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DTX10- Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 10

1993-04-16-Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 10
Dallas TX #10


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
TR: Jeannie George

Anastacia & Ordon 4-16-93
Lesson 10


Teaching by Jeannie: This is a celebration and acknowledgment to our teachers Anastacia and Ordon. It’s my search through the transmissions to look at all the techniques the teachers are using and how similar they are to those that Jesus used in teaching his apostles.

1 They have united us together by serving as an important focal point. They are heaven-side and invisible to us but still communication is taking place. A greater bonding can take place between us as we have the commonality of both being mortal. This means they can understand and relate to us better as we are peers.

2 They are mortals who have ascended to a higher level. The important point to keep in mind here is that they are more advanced in their wisdom. Even with the handicap of being invisible we respect them for their knowledge and unconditional love they have showered on us so freely. They have set a good example for us.

3 We take them seriously as they take their job as teachers seriously. A good teacher is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject they teach; also they take an interest in the welfare of their pupils. Teaching is not only imparting knowledge but is greatly enhanced by nurturing the students as well.

4 They use the techniques that Jesus used. They expanded on the good that we already apply in our lives. For example: we place value on counting our blessings to be more thankful. So they suggested we look again at troublesome people in our lives and get to know them better by counting our blessings in just knowing them. And too the best way to relate to God is through thankfulness. Being thankful for all that he does each day draws you closer in a loving way.

It’s reciprocating. You acknowledge his work in your daily life and are thankful. And if you continue to look you will be able to really see God at work around you.
Also if you continue looking at what bugs you about another person you get to see a better picture of yourself. It is like looking into the mirror. They reflect back to you the lessons that you needed to learn. Again you can see if you look with the eye of thankfulness.

5. Thus they encouraged us to look at the differences of each person and become respectfully tolerant of their individuality as we are of our own. In the differences you have strengths and weaknesses but this is how you each gain and learn from each other. Drawing on these strengths and learning from the weaknesses will bond a group together and develop trust and love.

6. The teachers have incorporated into their lessons some concept that each pupil loves and is interested in. They sometimes use our very thoughts and ideas that we have tried those we value.

7. Jesus never talked about himself or his problems. He didn’t complain. Our teachers follow his example. No matter how many times we have asked we know very little about them.

(For example: Do they love broccoli or did they even have it on their planets or on the morontia worlds? We curiosity seekers are still wondering. Just joking here Teach. )

8. Of course I wouldn’t even be joking if they didn’t have a sense of humor too. I am very impressed with their efforts to understand us better by studying our humor. I think everyone agrees with me that the teachers have done their homework. They encourage us to play as it’s another way to grow and learn as well as being restful.

9. They ask questions to encourage us to think clearer. So we can shape our own thoughts in precise wording. Jesus taught by questions and answers. His questions very often contained the answers. (p ) The teachers are delighted that we are interested enough to have questions about the transmissions. Questioning shows that we are spending time rereading and thinking about what they have said.

10. They are considerate of our time by looking ahead for us keeping our timetable as their schedule too.

(They have given lessons early when necessary even though I forgot and wouldn’t have had time to do them if they weren’t looking ahead. This is very thoughtful. They never scold nor are they grumpy about it either. )

11. They allowed us each to participate in getting our group ready for them (the teachers) to come. They are still letting us do most of the work but they stand by ready to assist or support us.
They once remarked about how confusion is showing us the way to clear minds clarity of purpose and better organizational skills. Good old experience is the best teacher and they are willingly giving us this opportunity. Yes our group is different than all others that we are aware of now but probably this won’t be the case in the future.

And yes it did help us by having so many of the other teachers’ transmissions and because many of us have been together in Urantia study group so long. We have enjoyed the challenge of doing the work haven’t we?

12. We need to appreciate and remember too that they are tirelessly working all the time in our behalf in the background. We don’t have a clue of how much work and energy is being put into each group all the work that goes on outside of the meeting periods. It is often mentioned by them.

13. They use the power of suggestion as for example: Have you looked at it this way? or Consider this. . . .

14. First and foremost Anastacia and Ordon have shown us love. They can’t tell us enough of how well we are progressing and growing. The power of love is beginning to shine through to us that it is the best tool to take with you wherever you go. Love will see us through anything.

15. Friendship kept the apostles together above all else. They are promoting and helping us develop true friendship among the group. We could easily become discouraged if we didn’t have the group as our home base. We can come back to it and get refreshed and reassured. The group will help keep us bolstered up for the work. (p )

16. There are many advantages to being in a cooperative group. More talents and abilities. Many heads are better than one. We have just what we need to get started on the Father’s work.

We appreciate the work our teachers are doing with us and we realize they are putting forth much more effort than we can even imagine. Or could it be because we have two teachers? In Urantia it says when you have a man and a woman cooperating together in harmony that they are vastly superior. (p 932d) As I see it they can produce morontia mathematics: the equivalent of four times the work. Of which they have surely proven. They have certainly whipped our group into shape in a short two months and two weeks. And we still like them and are still talking to them. Think about it. This is a miracle in itself.
Do they deserve praise from us or what! END

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