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DTX17- Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 17

1993-06-10-Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 17
Dallas TX #17


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
TR: Jeannie George

Anastacia & Ordon 6-10-93
Lesson 17


Give others a chance to serve you.
Allow the passions of the hearts to evolve so as to be able to ask for the help of your fellows and to allow them to seek your help. In all matters be gentle with each other. Let each person be who they are what they are and how they are. Let each person be the true person they are by being pleased with them. Who among you is perfect?

So we say to you be who you are. If you are sad be sad until you can be something else. But be true to what you are feeling. When you are willing to face yourself as you are you will change much quicker for you will be facing what is giving you sadness. You will look at the cause instead of pretending all is okay. You won’t hid your feelings. You will be able to be honest and everyone can give you the space to have feelings.

When a person feels discord and honestly takes the time to look at the cause of his feelings, they can take some action to change the situation. If you hide your feelings they will pile up and all will not be well within yourself. So we say admit to your true feelings and when you have admitted that you feel this way the listeners would do well to accept this person and their feelings. Allow them space to be. Why try to fix them when if they realize they have feelings this will eventuate into movement of change. Especially when they are allowed to take a good look and they feel free to express these feelings to give them a name. Do you see the importance of this lesson? Let a person be when they know what they feel so they can grow from the feelings.

If you listen without giving advice you will not be stopping their feelings but appreciating that they do feel something and that they are working with these feelings to know and understand themselves. Judge not for tomorrow it may be your turn to adjust your thinking when you are presented with a challenge. Be frugal with your negative feelings as we are not suggesting that you look for trouble. We are suggesting that when you accept yourself you can acknowledge your moods naturally. without fear of rejection. Feelings are often denied in your culture. We see you not letting others have their feelings. We have heard you say: You are too spiritual to think that way. or How can you think like that? or Don’t feel like that.

Therefore not admitting to your feelings comes from hiding them from yourself as well as from others. This is a false way of living. You are not growing only stuffing yourself full of negatives. Feelings untended become great balls of internal hurt and these balls grow into knots that can develop into painful feelings that you will need to protect. Hiding feelings means you are ashamed of them or embarrassed about them or you feel weak because of feelings. Yes all these reasons will keep you from feeling anything. Neither can you feel love or joy. Be kind enough to let yourself feel as you do. Be kind enough to let others feel as they do.

Then what we will have in this group will be people that genuinely know themselves and can see what or how to change. It is good to have emotions of love. It is good to be able to express love to others. When you can acknowledge feelings you will be able to extend more love to yourself as well as to others. Do you see the possibilities here for change? When you are comfortable with your feelings and you can tell someone else because there is no need to hid them; you will feel free to experience the pain/adjustment/action.

These three steps will be traversed easily. You will have turned the challenge into growth which is more useful than carrying all those accumulated feelings that have been unattended. All change is not painful. Adjusting to the higher way will bring results. Thinking and adjusting go hand in hand with action. As you realize the freedom of change you will automatically put into action this process. That is the reason to be who you are by feeling what you are experiencing so you can learn how to adjust and intelligently put these steps into practice. As you make this intelligent effort you will be happier.

Certainly you are now being more open to higher emotions of joy, thankfulness, gratitude, laughter, humor just as the sense of well being will come from living such a life in connection with the Father. The Father does not expect you to be someone you are not. Happy when you don’t feel happy. But intelligence will lead you to ask the question: Why am I not happy if you are not. Feeling happy will require work on your part. You will have to foster good mental health habits. Take time to look/review what you are feeling when you aren’t feeling a sense of well being. Prepare yourself for changes that you see coming up in the future. Keep in close contact with the Father for his love will prepare you for the daily ripples that are cast your way. In living if you are determined and willing to extend yourself to others you will encounter many challenges that will require you to adjust on the spot.

Loving is growing. Love means changing. Giving love to others in daily kindnesses will be for the thinking person who is willful to do his best. Life is fun. In keeping with the good mental program of spiritual awareness you will delight in the days ventures. You will live fully. You will join in the joyfulness of serving your fellows. You will accept the grandeur of being true to the highest way of choosing that will be in accordance with the FATHER’S WILL. When you keep close to the Father by often seeking the silence during the day you will be spontaneous in your giving. This is the secret of living a full life.

Let God lead you by asking for his help and you will be building a solid base of goodwill toward others as well as toward yourself. It will become a habit and it will be something that comes naturally and with your full cooperation. This is the way to freedom. Life will be lived in the true spirit of accepting the Father’s way as your way. We speak these words from our hearts. They are true and very much needed so you will become more lovely by being loving because you can feel .

Love is an emotion. It is real. Now for a few words about haste in giving up your feelings. Allow these negative feelings to be as long as they are useful to you. When you have out grown them it will be when you have found a better way to think. Yes thinking can change your concepts of an idea for when you step aside to have a good look you may get the message of why this idea is not serving you well. We understand your attachment to your negative feelings. This changing could cause a sense of loss. If you start reaching for the higher better way to think you will be too busy to mourn the old habits. Thank you for taking us seriously and being our good students who are wise enough to see the wisdom of our words. Love Teachers Anastacia & Ordon

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