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DTX12- Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 12

1993-04-27-Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 12
Dallas TX #12


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
TR: Jeannie George

Anastacia & Ordon 4-27-93
Lesson 12


Open your heart and open your mind to the Father.
The mind has much to process from the past few days away at the materialization. We see the group adjusting in a higher attitude of thinking the spiritual way of handling your problems. Be with the peace you have found. Much will be added to your work by steadily proceeding forward. Your work was so successful. We appreciate your kind words to others during the event.

Can you see that being prepared will help you in any situation. Yes when you begin to think about situations before you reach out you will begin to marvel at the fewer times you will encounter disappointment by simply doing your preparatory work beforehand. Allow us to enlarge on this work sometime later.
Now we would like to suggest that to keep your mind alert start looking more closely at what is not working out in your life. Accept it as a lesson; look and learn.

Keep the good from the lesson and apply it to your future. Gather this knowledge from the memory your wisdom and remember to apply it to the decisions you will be making in the future. You are learning quickly to adjust when situations arise that are difficult. You are bringing your mind into a higher awareness. This new self-control gives you new freedom. Now you will see what freedom can be. It is applying what you know to real life events as you are in control of your decisions. Your attitudes are being adjusted into the mota way of living. Accepting what you can’t change and moving on. Changing what you can that you’re responsible for and moving on.

You are staying in the flow of the Father’s love when you do this. You are not using up so much energy. It is making you a more effective worker. If you can’t change quickly and you get into worry and fretting you do lower your vibrational levels. These levels are your business. Watch your attitude and put a watch on your mouth. This is your work or your business. But as we mentioned before you will see these unhelpful and draining moods drop away as you get more involved in serving your fellow men also as you more diligently seek closer contact with the Father. Nothing can keep you from God but yourself. You keep yourself from God by your own decisions.

If you don’t seek the Father you will have a harder time in displaying gentleness in all opportunities. Love will always help you grow gracefully wisely and keep your disposition sweet and refreshed. No one wants to stay on the lower levels. It causes pain. It causes stress. It causes you worry because you aren’t sure of what to do and how to go. Stay close to your inner sanctum where God lives. Bring all to his care and helpful assistance. Keep still in the silence and listen. Be loving children of God. Be his faithful child by your willing nearness. All is well in the Father’s universe. Especially are we referring to recent events and to your own arena of life where you live daily. When you live according to your highest ideals you are living close to God. When you put these ideals into useful ideas then you are able to work for God most efficiently.

Your day flows your work is enjoyable and you are happy because of this way of expression of living. You are faithful daughters and sons. We give thanks for your dedication. We thank God for each worker in our group. We thank God for the love you so freely give to each other. We thank the Father for the love you so freely extend to your fellow men. Now we will say how grateful we are that you heeded our words about the event. You were prepared. You listened and did the work. All gifts that we receive from you are greatly appreciated but the best gift that we as your teachers got was the feedback from the other teachers. They loved the help you so generously gave to their group members.

Yes it was noticed. My dears all is noticed. Everything is noticed. We know you well. We love you and we willingly without complaint spent hours and hours with you. Directly with you and around you all now are your own personal teachers. You have the ability to communicate with them if you wish. The power is there for each to take advantage of this communication. The new energy that was given to each one will help in making this possible.

Do not worry if it is new to you if it doesn’t happen immediately. All comes in time with patience and practice. Gently knock on the door and it will open as your minds have been opened by your own freewill. It will be as you each take the time necessary to be in tune with your new friend and loving guide. They are indeed waiting to be asked to be closer with you. Ask and you shall find seek and you shall hear. This is what you have longed for a true friend who understands you and will be ready for your invitation to be with them. You need not be afraid for this is a joyful way to be lead as you become closer to your Adjusters. This friend will be close and gently helping you as they take their guidance from the Adjusters.

Be in peace all the help you could possibly need is there waiting. Our job will still be as it has been before your group leaders. We too have had an awakening while at the event and that was an energized boost of power so that we too can be of more assistance than before. You will see what we are talking about as we begin again to work in our circle. Now we can suggest some more ways that this new energy can be so fruitfully applied. Yes you can extend this power to your life by using it more widely.

We will let you experiment. Try to find this out for yourself. You can begin to allow your thinking to explore the possibilities. We were indeed proud of you all at the event. It was our privilege to see your work so widely spread around. Nothing went unnoticed. On the train during the event and at the materialization your willingness to participate inspired many of your fellow workers as well as your fellow travelers. Yes you are doers. Yes you are the openhearted and the brave. We will say how proud we were of you again. In our love you have prospered. In our love you gained insight. In your willingness to love you gained knowledge of the most valuable kind.

Also you actually experienced the Adjuster’s love in a more direct way than before. You were allowed time with the Adjuster at the event. This moment was given. Each will gain more than you can imagine from your participation. You will WANT to be in silence with the Father. You may have already come to this awareness. As we said nothing can keep you from the Adjuster. Not even your daily chores etc. No nothing will be as important now as keeping close to your Father.

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