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DTX9- Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 9

1993-04-15-Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 9
Dallas TX #9


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
TR: Jeannie George

Anastacia & Ordon 4-15-93
Lesson 9

Apostleship, Spirit of Truth

Let joy ring forth from your heart.
Rejoice and be exceedingly glad that you have the honor to walk with Jesus. The invitation has been extended to you everyone has been invited to walk with Jesus yet there is hesitation on your part. Why would this be we ask? What a brother to have. What friendship this would be to know the Creator Son as a loving helper. Who will take up this challenge? Who among you is wise enough and brave enough to have their life changed while walking beside the Master? We challenge each of you in the forthcoming week to take this adventure as part of your assignment. We ask that each of you take some notes. Record the outcome. It will be of interest to your fellow members and to the outside groups.

We want this to be a real interesting assignment so take us seriously. Walk with the Master as you go each day about your duties and travels. Turn your problems over to Jesus let him help you work out each situation as it comes up. He loves each of you dearly. Let his spirit speak out in your behalf so all of you can see what is yours to look at and work on. Allow the Spirit to breathe new life new meaning into what you already know. Allow the Spirit of Truth to enhance truth that you know so you will take it up into your hearts and use it to see the meanings.

There is so much that you know that you don’t use or value. Use the truth you have with this new awakened way of looking. Allow yourself to look anew with an open mind. Consider working closely with your teachers as we will be walking closely by your side too. Consider our words. Don’t defend yourself but speak only truth. Let the truth be spoken in love. Look only to others and let love flow forth from your heart centers to each person that you meet. Let this assignment bring into your love the joy that will delight in what is happening. Let joy be your foretaste of what is to be in the coming event.

This is an event for rejoicing. Yes we are rejoicing with you because we will be participating and focusing on the truth that will finally be yours on this planet. Rejoice with us in this very idea that the truth shall be known. The truth shall be taken into the hearts of the hungry and the needy. Several of you have already been exposed to these feelings the joy of awakening your planet. Awakening your planet to the light that shines now upon you the love that awaits you and the rejoicing in heaven that the official awakening is being announced to your planet. No more can this joyfulness be kept under a barrel. Children the Father himself speaks through this celebration to you. This is his idea that all are ready to learn all his children are ready to fulfill the potential that you are the children of God beloved and dear to him. The Father’s love has been stirred and has caused this event to be.

Concern yourself not with what you will be in this event except an example of the Father’s love. Walk with the Master as we have assigned you to do and see the wonderful days ahead bring you to peace with the satisfaction of being in this love of actually living in this love. You are of concern about remembering that he walks by you; only rejoice that it is so. Rejoice my children and let us all learn about being willing to accept this love freely. Letting this love flow freely from us to our brothers and sisters.

Let the love heal your minds and your hearts. Allow the healing of all hurts pains and troublesome relationships. What matters here is that all can be healed if you will only allow this to be. Open your minds to the greater light of luminosity the spiritual light. Open your minds to change. Open your minds to expanded meanings and values. Open your heart for soul growth.

What has been in your lives before will not be as important as the loving service you will perform now. What we are thinking about here are the petty problems hurts and pain. These things you will be willing to forsake for indeed then the work will come first. Yes your mental health is to be kept fresh in love but you will be too busy with the work as it will be paramount in your lives. Each of you will be asked to help each other so that you can arrange your lives as so. You will be asked to help each other so as to make this possible. Look to each other for help in achieving this arrangement of freeing up as much free time from your duties of earning a living. Some of you will already know of the work you will do others are still thinking. This is fine.

Hurry not in your choices as there is work enough for all to do. Be patient with yourself for this is the way love works. Patiently and quietly it will become apparent to you what you can do willingly. These choices are not permanent. Try everything. Do everything. Variety is the spice of life and we certainly want the work to be done with joy of heart willingness of spirit that you can do it. Even here we say try new work as this develops new skills. Our message is not to be taken as a burden for you will enjoy this work. Indeed loving service that you will want to extend to each other in a way that this work can be started and completed. Enjoy yourselves let the way be paved with joyfulness of spirit in giving. Let good cheer be your byword. This is not all serious but the privilege of a lifetime. A once-in-a-lifetime offer of opportunity. This is the privileged work of and for the Agondonters that you are.

Let us stress here that we give you these messages with the knowing that you are ready and a willing group. This you have proved many times previously. You are the willing. You are the able. You are equipped to handle the Father’s work with lightness and dedication of service to your fellow men. And so we remind you that this is the awakening of the brotherhood on your planet. It is the official announcement. You will see many who will want the very service that you know how to give.

They will delight to be included in this work. They too will come with open hearts and open hands that will be put to service along with yours. Think not that you are alone for you are not in any sense of the word. You are not alone anymore. It may be that you may wish for your times before this awakening but you would not ever be satisfied again to live that life. For my children I say to you these are exciting times. These are the correcting times. It will be what you have waited for and longed for so earnestly. The time is now. Let us close with love and with the Father’s grace for I remain your friend and companion too.

I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I speak with humbleness of my brother’s wishes here and of his desire to see his planet flooded with the Father’s love and his healing. Nothing can stop this work. Ponder these ideas and discuss them in the weeks ahead. See you soon.

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