experienced this already.

You could simply go, “Huh!” and think about activities of the day and move on. But in your new awakening awareness, you may say, “Oh my! There’s someone here with me!” Feel secure, knowing that you invoked the brilliant Light of the Creator and all the Creator’s Beings of Light, you know that this consciousness, this presence that is with you, is of the Light, and that it is there for you—not only with you but there for you.

Your next questions might include, “Why is this presence here?” or perhaps, “Who is here with me?” And, having asking a question, a dialog will begin. Trust! Trust, dear friends, that you are safe, that this is safe, sacred ground that you are walking upon, for the consciousness of Light is always sacred, holy. When you say, “Am I alone?” invariably you will hear, “You are not alone!” Then, asking again, “Who is with me?” “I AM.” For most mortals, that resonant “I AM” will bring goose bumps to your skin, and an expanded, open light-headedness to yourself, knowing that you are in the presence of the I AM. Some of you will retreat, withdraw in amazement, shocked with heady awe, wondering, was this real? Be assured, it is real!

For you who may be over-awed by the presence of the I AM, there are the messengers there for you, your Guardian Angels who oftentimes are more easily accessible to you,

(only because you are more accepting of angels and the concept of angels, and the awareness that you have angels who guide you and protect you and are friendly towards you and who love you, who nurture you and help you learn your lessons of life.)

And so you may want to ask, “Is my Guardian Angel here?” And you will hear that soft, sweet, tender voice, “Yes, I am here; I am here for you.” This time, do not withdraw, but engage in a friendly conversation, as you would a stranger, a stranger you meet in a store or on the sidewalk, who has an affable face, a friendly presence, a person who smiles when you look at them eye-to-eye and you say, “Good morning.” And they say “Good morning” back to you. But in this case, you are not passing; your Guardian angel is here with you.

Do you seek comfort? Do you seek guidance? Do you want relief from your worries? Understanding of the pressures that impinge upon your life, that affect your equilibrium and keep you from joy from the moments of every day in your life? You have a friend you can consult with—your Guardian Angel, your Celestial Teacher, Christ Michael and Nebadonia, or the Creator—always available for you. But it takes moments, just as these moments right now, as we sit here in these chairs in this quiet center, we are in tender reverie, listening—I’m listening even now—I, Bob, am listening to the guidance that I receive. This is a multi-leveled situation—you, your consciousness, listen to me with your ears and with your inner awareness to your own “inner guidance,” and I in my mind mechanism, am listening with my Thought Adjuster, the presence within.

The availability of this comfort, this friendship, this consultation, is available always; we have taught you that. It takes only time, presence, and intention to practice it. It is our hope that when you arise from your meditation, from your dialog, that you will take this consciousness, this state of being with you. This is not a “doing state,” this is a “state of being,” being in repose, being quiet in your mind. You can walk outside, close your eyes and be there again, being at peace, being in reverie, where wisdom and guidance, friendship, advice are available, where you can discuss any subject.

For some of you, this is “Church as good as it gets!” Those of you who have been church-goers, you can probably recall the times, once, twice—if you are fortunate, many dozens of times—where you’ve gone to this building and been in this period of repose, of quiet, inner worship, of presence and dialog—but what you take with you from these meditations is a state of being that you can practice anywhere. You can be fresh and available, as fresh as spirit is freshly available to you. It takes just a moment to enter into that quiet space within you, eyes open or eyes closed, and be there in dialog.

For some of you, it is living the “OM,”—OMMMMM, moment after moment, wherever you can go, it is OMMMM—you can be in that state of being. Freshness of new, Teaching Mission groups is to be able to teach new individuals, how to be “in church” within themselves. There is no liturgy, there is no minister, no priest, no one saying, “You should do this” or “You should do that,” no sermonizing—it is a state of being. And if we taught you nothing else, but to experience this state of being, at any time in your life, waking or sleeping, meditation or not, this would be one of the most valuable things you could learn. We would be very pleased with that result!

Imagine, your nation—maybe just a household—every individual being at peace. Wherever they can “OM,” they can be at peace. One of the problems…it’s hard to call it a “problem”…but one of the developments of the Teaching Mission, which we have been striving to work with, and find ways of dealing with in a peaceful, compassionate way, is to work with your groups so that they do not become “church,” but become “fresh”—fresh venues, fresh formats, fresh plateaus of experience, of one-on-one with spirit—whether that is spirit within through practicing Stillness, or the sharing with a celestial teacher or guardian angel or Melchizedek, or Christ Michael—whomever. Just being fresh, rather than staid, formalized and crystallized, for when that happens your thinking becomes likewise. You are a thoughtful group today! Do you have questions?

(Pause) I do not mean to disturb your reverie. Then let us take a good period of time now to be in this reverie. There are many celestial teachers here today, and a “large choir of angels” as well. So be at peace, go within to that even playing field of consciousness and see whom you find to say hello to. (Pause: 4:15)

Now, if you would bring your consciousness to the center, please. We hope you had a good experience with that; the energy in the group today is very, very, very centered! There is another who is here, who would like to speak with you.

RISDON: Good morning, this is Risdon.

Group: Good morning and welcome.

RISON: I was the teacher of the Denver group in 1993 and ’94. There were several of us here working with Mantutia Melchizedek in this region. I wish to relate that we are very pleased with the progress of your group. I now work in what you would call the Offices of the Regional Manager, Mantutia, and I am available for teachers throughout this region as an assistant or as substitute when they need to be away on holiday or to go into training. There was a quiet period of time after the group disbanded, before this group or the other group in Loveland began. We attempted to start groups in other cities, but without results, without any roots being put down deep into the soil of this community. We have had great progress—slow as you would count them—but very good, solid progress, as we would relate them.

