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DTX20- Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 20

1993-07-04-Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 20
Dallas TX #20


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
TR: Jeannie George

Anastacia & Ordon  July 4 1993
Lesson 20

Please remember to pray, to praise God for your blessings to commune/worship with God.
Take the time to be with the Father. He is the Universal Father of all children. He dwells in your heart in the Thought Adjuster. No one can ever take this away from you. This is your inner work with the Adjuster. Work to be closer to be more knowing in the Father’s love.

What will all this work this diligent work do for you? Remember it is the Father who subjects his will to yours as you learn how to find his will. Think of the patience the waiting and the time that has been so freely given to you. It is the beautiful story of the Father and the child. The creator and the creature. You reach for the Father’s hand, he reaches down to take your hand as you reach out for your brothers hand. God gives patience a beauty loving a goodness and freedom of insight a truth . When you graciously give to your brothers and sisters as God does for you than you see the truth in this beautiful story of the Father’s goodness. Goodness starts with the Father.

He is the greatest teacher of goodness. Therefore depend more on the Father’s guidance to beauty.
All else that you take up in life will not be as thrilling as being in the Father’s love except giving this love to others. Such happiness will come to you in your heart. It will be the way to go toward your goal of finding the Father’s will for you. It is this way. It is the only way that you can experience the triumphant love and that is to give the love to others.

Now in the past you have been faithful to the Father. You have trusted him to guide you. But now we are asking you to trust him in a much more confident way. We are asking you to deliver yourself into God’s hands completely. You are to have the faith of a child by accepting what your Father asks you to do.
It is the way to go. It is the best way to go. It is the only way to go. Have faith that the Father knows best for your life. He has guided your lessons so you would learn. He has placed you in certain places so that you were able to learn certain lessons that would increase your love and appreciation for Him by your growth. We ask you now to accept the Father’s love and guidance in a much more dedicated way.

Have no fear. You won’t be asked to do anything that you can’t do nothing more than what you are doing in your outreach with the Father right now. Only we are asking you to be more dedicated to this cause than you have ever been before. Have faith in this way as being the right way. You CAN be sure of this. THE FATHER WANTS YOU TO REACH OUT TO OTHERS. Yes you can be positive in this work this way of sharing. You are on the right track. So then when ripples of discord occur: what should you do? Why trust in the Father of course. Yes! Just remember to say:

Father I love you. What lesson of enlightenment will you have me improve on now? I am your creature child you made me so naturally I trust in your Fatherly guidance. I love you Father for you have always taken so very good care of me. You have shown me this in many ways throughout my life. Your help has been available to me whenever I asked and even when I didn’t ask.

You have devoted yourself to me. So now that I see this and I am sure of this I want to devote my life to you. Father please allow me to work by your side. In harmony I will adjust to your will. In love I will find your way to serve others. In joy I will find happiness in the path you have prepared for me to follow. Father you are my best friend. You have complete understanding of me. You are completely devoted to understanding what lessons I need to learn and the best way to learn them. You honor me by being interested in my life and in my best behalf. How can I not serve and love such a good friend as you Father? In your love for me you have proved that your love is sure strong stable and steady.

So how can I not love someone as loving and caring as you are? Our friendship will grow closer and I will be a devoted and a dedicated companion to you Father. I have faith you will be there for me everyday in every way. I need not worry anymore but just do my part for we are partners in this work together. In a friendship one party does not do all the work. We do the work together. You Father have always been faithful to do your part now I am willing to be more active in doing my part.

Father I am willing to walk in the garden of roses with you. May I so appreciate your handiwork of beautifying my path with you that I willingly include others in our walks together. Your beauty is of such magnitude that I want to show others this way. `Come along with me I will say to my brother. Let me show you the beautiful garden that our Father has prepared for us to walk together. ‘

This is the rose garden of love. As I walk in this path I will surely be overcome with understanding for my fellow men. I will doubt no more because the Father is with me every step of the way. This promise of the Father’s is for me to remember as I walk through the days of my life. No one is so far away that they cannot be reached or taken by the hand and guided into this wonderful beautiful life of dynamic living in the Father’s care.

Now as you go forth take the power of remembrance with you. Remember my sons and daughters that I love you too. Who am I who speaks to you but your friend and companion Machiventa. It is with great pleasure and joy that I say these words of thankfulness for the many good friends that I have in this group. You are my brothers and sisters in the Father’s joyful work. You are my faithful and loving children who delight me so. You are with me in my heart as I go about working on Urantia. All of you have made my heart sing because I have known you better.

And as the work progresses I will hug each one of you. We will rejoice that this will be so because you and I have come a long way together in mind and in spirit. Our work together will continue throughout eternity. We are destined to be together. So let us acknowledge right now that I consider you my dear friends. I love you so dearly. Our hearts are united in the Father’s love. We are one.

Nothing can harm us as we go forth about the Father’s business. Our joy will sing in harmony of the work we have accomplished on Urantia. Yes many sing about each one of you as you daily work. We are cheerful creatures as you are. We enjoy ourselves as we work. Work is not drudgery. It is our very essence our core of caring to honor our Father. The essence of our joy is our work in the Father’s name.

Don’t be hesitant nor afraid. All is in accord with the Father’s honor and with his love we do our best. Let these words have in your heart a place of esteem. Let these words become a token of your love invested in the Father’s path for you. Let us take up this challenge together with satisfaction in the peace of our faith-insight with the Father whom we diligently worship.

Now let us be quiet in the stillness for it is the stillness with the Father that will truly heal your heart from all fear. Allow the Creator to heal you of any dysfunctional erroneous ideas. In God all things are possible. I remain with your group and with devotion to you. Allow me my friends to worship with you.

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