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DTX21- Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 21

1993-07-10-Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 21
Dallas TX #21


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Machiventa
TR: Jeannie George

Machiventa 7-10-93 July 10 1993
Lesson 21

Let us be faithful to our Father. He loves us so much.
Dear Ones be brave about asserting yourself in your faith acts. Be brave about believing and doing the Father’s will. As always you seem diverted into these channels going forward slowly surely and steadily. Of this you can be positive.

The positive attitude is very powerful and uplifting. The thinking processes assess that which is appearing around about you. Accept the view of an optimist. Visualize how wonderful you will feel by believing in a lightened looser and joyful countenance.

Your ideas will increasingly flow in this direction. Yes at first you need to take the reins to your mind by holding or discarding what is not serving you. Investigate the positive thoughts so they can turn into positive actions. You will become the positive one who can believe wholeheartedly a faither whose faith cannot be shaken nor pushed into doubting.

The doubts creep into your thinking as you struggle and hassle with the everyday existence. Take this confusion and look for a better way to proceed. Look to your faith. When you learn to stop or change this confusion into faith with the assurance of Michael’s plan you are learning to step higher to reach higher in your growth. Having an unshakable faith will take time but you will increase your faith level each time you place your doubts or confusion aside and look with trust to Michael’s love for you.

We are not asking you to give up your doubts without a thought but we are asking you to give spiritual growth a chance by being a patient worker who can have more faith in our processes in valuing the power of love. You see only part of our plan for you; we see the whole picture so you do have to put your faith in our guidance as being the correct way to go. This we ask of you because we love you. We value you. We care about your life being lived to its fullest. We dearly love you.

So much of what we say to you has been tried and tested by many of you while others take it lightly. We are here as your teachers who do care about your welfare. Our desire is to love and care for you in our wisdom in our highest knowledge. You too must bring your wisdom and match it with ours. We ask you to think about what we are saying here for never do we want you to just blindly take our words without thought on your part.

If you have questions ask them for this shows us you are thinking and interested. Let the confusion bring you to clarity. Clear up your confusions by seeking answers. This is how you learn as student as well as being the teacher when you share with someone else. How can you get your confusions into reasonableness? How can you take confusion and turn it into knowledge? When will you be willing enough to be open and honest in your confusions so you can glean from our lessons and abundance of reassurance and faith? Yes indeed we beseech you to test our lessons.

Give them the test of time. Try them test them; then you will know what additional information you may need for clarification. Our lessons will stand the test of time for they are the truth but it is for you to see for you to do the work. When you are questioning our lessons then you are interested. You have studied them. You are learning. But while you are learning be willing enough to keep an open mind so you can see the results the truth. Be willing to examine your feelings you experience so you can learn. How can you learn a lesson? . . . when have you really taken one of our lessons and so experienced it that you had heartfelt responses. You wanted another better way to go.

When you experience the need for knowing more that would mean our words have aroused a keen interest in the subject matter. But to take something into your heart and know it you have to have done your homework; you have to have been industrious. Isn’t this right? My dears please have patience with yourselves. Be patient enough to see that you are reaping the rewards that come from our processes that we use to instruct. These processes help put your mind to work on the concepts of the lessons. You apply what you are learning. Some will have confusion and if you really sincerely apply your knowledge you will have a period of confusion as you traverse this new way of thinking of doing of acting. Is this not so?

Then yes you need to ask your questions on how to proceed forward again. Yes ask these questions for they indicate that you are growing in your fruits of the spirits and you need your experienced wisdom fine tuned. Talk about this. You can be sure then that you are growing and learning. You know. Satisfaction in your newly acquired knowledge will only be complete as you seek to see to understand what and why you have experienced in these lessons as you the unique person will learn.

Each of you process your experiences with your OWN unique way of thinking of looking. You each hold the key to your OWN learning processes AND YOU CAN LEARN FROM EACH OTHER. You each may glean something different from the others. Do not give up what you have learned as wrong. Place this before the group so they too can see you as the unique personality that you see not quite like someone else. Respect these attitudes respect enough to listen so ALL will begin to see their beautiful difference but each is growing and valuing the same value.