You can anticipate that there will be other groups beginning in near-by cities in the coming months and coming years. You can imagine our glee—if you could put our feelings in that category—our satisfaction with your capability of having State Teaching Mission Conferences in the future. You now have National Conferences, and you have Regional Conferences, but you can foresee in the not too distant future, that you will have State Conferences of the Teaching Mission, where you might meet once a year or three or four times a year. You might see us as regional sales and marketing managers, who are eager to open new store-fronts in each city, to have our presence known and available, to have merkabas, these spikes of energy, established in each area, that people can use consciously.

Bob was a student, during those years, and now look—he has his own group! This is a wonderful accomplishment. We give thanks and praise to our good friend, Rayson, who has been the Master Teacher in many areas. Each of his students have taken on and expressed their own way of coordinating and developing the lessons in each of their groups, so you will see differences in the presentation. On behalf of Mantutia and myself, blessings and greetings—I bid you good day.

[Group says good day.]

BOB: This is Bob. We have not had many visitors heretofore, and you may anticipate that we will have more in the future. Some will come with lessons; specific lessons that they teach from group-to-group, whereas others will be participating in a passive way, such as Risdon did a moment ago.

I would like to leave you with an assignment today, and then we will close with some questions, if you have any. The assignment is this: That you should/could/would coordinate with each other and speak about the Teaching Mission and how it is growing and how it is developing. Call some people—those people whom you have not seen in attendance for a while—and ask them how they are doing, whether they might attend again, or perhaps this meeting could be convened in a location more favorable to them, or at a time that is more favorable.

The intention is to assist in the development of other Teaching Mission groups, even on a temporary basis. No, we are not desperate; we are simply exploring the options and possibilities of making this convenient. As you know, it is a wonderful adjunct to your life that has become for many of you a primary ingredient of your life and how you live your life. Now, are there any questions?

Student: Bob, do you have any suggestions for the Loveland group as to how we could grow and regroup again? It just keeps getting smaller and smaller.

BOB: The way to make your group larger is of course, to attract new individuals who are interested. That is not a smart-aleck answer or a facetious one, but one that is quite pragmatic. How you go about that, is of course, a challenge to you, how to meet people who have a like interest whom you do not know. And because the Teaching Mission does not proselytize aggressively, it becomes more of a challenge for you.

Student: As I have experienced already, even in trying to interest other Urantia Book readers in the Teaching Mission.

BOB: They are aware of it. You may, as you have in the past, been very forthright about the Teaching Mission being held at your home. You may wish to put out an invitation for a specific time and date, to any individuals who may be interested, through that group, of course, coordinating this with Rayson. It is not unusual for Teaching Mission groups to wither, and the individuals to be scattered like fall leaves in the wind. But you will find, too, that as these winds blow and scatter the leaves, the leaves also come together in piles. They seem to have an affinity for each other at odd times and odd places.

What I’m saying is, let this happen, do not force it to occur as a group; and if or when this occurs, then be concerned about your own welfare, your own spiritual nurturance, and find sources that feed you. Whether other people meet at your home is up to them; your primary concern is to grow, to feed and nurture your own evolving soul. You do that through becoming trustworthy for service, inviting service, and of course, developing your own innate spiritual capabilities. So let this pass, if it is headed in that direction. Those people who are true to the call, to the effort, to the source that feeds them, will want to reunite and reinitiate what they had before, and they will hold it more dear than they did before. Thank you for your question.

Student: Thank you for your answer. Bob, I feel that it would be good to begin attracting people who are not Urantia Book readers, and I feel it would be good to grow. So do you have any suggestions as to wording we could use that would best attract some of these people, not here, but that we know in our hearts would very much love to be involved in some of this but they have some sort of resistance? Do you have any suggestions on wording we could use to try to attract some of these people?

BOB: Yes. Include the words of “Global Spiritual Management.” Include words of “Purpose in Life,” “Available guidance from within and from without.” These will insure that people understand and know that there is “hope” in a fractured world, that there is truly purpose for life, as an individual and as a nation and as a world. That spiritual assistance is immediately available, recognizable to the feeling of truth, which the Spirit of Truth assures you and gives you. Where will you find these people? Will you find them in busy schools, corporate offices, on play yards, boating ramps — no, you will find them where people are questioning their reality, purpose of life, their life, the fullness of their life, the meaning of the life that they had and are still having. We would encourage you to approach populations older than 50, who have time to query life, and its purposes.

At the other end of the spectrum, is a group of people—little people—children, who are so fresh from being issued from the Creator’s hand, delivered into this material life, who in some ways still remember that familiar feeling of all, oneness, grandeur, community—some who even still see angels, speak to their unseen friends, who are so real. How you approach this group is of course, much more difficult. They are the ones we dearly wish to address, as they will have a whole life ahead of them to live in fullness, exploring the fulfilling challenge of making moral and ethical decisions to fill their souls with great weight for survival, who can be in meaningful dedication in the service that they provide to others—and of course, to themselves—who have their whole lives ahead of them, who don’t question and hope, but know what they can do.

The people over 50, many are grandparents; and these, if we approach them, will be able to access the grandchildren, those infants, those children, with this larger wisdom. As you know, the middle group is not forgotten—they simply have forgotten where they came from and where they go. They will eventually, wake up.

Thank you for your time today; I wish you well in your weeks ahead. Let us plan on meeting next month at this time. [July 26]

Student: Thank you for being here.

BOB: Thank you! Good day.

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