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DTX16- Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 16

1993-05-31-Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 16
Dallas TX #16


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
TR: Jeannie George

Anastacia & Ordon 5-31-93
Lesson 16


Listen hear the words of praise.
Hear the song of the heart. You are all ready to begin to enjoy the song of praise. You are often taken by surprise when something really works and here we speak of giving thanks to God. How wonderful it is to see you praising God. Looking into your day and just merely saying to God that you noticed in some way the working of a higher way of thinking; or thanking the Father for the people he sent to you to be with you or that help you in many ways. You are the one who sees appreciation from the many different angles of how the Father provides for you. Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

When you can appreciate what your brothers and sisters see as beautiful you are again seeing and understanding how wonderful it is to be able to have the different personalities about you. Nothing in the universe happens by accident. God planned for differences. He enjoys to see each of his children reach up to him in what has touched their heart. You see now that diversity is in the course of living. This never changes but you change. There are so many ways to view the universe of God. When you look anew each day in thankfulness you will see with the new loving eyes of God for he will present to you a gift each day that you can be grateful to receive. Our work with you is so much more different than we anticipated. We too will to be more thankful for our gifts that we have received because of working here with you. They greatly exceed all our hopes.

We see your needs, your desires, and your reactions to life and how hard you try. We see you and we are blessed that you are working with us in the joy of living. You see anew and we rejoice with you. It is our pleasure for you to have the pleasure of knowing some of the mysteries that we appreciate. Our knowledge (or mysteries as you would say) are not difficult. It takes persistence on your part. You do your work that we ask of you and we will grow to great highs far beyond what you can even imagine. Take a look then at change. Who opens the door of change for you? Who decides that change of attitude will begin? Who can make you change?

When do you want to change on your own? We ask of you to ponder these questions. First by looking at your own life and your own will to be different. By looking at how you change will give you a big clue of how to help others accept the road to God. It is not our idea here to take away the pleasure of discovering these things for yourself but we do see without a doubt that by now most of you know that change comes to someone when the person says I want something better then I have now in my life because it is not working as it is now. Can you change willingly if your life is working well?

While our life was lived on a higher plane then yours we see how helpful it is for mortals to be in your situations. You are really and truly blessed. You have many, many opportunities to reach out to help someone (actually many) each day. Yes, we see these opportunities. Especially when you are together in your meetings. How many opportunities we see slip by you because of not understanding the highest moral values are used in deciding to do the very best you can for the benefit of the group. This is even on a higher level then you have thought about before.

What is best for the group? What or how can I do or act that will benefit the group. Not what is best for you but what is best for the group. Each person has so many opportunities to reach out and act in behalf of the group. Look Seek and see. We will ask the questions of you. What can you share from your own life that will help the group benefit and become closer? What can you do that will benefit the group now? It is with great pleasure that we speak these words that you are capable of understanding these ideas and working through them so they become your ideas that you love and cherish. Take from the lessons what you need to make life more fruitful. Take up these ideals and use them. Talk about them. Teach them to someone who will listen. This is truly how to learn. It is a joyful way of living each day when you have something to share that means a great deal to you.

A growing person is a person who shares. Why not be with us more each day. Listen as we pass on to you ideals values. You hear them and you question. You take up the ideals and put them into practice. You are then placing value on an ideal because is has meaning to you. You are opening your mind and hearts to new ideas. You are growing. Take up an ideal with new interest by doing some research. When you act on the knowledge in various ways we know we have sparked your interest. This makes us happy. It is joyful to impart knowledge but it is even more joyful when it is taken into the heart as a prized possession. This makes us weep with joy. This makes us jump with happiness. This brings forth a celebration. So if you are understanding what we are saying you might come up with some more ideas. Knowing you well we can see lots of fun and laughter coming from you because you can speculate as when we might be celebrating.

Yes, we want you to celebrate life more with us. Enjoy yourself because as you say: You only pass this way once. Growing is progressing. Progressing is changing. Celebrating comes from changing. Change is always happening. No one stands still. We are offering this idea so that you REALLY UNDERSTAND THAT CHANGING is just what happens every day. It can be good. It is good. It just is what living can be on a world where growth even a little growth is so evident. Thank you for giving us happiness and joy. We love you each dearly. We are thankful for each one of you for each has been an inspiration to us. We rejoice in these differences. Now let us begin again to see our group as really blessed for all have seen change in themselves and in others. You enjoy these events together as well as we do. Come on admit it.

As always we look forward to our meetings and we praise you for being our associates in the march with and for our heavenly Father. Love is what we are spreading to all we meet and we praise you for joining us in this venture with us. Praises to our Father and holy is his name. Thank you Father for letting us come to Urantia to participate in your work. Thank you for having confidence in our abilities to do this work. Thank you for letting us share our knowledge. Knowledge has to be given away. Thank you that harmony rings to your ears as we all do our best. The love teachers: Anastacia & Ordon

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