You each have your own interpretation. If you can see the value as each person sees you are beginning to glimpse a tiny glimmer of how God’s universe of universes operates. This is real growth and very rewarding when you listen intently to another’s opinions and belief and hold it in high esteem. The higher you climb up the spiritual ladder the more you value others the more you respect their differences. You accept how they are growing and what they are learning.
So we ask of you to be so interested in each other that you constantly inquire in sincerity:

What did you learn from this or that lesson? And truly be interested in their answer. All of you are steadily learning at your own level of progression. You are opening your doors to growth as you insist on steadily and safely helping yourself by investigating and seeking the truth beauty and goodness out of the spiritual fruits from the Father.

Yes my dears you truly are becoming more spiritually and ably interested in each other. You care because you love each other now in a greater way. You are realizing each brother and each sister is akin with Michael too.

Our host of heaven side teachers are eagerly awaiting to assist you to help you in your growth if you will only ask for our assistance. We help when you ask and even when you don’t. But my dears our help is being accepted and appreciated when you take the time to ask for it and then apply it. Check this out. Who among you has asked for help has received help according to your enlightenment and your willingness to take our words and use them as the way to go? If you do this you will learn to gradually trust us more as we proceed together.

Many of your hearts even now are being touched and uplifted in our association together. Is this not true? You are our beloved children friends students and companions. BELIEVE US WHEN WE SAY WE ARE HERE BY YOUR SIDES AND WE HELP YOU EACH ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN NEEDS AND WISHES. AND YOUR OWN EFFORTS.

We do not waste our time. If it appears that your interest has waned we respect you. We wait. We don’t push ourselves if we aren’t welcome and too you can understand that any other arrangement would be futile. We can say with a certainty that most of you have tried to fix others but as you worked and worked on the other person’s problem you too could see the futility of your behavior when the other person paid no attention nor did they value your ready advice when not invited.

But the diligent worker did learn a lesson: you cannot force another person to change or to take up your work plan as you think they should. So you too understand this situation. If not we will state our position of enlightenment on this subject. We are not here to do all the work nor even your work. We are team workers. We understand fully that our work would be useless and wasted energy on our part to pursue such a situation if you weren’t interested. But we do not go away. No we wait patiently for your interest to peak again when life tumbles you into troubles.

This is similar to the truth you learned while raising your children. Your love was available while you allowed your children to do their part of the work so they could learn and understand the growth process. Your children advanced because they had the opportunity to learn the values from the circumstances and effects of their own actions. Consider our group effort together as the same as when you raised children. The rules have not changed. You learn by experiencing your mistakes. You learn from your choices!

Can anyone see a better way to proceed that is more fair or more useful? Truth is truth. God’s truth is constant. You put forth the effort; then you are sure to experience learning from your efforts. We want to make this very plain. You learn from your efforts. You learn when you are ready. If you don’t want to progress then the lesson you are reaping is about being in a stalemate of idleness or a resting period of thinking etc. I am positive you all could extrapolate on many more reasons of why you let another grow at their own speed like you want to be treated.

Our lesson on faith is necessary for you to see that God’s rules are not only for others but for you too. God knows best. Has the Father’s way ever been wrong for you in any way? and we will say here that when you understand His way you praise it you love it. Our Father has a beautiful plan in which you can grow and learn about His love. His truth when loved becomes a part of your soul.

You respect the Father’s truth so that goodness spreads forth from your heart to others. You cannot contain this good news it explodes from your very toes from your very cells. It is that important to you. Truth when really understood will possess your very being. It becomes a real part of you. No one can say what is true of your experience but yourself for you will have thoroughly learned it enough that you live it for others to see.

We give you our love that flows freely and gently from the Father. All is understood in His love in His goodness and with His truth. We give you lessons about how to love others. We give you lessons on how to appreciate yourself more so you can love others more. God gives us all love.
Who am I who speaks to you today? Yes your faithful friend and devoted brother Machiventa.

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