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DTX18- Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 18

1993-06-17-Dallas Collection Part 1-Session 18
Dallas TX #18


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
TR: Jeannie George

Anastacia & Ordon 6-17-93
Lesson 18


Give others the same appreciation that you extend to yourself
It is a very interesting time we are having as you all grow to appreciate each other more. We say to you then give others the same appreciation that you extend to yourself. Adore each other as you pick up the attributes of each. How does this happen?

You give the other person the same kind loving concern that you have for yourself. Yes it is simple once you get into the habit of thinking this way. Oh how proud you will be when all your brothers are included in the same admiration society that is yours for you. Yes give your sisters the same admiration and the kindnesses that you automatically have been giving to yourself. No this isn’t impossible. Yes it is possible. You are the giver and the receiver when you serve your fellows in this manner. Yes both parties receive the love from the Father. Think of it like this. You allow the Father’s love to flow through you to others. It is the Father’s love that changes all things. It is the power of the Father’s love that holds us closely together. The Father’s love is many things. All is possible with God.

Think children about how you would like to be treated and do this. Think how you would like others to overlook your faults and only see the good. Think about seeing others AS you EACH is united by the Father. You are his children all of you. Have it in your heart to forgive and forget. To adjust your thinking only to love under the Father. Tune to his Love in your day’s work. Oh be with us everyday and practice this lesson of letting yourself love others as God loves you.
Do you see how this works perfectly? Begin to see all your brothers and sisters with love the Father’s love.

Only be at one with the Father and with the Father in others. See the simplicity of this exercise? You have many opportunities to be in unity with others. Practice each day and all of us will be about you for in this love the Father’s love we are in unity with you too. Include us in this unity with love. Oh how happy you will be to have this exercise . None that we have given you so far is quite as exciting as it is. Try, try, try, this each hour.

Do this so often that joy rings from the very core of your heart. God resides with you and he is love. Take this love and allow it to flow out from the heart into your hands as you give to others the kindnesses that you would give yourself. Be alert to greater energy. Feel the pull of love as you give it out. Love gravitates to personalities. Feel the energy going out of your heart to others. You will experience greater feelings of how love can lift you into a higher joyfulness of thanksgiving. Rejoice that you have the capability to adjust your thinking to do this exercise.

Yes be proud that it can be a way to give that no other way can generate so much goodness of spirit inside you. Blessed are we to have participants that have the grace to accept the higher way of thinking so they can act lovingly. You will see a great change and calmness surround about you as you put into your life of daily chores this so great an exercise. You are blessed in your knowledge in your truth as the Spirit of Truth speaks to you and leads you as you reach up to God. Nothing can stop this love from flowing from you as you allow it to happen. Yes all is well about you as you touch other souls in like manner. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall see God. You shall be God in others. You shall see the light that shines brightly in each soul.

Be one with the peacemaker your loving Father as he waits for your interest in his work and of your wish to see him in others. When you seek the Father as you will be doing it here be assured that the Father will open the door for you to see to understand and to be increasingly spiritually able to truly see this side of himself in your fellows. The Father remembers all that you do in his behalf. He appreciates each effort no matter how small. No effort goes unnoticed. As you daily work by the side of the Father he will assist to counterpart any work you do into the spiritual. In other words your daily tasks are recorded in the spiritual world when you do something spiritual.

So to record more of your life your daily living live it with the spiritual grace and faith. Why do you pass by much of your life without living in the real world as you go forward? Who will live the fuller meaningful life? He who goes about doing good by living with the Father’s love. Do it and see the fuller expansion of your space in real moments when your time is devoted to loving others as the Father loves.

No one here is in perfect harmony with the Father. Yet we see you go about your days work without inviting your friend the Father to be by your side. So many of you are indifferent to this help. He waits he toils in your behalf each moment. Accept in the morning light on rising to join hands with this friend as you would accept any friend’s help. But only God has the power of love. Yes the sun rises in the morning and God’s love is just as available. The spiritual light shines brighter and is more real than the sunshine that touches your face.

By devotion to this goal you will remain firmly secure by faithfully associating yourself to this satisfaction of living. Never does the Father forsake you he waits for you to choose to be with him. He waits patiently while you learn to find him and to follow his will wherever it takes you. You don’t make love happen in your life actually you allow the Father’s love to flow through you to others. It is the Father who is love.

Love comes forth from the spiritual circuits and you are the receiver if you are aware of it so to use it for others. Only bring into yourself this love and let other reactions that are not loving be put aside. Be trustful of this love by taking it as Ultimate Truth of what you can really use to your benefit. What the Father gives to you is what you can trust and be faithful to impart in your experiences with others. Faith in the power of love will bring lightness joyousness and satisfaction to the wise human who has the wisdom of trusting in God. This path of faith is willingly accomplished because you know the truth. You have felt it in your heart to accept with non-resistance. Let it flow let love show the way.

It is not necessary to fight yourself when this is the correcting way for you. Drop concerns step in time with the Father. It will be a much smoother path to walk. Our love remains to be what we give you. Love is the way. Love is the only way to walk through the path of living doing acting experiencing actually being aware of its power. Flowing glowing gliding will take you through the rose gardens of real living dynamic living. Everyday will be filled FULLY with sunshine and roses. Change brings roses and sunshine into your awareness. Gifts from growth are to be celebrated.

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