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DTX19- Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 19

1993-06-23-Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 19
Dallas TX #19


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon, Machiventa
TR: Jeannie George

Lesson 19

Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and be led to glorify your Father who is in heaven. [UB 140:3.13].
Let us begin again to see the good in others. As you watch the sunset do you immediately begin to rearrange the coloring and clouds. You are not of this mind set. Sunsets are to be enjoyed not changed. They are all different but each is appreciated for its beauty. This is an example of how the artist looks at people with appreciation for the beauty that he sees. The artist paints on his own canvas too. His goodness shines through his interpretation of the truth into his beauty of colors, music, harmonies. Be of like mind. Let goodness shine forth onto others. Let yourself shine in this light. The window of the soul is the eyes.

You are the seemingly dedicated workers who are letting their lights shine so they light the way to God. You light the way the path to the Father. You are the doorway for others to see will see the pathway because of your God-light that shines. It is this way! This is the spiritual way. You light others light with the torch of God. You can’t hide this spiritual light. It won’t be hidden. If you hide it it gradually dims weakens.

The real light of truth shines bright. God’s love so accept it and touch another soul with extended hand. God gives to you freely; freely you give to others. Not only do you give freely but you can be overjoyed to share what you have learned. It is this way the spiritual path to God. So joyous so rewarding! If you hold back if you hold love close to yourself if you do not feel the need to share then look inside and look to the Father to guide you forward. It is this way that learning from the Father takes you forward.

Love pulls you close to other personalities. Take up the torch light the heart of others by sharing so they will welcome the open doorway to the Father. Take the time to pause and share with your fellow men. Ask God as you pause to help you see with eyes of the artist when you meet someone. If you are undecided of how to share with this person just remember to pause; you will receive help. It will happen. Put your faith into action pause with the Father share with love from your heart. This is the way. Dear students allow us to assist you and we will teach you the methods of getting in touch with your inner guidance. It is your job to stay in close contact with the power from the Father in his love.

All is possible if you are willing to do the Father’s will. All is provided efficiently with plan and purpose. All is as it should be. It is properly provided for you to learn from us the teachers while you experience enlightenment. You see our concern of letting you bypass the experiences and so will you bypass the enlightened learning that produces character. Your joy is awaiting in your positive-decision-action in this way of making all worth while a reality. We call you forth from your books to take action. We call you forth in your daily duties to take action. We call you forth into active participation in the mission.

If you don’t try how will you know of the joy it will bring? How will you know of the power within that will be yours. How will you know of the freedom within you from experiencing a work of art. Giving is expressing as an artist does in colorful array of beautiful words, feelings into vivid images from your illumination for another interested being to listen to with the insightful eye of the mind. Of course we see you as the talented artist who is able to express intelligently and lovingly on many topics. No you aren’t shy or backward. You are artist with excellent skills.

You are most likely more accomplished in conversation skills than most other humans. And yes you see in addition with the eyes of love for beauty in expression as an artist. We see hesitation and the question arise: How can I participate in this mission? This is when you seek your inner guidance. Seek what you love to do that you see as beautiful. Pursue what gives you pleasure in the harmony of goodness. Do something. May we suggest this action. Reach out to each other by keeping in touch during the summer months. Keep all informed of your activities as well as other groups. Do this in love for the welfare of others as well as exposing them to the skilled craftsmen you have become. Discuss the ideas of how to do this. The summertime brings more freedom to practice being the artist when you reach out to others outside of your group. It presents opportunities to practice what you have learned. This will promote real learning and acceptance of the lessons.

You take up the banner of trust in truth and give it out to people you chance to meet to people you purposely make the time to meet to your loved ones that you live with to your friends to your business coworkers. We could continue but why should we have all the fun making this list for you. Take it your pen, stretch your mind, and make your list. We will always be by your side participating. Yes we are here as your teachers to assist you in learning the sure path to the Father. We teach you how to achieve this. We instruct you. You than take up the challenge and invest your energy to channel love into your choice of possibilities that you are comfortable and capable of doing.

You are given a task of getting closer to your inner guidance. We in turn instruct you in the many possible routes of seeking and taking this rewarding path. In your diligence will be your giving. In accordance with the work you put forth to seek God this will be the same degree of perseverance that you reach out to help others. For in loving the Father you are loving your fellowmen as yourself. Your goals reflect this reproduction in your actions. You are not necessarily underachievers but it is the rule of accepting the role of student/teacher: learning that you give back to others what you have received. This is beautiful. It is beauty of the purist form. You give what you receive. If you have truly received you will want to share the wonderful news about your abundance from the Father. He has made this all possible. We in turn are here to do the work that the Father sees is in need of being accomplished.

We volunteered to be with you through your life here on Urantia. In the schools of higher learning one is assigned a task and than a teacher is assigned to show you how to perform this task in the highest way. With the changing of energy and the uplifting of this planet Urantia we are here to do of what we speak. You are our students we are your teachers. No more do you grovel in the darkness. No more are your lives without enlightened instruction as is generally provided on a more normal planet. You are not depraved. This is our teamwork with you.

In love we proceed forward in our quest for the Father. With your consent we seek to touch your hearts then impress upon your minds how to effectively reach your spiritual arena where the Father dwells. We believe that this will bring about change inside you; but your consent and realization is most helpful. Our goals then are the same personal goals with which you have struggled long and diligently within yourself. Is this not so? Please then accept us as your comrades who serve God by giving reaching out to you in service and therefore to your fellow men. We reach out to you in hopes of helping you display or try your wings in your spiritual expression. In our work with you we derive much satisfaction with this arrangement of companionship as we hope and know that the feelings are mutual. Our task is made lighter as you brighten to heed our promptings in your daily lives. We love you dear ones so we stretch our wings artistically with you as you reach to others in the harmony of love.

In service to others is the only place that you can artistically show the light in your canvas. In this arena you can practice and experience what you are learning to its fullness. It is the only way. Now let us make use of our lessons of reaching to others by sharing. Let us put into practice seeing our work on canvas of what we have learned. In love we extend our merciful understanding in joy we give thanks that we have this excellent assignment of being with you. We too have had the opportunities to spread our wings in expression. We want you to see the beauty of the Father’s love. We want to share with you the understanding of his harmonizing truth. We would so like to share with you so you could envision the goodness of our Father.

How he cares for you in his ever present reminder of you in the satisfaction he receives from you as you paint your expressionist spiritual experiences as you busily work as an artist. Life is this way. An artist at work or the boredom of living. Â A picture of health or haphazard living mortal. A blooming beautiful life or a tired worrisome being. We could extrapolate further but you get the vivid pictures. A choice for your choosing. A picture for you to create. The brightness of earning your way gradually with the pictures that you paint in your mind.

Thoughts are real. Actions are real. So far as you do to others you give to yourself. By passages of thought your expression eventuates into musical harmonious noteworthy deeds by being in the Father’s love. Hear the harmonies of love and if a flat chord is struck reach again to the perfect love of listening. Listen to harmony listen to truth listen my children and you will hear the voice of love ringing with joy. It has no clutter of noise but it will touch the heartfelt pulse of clarity with rhythm. Let us remind you that as an artist you only paint on your own canvas of life but other life portrayals are to be enjoyed as the work of another artist. In speaking with another artist you may so influence them that they take paint brush and color their ideas of life with more beauty in their growth. What are the artist tools? They may be brush, pen, voice, creating laughing humor, a kind word, a speech, blessings, thanksgivings. As you grow in wisdom your tools increase in quality and quantity. The Love teachers Anastacia & Ordon

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