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DTX14- Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 14

1993-05-04-Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 14
Dallas TX #14


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
TR: Jeannie George

Anastacia & Ordon 5-4-93
Lesson 14


This is Ordon I will speak for Wednesday night’s lesson. It will be on courage. Courage is looked at from different angles. It can be spiritual courage, mind courage, or physical courage. Physical courage is not called upon in this life as often as the other loyalties. Yes there are special occasions when you take your life in your own hands. You take courageous action in spite of what can happen. You act before you think to save another’s life. We consider this very unselfish. Mind bravery is when decisions are made for the betterment of one’s self and others. You have all made decisions as this.

This is when you would possibly make the remarkable decision to treat your body as a tribute to God. You would rid yourself of all poisons as example: prejudice, hatred, jealousy, and any physical poisons as well. When you make the decisions and carry them out this we would consider mind bravery. When you follow truth wherever it takes you.

Now for spiritual bravery. This is one step beyond. You live as in the presence of the Father when you love others as God loves them. This happens when you daily make your dedication to do the Father’s will and you faithfully carry through. When you live uncompromisingly in the spiritual realities that you know, you are supremely exhibiting spiritual courage.

This exhibition of courage blends into your daily work each and everyday. When living your life in this steadfast faithful manner you are starting to get the gist of spiritual living. Many of you know little of this way of life but you are growing in awareness of how to have the courage to start. It takes much practice and will probably continue all your life. You are making a good start. It is this dedication that Jesus showed to us when he lived his life in the flesh.

We teachers have dedicated our lives to live as he did so faithfully day in and day out. We are so in awe of Jesus; we love the master as our dear and glorious teacher who went about doing good for all that came into his path. Let us suggest to you that your silent time be most precious to you. That you take the time to be with the Father. It is above all else that we would have you do. The moments spent with the Father are the healing periods of life. It is so. The time will be when you are in perfect harmony with the Father’s will. It will be when you make sure that this time is included in your life in loving communion.

This can be as you faithfully reserve ten minutes or five minutes when you aren’t busy. You will take these breaks that refresh. These times to be attuned with the Father for your instructions in how to proceed. Take the time every day to seek out his words especially for you in the work that is for you to do. Let us have some refreshment now by resting with the Father’s love. Approach him with thanksgiving for all that has been given to you each day. You receive so much care so much help. This is all from your Creator Son by God’s supreme rule. You are given much more than you can realize now.

Accept the gifts of God and be thankful. Be happy in daily living. Be happy to assist others. Be happy to act out kindnesses in faithful service. Be God’s child who shows courage by living up to your heartfelt spiritual truths. Be so sure of this care that you can even thank the Father at the beginning of the day

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